for all the cows

Hi everyone!

Last weekend I saw Toto perform live in Amsterdam, and it was awesome! Seriously guys, that band has been around for 35 years now and they still kick so much booty; if they perform anywhere near you I highly recommend you go and check them out.
But anyway, because the concert was in Amsterdam and I live a couple of hours away, I stayed over at my dad’s place (he lives a lot closer). My dad’s girlfriend is crocheting like a mad-women these days, and she is all about the amigurumis. Check out what she gave me right before I went home!




Coolest. Cow. Ever. How adorably cute are those udders? And she’s mooching on some grass, just minder her own business, while hanging out with a milk can :) Thanks Ella, I love her!

I’m currently working on another Noro bag. No, I don’t swim in cash; I just had all these squares left over from the last Noro bag I made ;) Together they formed the perfect eclectic mix of colours, and with 17 squares this bag is slightly smaller than the other one (which had 24 squares). I will embellish and beautify this bag like I did before; this is what it looks like right now.



I’m planning on doing an elaborate tutorial on how to make the squares, how to crochet them together, and how to add a lining. If you’re interested in reading about that, of course :)

I’m off working on that and all my other WIPs while checking out this month’s Simply Crochet; did you spot my interview? :)




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  1. Would love to see a tutorial for this bag. Just working out if I can justify buying more yarn! Have a good weekend.

  2. I DID see you in the latest Simply crochet. Love your work and your blog

  3. Holy cow, she’s adorable!!! Your bag looks great, and congrats on the interview!
    Kate :}

  4. Adorable cow. Beautiful bag!

  5. That cow + is AMAZING! So cute, and the grass is just the extra touch that makes it so wonderful. Where can we see more of her work?
    I loved your first bag, and I would love to see a tutorial some day.

  6. So cute! And love the new bag too :)

  7. Hi there I am Angela from Oklahoma. I just finished bag made just like this in a crochet a long on Facebook! I love the ridges around each square I thought I was doing mine wrong, I was told to go through back loops when joining them, Ill do it on my next bag with prettier colors and see the differences. I am a beginner crocheter. Need all the tips and tricks I can find. Love how it turned out! Since it was a mystery crochet a long I had no idea what I was making so I chose two colors I dont use a lot orange and black, had I seen yours first and seen how cute it could be with prettier yarn I would have went shopping for yarn! LOL! Love this bag! This is my first time to your blog i came here via a Facebook posting about your adorable cow! I haven’t looked but hoping you have a follower button so I am staying informed of your projects! :D Happy Hooking! Come see me at my blog if you want…

  8. I bought the magazine a couple of weeks back (I live in the UK) and spotted you :-) Well done! You must feel proud!

  9. Is there a pattern available for that gorgeous cow?

  10. Soo cute!!!!!!!
    And awesome purse!!!

  11. Love your bag.. love the cow, so cute! Any chance of the pattern for the cow? :)

  12. I LOVE this cow Wink!!! Aren’t you a lucky girl! And your bag is gorgeous too – you’re a lucky, clever girl!
    Joy x

  13. The cow is and your bag are just gorgeous. I always thought that Noro yarn looked better knitted, but your crocheting of it has changed my mind, congratulations!

  14. That is a really cool cow, you are so lucky. I love your bag its beautiful!

  15. I love youre cow! And I love the bag! So…. yes please to the tutorial. :)

  16. Yes yes yes! Bag tutorial please – I am currently making it without tutorial!!!!! Love your blog :)

  17. really cant wait for the bag tutorial :) and to read your interview of course of course. but i am still waiting for my copy of simply crochet to come through by post :((

    and the cow – cutest thing ever !!!!