busy times


Hey everyone! :)

I’m still here, I’m still here! I am just so very busy at the moment, I can’t believe it. Remember when I set those goals at the beginning of the year? Well, one of those goals was ‘Get Published’. I know, it’s not on that list. I omitted it on purpose, because I was afraid it was too much. I thought that was something I would never accomplish, at least not this year. Boy was I wrong! :) I’ve been in Simply Crochet magazine 4 times now (with more coming up!), I had a mention in Crochet Today!, and I will be in more magazines later this year that I can’t tell you about just yet.

Meanwhile I’m participating in Design Wars 4; I have a partnership with a yarn brand coming up; I’m still designing patterns round the clock for Tuts+; my blog stats are through the roof; and I even got a little office space for myself (more on that later)!

Can somebody pinch me? Is this really all happening to me? Me, and my little ‘ol blog? How did this happen? I started this blog on May 3rd, 2011, a mere two years ago. Two years, and it has grown from a little blog that no-one read (I remember the day I got a comment on one of my blog posts – I went through the roof!) to a full-time occupation with lots of lovely and loyal followers that I consider to be my best friends.

I truly appreciate each and every comment you all leave me; here, on my Facebook page, my Twitter and Instagram feeds – those kind words make my world go round! So thank you, for being such wonderful people, for inspiring me to keep going and create more wonderful things!


ps Did you see that amazing pastel yarn? It’s by Devon Sun Yarns on Facebook, and later this week it’s mine! I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I’m going to make with it, but as always, I’m open to suggestions! ;)

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  1. You really are a busy bee ;). I read on Facebook about your officespace and I am very very curious!

  2. Congrats on all of your success lately! You work so hard and do such beautiful work! I’m so excited for you!!
    Kate :}

  3. Enjoy it, my friend. You totally deserve it xxxx

  4. Fantastisch! Leuk voor je, heerlijk van genieten! Groetjes Vivian

  5. You are doing such a wonderful job of everything Wink – you deserve all the success and recognition coming your way!
    Joy x

  6. it sounds soo exciting! i really look forward to design wars 4 and basically every little new thing you do :) i am huge fun and love your blog. you really deserve all the success :) all the best and i am sure it will be a wonderful journey

  7. I’m so excited for you Wink! You really deserve it :) I love visiting your blog – Congratulations!! I hope your year is filled with even more fabulous firsts!! Rhondda

  8. Congrets Wink, you’ve earnt it

  9. Just finished the mandala from Simply Crochet 5. Loved it! Thanks! Here’s a pic: http://speckless.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/let-there-be-light/

  10. Your work is incredible Wink, and you deserve to have this and I am glad you do ^_^