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Last week I visited long time Instagram and bloggy friend Stephanie Davies from crochet blog A Bag Full of Crochet!

She lives in South Africa but was born in Germany, and she and her family ventured to Germany to visit the places she grew up in. And seeing as Germany is a lot closer to The Netherlands than South Africa, we decided to meet up! So I ventured to Bremen, a mere bike/train/bus ride away from where I live.

Stephanie is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Her entire family is super cool! I met her husband, her beautiful daughter, her brother, and her parents; whom all are very friendly and not to mention bilingual! Seriously, spending the day with them has done wonders for my languages, haha. Eliana, her daughter, is as sweet as can be and was very happy with the crochet unicorn I made her.

We met up at Bremen Hauptbahnhof, where we sat down for a quick cup of coffee at Starbucks, and then we took the car up to the beach. We were blessed with a wonderfully sunny day, so it was lovely being there! We talked about the differences between Germany and South Africa, learned that the word for tasty is the same in Dutch, German and Afrikaans (lekker, although spelled slightly different in each language) and generally just laughed a lot!

I had a wonderful day that was well worth the getting up early and the long bus ride. Germany is a beautiful country and Stephanie and her family made sure we had a lovely time!




She also brought me some goodies from South Africa! She made me a cute lacy scarf and an adorable wrist band, and of course she brought me some lovely South African yarn. The yellow yarn is bamboo yarn and it is ridiculously soft. The red yarn is also super soft and fluffy – I’m trying to find the perfect project for these yarns, anyone have any good ideas?

Thanks so much Stephanie, for giving me a day to remember and for letting me meet your wonderful family! Bloggy friends are the best :)


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  1. Hello Marinke, How super wonderful to meet your blogging friend from South Africa.. I am sure it was a JOY for both of you… Eliana is a real sweetie…and the Unicorn you create for her is truly lovely.. What lovely gifts you received. DO they have African Red Flowers you could create with that glorious African Love Red Yarn??

    I just discovered your wonderful blog from reading Simply Crochet… I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful crochet creations..

    Have a lovely week. Hugs Judy

  2. Good to hear you had a great time meeting up with your bloggy friend – that’s really nice. :)

  3. What wonderful happenings for you and your blogging friend and family.
    I love the unicorn you made, Wink!
    Long live blogging and the beautiful friendships that are forged through this activity!

  4. I drive a school bus. Please! How can I get the pattern for the school bus above?!

  5. Maybe you can make a lovely hat with the red yarn :)

    That’s great that you were able to meet a bloggy buddy! There are so many I’d love to know in real life lol!

  6. Thanks for sharing. A lovely post regards ann from australia

  7. Thats so nice to hear from you,,, I think you both had a great time.
    Thats really true,bloggy friends are the best friends.
    Hoping to meet you soon!!!!
    :-) :-) :-)

  8. How lovely for you to be able to meet up with your bloggy friends, and what lovely presents you gave each other :)

    A lovely red flower, with a yellow centre might look nice?

  9. That’s so great that you were able to meet up with a bloggy friend!! I still am amazed at all the nice and lovely people I’ve “met” online, so I can just imagine how exciting it would be to meet in person! And what lovely gifts she brought you!!
    Kate :}