mini project bag


How awesome is this mini project bag? My friend Nicollie, whom I visited last Friday, made it for me as a gift!




It’s the perfect size for small projects, and because it has a cute closure on it, it’s perfect to take with you on the road. The leather ensures that nothing gets lost you throw in there, like needles and such, and it keeps the project safe. Also, the words stamped on it are just too awesome :)

Currently, it’s holding this little WIP of mine; I’m making the Elise shawl in A Stash Addict yarn. Yes, another shawl! Although I doubt that I’ll be able to work on it much the next few weeks; I’m still working super hard on my Design Wars design.

I absolutely love my awesome bag Nicollie, thank you so much!


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  1. Yay! I love it that you love it!
    I hope it will hold lots of projects for you, enjoy!
    Thanks for your sweet blog post. :)

  2. I think I need to make friends with Nicollie

  3. The bag is lovely! The leather bottom looks so good. I can’t wait to see the shawl finished, I love that yarn!

  4. I Love that bag Wink – and your gorgeous shawl coming along!
    Joy x

  5. That is awesome, I think its lovely and Nicollie’s work is amazing!

  6. Nice! I may need something like that for these shawls too. I saw your post on the elsie shawl and love making them. Pretty sure everyone I know is going to end up with one by the time my addiction to these is done lol. I’m already on number 3!

  7. That bag is fabulous!! What a great gift!!!
    Kate :}