mandalas for simply crochet

Hi everyone!

I think I have mentioned that I work for Simply Crochet magazine sometimes, but have I shown you what I created for them? :)

In total I have designed 6 mandalas for them, new and exclusive to the magazine. Two of them have now been published!




The first one is the Summer Hearts mandala! When I designed this, it was very warm and sunny outside, and I think it shows in this design. It’s made with Drops Paris cotton and a 4mm hook. It’s been published in issue 5 of Simply Crochet, and you can still get the magazine from here, or get a digital copy for your device on Zinio!




The second one is the Picots and Petals mandala. I still very much had Summer on my mind when I designed it, and during one of my strolls through the neighbourhood I saw a flower with amazing petals; it formed the inspiration for this mandala! It’s made with Drops Paris cotton and a 4mm hook, and has been published in issue 7 of Simply Crochet magazine. You can get a copy here, or get it as a digital download for your devices on Zinio.

Ofcourse you can also subscribe to this wonderful magazine! :)

There will be more mandala patterns from me in Simply Crochet, so keep an eye out! :) Eventually the patterns will be for sale in my regular shops (Ravelry, Craftsy, Etsy); I’ll give a shout here when they are!

Have you already made one of my mandalas? Let me know in the comments; I’d love to see!


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  1. I have made a couple of your mandalas.
    Here’s a picture from my blog of one I did in red, white and blue for 4th of July. I love your patterns and that finishing technique for ending the round adds a great professional touch to the item.

  2. I have made two identical mandalas and created a small bag out of them! I love and I get many compliments. Sorry I can’t post a picture here.

  3. I’ve made just one…, but it has also inspired a cushion cover… Every pattern I follow I seem to learn something new, thank you for sharing x

  4. I have made a couple of your mandalas and I love them. I’m thinking of making a set of six as place mats for the dinner table, as my daughter has just moved into her new house.

    Sally xx

  5. I love the colours you’ve used for these mandalas. I wish I had the time to learn to crochet well enough to make them!

  6. I saw one of your mandalas in that magazine in a store! It was exciting, “hey, it’s wink!!!” Congrats!!
    Kate :}

  7. These are beautiful! I need to learn to crochet! I can make a Granny square… just…. I dream of one day making a blanket made up of different coloured granny squares.

  8. What a beautiful mandala, especially with the pretty yellow flower in the middle! The colours are so delicate and I love the picot edging!

  9. I love your mandalas and articles, it’s one of the reasons I bought this magazine. I made a few mandalas in different colors, just haven’t gotten around to photographing and blogging them yet.

  10. I have always wanted to try crocheting mandalas, this is such an inspiration. I must say, the color combination is quite lovely as well, I admire it! :)

  11. I saw and read your article recently in my copy of Simply Crochet at Barnes and Noble. I thought it was soooo beautiful that I immediately went to Wool Watehouse and placed an order for the yarn. I teach 2nd grade so the opportunity for me to have time to even attempt this project won’t be until Thanksgiving break. I am a “Dreamer” and will patiently wait until then (I have no choice.) Reteaching myself as I have not crocheted since I have been in the classroom for the past “16” years. Thought it would be as easy as getting back “on a bike!!” Finding out that it’s not!!! The beauty of your work makes it look “effortless.” Any tips OR suggestions??!

    • Hi Lauren! My tips for you are: take it easy, don’t rush yourself, keep your tension relaxed and just have fun! :) Let me know how you get on.

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  15. Hello! I love your mandalas. I tried to buy the issue 5 but no longer available on the web. You know how I can purchase your patterns?
    Thank you.