design wars: vote now!

Hey everyone!

Let’s put all that nasty copyright business behind us, shall we, and focus on something more uplifting!

The voting for your favorite Design Wars pattern has begun, and you have one more day to vote: today! :) If you didn’t do so already, you can cast your vote by clicking the button:

And just to refresh your memory, this is the design I made for Design Wars: the Dancing Hearts wrap! :)

It will be released for sale after the winner has been announced, just like the pattern the other gals have designed (and those patterns are definitely worth getting!).






The winner will be announced this weekend, and all patterns (including this one) will be on sale shortly after that :) (and there may be a discount…)



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  1. Beautiful shawl! I look forward to the pattern being available. Good luck!

  2. Ik heb maar weinig haak en blogtijd….maar hierin wilde ik je toch graag even steunen: wat een prachtig ontwerp! Mijn stem op jouw patroon is ingediend hoor en nu ga ik voor je duimen, succes!

  3. Your shawl is amazing! I love the design and the colours you have chosen. Whish you good luck!

  4. I gave you my votes for this gorgeuos shawl.

    Have a pleasant weekend, Margaret

  5. What a lovely shawl! What is NOT to love about this one. Wish you good luck. Love the pictures. Did you take those? They make me feel carefree and liberated. Lookingforward to your pattern.
    All the best
    My Rose Valley

  6. I just knitted this pattern and it came out beautifully! You are a very talented designer and we love you!

  7. My vote also goes for the gorgeous shawl