thank you

Wow. That was quite the roller coaster, wasn’t it?

After I posted my open letter to Garnstudio, reactions started pouring in. Most of them were very positive towards me, which I really, really appreciate! Some comments were a little more sceptic; and then there were people who were just plain rude. Not to mention the bashing that happened on a couple of online forums. That really shook me, reading all those negative comments. It’s very hard to remain positive about yourself when it seems like the entire internet is out to get you.

So apparently, the whole ‘who did it first’ question is up in the air. Let me be clear: I totally get that my design isn’t ground breaking, or extremely original, or amazing. It’s a simple design, and it has been done before, many many times. I’m with you guys on that one, and I’m sorry if I made it seem like I overlooked that fact.

Now some people pointed out to me that the dates that both patterns were published were… off. Apparently, the Drops pattern was released either in 2010, or 2011 (their site is still a bit fuzzy on the exact date). Mine was released in 2013. Whoah. Yeah, I know. I first learned about the Drops pattern after they posted it as ‘new’ on their Facebook page, a couple of months ago. Possibly they just reposted an old pattern for inspiration, and that is how I came to believe they copied the rug idea from me.

That is my mistake, and believe me, I have paid for it.

The point of my open letter to Garnstudio however wasn’t to claim rights to the pattern, it was to point out to them and you that the way they treated me was not okay. I have since learned that several others have received the same treatment, and those stories make mine pale in comparison. I won’t share the details here because it wouldn’t be right. Because believe it or not, I still believe in the kindness of Garnstudio and all it’s employees.

I just wanted to let them know that they were losing a fan. That it might be better to just say, ‘hey, we think it’s the other way around’, or ‘this pattern has been around for centuries!’, instead of ignoring me and others. Now I also get that ignoring people like me is probably the smart thing for them to do, legally speaking.

So whatever side you are or were on, I get where you are coming from. I’m very happy with all of you that supported me, and I’m supportive of all of you that questioned me and were investigative into the matter. I respect and love all of you!

But it’s time to close this chapter. The discussion is still going on in some places and I don’t believe my blog is the place to do it. I removed the orignal post because I believe everything has been said.

So thank you, for informing me, for keeping me honest, for standing by me, and for speaking out.


UPDATE: I closed the comments section again. I will not allow this bantering to go on here; all has been said, and if you have something hurtful to say to me you can always send me an email. Please everyone, show some respect.

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  1. Well said Wink. Good on you for this open letter. Crochet Cuddles xx

  2. Very Lady like ! Best move on with your life and keep blogging because we love you.xx

  3. Wink I really feel for you at this time. Your work is absolutely amazing and I look forward to your blog posts so much. Stay positive as you are such a talent.

  4. Mistakes happen and there are so many unscrupulous people out there, I wasn’t surprised that you were upset. I hope you continue to produce gorgeous crochet x

  5. I feel for you too. I love your design. I still didn’t like the the attitude of the company who only wants money form its customers. I have never bought from this company anyway and I don’t think I will. <3

  6. I understood why you decided to post the open letter. I could see that it was always about their refusal to even speak with you.
    – their treatment of you.
    Onward and upward….
    Happy Crocheting!

  7. Very nice of you, this letter is full of honesty and humility and that fact says very much about you, I know I don’t know you, but I just wanted to say it. We can all make a mistake or misunderstand something and I think that that does not give the right to anyone to judge you.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Lluisa xx

  8. This happened to me. I’ve sent several emails over the years since it happened and have never received a response. Got attacked when publicly spoke about it. Check out my Gaia shrug pattern on Ravelry, that’s the one they ripped off.

  9. I think you have summed everything up in this post. Mistakes were made, we are after all, only human. Like all mistakes, we live, we learn, we move on.

    Have a great weekend x

  10. Hi Wink – I’m sending you a supportive ((hug)).

    I went to the Garnstudio site and looked at the bottom of quite a few patterns – all the ones I looked at had ‘Copyright 2010 DROPS DESIGN’ printed at the bottom. If you print the pattern and look at the bottom, they all change to “Copyright 2011 DROPS DESIGN’.

    So I would assume that the copyright year they have on their patterns does not necessarily mean the year the pattern was designed. I believe it to be the copyright that covers their whole site. Why else would the copyright year change when you copy the pattern?

    I think you should still follow up with Garnstudio in regards to your pattern. Good luck. :)

  11. Wink, I think you are so smart to put it all behind you. This too will pass and you are much too talented to dwell on the ugly treatment you received from Garnstudio and others. I love your work and look forward to your blog whenever I see it in my inbox. Thank you for so much inspiration, looking forward to making your Noro bag!

  12. Wink,
    You are a kind person with lots of class!

  13. To be honest. When I first read the whole story I was under the impression that your whole beef with the company was over the use of your picture without permission rather than them stealing your pattern. Regardless of which one they did it’s still wrong and shouldn’t be done by or to any one, The situation probably could have been handled better by both parties,but as they say….. Live and Learn….we all do every day….still a loyal fan!!!

  14. I’m glad to hear you feel more settled with this now! Don’t worry about internet comments. Some people take off their “filters” when replying on the internet because they think they’re anonymous and can say hurtful things they would never say face-to-face. Keep in mind these are people you don’t know and they don’t know you. Comments from strangers completely removed from a situation don’t amount to much.

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  16. Well said. Now on to your next inspirational patterns :)

  17. I like your attitude, Wink. You’re a very good person and I think you have a lot of things to be really proud of. Onward and upward! :)

  18. Keep positive and keep designing those wonderful mandalas: they are so pretty and keep me sane on my long rail journeys.
    Kindest regards.

  19. Wink, you are an incredibly talented designer and I hope you don’t let this episode affect you. Although I can’t afford to pay for your patterns, I’ve been able to access most of them from pattern-sharing websites and have loved making them all. Thank you for being so gifted and generous!

  20. Well written. :)

  21. Wink, please ignore the people accusing you of being a misguided and ignorant trouble-maker and one incredibly HUGE hypocrite. When the facts were determined, you absolutely did the right thing by deleting all the previous information. As far as I’m concerned, it never even existed and I don’t know what people are talking about. You are a wonderful designer and we love you!

    • i dont understand…your not nice comment appear a few entries above…you need use “refresh” button on your browser or reboot computer but i see it there

  22. Wink, please ignore the people who use purposely misleading terms and accuse you of deleting negative comments when their negative comments appears quite clearly. Forgive people who are facetious in their attempt at character assassination of a wonderful designer who so many people love. Ignore and forgive.

    • There was nothing controversial about that short “Design Wars” post. It was only a few sentences with Wink asking people to vote for her design. What kind of negative comment could someone write in response to that post? Maybe you’re thinking about the rug design post before that one. It’s easy to confuse where a comment was left from one post to the other. All your comments on this posting have shown up. As Xe Ling said, you may need to use the REFRESH button or restart your computer. You might also run a Virus Check on your computer to be safe. Either way, all your posts are showing up here (although I really don’t think your posts are very negative anyway). Good luck with your computer issues – I know how tough they can be.