emerald green dream

Today’s post will be all about yarn. One skein, to be exact. Yes people, it is *that* good, so good that it merits it’s own blog post ;)

Sometimes, we need a little yarn slash retail therapy, and for me, that was last weekend. I got an email newsletter in my inbox from Wolplein.nl, and I fell instantly in love. In it was this amazing yarn: Knit Collage Gypsy Garden ♥



This is how it arrived on my doorstep. Lushious, gorgeous, green and fabulous. This colour way is called Emerald Rainforest. I pulled the skein loose for some closer inspection…




There are flowers in it ♥ As well as some sparkly bits, sequins, and different coloured threads. The yarn has that handspun feel, it’s incredibly soft and varies from sport weight to chunky and bulky.

After ooh-ing and aah-ing over it for a couple of minutes (okay, maybe too many minutes) I wound it up in a cake.



It still looks amazing! :)

The yarn is a mix of wool and mohair, making it really really soft and snuggly. It has around 40 yards per skein, and is worked with a 10-15mm hook.

I got mine from Wolplein.nl but if you Google it, there’s lots of places that sell this amazing yarn! But be warned; there are a lot of colours to choose from and you might just get lost in amazement if you stare at it too long… ;)

I already made something from it, which I will share later!


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  1. wink that looks divine I want to eat it!!

  2. That looks amazing! Such a beautiful colour! xxx

  3. It does look really soft and squishy!! I could lose many minutes oooooo-ing over it!

  4. Please let us know what you will create with this beautiful yarn.

  5. You spin yarn, too?!?! What a beautiful job you did with that green yarn. You are a very talented spinner and I really respect you!

    • Uhm, no. If you read the blog post, you’ll find where I ordered it from, and from what brand ;)

      • I thought you were independent designer and not realize you spin yarn for Knit Collage. It beautiful yarn. And you very talented stitcher! (Sorry for mistake in translate – I use Google translate to post.)

        • Hey Jeanie, that’s okay! :) I don’t actually spin yarn, I bought this yarn from Knit Collage. Which means that you can buy it, too! :)

          • I like yarn but me no buy. Too mucho dollars. I have ten child I feed and no husband. I make yarn come from old sweater in garbage. You make beautiful designs!

  6. Very pretty :-) I love the little flowers. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what you made with it.

  7. Luscious! Is that how you spell it? I wonder what you are making?

  8. That’s so pretty! I love the little flowers and the glittery bits.

  9. That is a beautiful yarn. Can I ask what you use to wind it into the cake? or did you do it by hand?

  10. I just wanted to say that I think you were right to challenge the wool company (a few posts back now!) As you say, the company could have politely corrected you. Don’t feel bad about standing up for yourself. By the way, I love your blog and your work – my son has Asperger’s too, so I feel a connection (and I’m not entirely convinced I’m not AS myself!) Lovely, lovely work – keep it up!

  11. It’s such a glorious shade that I’m not surprised you sat and looked at it for so long! It does loose a little when it’s in a ball but not too much. Funny how they seem to loose a lot of their mystique when they are put from skein into ball! I wasn’t aware that one could buy yarn winders. Where would I get one? Thanks. Joan

  12. intrigada por ver que es lo que vas a tejer , con este hilado maravilloso. súbelo pronto!!! para ver los que han hecho tus manos mágicas. besos

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