pattern & yarn giveaway!

Hey everyone :)

Thank you all so much for purchasing the Dancing Hearts wrap pattern! You guys are totally awesome :)

To celebrate the success of the pattern and the general groovy-ness of Design Wars, I thought a giveaway was in order. But then I thought: why have one when you can have two! :)

I’d like to give 5 readers the chance to win the pattern! For your chance to win, please comment below saying what colours you were to use if you would make the wrap.


And for the people who’ve already gotten the pattern; mail me your receipt (winkieflash at gmail dot com) for your chance to win 2 skeins of Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby yarn in green and mint!


I’ll pick winners for both giveaways next week! :)


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  1. I’d use purples, but I absolutely love the pinks you used!

  2. Black, Purple & Orange for me!

  3. I would use purple, lavender, green, & white; so that they would resemble violets. I have fond memories of my Gran Violet, she crocheted too, as did my Abuela. Thx.

  4. I think I’d use some lovely Autumnal colours like green, burnt orange and perhaps a chocolate brown :)

  5. I think it would be lovely in white with yellow centers like daisies

  6. the green and white! That would be so pretty

  7. Mine would have to be in purples and lilacs,

  8. I would use a plum with lavender and white, those are my daughter’s favorite colors

  9. I’d definitely choose my all time favorites: mint green, sea green and ‘kings’blue

  10. I would use two shades of green with yellow accents.

  11. I love earth colours. White, beige, old pink, light brown

  12. For me…mustard, rust and brick. Beautiful fall colors!!! :)

  13. Oh I would use purple white and yelllow!

  14. I would use the your original colors…….pinks are my daughter’s favorite colors and I’m wanting to surprise her with such a lovely gift!

  15. Is make mine in purple, pink and yellow!

  16. It’d probably be autumn colours because of the time of the year or different shades of purple.

  17. I would make it in turquoise, blue and seagreen shades, just like a rough sea.

  18. I will use colors from the earth color being that winter will soon be with us,I love earth colors,and my other choice will be burgendy with pink and a hint of gray

  19. Hi love the pattern so pretty…I would make it in colors of the sea and sand. Aquas, greens and a sandy color…I live on Cape Cod so that would be my inspiration!

  20. I would simply love the grey and two shades of blue (lighter and darker blue)

  21. I love the combination of light pink and gray :)

  22. I would probably do purples maybe with a blue or pink accent!

  23. Different shades of purple, white, and green
    (thank you)

  24. Oh that one’s easy for me: I would absolutely use light and slightly darker turquoise, light and slightly darker yellow, light and slightly darker orange with a natural or cream colored lining to the flowers.

  25. Black, red and while

  26. I’d love to make it in peacock tones.

  27. I think I’d use burgundy and dark reds or grey for the fall.

  28. yellow (sunflower), orange, dark red and between the flowers dark green or brown… your works are in spring-colours, my favourites are autumn colours

  29. Different shades of blue and teal. Love those two colors!

  30. Two shades of aqua, grey and white for me.

  31. I would use blue ombres.

  32. I would love it in purple and dark red, my favourite colors for this autumn <3

  33. I would do it in the shades of blue

  34. I would use black and grey.

  35. I would use black, pink, and white because they are my daughter’s favorite colors and she has already said she wants me to make her one! :)

  36. I would chose purples and lavender with perhaps a green . It is a love.y pattern

  37. Lavender, dark pink and pale yellow

  38. Golly, lots of colour choices from your followers! Your Dancing Hearts flower wrap is just lovely and I tend to go for colours of the sea in all its moods or a mountain lake with soft and deep aqua and gentle tones of lilac. I’d love to win your pattern! How nice to give everyone this chance!

  39. Choosing the colors of a project is always one of the hardest things to do….there are so many great colors! I think a shawl done in hues of blue would look lovely, even some done in autumnal colors would be fabulous, like yellows and burnt oranges….or one done in red!

  40. I would knit it in purple and violets :)

  41. I would go for purple and lavender and pink.

  42. I love the colors you used!

  43. Gorgeous pattern! I would make my first one in black, white, and gray with red accents because of fall/winter coming soon.

  44. I would use the same colors you did. Love how it turned out!

  45. A turquoise, yellow and white shawl would be gorgeous in this

  46. Purples for me. Turquoise for my daughter. Pinks for my great niece!

  47. For fall, I’d do brown centers, gold and rust for the petals and forest green for the joining. My mom just loves sunflowers.

  48. I’d use blues and/or greens. Anything bright and cheery

  49. hmm i’ll use Earth color – off white, latte and green

  50. Fall colors of course! Gold, brown, Orange, and yellow! That would be beautiful because fall is my favorite time of the year :)

  51. I’d use a palette of blues through to cream.

  52. I absolutely love how yours turned out, but I’ve never been much of a “pink girl”, so baby yellow, baby pink, mint and lavender would be my choices.
    Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity!

  53. I thin it would be striking in black, red, and grey

  54. Van i have purple pink and white?
    Thank you

  55. I would use the Bluebell, Bluejay, Bumble, and Daffodil.

  56. Hi, I would use different shades of yellow, orange and red.

  57. I’d probably do it in blue shades with some purple accents! It’s just lovely.

  58. yellows and brown (sunflower) or white and yellows (daisies)
    thank you!

  59. I would use shades of purples and greens. Your wrap is simply beautiful!

  60. with this pattern I would create a rainbow with brilliant vibrant colours.

  61. I would use yellow, bright pink, light pink, and white

  62. Orange, yellow, red and green

  63. I would make it for my grand-daughter, and pink is her favorite color, so I would stick with the pinks.

  64. I would make mine with soft orange centers, and deep turquoise and aqua petals trimmed in white (I think!).

  65. First let me say, Thank You for your design, and inspiration. I believe your design needs the royal treatment.
    The colors I would use would be, white, royal blue and gold or soft yellow.

  66. I would love it in soft blues and browns.

  67. If I were to pick my colours – I would choose Bumble, Daffodil, Lily and Night-Night :) (dark yellow, light yellow, white and black). Congratulations on such a lovely pattern Wink! You did a brilliant job!! Rhondda

  68. If you’d asked, a couple of months ago,what colour I’d use I’d have said blues and turquoises but I’ve become enamoured with orange and colours that I would have said, a while ago,clashed!! So now I think I’d do it in oranges and pinks! Perhaps I might even do two and do the blues as well………there’s a thought! Joan

  69. I would probably pick cool colors, blues,purples,greens…. :)

  70. I do so love purples and greens, So I think I would do it in a medium Purple, Turquoise, Cerise, Cream

  71. I would use the same colors you used. I love pink and green together :)

  72. I would do Brown and yellow or pink or both

  73. Lavender, purple and shimmer white :)

  74. I woud use green, purple and white

  75. Staying with the Anne Geddes Baby Yarn Colors I would make mine with Night-Night, Posy, and Jam!

  76. You already know mine, blue, purple and pink with light green centres :) Although I am not commenting to enter the giveaway just thought I would share my colours!

  77. I would do mine in shades of green and blue.

  78. I love that pattern! I would use shades of yellow/green AND periWINKle purple.

  79. I would use the exact colors you did … love it!

  80. Hello,
    I think I would use blue, black and white :)

  81. For me it would have to be Purple White and Mint Green … those are my daughters colors. She took one look at it and said “for me Mama”

  82. It’s a beautiful design :-) I’d pick soft yellow, melon, and white as the trim. Make it summery looking. Thanks for a great giveaway!
    Blessings :-)

  83. I would use black, orange, yellow, white. I think it would pretty all together.

  84. Yellow, orange & white :)

  85. lavenders and pink love love

  86. I’d use different shades of blue…such a peaceful set of shades!

  87. I would use shades of tan and brown, with aqua center and white to join, for my niece, who loves the beach!

  88. I’d go full-on Valentine and use every shade of red that I could find! :)

  89. Lavender, grape, purple and key lime green!!

  90. I have been watching Young Dracula lately and Mrs Branner always wears crocheted sweaters in bright colors like sunshine yellow, lime green and orange. So those colors with kiddie telly shows as my inspiration. :)

  91. I would use the dark pink similar to what you used and a heather gray! Congrats – it’s a beautiful design!

  92. Light purple, dark purlpe and pale green

  93. Maybe pink and purple? Not sure as I would be making it for my mom. :D

  94. Yellow, grey and white – I’ve been loving that combination of colors lately.

  95. Dark purple, olive green, brownish!

  96. beautiful design Winkie!! i’d use cream outline and shades of autumn colours inbetween.
    Jou mandalas is die beste! Ek love dit.

  97. Shades of tans, sage greens, & dusky rose pink would be beautiful.

  98. purple, green, white and yellow :)

  99. Brown or orange, yellow and white.

  100. I wouldn’t change a thing! The colors in this wrap are lovely just as they are.

  101. I would do bright red, white, and black.

  102. I would use black and hot pink colors

  103. I would use a salmon color and purple for one set , mint and dark grey for another with black and light grey for accents.

  104. I think I would go for autumn colours: red, orange, yellow, beige.

  105. Thank you so much!! I would use purple, pale blue, and white. (Think hydrandrea). You’re awesome!!

  106. Lilac, silver, pink, green, or rainbow or…………I give up, I usually just go with the flow Lol, too many gorgeous colours to pick from!! :D

  107. I would use a purple, lilac and lavender combination……..

  108. Love your color choices, as always. I am on a blue and brown kick lately.
    So it would be shades of blue and brown.
    Thank you
    I can’t imagine why you didn’t win!

  109. I would use a soft lavender, mint green, and an off white to make the pattern.

  110. I’m a pink and green girl, too, but I’d try it with yellow instead of green for the centers and maybe burgundy for the black/blue.

  111. black and purples!

  112. I think I would end up doing very similar colors to yours!!

  113. Shades of light purple, light pink and light green.

  114. i would love to make this pattern and would be so proud to own my own wrap made out of the pattern..i would go for soft melon colours…i usually go for bright colours in almost everythink i do, but i think it would look great in soft/ pale yellow-i, green-sh and soft grey.

  115. Those gorgeous flower motifs remind me of sunflowers so I would choose shades of golden yellow with chestnut centres! The original is so pretty though!

  116. Peach, seafoam green, grey, off-white with touches of pink. Peach and seafoam green are her childhood colors that brings her comfort and happiness. I would make one for her so that she can feel love and heal quickly.

  117. I would use purples, amethyst, dark blues

  118. Forgive me, “her” refers to my daughter.

  119. I would love to make this in shaded of blue for my daughter!

  120. I would use different shades of plum and sea green and maybe a nice cream… wow I like that combo!! :->

  121. Nr 123, natuurlijk doe ik mee aan de give-away van dit patroon! Komt hij in mijn things tot do lijstje, natuurlijk veel en veel hoger te staan. ;) Ik zou een combinatie van wit, grijs en jeansblauw en lichtblauw combineren. Dan kan ik hem straks altijd dragen wanneer ik een spijkerbroek draag. (en die draag ik vaak).

  122. charcoal, teal, white! this would fit perfectly with my living room colour scheme!

  123. I was just organizing my stash last night and found a ton of pretty purple yarns that would work really well for this wrap :)

  124. turquoise, blue and seagreen
    to match my handbag

  125. Green, red, blue and purple like an Amish quilt.

  126. I would use purple and blue. Great design. Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  127. I would use winter white and platinum- as a wrap for the lovely young lady my handsome son is marrying in November. And one for her Mama too.

  128. Definitely orange, brick, white and bordeaux!

  129. I’d use light red, dark red and silver for one and then black, charcoal, and silver for another.

  130. I would use Ecru, turquoise, rust and green

  131. I would definatly use the mint!! That color is simply stunning!!! As for ur pattern,, its wayyy beyond my scope of talent,,it is a stuning pattern !!

  132. Trying to think the colors I would wear this with… maybe charcoal and forest green and burgandy

  133. I’d use rainbow colours to keep me smiling all year round.

  134. It’s a hard choice there are sooo many possibilities! But I think I would get kinda grovey India style 1972 with orange, purple and red and in some way maybe in the middle of the square some turquoise!

  135. I would use tan and different shades of brown

  136. I would use yellow and brown to look like black-eyed susans, my grandmothers favorite flower.

  137. I love the green and pinks very much so maybe I would use those colours but blue and purple are very good options too! Or blue and purple and pink…

  138. I would use red, white, and blue.

  139. I love the bright colors you used and I would probably use similar colors if it were a gift but for myself I would use Gray, White, Tan/Beige. ;)

  140. I would use the Anne Geddes Baby yarn colors Bumble, Taffy, and Tangerine. They’re delicious.

  141. I love black and all purples

  142. I would make a multi-colored wrap, so it would match anything :)

  143. I’d love to try greys and blues :) its just beautiful wink, really gorgeous

  144. I love this pattern and I would love to see it in shades of blue. love Carol

  145. I love the pattern and I would use yellow, blue and red

  146. I’ll make it for myself in blues, greens, and lavenders; if I make it for my daughter, the centers will be yellow with the flowers in deeper gold, burgundy, and rust with dark brown edging as she has a sunflower addiction and we grown them in those mixed colors.

  147. i’d use pastel colors. lite pink, blue, green, purple.

  148. I’ve got a couple balls of this really vibrant blue, and a gorgeous wine red that I’m constantly looking at, and searching for the right pattern, and I think they would look amazing in this design!

  149. I would use yellow and purple.

  150. The colours you used yourself let the wrap loke gorgeous. So I would use them.

    Thanks for organising this wonderful giveaway.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  151. I would use orange and black our high school colors!

  152. Thank you for this opportunity! I would use “Daffodil”, “Tangerine”, and “Teddy”!

  153. Such a hard decision! I’d love one in purples and greens. And then one in grey, black and white.

  154. You can never have too much pink!

  155. Love the colours you have chosen but would change the white flower edging to a gold/bronze colour as I think it would look stunning this way too. Thanks Wink

  156. I would use black, turquoise, electric blue or a sky blue.

  157. Bright turquoise and some shade of purple with black surrounding

  158. Dark and light turquoise & pink!

  159. I would do it in black and dark grey for my mother’s shroud. She has a terminal illness and doesn’t have much time. She hates color and has always worn black.

  160. I would use shades of purple with a gray & white..
    But if I decided to give to my friend for Christmas (which I so would) I would do her colors of black, white & yellow or black, white & red.
    Decisions Decisions, lol

  161. I’d make several : one in blues for one niece, one in orange and pink for the other niece, and one in gray and pink for me.

  162. I would make it in teals with red and burnt orange for the center….or maybe the other way around. hmmm

  163. I’d use purples and yellows. Thank you for the chance!!

  164. I would make it pink & black the breast cancer colors as I am a survivor & this is my lucky #13 yrs.

  165. I would make them in the various hues of purple, lilac and white. Thanks for the giveaway…wishing you many happy hours crafting away more beauties.

  166. mauve and pink with a touch of white

  167. maybe light purple, apple green and accent in white

  168. I’d use warm colours like orange, red, yellow, olive, gold

  169. Wow! Red, yellow and purple would be my choice.
    Many thanks for the opportunity.

  170. I think this would look great done in some really bright rainbow colors, electric daisy style!

  171. I would love it in different kind of blues… it would be great !!!!!

  172. It’d have to be pink, yellow and the bright green you used, to wrap up in bright colours over the grey winter.x

  173. I’d use blue, purple, yellow and white.

  174. I would love to do the wrap in shades of grey, I think it would look very elegant :)

  175. I would use black and pink.

  176. I would use lemon, yellow and white as it would look like sunshine and remind me of our glorious summer weather.

  177. I love your new pattern, it would make a great wrap for next spring! :) I would probably use a mix of black, red and maybe orange for this pattern. thanks for the giveaway! :)

  178. Oh how to choose a color…I think I would go for bold colors black and red with a little bit of white to make it for my little girl to wear

  179. I would use teal pumpkin grey and aqua

  180. I think I would use autumny colors!

  181. Call me late in jumping in, but I was unplugged last week. I’d use ecru, gold, a royal navy, soft blue, and brown with black for the joining color.

  182. I’d use pale pink, hot pink and pale aqua (or dark teal – cant decide!)

  183. I would use my daughter’s favorite colors which would be bright turquois blue (which we call wedding cake blue because last year she made a wedding cake for fair competition as that color), lime green, and grape with black edging.

  184. I would use a dark grey, a cream and a light and dark sage green.

  185. I would use lavenders and yellow for the centers.