project seal yarn bomb: meet Frank!

Hi everyone!

Last Monday was S-Day for me: seal day, the day that I got to yarn bomb the seal statue! :)

My good friend Christina and I drove all the way out to Pieterburen during a very windy day, and set up our stuff: one bag filled with different sized squares, cushions to sit on, needles and hooks, and ofcourse more yarn.





This was my first yarn bomb ever, can you believe it? I had no idea how to go about it, but with a little luck and some hard work we got there in the end! And ofcourse much much thanks to our fabulous sponsor, Scheepjeswol, for providing us with the yarn!

Everyone, meet Frank; Frank, meet everyone! :)





We had so much fun doing this! Despite the hard wind and the occasional rain (and the fact that our backs are pretty much broken from sitting on the ground all day), it was a blast! It was really cool seeing all the other seals that had already been beautified, too.


In a couple of weeks all the seals will be finished, and shown to the public on a special day. I’ll share pics of that day, of course. We even get to release some seals back into the sea that day, how cool is that! :)


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  1. Frank is so beautiful, I can’t wait to see more pictures. I wish I had tried yarn bombing when I was younger, but it is so much fun living through the young hookers and seeing all the amazing projects. love Carol

  2. Frank looks 10 years younger ;)

  3. I am sure Frank is loving his lovely warm yarny coat. Great Job!

  4. Frank is adorable! Wonderful job!!
    Kate :}

  5. Fantastic – the seals are gorgeous and well done for releasing some into the sea. Brilliant!

  6. Fantastic crochet in art form over seals thanx for showing us renee;

  7. Very cool! Yarnbombing is a lot more work than it looks, congrats!

  8. Frank looks awesome and I love seeing all the different arty seals!

    You’ve done great :)

  9. Great job! Frank looks nice and warm, and I can tell you had a lot of fun.
    Blessings :-)

  10. This made me smile all day :-)

  11. beautiful!!!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  12. Cool! I’ve been there once but way to long back to remember clearly. Those seals are really adorable though :)

  13. Well done on completing a huge task! I think Frank looks the best!

  14. He looks great! What an amazing first yarn bomb!

  15. This is just awesome! I love that there are all sorts of artists represented with the different seals and the fibre arts are represented too! Beautiful colours and excellent work! I have never tried yarnbombing before but I am about to do it for the first time this weekend with One Sheepish Girl’s bloom themed group bombing.

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  17. Yarn bombing always amazes me. Good job. Frank will fit right in with rest of the seals.