givewaway winners + colour inspiration

Hi everyone :)

It’s time to announce the winners of last week’s giveaway, where 5 of you could win my Dancing Hearts Wrap pattern I designed for Design Wars, and one of you could win 2 skeins of Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby yarn!

First up: the winner of the two skeins of yarn is Mandy Jo! Congratulations! Please send me an email with your address, and I’ll make sure the yarn reaches you :)
Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 11.41.50 AM

Second: the pattern winners! I have to say, some of you had such fabulous ideas for colour schemes! I was really impressed :)

Okay, winner number one: Lauren Proffitt, who suggested this colour scheme!
Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 11.42.25 AMMushroomedAutumn

Winner number two: MissNeriss, who suggested this lovely colour scheme!
Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 11.43.03 AM

Winner number three: Sooz, with her shades of grey suggestion!
Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 11.44.17 AM

Winner number four: Jeremy Denton, who loves different shades of blue!
Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 11.45.21 AM

And last but not least, winner number five: Kimberly S, with this lovely suggestion!
Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 11.47.08 AM

All pattern winners have been notified; please shoot me an email if you haven’t heard from me yet.

Special thanks to the fabulous website Design Seeds, for being such a big colour inspiration!


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  1. Thanks for that great Design Seeds link. Totally new for me and so useful.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners!

  3. Woo, that was so neat to get that email. :) I’m heading out today to buy the yarn, and I’m taking that picture with me! Thank you!

  4. Congratulations for all winners. Enjoy your present!
    And Marinke, thanks for organizing this special GiveAway!

    Blessings, Margaret

  5. Congratulations to all winners. What a great way to represent the winners with these color themes. Very inspiring. If I had to choose with the above? The top one. Autumn around the corner. that would be a lovely shawl to have.