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Hi everyone.

I am delighted to be here. My name is Annette and I am the girl behind the crochet and lifestyle blog My Rose Valley ( I am mad for crochet, patchwork and pretty much anything including mixing colors and patterns. My passion for yarn has resulted in my own Yarn Shop ( which is a dream come true for me.  Wink – or Twink as I like to call her – is on vacation and she asked if I wanted to guest blog here today. How could I say no??? Thank you for inviting me, Twink. This is an honor my friend.

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I have chosen to show you my Gypsy blanket. It just felt right to show it here, even if it has been shown on my own blog before. It fits perfectly here in Twink’s hippie land of color, vivid mandalas and other amazing creations. It says Love, Peace and Understanding all over it, I think.

It took me over 2 years to finish this blanket as it was being put away a number of times to lie on a shelf or in a basket untouched while I got distracted by life itself or other interesting projects… I am a girl with many WiP’s going on at the same time and I have to admit I seldom start and finish a project in one go. And the Gypsy blanket was no exception.

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It is made with Ideal yarn from Bergere de France, which is a wool/acrylic/poly mix (40/30/30) and a blast to work with. The colors are explosive and I used no less than 20 different colors in this creation. I really recommend this yarn. It is a medium priced yarn of very high quality and it comes in a wide range of colors. It is soft, keeps its shape and doesn’t pill. You can wash it cold and air dry. You can read more about Ideal yarn here (

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When I first started crochet in 2009 my goal was to make a granny square. (Doesn’t everyone start out their crochet journey with a granny square?) Well, it took me a while but once I got it I just knew that I wanted to make a traditional granny square blanket one day. When bumping into the Ideal yarn at my local craft store and falling head over heals for the range of colors they had in stock, I just had to have ALL the colors and that is when I knew that it would become a granny blanket. The project quickly got the name Gypsy blanket because of the vivid and bright colors. It breaks boundaries, it is bold and different, it is sparkling like a kaleidoscope with all the bright colors mixed with pastels and whites. It is my pride and joy, full of history and tales in every stitch. A true heirloom.

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A pattern for this blanket is in the making and if you would like to read more about the journey of this blanket you can find more blog posts about it here ( .

Thank you for popping in today and I hope you enjoyed a little bit of color therapy. Now I am on to my next colorful crochet project – a stripy scarf made from colors of emotions… That will be an interesting project. Follow it on my blog ( if you are as curious as I am on the outcome.

Happy creative day all!

My Rose Valley

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  1. I love youre blanket! And you are right: it really does fit onto Winks blog.

  2. Beautiful blanket! I’m going to check out that yarn, and your blog! Thanks for sharing!
    Kate :}

  3. That is a beautiful blanket, I love all the colours you have in it! Stunning :) Totally going to check your blog!

  4. Wow what a gorgeous blanket!! That one little row of white on the border totally makes it pop :)

  5. It really is a lovely blanket :)

  6. A lovely colrful blanket you made. I love it. I’m going to look at your own blog in a minute.
    Nice of you to fill in the place of Wink.

    Have a nice day, Margaret