project seal – the big reveal

Hey everyone!

This Monday me and D went back to the seal shelter in Pieterburen, for the big seal reveal!

11 Artists (including lil’ me) were invited to beautify these fairly boring concrete seal statues. You all know about my yarn bomb version, but all the other artists painted their seals!

When we got to the seal shelter, all the statues were covered in sheets, to heighten the suspense:

Lenie ‘t Hart, the owner and mother of the seal shelter, was there to help us present the statues to the rest of the world. And coincidentally, it was also her birthday; she turned 72!






Tadah! :) These are all the 11 seals. I think everyone did an amazing job! Here’s a better look at some of them (I forgot to photograph 1 one them).


After everyone was finished ooh-ing and aah-ing over all the gorgeous seals, we went to a beach nearby, to release 6 actual seals into the sea! :) This was really really cool. Some of the regular contributors to the shelter got to release their ‘own’ seals, and it was such a magical moment!






There they go, towards the rest of their lives, living in the sea…





A big thank you goes out to my yarn sponsor, Scheepjeswol, for providing me with the yarn for this project, and for making this day possible for me!


ps Speaking of wink, check out the wink this seal gave me just before he dove into the sea!

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  1. prachtig project! Goede pr ;)

  2. The statues are beautiful and the real ones are such a wonder of nature. Beautiful. love Carol

  3. Wish I was there ! :-)

  4. So great, thanks for sharing!
    Kate :}

  5. So awesome!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  6. What a wonderful event to be a part of. Congrats Wink! :)

  7. What a wonderful and fun day you had.

  8. Congratulations – a day you will remember all your life!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing these photographs!! I love the seals! In our hometown, there are big bulldogs all about inspired by the local university mascot. Your seals are so much nicer…in every respect!!

  10. What an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing :-)
    Blessings :-)

  11. This is brilliant! Loved your seal and all of the others, most of all the real ones they were so cute! Such a great thing to be involved with it must have been quite the day!

  12. This is such a heart warming project, where likeminded people gather to help the seals and are also expressing their creative talents. This truly is beautiful :)

  13. Loved the seal story, both the real ones and the fun decorated ones! I liked your crochet covered seal. That must have been fun to do!

  14. Thank you for sharing! What a momentous occasion!

  15. That looks like such a great moment, to reveal all those colourful seal statues and to release those cute seals into the water….

    What a great day :)

  16. What an awesome thing to have been involved with! I love seals, they are the doggies of the ocean.
    It seems that it would have been a wonderful day for everyone, but especially for the seals. :)

  17. This is amazing… well done to you and all the people involved in such a fantastic project!!

  18. Congratulations for having been involved. I love the bag you’re holding and would love to make one too! Awesome all around!!