the furls promise

Hey everyone :)

Are you familiar with the Furls luxury crochet hooks?

I’ve seen them floating around Facebook a couple of times, and I was always intrigued. Handmade hooks with a unique shape, that promised to be gentle on your hand and wrist, and have you crocheting for hours and hours, made out of wood.

Now, they were always seriously out of my budget. The wood hooks sell for around $75, and I don’t know about you, but that’s a little more than I’d like to spend on a crochet hook! But then, Furls came out with a new line of hooks; the same unique design, but made out of polyresin instead of wood. This was reflected in the price: $40 instead of $75!

Now, $40 is still a lot of money for a tool. But this isn’t just any tool, this is a tool that I use on a daily basis. So why not splurge, and spend a little to get the best? Crocheting is my job, after all! :)

After a look at my crochet hook collection I decided that the size that I use the most is a G hook, 4mm. So on May 27th, I ordered a Furls Candy Shop crochet hook in the ‘flavor’ Grape, G/4mm. It was shipped by June 18th, and reached my doorstep around June 26th. The mail man didn’t give me the package right away though, I had to pay him first. Huh? But I thought I already paid for this hook when I bought it online? Yes, he said, you did, but it went through Customs, so you have to pay an additional fee of 30 Euros.

Ouch. So far, I hadn’t even seen the crochet hook, and it already cost me over $70! After I paid the mail man and received the package, I was stoked to finally open it.



This crochet hook is really a thing of beauty if you ask me :) It’s very comfortable to hold, and I couldn’t wait to try it out!
I grabbed some yarn and started to work a simple granny square. But soon I found that my tension was off, or something, I don’t know; something was definitely ‘off’. So I grabbed a 4mm hook from my collection (a Clover) and compared the two; the Furls hook was more like a 4.5 or 5mm hook, definitely not a 4mm!

Sigh. For the money I already spent on it, I wanted to be totally happy with my purchase, and I knew that I just wouldn’t use this hook as much as I wanted to, because it wasn’t the right size at all.

So I emailed the Furls people, and they were happy to help out! I returned my 4mm Grape hook, and they sent me a 3.75mm Blue Raspberry hook. And this time, it was perfect! :)



I quickly hooked up a granny square and thank goodness, the size was just right, as was my tension. I was relieved! :)

This hook is truly very comfortable. It’s not too heavy but also not too light, and it fits your hand perfectly, whether you’re a knife or a pencil.



Something that I really had to get used to though was the roundness of the hook. With my other hooks, the handle has a clear place for your thumb, or it’s flat entirely, so there’s only one way to hold it. With this hook, you really have to look how the actual hook is positioned, and this takes a little practice. Because of this, I also have to tension my yarn a little tighter than I normally would, because it slips off the hook. But again, after practice, this gets easier.



My final verdict is this: if you’re a full time crocheter, or someone who hooks on a regular basis, a Furls hook might just be what the doctor ordered. It’s very easy on your hands and wrists, and it makes it near impossible for you to get cramped hands after a few hours of crocheting. It might not be in everyone’s budget, but it is something that you will use regularly, and that, to me, merits the price of $40.


If you want a Furls Candy Shop crochet hook too, you can get one from their website. Here you can read lots of testimonials, as well as check out the more higher end wooden crochet hooks. The Candy Shop hooks come in sizes F (3.75mm), G(4mm), H(5mm) and I(5.5mm).

I know I really love my new hook; would you ever consider getting a Furls hook?


ps This post wasn’t sponsored by Furls, it is just my honest opinion.

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  1. I have to say for the price of them I am not totally convinced.. is $40 really worth it???

    • I think so Helen :) The awesome thing about the Furls people though is that they give a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your hook, so maybe it’s worth giving it a try? :)

  2. No 30$ extra payment at the door again woth the second hook? ;-)

    Greetz, goldenstardustx

    • Haha, no! Thank goodness they didn’t hold my package at customs this time. Most of the times I order something from overseas it comes to my doorstep without a fuss, so I guess I was just unlucky this time ;)

  3. it seems a work of art, but honestly too expensive!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  4. I wouldn’t, they are far too expensive in my opinion. I can see that if the wooden ones are handmade that the price of them would possibly reflect this, but a hook made in a mould costing $40 seems rather excessive.

  5. It’s very pretty and unusual but I wouldn’t buy one. It’s much too expensive for me. I’m very happy with my set of seven Susan Bates Silvalume hooks that I bought for about $11 in 2001. :)

  6. IMHO The price reflects recapturing the cost of development of the design.
    I’m lucky to have had the chance to try one before buying (a fellow crocheter).
    The hooks are just a wee bit too short for my hand, so the end of the hook
    digs into the fleshy part of my hand (below the pinky). If they made them
    about 3/4″ (or more) longer, I’d probably be able to use it long enough to
    have a more informed opinion.

    • I agree that they are a little on the short side; they fit my hand perfectly but I can imagine that for some they just aren’t long enough.

  7. It’s a pretty hook but I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for just one, especially with an extra payment when you receive it. No thanks!

  8. Oh yes! Already have 3 Candy Shop and 3 of the wooden ones made before the Candy Shop. They were cheaper. I caught a sale and got them for a about $35.oo each. Have another Candy Shop hook in the size I use most on the way. No I am not rich. I am retired and living on a budget. To me, besides being beautiful, is the way they feel. So easy on the hands is worth the price. Love, love, love my Furls Hooks!!! Best tools on the market!!

  9. What a beautiful hook! If you compare your clover hook to this one which do you think hopes more easily? I’m intrigued by this hook ;)

  10. I’m sorry, autocorrect got me! I meant “hold” instead of “hopes”!

  11. I must admit that I immediately bookmarked the Furls site when I first came across these, and would have loved to buy at least one of in my favourite size, but even at $40 a hook, I feel it’s much too expensive – especially if you’re hit with another 30 Euros of import duties on top!

    I’ve got 3 different sets of hooks now, the first one I bought was a basic metal set, which did me proud as I taught myself to crochet, and then I bought another set with plastic handles, but found the quality far too poor. My last set, from a firm called KnitPro, are amazingly easy to crochet with and, at £3.50 each for the larger, coloured handled sizes, are affordable to everyone :)

    I love the look of the Furls hooks, both the wooden ones that I’d adore to have, but could never afford, and the polyresin ones – but, if the resin ones were being sold at $20 each, and I didn’t have to pay import duties, I would be seriously tempted, but definitely not at the price they are now :(

    Yes, I know a lot of the price is due to them being supposedly made to fit your hand exactly and, of course, the years of trials and testing, but they’re still way too pricy for the average person, I feel :(

  12. I have looked longingly at these a few times….but could’t quite force my self to purchase one,especially since the wood ones catch my eye….

  13. Too expensive for me! At that price, that hook had better cook dinner and do the laundry too…. ;)

  14. They are great for painful hands I love mine. I also paid duty and taxes at the door wasn’t ready for that about the same as you did for one I bought all four candy shop ones.

  15. They look great and i almost ordered one … untill I saw the price…
    Maybe some day !

  16. They look lovely! But a lot of money.

    Are the colours true to your photos or more accurate on their website? They’re totally different! I prefer the colours on yours!


    • I noticed the difference in their photos too, but I can honestly say that my pictures are more true to the colour of the hook :) It’s definitely lighter and more azure than in the pictures on the Furls website.

  17. I’ve had a serious case of the wanties since I found them! Now if my kids would stop growing out of clothes and shoes, and needing a home and food, I’d have them all! ;)