studio space update

Hey everyone!

Most of you know that I work from home. I sometimes rent a desk at an office building not far from here, when I really have to focus (send important emails, work on spreadsheets, that kind of thing), but most of the time is spent behind my own desk, at my own home.

My space was always one that inspired me. The wall behind my desk was painted purple right when I moved in a couple of years ago, and it had been that way every since. Some paintings and drawings were hung on the wall, as well as an inspiration board where I kept all sorts of things that inspired me; like photographs, more drawings, quotes, notes – you name it.


Even though I still like it, it always felt a bit… cluttered. I was ready for something more clean, more crisp, more crochet inspired!

So after we returned from our little vacation to Germany, we went out and bought a big jar of white paint. It was time to kick the purple wall’s behind! I was amazed that it only took two coats (albeit very thick coats) of paint to get rid of the purple. While the paint was drying, I ordered a bunch (16 to be exact) of 30×30 cm empty canvases, for a special project. It took an afternoon, some thread, and a whole lot of patience, but it paid off.

Remember when I used to make weekly mandalas? Remember how everyone kept asking me what I would do with them? While on vacation, I had a light bulb moment; I should hang them on my white wall!




Now whenever I work from my desk, I can gawk at my lovely mandalas :) Here are some more peeks at my work space.




These cute little wall hangings come from the creative mind of Ashlie Blake, better known on Instagram as Paintingbliss.

I love my new space; it’s making me want to work harder and create new things, and that, in my book, is definitely a plus!

I’d love to see more work spaces and creative places; leave me your links in the comments! :)


ps I’m working under the supervision of Lotso!

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  1. So love it mine so needs a revamp so much so I will not leave a link lol

  2. Fantabulous bright workspace Wink – you did a terrific job and your mandalas look perfect hanging there. You are inspirational!
    Joy x

  3. What a grey work space! Fabulous! I do not have a set aside workspace outside of whichever chair or couch corner is empty of husband and children….and there I plop to work on the latest project. :). Your area is very inspiring. Beautiful!

  4. Very beautiful and original!

  5. What a marvelous way to display your work and create a lovely work space! I love it.

  6. OOOH! You really have a lovely and inspiring place there!!!
    I just love it, congratulatios!

    Lluisa xx

  7. Ahhhhhhh thats better….calmer and still very inspiring and cheerful AND Beautiful…bestest daisy x

  8. I think I would sit there and stare at the mandalas and not get any work done – they are beautiful. :)

  9. Now that you’ve done it, I’m sure you’re wondering how you didn’t think of this before. The mandalas look beautiful.

  10. Fabulous art work! Love it :) How did you attach your mandalas to their frames? Thank you for sharing :)

    • Hey Elly, I sewed them on with some matching thread. Cost me a couple of hours but the mandalas are secured onto the canvas, and I can take them off if I ever want to :)

  11. I love your workspace, Wink! It’s beautiful, so colorful and organized. I just began working on my own little space, having gotten a new desk/worktable in August. My space is very much a work in progress, but I blogged about it recently if you want to have a look:

  12. I love your space, Your mandalas are looking great on the wall. I am proud that finally yeahhh… I have also my very own creative little room, with my favorite chair! Take a look

  13. Lovely. My den is nearing tidy. When it is a little closer I will show you what I have done. What pleases me most is that the contents of my boxes are organised too!

  14. Gorgeous!! Love the mandalas on the canvas :)

  15. It looks amazing!!! The space looks so nice and organized and the crisp white background against all that color is spectacular. Very inspiring.

  16. Wat een geweldige nieuwe werkplek! Kan me voorstellen dat je daar vaak en met plezier werkt! Ik heb helaas nog geen vaste werkplek…..maar in m’n dromen (en hopelijk ook binnen een jaar in het echt) zit ik al in m’n retrocaravannetje op het land… Groetjes, Floortje

  17. Oh wow, I love your workspace! Your mandalas look fantastic on the wall on those canvases- brilliant idea!!!
    Kate :}

  18. Hi Wink
    I love your new look workspace – it’s a lovely way to make use of your gorgeous mandalas. A great idea and very inspiring – you have given me food for thought here… lovely. Gail :)