hurray for autumn!

Hi everyone!

This week my good friend and I went to visit Kampen, a place where we both used to live when we were in college. It’s a little town near the river IJssel, which is a branch of the Rhine. We both brought our cameras and we went to the city’s park, to see if Autumn was already upon us. I can’t believe I used to live right across from this wonderful park, and I never even visited it before! (in my defense, I only lived there for about 6 months and I was only ever at home at night, sleeping!)




We saw birds as well as bees, and wasps, and butterflies! Seriously you guys, how awesome is my 50mm lens? Looking at these pictures you’d think I had a macro lens with me, but nope; my ol’ faithful nifty fifty did the job just fine! :)




I love that Autumn is here. I love this season so much; the gorgeous saturated colours all around us, the smells, the cooler weather (I’m not much of a sun/warmth person!), and even though I kind of miss the long days and I’m sad to see that it’s getting dark earlier every day, I’m happy to spend the evenings inside cuddled up under a blanket :)

Which made me think that it’s about time I design some patterns for Autumn! :) I have some yarn left over from my project seal yarn bomb, which is perfect for a nice slouchy hat and a matching scarf:




You all know how much I adore this yarn, and those colours would be perfect for Autumn accessories, don’t you think? :) (the yarn is Scheepjeswol Roma Big Rainbow, by the way) Ofcourse, all the patterns I will make with this yarn will be free! Hurray!


ps For all you international peeps who’ve been asking me where to get the Scheepjes yarn; there will be an option for you to purchase it soon, and I’ll definitely mention it on the blog when it’s here! :)

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  1. So sweet of you for free patterns!!
    Wel even if they are paid i’m going to buy them as i m always happy to see your work and easy patterns.
    All the pictures are so beautiful !!
    Good work!!! Keep it up!!!

  2. I’m a new fan. I keep returning to your page again and again for inspiration and patterns. Thank you from a hooker that you make happy!

  3. Those are a beautiful pics, I do love autumn too, the colors, smells….
    Thanks for sharing all your nice pics and talented patterns, you are such a good artist.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Lluisa xx

  4. thank you, Wink for those lovely photos, they’ve given me some ideas for (almost!) abstract paintings. Best wishes, Ann. By the way, thank you also for the lovely mandalas,they are addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love your autumn yarn! Hurray for free patterns! I appreciate your generosity! Have a great weekend! Sandra

  6. Beautiful photos! Fall has definitely arrived here as well. Funny, the company which mows our lawn every week is called Kampen!

  7. Beautiful yarn and Happy Autumn!

  8. O dis so mooi, wens ek was daar saam julle – Afrikaans, o it’s so pretty, wish I was there with you. Thanks for the post & pics, beautiful.