made: scheepjes bag

Hello everyone! :)

I’ve got something awesome to share with you all. I made another squares bag, this time with Scheepjes Softfun Batik yarn; and I will be sharing how to make this bag, this week on the blog! :)

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Update: The pattern is now online: how to crochet the squares bag!
Update: The how-to for the lining is now online: how to line the squares bag!




How groovy is that button? I really love the fact that it’s square; it’s the perfect square button for my squares bag :)
I also found the perfect colourful lining to put in this colourful bag:



Right? This fabric is so cool! :)


This week will be all about this bag on my blog. Today is the tadah post; Wednesday I will show you (in a photo tutorial) how to crochet this bag; and Friday I’ll show you (also with a photo tutorial) how to line the bag.

Update: The pattern is now online: how to crochet the squares bag!
Update: The how-to for the lining is now online: how to line the squares bag!

Will you be making a squares bag, too? :)


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  1. That lining is waaaaaaaaay too awesome! You couldn’t possibly have found anything more perfect for the lining of your fabulous bag.

  2. LOVE THIS!! Gorgeous lining too! Oooh temptations to start something new ;) I look forward to your next posts :)

  3. That is a wonderful liner fabric!

  4. So beautiful. I’m in LOVE with the fabric used for lining. Great work…as always!


    • Yes I do! If you go to the homepage (, to the right you’ll find a ‘subscribe via email’ option. Just leave your email address and you’ll be kept up to date about any new posts! :)

  6. I’m very curious about the lining :) I’ve made a bag myself a couple of years ago ( ). I was still using it up untill a few months back, then a bowl of ‘Herman the friendly yeast’ was spilled inside it and even after washing that yeasty smell was still present… Too bad!

  7. this is beautiful…:) thank you Wink, now I know what to make with my beautiful Scheepjes Softfun Batik :) I can’t wait for the tutorial.

  8. This bag is wonderful and I love the yarn and the material you used to line the bag, Hope you will let us know where to purchase it, love Carol

  9. I love the bag, maybe I will have attempt making it … It is lovely !

  10. It is a beautiful bag, I love the pattern and the colors you have used, lovely.

    Have a nice week!!

    Lluisa xx

  11. Awsome!

  12. Ooooh, super! En geweldige stof!

  13. Hi Wink, I just started a smaller version of this bag (13 squares) yesterday for my daughter for Christmas. I was kind of stressing about the lining. I’ve not lined anything before so….I will be definitely be tuning in for your tutorial. Boy oh boy…this is right on time for me! Thank you, penny x

  14. Another beauty! LOVE the lining material!

  15. Beautiful bag Wink, love that yarn! Any word on when it will be available in North America?

  16. Love your bag! The lining is awesome fits so well. Looking forward to the Tutorial! x

  17. Whaouuuu ! I love it !!! I love all the colors that are mixed in this yarn ! And the lining….a gorgeous fabric !!! Looking forward to the tutorial ;-)

  18. Love it! Can’t wait for the tutorial!

  19. It is very tempting! Yours looks beautiful, and I love that realistic yarny -print lining.

  20. I’ve just discovered your blog and… that’s absolutely fabulous ! The only thing I need now is to ameliorate my crocheting because i’m a beginner. I love this bag, I want one !

  21. Droooooooling, can’t wait, don’t think I’ll get that yarn here, any recommendations on a substitute yarn?

  22. My friends and I would love to make this bag, but cant get the yarn over here. What weight yarn would we need please?

  23. nice bag, love the fabric lining !

  24. Yours is the first blog that I signed up to follow. I link to other blogs on occasion when I am looking for knitting and crochet patterns and new techniques, but I’ve never ‘followed’ before. I can not tell you how much I am enjoying your posts!! You have some of the most delightful items, patterns and color combinations! Thank you for the joy you give to me each time I open your email. Your blog installments are often the brightest spots in my dreary work day.

  25. P.S. FYI, I live on the southern east coast of the U.S.

  26. This is a lovely project, just wondering how to now go and acquire the materials! <3