free pattern: squares bag

Hurray, free pattern day! :)

This is my free tutorial for making the squares bag (made with Noro here; made with Scheepjes yarn here).

Update: The how-to for the lining is now online: how to line the squares bag!

This pattern is suited for beginning crocheters, and is using US terms and abbreviations.

What do you need:

Got everything? Let’s get started!

1. Make 24 solid granny squares. I wrote a free tutorial for those, too; you can find it here.

2. Lay out your squares according to the diagram. Try to space out your colours a bit; I made sure that the blues were evenly distributed, and that there were no ‘colour clumps’.

3. Crochet your squares together, following the diagram. Grab the two first squares, and put them wrong side together.

Now join them using the single crochet stitch, through the back loops only.

I usually first crochet all horizontal sides together, and then the vertical sides.

Your bag should now start to take shape. If you followed the diagram, your bag should look something like this:

4. Let’s give the bag a finished look, by putting the top border around it. Grab the same yarn you used for joining the squares, and start on one of the sides, in the front loops only. Work one double crochet in every stitch.

When you get to one of the four points, do the following: work 2 double crochets in the first chain of the corner of the square; chain 1; then work 2 double crochets in the second chain of the corner of the square. This gives us a ‘loop’, which you can use later as a place to crochet your handles to.

When you get to an ‘intersection’, do the following: work 1 dc3tog through the first chain from the square on the right, the chain space of the two squares in the middle, and the second chain from the square on the left. (study the picture if you’re not sure what to do; it’s kind of hard to explain this)

Keep going until you’ve made a border around the entire top side of the bag.

Your bag should look something like this:

If you’re not planning on lining your bag, you are done! Just attach your handles and enjoy your new bag :)

If you do want to line your bag, keep reading.

5. We’re going to make a second border on our bag, using the empty back loops behind the first border we just made. This will give us a place to sew the lining in later.
Start on one of the sides, in the back loops only. Work 1 double crochet in each stitch.

When you get to one of the four points or intersecions, don’t make the loop or dc3tog like we did in step 4, but just keep going, crocheting 1 double crochet in every stitch.

Go around the entire top of the bag, until you have two ridges.

When you’re done, your bag should look like this:


And that’s it! Good job! :)

Later this week, I’ll show you how to put in your lining (I’ll put a link under this tutorial when I publish it). See you then!

Update: The how-to for the lining is now online: how to line the squares bag!


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  1. I love to make bags and this one is great! love Carol

  2. Thank You for sharing. This bag is so wonderful. I hope to make one for myself. Thanks again…keep them coming. Every one of your posts are so fantastic to read.

  3. Thank you ! I hope I’ll soon be able to crochet one by myself…

  4. LOOOOCVE it!! Thanks so much! You do such beautiful work and I can’t wait to see the lining! I’m making this–as soon as my Design Wars project is complete!

  5. Your bag is absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait to see the lining!:)

  6. Thanks for your generosity! Great bag

  7. a good tutorial, thank you!
    xxxxxx Ale

  8. What a lovely bag! Thanks for the tutorial – I’ll have to try it out sometime!

  9. Excellent tutorial! Such good pictures and explanations and the bag is just beautiful!

  10. Thanks so much.

  11. thanks very much for sharing this pattern – its beautiful and i think i will attempt to make this bag with the lining!

  12. Awsome!!! thanks so much for this tutorial ; )

  13. Beautiful bag!! Just wondering where you find the braided leather handles? I haven’t really looked that hard at the craft stores here in Texas, but I don’t remember seeing them. They really add a nice finishing touch!

  14. I love this bag, it is easy to make and will definitely be among my Xmas gifts this year!
    Thank you!

  15. Great tutorial! Beautiful bag. I would like to know where you got those lovely handles from? :)

  16. thank you for giving such a great tutorial. I am a beginner at crochet and I understood all of it-even as I use UK terms! I will definitely make this for myself and I like to line things so Thanks for the extra photos for attaching this too, much appreciated x

  17. tres beau sac ..bravo !!!

  18. it’s really beautiful and thanks for the tutorial! :)

  19. You are such a brilliant teacher. Well done with all the pictures and details. Lovely. <3

  20. Thanks so much for the free pattern, it’s such a cool bag!

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  23. I love hoe made bags and the granny square one is my favourite. I use bigger squares than you do. Stop by and see mine if you have time
    I also line mine too.

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