giveaway: devon sun yarns!

Hey everyone!

Remember Devon Sun Yarns? That gorgeous, hand-dyed yarn that I used for my South Bay Shawlette?

Well, those gorgeous yarns are now being sold by HuisZes, a yarn shop in Belgium! Elke, the owner of HuisZes, sells lovely yarns in her shop, as well as crochet hooks, knitting needles, and more things for us crafty folk :)

To celebrate that Elke now stocks Devon Sun Yarns in her shop, they’re giving away two skeins!




Two readers will each win one skein of this fabulous yarn! All you have to do to win, is comment below saying which skein you’d like to win, and of course what you will use it for :)

This giveaway is open to international readers (yay!) and I’ll announce the winners sometime next week. Good luck! :)

For more gorgeous yarn pics, check out Devon Sun Yarns on Facebook, where you can also purchase her yarns.


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  1. The colorful one (: and I will use it to make myself a lovely cowl for the winter because after all… Winter is coming!

  2. The yarn is so beautiful and I love the one multicolor, with the beautiful yellow in it. I would make a beautiful cowl, so I could feel festive in the cold winter months, here in the mountains of. N.C. love Carol

  3. Oooh they are both lovely….but I think I’d go for the blue one and make myself a snuggly cowl as the temps are dropping here this week and the cold is coming – brrrr

  4. I love the blue one (though honestly either would be great, who can choose?), and it would be awesome for making motifs to cover holey jeans and a matching belt or hat!

  5. The rainbow one. A hat for my daughter!

  6. Oooh they are both lovely….but I think I’d go for the blue one never win so we will wait and see

  7. Hello!
    I’d really like to win the colorful skein! I would make a beautyful sweater for my two year old daughter.

  8. They both look fab, would plump for the blue and hook a lightweight but wartm blanket for my toddler’s knees in his buggy this winter, haven’t found anything to fit the bill and this would be splendid x

  9. What a lovely competition! As the seasons are changing, I’d love to try making a pair of cosy mittens with the rainbow yarn – they’d be so cheery and uplifting during the grey days ahead!

  10. I’d love the colourful one! It would make a pretty infinity scarf for a friend of mine! :)

  11. I love the rainbow yarn and I would make my baby daughter something gorgeous to wear to brighten up the wintery days

  12. I love the multicolor one and I would make an infinity scarf or cowl with it!

  13. I have a niece who is fighting breast cancer and I would love to make her a hat from the cheerful, multi-colored skein! She has lost her hair from chemo and it would make such a wonderful cover-up for her head!

  14. The colorfull would use it for a shawlette :)

  15. Ooooo I would love the multi coloured one to make myself something. I’ve never made anything just for me, always other people, so I guess this one would be all mine. I’m sure I could find the perfect pattern for me to totally indulge in.

  16. blue – for a cowl

  17. Oh my I’d be very happy with either skein in all honesty.
    Would love to make a beanie or two for next winter.

  18. The colourful one … Also for a shawlette【ツ】

  19. Both look wonderful and I prefer the yellow/pink/blue…….. one. I would crochet a cowl for my own.
    Greatings from Vienna

  20. What delicious yarn. It’s so hard to choose. I love blue, but I believe the multi-coloured one is shouting out to be made into a cowl.

  21. Both are gorgeous, but I think the blue. I would make a scarf or cowl :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Oh I’d love to win the rainbow one! I love rainbows and I still want to make the south bay shawlette for myself, so that would be 1+1 and totally perfect!

  23. I love the rainbow, for litlle baby socks !!!!

  24. I love the rainbow one, but the blue is beautiful also. I’d like to use it to make a lacy shawl that I’ve been looking for some yarn to do in.

  25. The blue one is lovely, and I think I’d use it for a cowl…definitely getting colder!

  26. Beautiful yarn! I would choose the blue yarn, and make something for my brother. He is an over the road trucker, and I don’t get to see him often. This way he could take a part of home with him.

  27. I love the blue one, I’d like to make a shawl for my mum, or maybe a cowl and mitts?…. The possibilities are endless!!

  28. Lovely! The blue yarn would look wonderful in a vest for my little boy!

  29. Oh, I’d use the rainbow one to make a poncho for my daughter!

  30. Beautiful yarn! I especially like the multicolored yarn…nothing like bright colors in the cold, drab winter months in WV. I would make a hat or pair of fingerless mitts.

  31. I love the multi colored one. A cute hat and mittens for my sweet little niece!

  32. They’re amazing yarns but I love the rainbow one and I would use it to make a lacy cowl to keep me snug in our predicted to be very cold winter and the colours would remind me of the lovely summer we’ve had :-)

  33. Hi Winkie:) I would use the colourful one for a summer cowl:) One can never have too many cowls, right? ;)

  34. I would love either, but the blue would make a perfect hat for a little boy. Since cute girl styles are abundant, I could make an adorable boy hat!

  35. Hi, I would love to use the blue one for a lovely pillow for my knitting/crochet chair, xx thanks fo rthe chance

  36. They both are beautiful…. I would use the multicoloured one to make a hat or some ear warmers or a scarf.

  37. What pretty colors may a pair of wristlets would be nice for this yarn. Something fun.

  38. The Blue one is gorgeous! I would use it to make my daughter a shrug as blue is her favourite colour.

  39. Honestly, they both are beautiful. I would make an infinity cowl to prepare for the upcoming autumn weather :)

  40. I love both, but I would use the rainbow yarn for a scarf.

  41. Hi! I like both of them, but I would make a cute blanket with the “rainbow” skein. And thank you for the chance of winning any of these beautiful skeins even if we are not from US :)

  42. They are both wonderful, but the blue and white would be great for hats for my boys :)

  43. Both are so beautiful but the rainbow one would make a lovely hat and booties for my new granddaughter!

  44. I would love to win either skein–they are so lovely! I think I would make a shawl or an infinity scarf.. Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. So beautiful yarns both,! I would like the colorful one, yummy! Thanks. Love peace and crochet Gabriela

  46. What beautiful yarn. I would like the multi-coloured one, to make a ruffled scarf for my new daughter-in-law. She loves the one I made for myself, and it would be a great birthday present for her at the end of November

  47. The blue one!! Seems perfect for scarf!! Thanks for share!!

  48. Love love love the blue yarn! I would use it to crochet something beautiful for my first nephew (or niece, you never know for sure!) who is due in march… Going to be the best aunt ever!

  49. Beautiful yarns! I’d love to use the blue skein to knit myself a lace cowl.

  50. They are both delicious:) but I think I would love the blue , to make a lovely blue scarf for my sister-in-law, we share the same birthday :) I would then buy her some pretty earrings to complement her beautiful scarf.
    So if I win or not now I’m making her a scarf for sure lol

  51. They’re so beautiful ! But I prefer the multicoloured one. I could have a try for a shawl…

  52. OOOooooO! They’re both SO beautiful! How could we pick?!
    I think I would choose the blue one and make some wrist warmers, or perhaps a lovely new hat (or a matching set!). That color reminds me so much of clear blue, winter skies. It only seems right to make it into a beautiful winter accessory.

  53. They both are beautiful. I would choose the multi-coloured one, to make a hat and a shawl for my 1-year-old daughter

  54. Both those are really lovely! I really like the blue one, reminds me of colourful twine. I would make a pair of wrist warmers for winter, my hands are always cold!

  55. I’ld like the multi-colored one, would use it to make a cowl, with winter coming on I like to add a little color around my face!

  56. I would love the rainbow color one! I think I would make myself a fun hat or mitts!

  57. Wow..loved both the colours…

  58. DE-licious~! I would LOVE to have a skein of this yummy yarn. I’d save it for a while and enjoy looking at it and would later use it for making small gift of some sort, probably a doll of some sort.

  59. I like the blue for a cowl or lovely scarf to wear with black. It will bring out the blue in my eyes.

  60. Would love to win the rainbow so I could make a gorgeous hat an mittens for my daughter : ) x x

  61. Multi color great for crocodile stitch slippers. Or solid for a infinity scarf. Either way both are great. Thanks.

  62. The rainbow! Wrist wraps! X

  63. Would have to be the multi-coloured yarn to make a hat and scarf for the daughter

  64. I’d love the rainbow one! With it I’d have to make something for myself (maybe an infinity scarf) as I seem to end up making so much for my little boys and other people x

  65. The rainbow one and make something for me!!!!!!

  66. I would go for the multicolour it’s beautiful might have to order some anyway it’s lovely x

  67. All her yarns are gorgeous (already a big fan of her page) but i would have to go for a rainbow :) x

  68. I love them both, but I adooore the multi colored one!!!

  69. Would like the rainbow one most. But either is beautiful.

  70. i would LOVE the rainbow one to make some flower appliques and maybe some coasters. the coasters would remind me of spring and summer through the winter months.

  71. These skeins are great! I love the multicolor! Thanks for this giveaway!

  72. I’d love the rainbow one to crochet something for my beautiful baby niece (if my equally beautiful daughter doesn’t get dibs on it for a hat and scarf first) xx

  73. Great giveaway. I’d love to win the multi coloured yarn & I’d make a lovely scarf with it x

  74. How generous! I would love to use the blue one for a pair of wrist warmers. Because in wintertime when I’m using the computer my hands and wrists usually get very cold.

  75. The rainbow and I think I’d make some extra special booties! Gorgeous! x

  76. I love the multi-colored one

  77. I love both the skeins….the blue seems so fresh and the. Yellow like sunshine on wild flowers! I would be so grateful to win either but I suppose the coloured one is ever so slightly my favourite. I am into making shawls at the moment. The problem is that I tend to give them away! THe next is definitely just for me! I haven’t sorted out a pattern yet but this is what I’d make. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Joan

  78. I would be thrilled to win either one of these gorgeous yarns. I would love to make an infinity scarf for myself using the multicolored one

  79. The colors are very beautiful! But i really like the second. I would use that to make something for my daughters

  80. Id love either but like the multi one best. I think id make some wrist warmers for me x

  81. I would love to have the rainbow yarn! I would make an infinity scarf with it!

  82. Beautiful x
    I would make a hat and matching wristlets for my little girl x

  83. I would love to win the rainbow yarn. It would be a gift for my wonderful mum who has been helping me out so much and has been a total life line in tricky times. Xxx

  84. I would love either! Although the rainbow twist is gorgeous! :)

  85. de blauwe,voor een lekkere kol, past mooi bij mijn nieuwe blauwe jas ;-)

  86. Loving the blue – it would make an awesome shawl!

  87. The lovely bright rainbow, would make a wonderful hat for my niece

  88. Hard to pick one! I like both – the rainbow one! I’d make a pair of fingerless mitts.

  89. I would love to win the multi-colored yarn. I would use it to make my daughter a super fancy stocking cap. I would use a neutral color and blend this yarn in for accents.

  90. I would like either one. I’d probably make leg warmers.

  91. I love them both! I’d make a cowl or shawlette.

  92. I would love the colorful skein with yellows and orange. Currently, I am making table runners for a Buddhist monastery in France. The austere nuns would love all the color. Absolutely love your work,

  93. Beautiful I would love the rainbow one just gorgeous :0)

  94. I would use the bright colorful one to make wrist warmers for my mom, her hands are always cold and she needs something colorful to make her smile since she works with young teens all day

  95. What a lovely idea! I would go for the blue one and make a shawl :-)

  96. I would love the colorful one, so pretty! Not sure what i would make with, but something fun for…..wwwi..wwwwinnn….winnnntt……sorry cant say it yet! ;) probably a cowl

  97. The colorful one :)
    Some wristers.
    If I got the blue one then a cowl to match my niece’s eyes

  98. I would go for the multi colored one and probably make a hat or scarf.

  99. Oh leuk zeg, ik vind het altijd leuk om mee te doen aan win-acties (hoewel ik nog nooit wat gewonnen heb eigenlijk). Maar ja, 1 keer moet de eerste keer zijn toch? ;) Ik vind het gekleurde garen het leukste van de 2, de blauwe dus iets minder. Ik ben benieuwd wie gaan winnen… Groetjes

  100. Rainbow for a vest

  101. I love both colors but the rainbow is pretty eye catching:) not sure what I would make. They would be fantastic for so many things! Maybe matching hats for me and my newborn baby girl … Or a blanket just for her :)

  102. I would love to win the blue yarn. So beautiful!

  103. I love the blue. It would make a beautiful cowl for the winter.

  104. I really like the multi-colored yarn. If I won, I think that I would knit a hat for my 3 year old granddaughter. Thannks.

  105. I love the blue one! I would probably make a cowl/snood to cover my head when it is cold!

  106. I like them both. Blue for a scarf or cowl and the colourful one an owl maybe a pair of fingerless gloves.

  107. I, too, love the rainbow one, but would be happy to try either! Thank you so much!

  108. Oh, YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY!!! Totally would make my g-kiddo a grannysquare skoodie!

  109. Decisions, Decisions! How can you choose just one of these gorgeous yarns? I would (if pressed) choose the blue one and make my mum a hat and fingerless gloves, because her favourite colour is blue, and i would love to treat her to something handmade and gorgeous <3 xx

  110. I’d like the the sunshine colored yarn.

  111. I would like the colorful one. I have plans if I win! :)

  112. I’d LOVE to win the rainbow one! I think it would make a beautiful scarf :)

  113. I’d like the rainbow yarn to make something (still undecided) for my babies.. I would determine what depending in its feel

  114. Rainbow skein to make a scarf for my daughter :)

  115. the blue one is so pretty! I’d probably make myself a cowl with it. I like to wear a cowl everyday because our heat is wood burning and therefore is gets chilly a lot in my house.

  116. problem, ploblem. I can’t choose. Love them both. But okay, okay……the rainbow colors. And I will make a cowl :-)

  117. Oh these are just so yummy!! If I win I would love the colourful one! Would use it to make hats for my baby girl!

  118. Oooh decisions, decisions, they are both so scrummy. I think I would have to say the blue one as it would make a rather delicious cowl :-)

  119. They are both sooo lovely. I would love the blue to make my granddaughter a hat and gloves.

  120. I like the blue one and I would make a shawl, like yours perhaps?

  121. Honestly it’s really hard to choose. I would like the rainbow one for a scarf and gloves set, for my little girl friend! She is so adorable and smiles like sunshine, so rainbow would be a great match for her outfit!

  122. Hi! I would love to win the multicolor yarn! It’s beautiful. I would crochet a round pillow. :D

  123. Oooooh …. I would love the blue … To make a cozy cowl for my daughter!

  124. They are both so beautiful, but while l love the rainbow, I would have to go with the blue, as a more wearable colour.

  125. The rainbow yarn is so summery! Love to make a small blanket or maybe a pillow cover for a lovely accent.

  126. Ooooh, they’re both beautiful! I love the blue, but everything I make at the moment seems to be blue so I think maybe to be different I’d go for the rainbow one and I’d use it to make a crochet headband ready for when the colder weather arrives!

  127. I think I would choose the blue and make mittens for my precious grandson!
    Thanks for the giveaway

  128. The rainbow one, to make little rainbow hats for our local SCBU :)

  129. I love them both but maybe slightly more the blue one. I would make a cowl or hat with it. :)

  130. Oh my gosh, I love them both. They are so beautiful but I guess I would chose the blue one.

  131. OH my, it would have to be the rainbow/multi colored one. I will make a lovely cowl with it. Thank you for this chance.

  132. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous !I drool over this yarn. The multi colour would be perfect for our new grandchilds blanket! I live in Zimbabwe and all we can get is acrylic!

  133. Mmmmm they booth lovely ♡ but, the second one, the colourful one is all mine, and I can see me doing
    a lovely hat and mittens :)

  134. Hi! Ik ga voor de gekleurde, heb alleen altijd erg veel tijd nodig om te bedenken wat ik van iets ga maken, vind dat een van de leukste dingen ;-), dus daar wacht ik nog even mee, ok?

    Groet, goldenstardustx

  135. Love the blue! I would make myself a cowl or hat. I need some more winter accessories!

  136. Blue and white for fingerless mitts.

  137. I would love the rainbow one. I’d use it to make my 2 year son a hat so he doesn’t get cold after his open heart surgery.

  138. I would love the multicolor yarn to make fingerless gloves and perhaps a cowl! Both are lovely!

  139. This yarn is soooo beautiful. I would make a hat for my grandbaby. Love the multicolor for hat but blue just as lovely.

  140. I love the blue and white, but then the rainbow is nice, too. Oh, how can I choose? That’s the thing with years, the colors are always so beautiful. I would make a hat or a cowl as a gift. xxoo

  141. I immediately fell in love with the rainbow yarn! it’s so jummy! :-)

  142. So cute!!!!! I looooooooooooooooooove it!!!!
    I loooove your works! really!!!!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  143. The blue one for matching pom pom hats for me and my soon to be three year old son.

  144. The colourful one for sure ;) I would love to make granny squares and turn them into a pouch or maybe a scarf or a baby hat for my 1 year old daughter. I always get inspired after touching the yarn ;) thank u for the lovely opportunity to win this Wink

  145. Both are lovely but if I have to choose it’s the rainbow. Makes me smile! I can see a fun hat out of that.

  146. Wow!! What beautiful yarn! Would be hard to choose. The blue would make a beautiful scarf, but the colorful one would make such a delightful cowl.

  147. I would use the multi-colored yarn to crochet a shawl for my grandma who will be 90 this month.

  148. The blue one and a gift for my sister, maybe a small shawl or a motif shawl.

  149. I would love to receive either of them as they are both really pretty. I would make a cowl, or maybe mitts or a hat…..

  150. I love those all but blue is for my winter..

  151. I would love to win the rainbow colored yarn. I a rainbowaholic! lol I believe that trait has been passed down to my girls as well. :) Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  152. love the yarn would make a scarf with it.

  153. Oh my gosh – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that rainbow stripey yarn! I would make something amazing for my daughter!!! She would be the happiest 2nd grader in the world!

    • It reminds me of those sugar sticks – you know the paper tubes filled with sugar. I would definitely make her a scarf out of this. She never likes to wear them in the colder months, but with THIS yarn – she would have no qualms about it!

  154. Those are lovely! I’d love the blue one, and I think I’d make a fluffy cowl/scarf of some sort!

  155. Beautiful! The multi-colored one is my favorite, however, would love either of them!!

  156. Oh devon sun yarns are lush.i would love to win the blue yarn to make my two little boys matching bedtime socks.

  157. I love blue but for this I would love to win colorful,it would be perfect for cowl.Lovely colors for cold days,and I could share it with my daughter.Amazing giveaway,thank you for the chance to win it.

  158. I’d love the color/rainbow one. I would love to make a cowl or infinity scarf with it. :)

  159. I would love the rainbow one. International entries were allowed, so if they ship it to the Middle East… Please the rainbow. I would make a bag or a babyafghan or a pillow, or well, i’ll never win, but please open a store here. They hardly have any yarn here. ;-)

  160. Wow, what a great giveaway! I’d probably go for the blue skein because I adore whales and it would make a fantastic amigurumi whale ^_^

  161. I love the multicolor one I would use it to make a beautiful cowl for the winter. The yarn is perfect not to heavy for a nice Nevada winter day

  162. Oh, how beautiful! Both are gorgeous and I’d be thrilled with either, but I know the rainbow colors would make me (or the recipient of any gift) happy any time I (or that person) put on whatever I made with that yarn :-) It’s just like a big soft smiley ray of sunshine!

    • Oh, and I would make a hat and fingerless mitts – the mitts to keep my hands warm and so I could be happy every time I looked down at my hands (and because my office is often chilly in winter!).

  163. They are both beautifull but I like the rainbowcoloured one the best!

  164. I love the multicolored one :) I would make some wrist warmers for fall.

  165. Those are beautiful. I love them both! However, I think I lean more to the more colorful of the two. Reminds me of being a kid and getting a special type of gum (big treat that was!) that was colorful and striped just like the yarn. I would make either a sweet little lovey with it for one of the Baby Blessings baskets given to new parents at church, or make some fun little newborn hats/bonnets….or try an amigurumi animal (like a colorful zebra!) with it. The possibilities seem endless! Such lovely yarn!

  166. I love the blue one. I would crochet a beautifull pregnancy bow belt for gender reveal :)
    Big hugs from Romania :)
    Good luck for everyone in this contest:)

  167. I would love either one and they would both crochet up a beautiful infinity scarf for this winter… My favorite is the awesome colorfully perfect one!

  168. Hi wink
    I’d love a shot at winning the colourful skein and I would add it in to my granny squares as I’m making your pattern for a bag! Thanks

  169. The colorful one. Beautiful, I’d like to make my daughter a hat with mittens.

  170. I LOVE the colourfull one and already imagine a beautifull scarf/cowl for my daughter! :)

  171. Colorful one! to make a light scarf for the upcoming Spring! :D

  172. Really? 175 comments already? :O I’d feel happy to win either of those colors, but the multi-colored one is my fav. Please count me in.

  173. I would love to win the blue one! It would be used to make a nice cowl to bring some colour to my new black and grey coat. :)

  174. the blue one,I can already imagine my new scarf!

  175. Ohh, blue. It would make such a lovely baby sweater. Of course so would the pink!

  176. The blue one and i would make some wrist warmers/fingerless gloves, if enough a matching beanie hat too!

  177. The brightly coloured skein as it is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen! I would make a gift for my sister for Christmas.

  178. Wow! That is a really hard choice. After seeing your beautiful shawl my first instinct is to say the rainbow one, but the blue would make a wonderful something for winter… I guess I would go with the blue one then :)

  179. Either to make a cowl for my daughter, she would be thrilled :-)

  180. gorgeous Devon sun yarns, I would use the blue one to mark a neck warmer and wristies for my son

  181. Gorgeous colors! I would make a Tunisian crochet scarf with the blue-and-white skein.

  182. The blue one (although both are beautiful). I’d make it into a slouchy beanie for a relative with cancer.

  183. Both are beautiful, but the multicolored one and the shawlette you made remind me of a large granny square my grandmother made to cover her sewing machine cabinet. I’ve always loved that piece and thought I should make one for myself!

  184. Wow – the rainbow one for a hat I think!

  185. I would love either color!! I can picture a nice collar or scarf.

  186. I’d love to win either colour, but the blue one is so so beautiful, I think if I had to choose it would be that one.
    I would make a beret style hat with it :)

  187. The multicolor skein is gorgeous. My dad’s 92 birthday is the end of November, and
    he loves fingerless gloves. A pair made with that ‘happy’ yarn would go down a treat.

  188. they are both gorgeous, but the blue is calling to me…..I would make a crocheted flower tote bag out of this.

  189. I love the multi-colored one. Perhaps I would make a cowl. Or fingerless gloves.

  190. The coloured one, a lacey scarf for the coming summer

  191. yes! I would like to win that ! And i’m in a fingerless gloves-mood lately :)

  192. Rainbow/Multi for sure! I would make it into hat, but depending on how the colors work with the pattern (the word for this is escaping me right now… duh…) I might change it up… But it’s so pretty I would insist it be sported up high on a head or shoulders of some kind to everyone can see!

  193. They are both so pretty, but I love the multi-colored one very much :)

  194. I would love winning either of them with a slight preference for the multi-coloured one… I would love to make a scarf for my mother in law who is a great help to me while I’m at home suffering from a burn-out. Crocheting is life saving right now and so is she!

  195. The rainbow one! Duh! This is Sue. The color-crazed hooky ladyl! Ok. I don’t need any more yarn for my stash, but it is truly beautiful yarn. I would make something for my good friend, Wink! LOL! Good move, huh?! But then I would have to hand deliver it and take a little plane ride to meet you. Now that would be stinkin’ cool! So yes. ME, ME, ME! :)

  196. Ooooh mooi!! I loove them both but the multi coloured one especially – I have a pattern for a pair of crochet slipper bootie kind of things that this would be perfect for!!

  197. would love to win the rainbow one and turn it into a cute pair of socks!

  198. I would love to win the blue one…because I have boys. I think it would make a cute monster!

  199. Love the multi colored yarn – thanks for the giveaway. This yarn would make neat slippers.

  200. I love the rainbow yarn and I would make a cute purse.

  201. I would love to win the colourful one, I’d make my cousin a baby blanket ready for her new baby that’s due in March after years of trying.

  202. I would love the multi color skein. My hands turn purple when it’s cold out so I would make myself fingerless gloves to wear at work. I would be the envy of all those around me.

  203. The colorful one on the left. I would make a hat.

  204. I love the rainbow one! I would make a little purse and matching scarf for my 4 year old niece.

  205. Hard to pick but I think the rainbow one to make a small blanket for my new great granddaughter due in Jan 2014

  206. So beautiful! I would love the multicolored one. It would be great as a sundress for my daughter. She loves dresses and the colors are so fun and full of little kid-ness (energy, sunshine), seems perfect for a kid’s dress or top.

  207. What a great and generous giveaway. I love the multi colored yarn and I would make a lovely headband/ear warmer with a big flower.

  208. I love the rainbow colored one. I think it would make a cute little handbag.

    lesajm AT hotmail DOT com

  209. Honesty both are beautiful. But I think the blue is perfect for a litlle hadbag.

  210. i love the multicolour yarn, i would make a hat for my youngest daughter.

  211. OMG!! Lovely! The blue one! I would make… Fingerless gloves, always nice in autumn :-)

  212. i like the rainbow multi…I’m thinking a pillow cover or a hat or???

  213. Love them both!! I prefer the colourful one for fingerless gloves!! :)))

  214. I wouldn’t mind either one. I think I would make an infinity scarf of fingerless gloves with it :)

  215. Either one, either one……..

  216. I would be estatic to win EITHER one! I would love to make either baby sandals or a Ladies hat or a baby’s set of sandals and a hat if I can!!

  217. I love the top skein, the blue and white. I would use it to make some fingerless mitts.

  218. I’m thinking I could make a lovely hoodie for next winter for my littlest granddaughter with the beautiful multi coloured one.

  219. De kleurtjeswol is net als Pippi Langkous en net zoals mijn nichtje van 3 jaar is met haar rode staartjes om er dan een eigenwijs vestje van te maken.

  220. Hello! I’m fairly new to your blog (having discovered you through Simply crochet magazine) and I love it! Your posts are such an inspiration. I would love to win one of the skeins, as to which one . . . I am a sucker for anything with pink in it, but I am trying to be more grown up and sophisticated, so I would really like the blue marl one to make a shawl / cozy scarf / wrap. (ps – I spent a lot of my childhood in Holland, so your posts make me second-home sick, but in a good way!)

  221. I love both of them. But I would love to make a scarf from the blue one.

  222. I will go for the blue one. It is my friend’s favourite colour. I will make a sweater out of it as my birthday present to her.

  223. Such beautiful wool! I adore the colours in that pink one. I think mine would go become a scarf for my Mum for Christmas. It looks so soft and has such bright colours that it would be perfect.

  224. Oooo the rainbow one if I am lucky enough, just the thing to cheer up the up coming Autumn days,

  225. I think a scarf and hat set would be a cheery sight in either colour and a pleasure to wear as well :)

  226. ziet er prachtig uit en mijn keuze valt op de regenboogkleuren. De herfst is niet mijn jaargetijde maar de kleuren zijn prachtig

  227. I forgot to say. I love both of them, so either one would make me happy and I’d make a hat!

  228. I would love to have the multicolor rainbow one and gosh, I don’t know what I’d make! Probably hats for my two toddlers or maybe some really cute mittens and leg warmers? Thank you!

  229. I would make a really cute cowl for my bestie for Christmas with the colourful one.

  230. I love the multi coloured one but would delighted with either! Am just practising granny rounds at the mo as am new to crochet so think I might use this yarn for some more of them! xx :D xx :D

  231. I would love the Multi colored one, and would make something for my mom

  232. I love them both! I wild be happy with either and I would make a cardigan for my baby girl.

  233. Oooh gorgeous! I’d pick the multi-coloured one! Thanks for the chance to win – keeping my fingers crossed!
    Maria x (Dinki Dots)

  234. That blue skein is so pretty! It would be perfect for a cowl for my cousin that I have in our family holiday gift exchange!

  235. Wool are beautiful! I would like blue for amigurumi cat for my son. Greetings from the Croatian

  236. I’d definitely choose the multicoloured one!! <3 I love it!

  237. The coloured one please! I’d give it to my partner since she’s the one that crochets, and get her to make something for me :P

  238. The blue one!

  239. I can’t tell you how much I would love to win the rainbow yarn. I have admired it on the Devon Sun Yarns Facebook page for a while. I would use it to make an amigurumi so that I could display it all year round and stroke it when no one is looking! xx

  240. The rainbow one!!! I feel a scarf for my grand-daughter!!!!

  241. I love the rainbow one!!! I would make a hat for my girls :)

  242. I like the multi coloured – lovely rainbow colours :) I would make mittens.

  243. I would love to win both ;)
    But to tell about one, I would like to win the blue yarn. I would make a baby cardigan for my friend’s son :)
    Oh! he would look cute in that :)

  244. The multicolored. I’d make a hat for one of my granddaughters.

  245. The Rainbow one would make a beautiful shawl! But I actually like them both!!! :)

  246. I love them both definitely thinking crocheted scarf with blue edging to brighten things up on a winter day.

  247. Love the multicolor–the basis for the middle of a shawl!

  248. Love the multi-coloured yarn…would love to crochet a broomstick lace shawl with it. Wishing you a superb weekend…thanks for the gorgeous giveaway!

  249. I would love the rainbow one for a scarf or cowl!

  250. I would love to win the blue-white one. I would make a baby vest/cardigan with it. :-)

  251. I would love the blue skein to make a scarf. thanks for the giveaway

  252. I love the blue and would make a scarf or cowl for me!
    Thanks :)

  253. I would love to make a soft, luxurious shawl for the new baby coming into our world.

  254. Either one would be great. I need a new scarf.

  255. The blue one is the perfect shade to match my blue eyed son, a hat of course would be so cute!

  256. Pretty! I love the blue one, which I’d probably use for mittens.

  257. I´d love the blue one :) I´d make a scarf for myself :)

  258. So hard to pick, I love both!!
    I think the rainbow one and I would make matching scarfs for my daughters and maybe their dolls too