breidag groningen

Last Friday was I Love Yarn Day, and me and my friend celebrated by attending the annual Knit & Crochet Days in Groningen, The Netherlands!


The event was held in an old church in downtown Groningen. It was really a spectacular location, albeit a bit small for all the vendors, about 60 of them. Which did mean the rooms were packed with yarn, as far as the eye could see! :)






There was more to see than just yarn; there were quite a few vendors showcasing their felt enthusiasm as well. One stall sold felt balls in all colours and sizes, used to make coasters or even rugs!




When you entered the church you were greeted by a knitting statue:


And Vincent van Gogh himself was walking around the workshop area!


I got some quick weaving instructions on this teeny weaving loom; I had no idea how much work goes into weaving something as ‘simple’ as a cloth or a towel!


We ended up doing a workshop on freeform crochet, and it was actually pretty cool! It was only for 45 minutes but I did manage to learn new things.
My friend got away with a bag full of yarn; she bought 4 or 5 skeins I believe. I ended up not getting much for myself. I didn’t even buy any yarn; I did get some really awesome buttons, for future bag projects.


It was a lot of fun, but that was also because I really love Groningen. For what you had to pay just to enter the venue, and what you got in return, I don’t think it was the best value for money I have ever had. Having said that, it was nice to see all the vendors and their gorgeous yarns, although I really hope next year they get a bigger venue and more vendors.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, too bad it was a bit disappointing… Maybe next year will be better.
    I do see you were wearing two beautiful necklaces, if I may say so myself… lol. ;) yay!

  2. Too bad it was pretty far from where I live (and I had other things) but otherwise I might have popped in! I saw those felt ball-rugs on the fair 2 weeks back here, They were so cool, but very, very expensive. Same there? Anyhow those skeins of yarn look gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for sharing!!! I live vicariously through others’ posts during my breaks at work. This looks like a little piece of heaven on earth!!

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely trip I would never have taken myself. The photos are fantastic. You made me smile. Thank you for this gift.

  5. love the rug and all the delicious yarn

  6. It looks as if you had a fabulous day…so many beautiful photos with so much happy colour to share.
    Thank you

  7. So many colours ! And I love the felt animals… The tiny hedgehogs… Thank you for sharing !

  8. Wow so much yarn! I would love to take a lesson in weaving I am sure it can be quite complicated but it would be fun to try it out! And love those buttons, especially the one in the forefront what a beautiful pattern on it!

    I so wish there were some yarn shows or events in our area but I love looking through all of the pictures from different events online, they look so exciting!

  9. Waooooooooo,beautiful, you are very lucky,because you knew creative people. Thanks for show us this beautiful thinks. bay bless.