book review: crochet for beginners

Hey gang! I’ve got a cool book review to share with you today :) It’s the first book from my friend Ali Campbell: Crochet for Beginners who want to Improve: Continue to Learn to Crochet.


Here’s the official description of the book:
Using a Traffic Light Crochet Teaching System, Ali will take Crochet Beginners through a series of projects that are written in easy to understand patterns, which will help to build confidence in pattern reading & Crochet techniques. Beginners are often left to fend for themselves when it comes to pattern reading, once they’ve learnt a few basic stitches & this could break a newly self taught or newly taught crocheters confidence. By purchasing this book, you will not only learn to read patterns more confidently, but you’ll learn lots of simple tips & tricks along the way, which you will take with you and your crochet forever & hopefully pass your newly learnt knowledge on to others too! You will also learn to Crochet confidently in Rows & Rounds, Crochet socks, Hats, Granny Squares & lots more, including colour changes, joining methods & finishing touches. There are 10 easy to follow pattern projects incorporating her Crochet Traffic Light system, that have all been designed by Ali, who has successfully taught these patterns to many pupils in the last few years with GREAT results. You will need to know the basic stitches – Double Crochet & Treble Crochet and have a chunky weight wool /yarn & a 6mm or 6.5mm hook to get started in your next crochet journey – from Beginner to Improver!

The book is full of fun projects to make, like a beanie, a headband, and socks, and it also features some more traditional patterns like granny squares, joining methods, and colour changes.

This book is really great and is filled to the brim with tips for crocheters of any level, from beginners to advanced crocheters. I was pleasantly surprised with the projects in this book; there’s something new to learn here for everyone! That makes this book a definite must-have on my list.

And the good news is: I get to give away a copy to one lucky reader! :) For your chance to win, leave a comment below saying what crochet technique you’d like to truly master, like joining motifs, perfect colour changes in the middle of your work or even turning your work. The winner gets to chose between the US or UK version of the book.

I’ll pick a winner next week. Good luck! :)


Disclaimer This book was sent to me for review purposes free of charge. I did not get paid to review this book. The opinions in this post are entirely my own. This post includes affiliate links, which help me run my blog and to continue to provide you with free patterns.

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  1. I’m gonna pass on this one because I think others might need this book more then I do, but I just wanted to say that it’s supercool that you host so many giveaways ;)

  2. Bavarian crochet and filet crochet

  3. I would love to learn finishing techniques – when I get to the end of a project I am confused as to how to properly weave in the ends and finish a border.

  4. New to crochet. I’m trying to teach myself and I believe this would be a wonderful resource for me. I want to be able to make so many of the beautiful projects I see on your site. Pick me! Pick me please! :)

  5. There is so much I would love to learn and improve on. I really want to learn how to make a granny square properly. I’ve tried so many times and can never get it right. Also, crochet in in the round has provided many challengers as well! Thanks.

  6. Wow – sounds exactly what I need as a self taught crocheter! I struggle with colour changes and my work has come undone because of this :-( Would also LoVe to be able to crochet socks! Being self taught, often from the internet, buying patterns from Ravelry and Etsy I have managed with both US and UK terms but UK would definitely be a preference! Thanks Wink x

  7. I would love to master joining motifs! Thanks for the chance to win! It looks like a lovely book..

  8. I would like to improve how to join :)
    it sounds soooo nice… :)

  9. I took a crochet class last June with a friend and am completely hooked on crochet since then. My problem with patterns is when they say “in space …”, I always think “what space? there are spaces everywhere! :) Need lots of hints on how to follow patterns, join pieces together, and finish things beautifully. Doesn’t everyone want to make beautiful yarn sing?

  10. Boy oh boy do I need help with color changes! I sure would appreciate this book! Thanks Wink.

  11. The book sounds good I would like to learn more about crochet in the round thanks for the chafed to win a copy x

  12. I need help with color changes. I would love to learn to crochet socks!
    Thank you

  13. I’m still trying to master crocheting in the round. Everything that I make that is round is always wonky! Thanks!

  14. This book sounds great! I would love to learn how to turn my work without losing any stitches. Thank you!

  15. I need help with color changing in the middle of a row or round (rounds that I haven’t truely mastered). Finishing and joining techniques would be helpful also. Crocheting has become my therapy, eases my mind and keeps worries at bay!

  16. I would love this book as i would like to get better than give up when i get stuck, understanding patterns can be very hard sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. I would love to learn afghan crochet and also to change colours in a more perfect way. have a great week*

  18. This book looks and sounds so very helpful. I’ve crochet many years but need to work on making neat yarn joins and squaring the hats, blankets etc. up. Have a Great day……….Wanda

  19. This book sounds like a great one! I would really like to learn how to change colours perfectly and how to make beautiful joins between my crochet motifs…

  20. Basically any other stitch ever than the only one I can do, the granny square!

  21. Yeah! I would love the win this book, because I am truly a beginner who wants to improve. I started crocheting early this year and already made lots of projects, but there are still lots of mysteries in crocheting for me. I would love to know how join squares AND what the best way is to hide yarn ends.

  22. Having recently learnt how to crochet, I have made 3 covers for my tired looking cushions for the sofa and really proud of myself! Its now turning into an addiction, constantly looking for new projects where i get to learn new things. This book looks perfect! :-)

  23. i am currently trying to teach myself to crochet and it gets frustrating sometimes. i would love to be able to change colors better, make nicer joins, and just in general brush up and improve my skills.

  24. Joining squares as you go is still difficult! I would love to perfect this. The other thing is what to do at the end of rows when you change colors…all of those color strings seem like I am doing the wrong thing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. I am self taught, but would like to improve colour changes and joining granny squares. Currently trying to make your bag from granny squares

  26. I’d like to learn about color changes and joining motifs… thank you for this giveaway…

  27. Hi, i would like to join motofs and new stitches!

  28. I would love to learn how to change colour and finish off properly, I love doing crochet but my projects are never as neat as I would like. The book looks great, a must have for everyone who does crochet.

  29. I would love to learn how to make my edges nice and neat. Often the end of a row calls for a chain to begin the next row–but sometimes this creates a gap or just an uneven look. Then, sometimes the next row will ask you to make a stitch in the second or third chain, but finding the right chain, and getting your hook through at the right spot so you get both of the top loops, also can make a mess with gaps or an uneven look. I would love to hear how Ali can help me make these edges neat and professional.

  30. My hardest thing is being able to read crochet charts. The symbols are not always the same …sometimes confusing for the new crocheter

  31. I struggle with ‘join as you go’, I cant seem to grasp the instructions.

  32. I’d like to be able to read printed crochet patterns, I mean the charts. I only do basic crochet, and also want to learn Tunisian crochet some day. I like how that fabric looks. I also would like to learn to crochet a cowl in the round some day.

  33. hi winkie.
    this is great i must take a look at it on amazon to see how much it would be second hand.
    i think i would benefit greatly from learning how to do perfect colour changes in the middle of a project even turning work prfectly would be great to learn perfectly too.thanks for giving us the chance to win a copy of this book.
    thank you your projects are lovely too,

  34. I would love this! It looks great! I’d love to be more confident with colour change

  35. Reading patterns is a tough one for me. I’m more of a visual person. I really haven’t gotten past a simple scarf.

  36. This sounds like just the book I need! I’ve mastered the art of granny squares but when I try anything else I always seem to end up with the wrong number of stitches so I could definitely use some help! And tips on joining methods would be good too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I knit and crochet but always seem to gravitate to knitting because I am so much more comfortable with it. I can knit, purl, cable, etc..but with crochet I can only do SC, DC and TR crochet. Anything else in a pattern and I am lost. And I see so many awesome things I want to try in crochet. So maybe this book is the answer.

  38. I’m so new to crocheting that I need a book with any and all. I’m 60 and just started. I bought several books but this one sounds perfect for me.

  39. As a crochet newbie I would like how to join in colours neatly and also master sewing/weaving in ends! Thanks for the chance to win! xxxx

  40. I would love to win this book! I have only crocheted small things– flowers, earrings, and bracelets, would love to venture out to changing colors, joining motifs (making an afghan or blanket!)

  41. I would like to perfect changing colors in the middle of my projects.

  42. I would love to get this copy. I still want to try some tunisian crochet.

  43. I am almost self-taught, although the day my friend taught me how to do a granny square was the moment to crochet enlightenment. Suddenly I knew what crochet was truly about…yes, dramatic but so be it. What I really would love, however, is to learn how to keep my edges straight when doing ‘straight’ crochet – no wobbly bits, no wavering, just a straight, up and down, ruler sharp straight edge – not too much to ask is it? Love and peace :)

  44. Hi there,

    I would love to learn how to crochet more then straight and square pieces en also how to match colors whitout sneak Peeking around. Thanks for this great give away!

  45. Hi,
    I’d like to learn how to crochet in the round better, change colors more smoothly and just some basics to make my projects look less like arts and crafts and more something I’d like to wear. Thanks for posting such a great book!

  46. I would really like to learn to read a pattern. I don’t know why it is so difficult for me, but I am always confusing myself. I would also like to learn to read a chart. Thank you for your awe inspiring blog.

  47. Thank you once more for this giveaway. I’m a beginner, so I guess everything needs to be studied… Anyway, I would love to learn how to change colours.

  48. That book sounds quite interesting. I would like to know more about perfect changing of colour

  49. I’d like to improve my joining techniques.

  50. Color changes!

  51. Increasing and decreasing drive me crazy. I tried to make a duck last week and it looks like a giraffe!

  52. Wow all these comments already and so many crocheters that want to Improve their skills! Wink, how are you going to choose? I don’t envy you your task. Ali Campbell :0)

  53. Would love to figure out a better way to stitch appliques onto my work, it doesn’t look nearly as neat as I would like

  54. I’d like to master flat circles for the rows after my patterns run out and I start winging it! Thanks for the giveaways.

  55. I would like to master joining different shaped motifs or circles and then creating beautiful borders. I never win anything.. so hopefully this will be my lucky chance!

  56. I would really love to learn how to filet crochet, good luck all.

  57. I really want to get better at reading patterns!!

  58. This book sounds wonderful. My Daughter who is 10 is learning to crochet and this would be a fantastic learning aid for her. I’m not a particular good teacher. I’d like her to learn to start and finish each round or row. She is excellent at treble stitches but struggles with the first few and last stitches which means she is forever coming to me when she is making a granny square and I just can’t get on with my crochet!

  59. Everyone needs a good handbook right?! This one sounds like a wonderful learning tool, I’d like to improve working in the round. The UK version would be best many thanks.

  60. I would love to learn how to crochet a granny square so it actually looks like a granny square. Working with different colours is definately on my list! Thank you for organizing this. I love reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful things you create.

  61. I would like to learn more about working in the round. This book would be great for my daughter she is ready to move on post the basic single crochet.

  62. I would like to learn some more fun crochet stitches aside from SC, HDC, DC, TC etc. Stuff like bobble stitch and broomstick.
    Also, my colour-changing techniques are pretty poor! (Which isn’t great when I’m making a stripey scarf!)

  63. Many years ago I made an afghan that required joining blocks and I couldn’t find anywhere on how to do that. So I’ve always stayed away from it. I would like to learn the best way for color changes as well.

  64. I would love to master the art of increasing and decreasing in a pattern that uses different stitches. I had a go at your Butterfly peacock mandala and although I was pleased with my very first try – it didn’t look like yours :)

  65. This sounds like a great book for a beginner! I am trying to learn how to crochet, but I just keep struggling through even the basics! This would definitely help!

  66. keeping my edges straight would definetly be helpfull to learn…

  67. I am self taught but everything is a struggle. All I want to do is make caps for my grand babies but they never turn out :( Would love this!!!

  68. I would love this book. I taught myself to crochet, so I don’t always know if I am actually doing the stitch I think I am doing. I can do rectangles and squares. Like to learn more difficult things. :)

  69. I would like to learn better finishing techniques. This looks like a very valuable book to add to the library for sure.

  70. Would like to learn how to change colors in all stitches without having the “step” look.

  71. I would love to learn finishing and color changing techniques. I can relate 100% with the confidence busting a lack of clarity on patterns gives. I’m good with charts- on simple projects but not with the typed out patterns.

  72. Thats a great giveaway!! I want to learn tunisan or hairpin technique ,its on my bucket list

  73. i’m such a beginner it is sad! but I really want to master finishing my work and changing colors. I am so glad to have found your blog!

  74. Id love to be able to join motifs! Great give away :)

  75. I’d love to learn different types of finishing, and also crochet socks. I’m a huge fan of patterns. If I could slowly ween myself from patterns, that would be great. I’m mostly a hat peron, so learning new techiniquies would be great.

  76. Hey Winks, I’d love to learn how to joint different colours and still keep the line or circle intact. I would like to do it really neat so that you can’t see where the new colour was joined. I would also like to learn how to join squares or circles without sewing them together. I thoroughly enjoy your blog! xox

  77. I would love to learn Tunisian crochet….have been dabbling with broomstick lace crochet for the past few years now and managed to crochet many shawls/scarfs as gifts for friends near and far. Crochet has been my first craft passion since the age of 12!. Thanks a zillion for this giveaway.

  78. I thought I knew what I wanted to learn, and posted my comment about it. However, after reading the other comments I think I should amend my comment to…all of the above. Who knew?

  79. I’d love to learn more techniques of crochet (ie Tunisian, filet, etc) and how to join motifs beautifully! Thank you for the chance!

  80. How to make a magic ring.

  81. I adore crocheting , is so therapeutic , have done loads of granny square blankets . Would love to progress , so many cute patterns on Pinterest .. I have huge problem understanding the way patterns are written . Just can’t get past first line..Make no sense to me and thus can not move on .. This book sounds perfect last a book that explains the myth of crochet pattern language … Yey …

  82. Seamless fasten off