review and giveaway: custom canvas

Happy Monday y’all! :) How’s the weather where you live? We’ve been having a storm here last night; thankfully the trees remain standing but the wind is still blowing hard! It’s days like these when I’m most thankful that I work from home.

Remember this photo I took for my photography class? When I was on vacation in Winterberg, Germany, I got an email from a reader. She wanted to ask me if it was okay if she printed this image on canvas, to brighten up her office. Of course I didn’t mind! In fact, I thought it was such a good idea, that when the nice people of Custom Canvas approached me for a review/giveaway, I didn’t have to think twice about what image to use!

Self portrait assignment

I ordered my canvas from Custom Canvas in the UK. You can choose to have your images printed on canvas or acrylic. The really cool thing about ordering your canvas here is that you can choose your own size canvas, down to the centimeter. You’re not tied to fixed, regular, sizes; when you upload your image you can crop it in whatever way you see fit. You could for instance make a thin, rectangular image, or a very widescreen one; it’s up to you!

I had to wait a week and a half for my canvas to arrive, which I thought was REALLY quick, since it had to cross a big pond to get here! I imagine that people in the UK will receive theirs even faster.



You can see I chose to get my image printed on canvas. The quality of the canvas is very impressive; it’s thick and sturdy, and looks very durable. There’s a bit on the back of the canvas which allows you to hang it from your wall.



I for one love my new canvas! I haven’t found the perfect place to hang it yet (since my walls are filled with mandalas already!), so I’m thinking I will have to save it until I have found the perfect office space.


If you would like a custom canvas as well (with this image, or one of your own images!) leave a comment on this blog post, saying what you would get printed on it, and of course where you would hang it! The kind people over at Custom Canvas are willing to ship internationally, so that includes all you people in the US!

I’ll pick a winner next week. Good luck! :)


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  1. Wat een geweldige Give away!
    Ik zou iid iets van mijn eigen dingen op canvas willen. En dat zou boven mijn bank hangen.

  2. Hello & thanks for the giveaway! I would love to print one of the photos of my wips I often use on my blog – my favorite photos are the ones I take of an unfinished project, which always remind me of the path and the process we go through to get a final result. I usually give more importance to the project rather to the final result so if I were to get a photo printed in such a neat way, it would be of something not finished, because the process is the most important part – it’s the history, it is the “made with love”.
    Have a great week (:

  3. I would love a canvas picture of my new grandson – so precious. I would hang it on my gallery wall.

  4. I would get our most recent family picture printed on canvas and hang it in the living room.

  5. Good Morning from Alabama,USA. I Would Love to have your image on my canvas. It would be perfect for my blank wall space in my craft room. Truly it says it all to me on many levels as a fiber lover. Thank You for the chance. Have a non stormy day :)

  6. I think I would get one of my patterns printed on it. Probably one of my pop top crochet ones.

  7. Buongiorno! from Pennsylvania, USA. I would love to have a canvas of a picture from my husband and my recent trip to Italy. I’ve waited so long to get a chance to see where my grandparents came from. It was a beautiful trip and we loved every minute of it. If I were to win, I would hang the canvas right in my Italian style kitchen, where I could see it everyday! Thanks. And I still love your work!!

  8. I like that image the way it is…it would be a great focal point in my craft room! It would inspire me to finish organizing my craft room & to keep it that way!

  9. I would have a picture of my 18 month old grandson playing with my yarn printed. (Wish I had a craft room) I would hang it in my living room
    Thank you

  10. What a lovely giveaway! I would have the same print as you as my love of yarn is growing by the day!! I would hang it above my craft shelf (wish it was a craft room but we don’t have the space)!!

  11. I would love a picture off the beach I grew up next too, I miss that beach.

  12. Oh my goodness. My first impression of the photo….an offering of peace and love. Sometimes, as I m making something a particular person comes into my mind and I know whatever I’m making is meant for them. So, as I continue stitching, I hold that person in my heart and feel the love for them. This photo is so very special.

  13. I love your canvas… I would love a picture of my two daughters… They are everything to me !

  14. Oh, that’s beautiful Wink! I think I would make a collage of some of the crochet things I’ve made in the past year(s) and have that printed. Thankfully I feel like I’m getting the hang of taking photographs with my DSLR now :)

  15. Great! I would want to print a photo of me and my boyfriend <3. We still haven't made photo's yet but I would love to have one. I would hang it on my wall of fame, which already contains babypictures of me and of my son.

  16. I would print one of the pictures I took of icebergs from my vacation in Iceland last year, and I would hang it in my bedroom so it will always remind me of the trip.

  17. I would have a beautful print I saw on the internet of a lady lying back and crocheting. I would hang it in the living room for inspiration. The living room is where I crochet while sitting my MY chair!

  18. I love your photo a lot and it turned out great!

  19. I would like very much to have your photograph on canvas. It makes me think of the endless possibilities contained in a ball of yarn, and the happy state of mind produced
    by imagining those possibilities. Thank you for the opportunity.

  20. Sorry, I forgot to say that if I were fortunate enough to win, I would hang this by the chair I sit in to crochet.

  21. Well I would love to have your picture as you took it! I think your canvas would look so wonderful up on your new office space wall. A smaller picture for business cards would be great too.

  22. I have some beautiful shots taken while on vacation on the East Coast that I would choose from. I would hang it in the living room, for all to see.

  23. I’d finally get a family picture to hang on the fireplace

  24. I would love to get a copy of your image, on canvas and I would hang it in my craft area.

  25. I love the picture that you used and I would hang it in my office/craft room.

  26. definitely a picture of my kids (holding a crochet bunting) & in our family room

  27. Wow, what a cool giveaway! I think even if I don’t win I’ll still go get one anyway – I think I’d get one of the pictures from my family holiday to Disneyworld printed since I have some really fond memories from there, and I’d hang it in the big empty space above my desk :)

  28. We grow organic veggies and berries here in Michigan. I would love to have a permanent farm picture. It would be wonderful to stand the test of time for our children and grandchildren. Of course I would hang it in our living room. Thanks for the chance to win. I am so inspired by your crochet. Making a second cowl scarf for daughter-in-law now.

  29. I would have one of the poems I wrote (As I Bowed) printed on the canvas. I would hang it in my living room (which is also my workspace).

  30. probably a photo of our two cats – they are the only “kids” i will ever have so it seems fitting

  31. I would have a picture of my Mom done. My mom died in a car accident that my whole family was in back in 1978. I was 14 at the time. There aren’t very many pictures of her because when she was alive, she was ALWAYS behind the camera. The picture I have is of her when she was in the 10th grade, in about 1948. I have scanned the picture to my computer, but nobody will let me have it professionally reprinted because, I was told, the photographer owns the copyright. I have no idea who took the picture back then and so, have no way to get permission to reprint it. So this option is probably a no go too. I wish I could get it reprinted, to pass on to my 3 grown children.

  32. The canvas looks amazing! I already know just the picture I would want to hang on my wall… It would have to be a picture of my first knitted sweater, photographed beautifully by my sweet boyfriend ^^ You can take a look at the my sweater here:

  33. I have been wanting to try a “canvased photo” since they first came out. What a wonderful give away. Yours came out so nicely. It gives the rest of us a really good idea of how nice they can be. Thanks for the detailed review, and the chance at one of our own.

  34. Thank you for holding such an awesome giveaway! For me personally I’d get a canvas photo of one of my yarn stash images that I’ve taken a picture of. If not any picture that includes ball of yarn/skeins with a crochet hook!

  35. Hi! I would print a photo with the women of my family (me, my sisters, cousin, mother aunt and my grandma that passed away last February) and put it in my livingroom as a hommage to our frienship and as a memoire of my grandmother.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Ohhh, I would so print our crazy family portrait in front of the Eiffel tower!!

  37. I would get a photo of my 2 children printed, they are growing so fast and memories are precious

  38. I would probably print some kind of family portrait and hang it in our dining room for all to see!

  39. I would love to have a canvas with your yarn in hands print on it!!

  40. WOW this is so awesome thanks so much for this opp. I would get something yarnie I really like this photo so maybe thisone… but maybe something else I’m not sure all I know is I’m crossing my fingers that I win :-) Nicole Thompson of Boomer Beanies :-)

  41. I have a drawing of a meditating Buddhist monk that I’ve long wanted printed on canvas. It would hang in my bathroom since I try for a zen look in there.

  42. What a wonderful give-away :)

    I would love a picture of my daughter, flying through the air on the Trapeze, and wearing a pair of the legwarmers I’m constantly crocheting for her – she says it can get quite cold flying through the air! Lol

  43. I would get one of my maternity pics with the scarf I made for the session or one of my babe to be with the many creations I’ve made for him…

  44. Long story short, my husband has been published in several magazine anthologies and books pertaining to metaphysics because he has created a new spiritual practice called Eregnosis that is all about empowering oneself simply by learning anything that enhances you/your life for the better in a positive way (lol, that’s as simply as I can explain it).

    I would love to have the symbol of Eregnosis (that he beautifully designed) put onto canvas so I could hang it in our living room opposite the couch. That way it will continue to both inspire and encourage him on his endeavor.

    Thank you for the great idea and fun giveaway! I love reading your blog! :)

  45. Hi Wink
    I would love to win such a fantabulous canvas! I have a photo on my computer of an arrangement of autumn leaves and acorns. I am currently trying to clear up my summerhouse in my garden to use for my craft, so it would be wonderful if I won as I could keep the picture on the wall there.

  46. I´d love a picture of me and my boyfriend and would hang it on our bedroom :)

  47. I would print a picture of my friend and her fiancé. She’s getting married in March. It would make a beautiful present for their new abode.

  48. I would print a picture of all my grandchildren together and place it in my living room where I could see it always!

  49. I have an awesome photo of a buddha that I would LOVE to have printed on canvas. I would make space anywhere in my house for that. I have pics and photos all over on every wall. It just doesn’t matter.

  50. I would love a canvas of your photograph, it is really beautiful!

  51. This photo is just amazing… I would choose a photo of my family at my daughter’s baptism and hang it in our living room on the blankw all behind the couch.

  52. That picture is absolutely beautiful Wink! I hope you find a nice spot to showcase it soon!

    This is an awesome giveaway, I think I would probably use it to get one of my photographs of the fields or Fall here on the prairies done, typical me prairies prairies prairies. I can’t help it I’m a prairie girl! As for where to hang it our living room is in need of some cute artsy somethings, so probably in there!

    Thanks for hosting this!

    – J

  53. I would gift the canvas to my partner so he could unleash use his creativity to create the image and surprise me with an unveiling

    Love your yarn image, you have a very good eye!

  54. I’d love to get something yarn/crochet related printed to hang in my office area. I’ve had no luck finding any appropriate artwork that really inspires me, so I’d love to hang my own art!

  55. My daughter got married a month ago so I would print one of the amazing photos the photographer took of the happy couple.

  56. Een foto van de jongens op vakantie in Nederland vorige zomer. Ze hadden zo’n lol op hun trap-tractors! Ik zou het op kantoor hangen zodat ik er de hele dag naar kon kijken.

  57. Hey Winkie,

    I don’t want to get the canvas, just give my compliments for your beautiful blog. Just read the who and why you started blogging and recognised my reason to blog in it. So you’re very Welcome!
    Greets Sandra

  58. I would have something bright and colourful printed to cheer up the dark wintery days that are coming :)

  59. I would love canvas photos of my children to hang above my headboard in my room.

  60. I have a photo of the cat sound asleep in the middle of a pile of yarn.

  61. I love that picture!
    Years ago when my dad was alive he used to oil paint many canvases to sell. I remember goin from show to show as a little girl. Over the years his paintings are spread through out the family and I had an idea that one day I would take some photos of the ones I loved and put them on those type of canvases since I only have two of my own from him. This new photo on canvas is a great invention!!

  62. Wauw, die foto is prachtig en op canvas komt hij héél mooi uit!
    Wat een geweldige service, zeg!
    Ik neem graag deel aan de give-away :) . De foto die ik zou laten afmaken is eentje van mezelf en mijn metekindje, genomen deze zomer in het bos tijdens een fotoshoot met een professionele fotograaf. En deze zou dan uiteraard een ereplaats krijgen in de living :D

  63. Wow! I think if I were to win I would like to have a photograph of my daughter and sounding their fingers to make a heart… I would have Cor 13:1 printed under the photo..

  64. I’d most likely choose an image from our wonderful summer in Gent, Belgium. Or a picture of my newest granddaughter. Or my oldest granddaughter with her new puppy. Or…

  65. Ooh, I would finally be able to get a picture on canvas for over my fireplace. I have one…that “perfect image”…which I took of my sons years ago that has been living on my computer because it is canvas worthy and I’ve never been able to do that. The picture is of my youngest, kissing his brother on. the nose. It looks all sweet and everything, but only a second after I took the shot…he licked him! It makes me laugh whenever I see it, and itis very sweet. You would think, since I am a photographer, that I would have my house full of their pictures, but nope. :-)

  66. Well I quite like your photo, and it would fit perfecting in the currently *bare* walls of my office…I have HUGE walls that I am just too intimidated to even begin to decorate, and that pretty yarn ball would be a great focal point :)

  67. Jouw foto is geweldig. Het doet mij denken aan een vakantiefoto van opgestapelde platte stenen in de mist op een boomstam op een strand. Ik heb zulke mooie herinneringen aan deze bruiloft vakantie. Het is de perfecte sfeer om lekker winters in terug te trekken en te breien.

  68. ooh, looks fabulous! i love the photo you chose for yours :) i have heaps of photos from my travels in india that i would love to hang on my walls… :)

  69. I have a great photo that I look this fall. I would love to put it in my living room.