creative christmas with black sheep wools

A while ago the nice ladies from Black Sheep Wools asked me to create a new pattern for their Creative Christmas project. It’s really cool, you can send them all your creative makes, and they will use it to decorate the Christmas tree in their store :) You can even win a prize!

I created a quick and easy project that is highly customizable in terms of colour!

If you’d like to learn how to make this ornament, keep on reading :)


What do you need:

This tutorial uses US terms and abbreviations. Here we go!

With pink yarn, make a magic ring and secure with a stitch.

Chain 2, and work 11 dc’s into the ring. Don’t join yet!

Pull on the tail to close the ring.

Cut the yarn, and pull through the loop on your hook.

String the end through your darning needle, and insert front to back through the first dc you made, skipping the ch2.

Insert back through the last stitch, through the back loop only. This creates a faux stitch which gives your projects a very neat finish!

Sew in both ends and admire your perfect first round :)

With purple yarn, make a slip knot on your hook. We’re going to use it to create a standing stitch.

Make a double crochet into one of the dc’s from the previous round. You can do this without joining your yarn first, because you already have a loop on your hook from the slip knot.

Work 2 dc’s into each dc around, ending up with 24 double crochet stitches. Don’t join. Cut the yarn and pull through the loop on your hook.

We’re going to finish this round like we did in the first round. Grab your darning needle, and thread the yarn tail. Insert your needle front to back through the second dc you made, skipping the first dc.

Insert your needle back through the last stitch, through the back loop only.

Sew in the ends. And that’s round two!

Start the new round with blue yarn, joining in the same way as we did for round two, with a slip knot on your hook. Work *1dc, inc* around (1 double crochet, then increase in the next stitch by working 2 double crochet into the same stitch). Don’t join. You now have 36 stitches.

Cut the yarn, and pull through the loop on your hook.

Join the round in the same way as the previous two rounds, by creating a faux stitch with your darning needle. Sew in the ends.

This completes your first circle. Now make 2 more, as follows:

Circle two
1. 12 dc’s in magic ring
2. *inc* around
3. *1dc, inc* around
4. *2dc, inc* around

Circle three
1. 12 dc’s in magic ring
2. *inc* around
3. *1dc, inc* around
4. *2dc, inc* around
5. *3dc, inc* around

You can choose to make the backs of the circles in the same pattern, or you can just use one colour. If you’re using one colour, you can skip the fancy faux stitch making, and just use a slip stitch to join your rounds because it’s quicker.
You now have 6 circles; two of every size.

Now it’s time to join the circles and to stuff them!

Grab the two smallest circles and put them wrong side together. Make a slip knot on your hook with the white yarn, and join the circles by single crocheting them together through the back loops only.

Keep going until you’re exactly half way, so after 18 stitches.

Now grab the two medium sized circles, put them wrong side together and single crochet around them through the back loops only. Again, stop when you’re half way through, so after 24 stitches.

Grab the two biggest circles, put them wrong side together and single crochet around them through the back loops only. When you’ve almost joined them fully, stop and stuff!

Go around until you reach the first single crochet stitch. Make another single crochet in that same stitch, and then continue to the two medium sized circles. Stuff those too, and continue until you’ve joined all six circles.

When you reach the top, chain 15, and join with a single crochet into the same stitch. This creates a nice loop that you can use to hang your ornament with later!

Work in the final two ends, and that’s it: you’re done! :) I chose to decorate my circles by adding stars to the centers. You could even hang some buttons from them, or decorate them with glitter (yes I said it); the sky is the limit! You could make a bunch of these in rainbow colours for a less Christmassy feel (and for an excuse to keep them hanging year round!).




The Black Sheep Wool’s Creative Christmas page has links to lots of free patterns like this one. If you’ve made something awesome, why not send it to them for their Christmas tree! :)


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  1. Lovely! I’m seeing them turned into a snowman too :)

  2. I just love your crocheted baubles. How kind to put up the tutorial for us! I adore your little ‘fairy’ scissors and colour coordinated crochet hook handle!

  3. Preciosos!!! Muchas gracias!!!

  4. These are really cool Wink :)

  5. very cute, thanks for sharing

  6. I love reading your blog! It’s so refreshing and fun and your patterns are inspiring! Thank you. :)

  7. Wink your blog is always the first one I look at! Your tutorials are so well done, clear pictures and explanations, thank you! Plus your work is beautiful.

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    Hope hear from you soon!

    Best Regards,

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