kreadoe 2013

A couple of weeks ago I attended the KreaDoe: one of the largest craft fairs in The Netherlands. It was a special edition, because they were celebrating their 25th anniversary! For five days, you could enjoy a large array of vendors.

I went with my mom and my aunt, and I brought my camera with me. Here’s what the day looked like through my viewfinder.


The entrance, very festive!


And this is what it was like the entire time we were there. It. Was. So. Crowded! The pathways between the booths very fairly large, thank goodness, otherwise it would have been impossible to get around.



Some Fimo and mosaic creations.





Lots, and lots, and lots of beads! That last picture is funny; those are the bowls that my mom, my aunt and I picked out. My mom likes turquoise colours, my aunt loves purples, and I’m very into natural shades at the moment. Guess who’s bowl belongs to whom! ;)



There were some Christmas booths, although not as much as I had thought there would be. The ones that were there however, all had very original products!



Can you believe these gorgeous paintings are all done by a women who finger paints? I couldn’t believe my eyes, until I spotted her actually painting! Incredible work, and very inspiring.




Some flowers, forest items and wood work…



There were A LOT of places to get ribbons! Those stars/flowers area actually ribbons, made stiff with starch. They look so festive, don’t you think? :)



Of course there was plenty of yarny goods to gawk at, like the familiar Knitten I also spotted at the previous craft fair I attended!




And plenty of yarn. My mom and aunt got a few skeins, I only got one! Can you believe it?

I had my hair down when we got to the venue, but I quickly started to overheat. So my mom came up with this genius solution:
She bought a shawl pin and pinned my hair up :)

We had a lot of fun at the KreaDoe! It was very busy, but it was worth it. I got a lot of inspiration out of the day, and I always love seeing other people’s creativity :) I got some cool loot too, but I’ll save that for another blog post.

For now I’ll just leave you with the funniest thing we spotted on the KreaDoe; the only two men there, complete with smart phones and walkers:


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  1. Good impression There were a lot of women and a few men. Nice you picked them on the last picture.

    With love, Margaret

  2. Such pretty things! It looks like it was fun. Exhausting no doubt, but fun!

  3. Nice impression. Especially because I now know what it all looked like. And what a lot of people I didn’t meet ;-) My bank account is sort of happy I wasn’t able to go, because even in these pictures I see lots of stuff I would have loved.
    But nothing beats your parcel!

  4. Oh my goodness, I bet you felt like you were in Heaven.

  5. Ooooooohhhh! I wish I could have been there! My hubby would never have gone! But those two,were funny! A little of everything there, it seems. That must have been fun! xxoo. JO

  6. Wow! What a fabulous variety! That Fimo cake is adorable and the mosaic strings look so pretty. I love the lit up snow village and keep seeing something new each time I look at it! I’m drooling over the granny square blanket (perfectly blocked by the way) and your mom’s wonderful idea of the shawl pin (with beautiful detail on it). The two men are almost identical, they’re so funny, bless them!!

  7. Beautiful photography work! I loved the two gentlemen, adorable!

  8. Looks fantastic…I love the colours of those scrummy yarns and the beads look delightful. Wish I could have been there…the two mean are great, really good snapshot of them. :)