WIPs galore!

My house has been overtaken by WIPs! For real. There are WIPs everywhere! Most of them are in my craft room/office space: at my desk, under my desk, in the closets, on shelves, in bags; but there are also WIPs in the living room: in the basket next to the couch, on the coffee table, next to the coffee table, at the dinner table… It’s clear to me that the end of the year is almost here, which always is a very busy time for me! But it’s a good kind of busy :) I love seeing the WIPs everywhere; unlike my significant other, who’d rather see them all neatly packed away, and out of sight… ;)

I can’t share all the WIPs here (yet), but I can share some of them!


This is a WIP for Tuts+, and all I can tell you is that this will be a Christmas project! I’m using a new-to-me hook, the KnitPro Wave; expect a full review (and a giveaway!) on these hooks soon.


This is my new project for Black Sheep Wools in the UK; I’m turning the gorgeous King Cole Ultimate Chunky yarn into a pair of leg warmers!


Yes, more squares! I’m using Scheepjes Softfun Batik for these beauties, and they’re becoming another squares bag for a relative.



A couple of days ago, this came in: new yarn for a new Tuts+ project! It will become a lap afghan, in the most gorgeous shades ever! I used Rico Essentials Cotton DK once before, for a Simply Crochet mandala project (yet to be released), and I’ve come to love this pretty and shiny cotton yarn. The tadah-post for this afghan will have to wait until next year though; this afghan is a lot of work!

What about your houses? Are they WIP Central as well, or are you like my husband, and keep all the WIPs neatly stored away? :)


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  1. Nope I’ve got about six WIPs that are all over the place. Needless to say I often lose track of where my yarn is, which hook I used and what it was supposed to be in the first place ;)

  2. You are so terrific. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

  3. Colorful WIP’s. I curious about the results. In my house you can find a lot of WIP’s also.

    Success with all your WIP’s, Margaret

  4. Those yarns look absolutely yummy! Yes, I am guilty also of several WIP’s all over the house. Hubby says why can’t I finish one before I start another. Hahahahaha! Silly man. xxoo. JO

  5. oo love the rico cotton colours combination, looking forward to seeing the lap afghan from it.

    I’ve got 5 WIP’s on the go but only really working on 3 of them. I don’t like having so many, I find it overwhelming. I’d rather have 1 knit, 1 crochet and 1 complicated project then I’ve got something to play with regardless of my mood lol

  6. I’m WIP Central too, projects everywhere, I’ve even got six in my drawer at work and 2 in the car – don’t ask me why, I don’t know!

  7. Seeing all this wonderful yarn, and the things to be made from it, I wish I could find a pot of gold, find homes for my four cats and move across the Atlantic to crochet and knit day in and day out!! I am certainly enjoying all your posts and experiencing another world of crochet, knit, lifestyle and culture from them. Thanks again….so very much!

  8. I have about six wips, I have them in a storage cupboard in our spare room because hubby nags at me to finish one before starting another, men just don’t understand do they lol. I bought around ten balls of the rico cotton (it’s not cheap) and made a few things with it but I find crocheting with it a bit difficult, knitting is better. Love your blog and seeing your work Wink. xx

  9. I just absolutely love everything you’re sharing!

  10. There’s always at least a handful of WIPs kicking around here, yours are looking lovely!

  11. I love the colours of the Rico Cotton ! Here the WIPs are everywhere (our bedroom, the girls’, on the sofa, in the bathroom (where I put all my stock)… I don’t feel well when it’s all tidied up ! I know, I live in a creative mess; I just find it stimulating

  12. I currently have 9 WIPs (officially) but my wife wants to hand me a couple more of hers because she has trouble crocheting so I don’t really know how many I have until they all get unpacked (we moved recently).

  13. Batik YARN? I had no idea such a thing exsisted! All your WIPs look AMAZING!

  14. Too many WIPS, all over!! Hubby has me on yarn buying lockdown… My loophole is having someone offer to pay me, lol!! Your site is going to get me in big trouble!!!! Thank you!!