what’s in my bag?

I visited a friend the other day to work on our super special secret project, when I noticed I had a lot of stuff in my bag. You like stuff, so I thought I’d share! ;)


First off, this is my bag. It’s pretty big, so it has room for a looot of stuff. I got it on Twitter from Studio Zeepsop; a lovely handmade bag!

Okay, here’s what came out of my bag when I emptied it’s contents on the floor:


Obviously, I have a deep love for notebooks! I count not one, not two, but five notebooks! Really, what do I need them all for :)

Okay, so here’s what’s cooking.

1. Water bottle. I never leave home without it. Especially when I travel by train and it’s crowded; drinking water is my way to stay sane.
2. Crochet schedule. This is a small Moleskine weekly calendar that I use to write down my hours, and everything I did on a day-to-day basis. It’s tedious, but I have to do this so I can explain it at the end of the year to the tax man!
3. Doodle book. Well, it’s called a doodle book, but it is now the Book of the Super Special Secret Project.
4. My Midori Traveler’s Notebook. This contains, amongst other things, my calendar (which includes upcoming blog posts and tutorials), and a pocket with yarn labels for future reference. Without this notebook, I would be lost!
5. Adorable pen case. Contents: a handful of colourful pens, and a pencil.
6. My wallet. Self explanatory. And yes, I need a big wallet. It’s just so convenient!
7. WIP bag. Contents: a WIP. No really. Contents: a crochet hook, a ball of yarn, tiny scissors, and some crocheted squares.
8. My iPad mini. I normally don’t take this along with me because I’d hate for it to get scratched, broken, or lost; but for longer travels it’s nice to have it with me because it also functions as my e-reader.
9. To Do notebook. Yes, besides all the other notebooks, I still need one with to do lists in it! Very useful to me.
10. Another notebook. This is the notebook when all the other notebooks just won’t do. Think grocery lists, or yarn orders.
11. Chapstick. I don’t know about you, but this time of year, my lips need all the help they can get! And this one from Labello is my favourite; Guava Fruity Shine!
12. Not shown: my phone, my headphones (when I’m not wearing them) and my keys. On colder days I usually carry some wristwarmers or gloves as well. And on most days my camera is in there too, although I toss out some of the notebooks when that’s the case. My bag is big, but it’s not that big ;)

Man, I really schlep around a lot of stuff! What about your bags, are they filled to the brim like mine? Or do you leave the house with just your phone and your keys?

I’d love to see the contents of your bags! Please share! :)


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  1. I’ve had a few occasions on which my bag just litterally ripped open at the seams… I have the tendency to stuff it untill there’s no room left. And then I still have some items that I want to take with me…
    lovely bag btw!

  2. Fabulous bag and looks very organised to me which I like. My bag id big and bold like yours and full of lovely stuff that I can’t be without. I don’t know how some people manage with small miniscule bags ;)

  3. When I see the contents of your bag, it all seems quite organised to me! I mean, you carry your pens in a special container! Mine are all on the loose somewhere deep down below, and when I need one, it takes a long time before I find it (and then let’s hope it still writes…). Same goes for keys. Other things I carry around are handkerchiefs, hand cream, breadcrumbs, pieces of paper, receits, … you name it, it’s probably there. I sometimes call it the magical knapsack of Douwe Dabbert ;-)

  4. My bag should be called ‘travel case’. Two sets of keys, check book, reading classes, phone, notebook, crochet hook, nail file/buffer, nail clippers, wallet, aspirin, hair baerette or two, hair scrungies, ‘chopstick’ hair pin, eye drops, pens, pencils, small screw driver, breath mints, dental floss, and compact mirror. All of this is in the purse that is in the tote bag which holds yarn, another crochet hook, knitting needles, extra socks, magazines/catalogs, mail, and pattern printouts. Yes, every office day. Then, there’s the attachment at the end of the arm called a coffee cup (or iced water in summer). I agree with Femke, you are (super) organized, and my bag is more like her’s. In my younger days, I was an organized person, but not so much in my senior years. Thankfully, I still have a certain order as to what goes in which pocket in the purse. If I didn’t, I’d never find anything!!!

  5. In my purse are the following items: tissue holder with tissue, phone, keys, sunglasses, reading glasses, wallet, calendar, business card holder, 2 small contact saline holders, manicure set, pill box, makeup, mints, key ring that holds all my various discount cards, small bag that holds various items I might need that I don’t want just floating around in the bag, lotion, 3 pens, and 5 chapsticks.
    Now in my project bag that I would take along with me along with my purse would be my container that holds any items needed for the project like crochet hooks, scissors, etc, the project itself, and various small information booklets, Each project has its own bag and I just transfer the accessory container and small booklets to whatever project bag I want to take with me. I currently think I have about 50 unfinished projects. Just finished one yesterday and will finish another on Friday.
    And I have drink containers that I take water along with me and they have covers with handles that they go in.

  6. Yay, how lovely to see three of your items are handmade by me! *proud*

  7. I’m so glad to see someone who loves notebooks as much as me! LOVE that bag!

  8. Hej Wink,
    such a nice post.
    Made me think about my own Handbag and the stuff inside.
    Not that much as yours and not that harmony of colors.
    You were the inspiration for my todays post.

    Have a nice evening,

  9. Wonderful big bag. Such a bag needs a lot of nice and useful stuff. Without istuff it feels unhappy :)

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  10. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve “enjoyed” carrying around loads of stuff with me; and said stuff has always involved notebooks. I love them and I’m very picky about them! They have to be the right size, have the right type of paper, lined pages… I used to use them mainly as journals and scrap books, but nowadays, with a toddler in my life, my train of thought is constantly being interrupted, so I use them to write lists and more lists of things I can’t forget!