kreadoe loot

A quick blog post today! I’m showing you my loot I got at the KreaDoe I attended a few weeks ago :)


This is all my loot! Well, almost all of it. I got one other thing, but that is so special that it merits it’s own blog post (and video!).

As you can see, I mostly went bead-crazy! I’m currently working on a new Noro bag design, and it just screams to be embellished with beads.


I got this big bag of plastic beads for a few bucks, because they just look so groovy and I think they’re very versatile. I know it’s ‘just’ plastic, but the alternative was way out of my budget. And I think these look pretty sweet!


I found really great wooden beads, also for no more than a few bucks, and these cool crocheted specimens!


More beads (shocker), and vintage lace on a peg.


I found this feather charm, which I love as an embellishment! The booth where I got most of my beads also let me pick out an extra special bead, so I chose this porcelain beauty. And I scored another bobbin with vintage lace ♥


I love these beads, especially the large crochet ones!


A few yards of lace trim. I love the look of lace lately; I’ve never been into it that much but I do believe I’m hooked!


And finally: I got some yarn! And not just any yarn. This yarn is so gorgeous and special! I spotted it for the first time at the Breidag in Groningen, and at the time I didn’t really have the budget (or use) for it. The lady at the booth told me they would also be vending at the KreaDoe, so I made a mental note of the yarn, and told her that if I saw her again at the KreaDoe and I would still love the yarn that much, I would purchase it. And that’s exactly what happened ;)

The ladies from Wolcafe spin this yarn themselves, and come up with new colour ways all the time. One yarn cake yields over 900 meters of yarn, which is more than enough for a big shawl or shrug. The yarn is made up from 6 threads, which change slowly throughout the cake, giving it that lovely ombre effect.

I haven’t decided on a project for this yarn yet, but I’ll take suggestions! :)


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  1. Oh you have lots of pretty things here! Will be interesting to see how you incorporate the beads in with your Noro bag design :)

    That yarn looks gorgeous, and the colours are awesome!

  2. I so love your blog! It is one of the highlights of my day, here in Ohio, USA
    I just don’t know where you find the time to do the beautiful things you do and keep in touch with all of us. Thank you for your generosity.

  3. Can’t wait to see what you make! Love the crochet beads, especially. xxoo. JO

  4. Very pretty, I can tell you had a great time and I think the plastic beads are a good choice for the bag and will be lighter too.

    Love your new yarn. I reminds me of “Unikat”. It’s a very slow colour changing yarn that consits of seperate threads with a tiny knot every couple of feet. They are based in Germany.

  5. That yarn looks gorgeous and that feather charm is oh so pretty!!!

  6. Hey, you have some really scrumptious loot there…well done on your finds…I am soooo jealous :)

  7. Pretty things you have bought at the KreaDoe. Hope they gives you a lot of pleasure.

    Love, Margaret

  8. OMG “yarn cake” looks and sounds delicious!!!!!

  9. Again, it was divine intervention I couldn’t go ;-) Tooooooo many nice findings!
    Enjoy them!