KnitPro review & giveaway

Hi everyone! :)

I’ve got a very cool review slash giveaway today, all about the new KnitPro Waves crochet hooks!


These cuties come in a folder which contains 9 hooks in the following sizes: 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50 and 6.00mm. I don’t know about you but for me, these are the sizes that I use the most, and as such, makes this a very handy folder to always carry around in your bag! :)



I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying out these hooks, to see how they compare to my other favourite hooks, like my Clover Amour hook, my Furls hook and my Clover Soft Touch hook (all in 4mm, since that’s the size I use the most). And I have to say, I now have a new favourite hook! I love the KnitPro Waves; it’s fast, it’s easy to hold, it doesn’t make my hand cramp, it doesn’t get sweaty and it doesn’t snag on the yarn.

A couple of you were wondering how the KnitPro Waves compares to the Clover Amour hook.


Here they are side by side. I immediately noticed that the Clover hook is a little longer. I have small hands with long fingers, so the fact that the KnitPro hook is smaller didn’t bother me that much. But I can image that for some people, the handle will poke into the flesh of their palm, especially after crocheting for a while.


The actual hook part on both hooks are nearly identical. They have the same length, and the material is almost the same. The KnitPro has a shiny finish, whereas the Clover has a matte finish.


You can see the KnitPro is a little bit more pointy than the Clover, but in my experience this doesn’t translate into splitting the yarn while crocheting.

The handle on both hooks is made from a soft rubber, and they are equally comfortable!


The Clover has a more prominent thumb rest, but the KnitPro has a wider handle over all. I found them both very comfortable, and allowing me to crochet as fast as I want to without the handle slipping from my hands.

So what’s the verdict? I like them both! The KnitPro Waves crochet hook is a very nice specimen, and one that will be around for a while to come. Having a full kit like this is very convenient; it’s easy to take along with you, it fits in every bag and you always have to right size hook when you need it. What more can a girl want, than a nice kit of rainbow coloured hooks?


If the sight of this doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will :) It makes my crocheter heart beat faster!

And the good news is, I can make your heart beat faster too, because I’m giving away a full kit of hooks!


That’s right; one of you lucky gals will win this groovy green case, complete with 9 candy coloured hooks! :)

All you have to do for your chance to win is to leave a comment on this blog post, saying what your favourite size hook is, and if you’ll use this kit as a travel kit (I know I will!). I’m happy to ship everywhere, so this giveaway is open to readers worldwide!

Good luck everyone; I’ll draw a winner next week :)


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  1. My favourite hook to use is 5mm, If I could use it for everything I would, BUT, if I had a whole set of pretty coloured hooks to play with, who knows, I might even pick up a new favourite.

  2. My favourite size is definitely a 4mm, mainly because I find DK wool more economical when crocheting homewares and items for my daughter. I always have a project with me on the the go for when I have to sit in one of the many queues that make up my daily life (currently a slouchy sock), so this would be a great addition to my handbag, useful and pretty :-)

  3. My favo size is 2,5mm and YES I will use it as a travel kit. LOVE IT

  4. …right this morning I was thinking if I had to buy a colourful kit of hooks!!!!! Did you read my mind??? :oD I travel a lot, so for sure this kit is really welcome in my trolley!!!!
    thank you, xxxxx Ale

  5. Oh, WOW… do you really give away such a kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great, really great! My favourite size is 4.
    I nearly cannot wait till next week.
    Maybe …? .You never know.

    Hugs, Annie

  6. My favourite hook size is a 3mm it works well with dk yarn for me. I love the colours of these – and the kit would be perfect for travelling with

  7. I love my G hook and use it all the tie.

  8. Wow, those look like fun! I do more knitting than crocheting lately so I mainly use a hook to weave in ends or pick up dropped stitches. So it depends on the yar. I’m knitting with, but I have a Clover soft touch 3.00 that I reach for most of the time. But if I had this fun looking rainbow of hooks I might pick up crocheting for the winter! Very nice, thanks for sharing them and I love your blog!

  9. I have 2 favs but if I had to choose just one it would be H, but J is really close to the favorite. I would travel with this, but I also would use it at home. Awesome giveaway!

  10. Gosh, I do such a wide variety of crocheting that it’s hard to pic a fav! I use a “G” hook often so I guess that would be it. Love the colors! I travel with my job so I would definitely take the hooks with me to many exciting places!! Thanks! Anne

  11. I use most 2,5mm, specially with cotton. if i have a kit like that, i would stop knitting for a long time, to use all of them

  12. Big or small, I love them all! And I could be so organized with this. Awesome opportunity!

  13. Since I really like all the KnitPro stuff, this would be a perfect fit for my collection.
    For my projects I mainly need size 6.
    And I’d surely use it as a tracel kit.

    My fingers are crossed … for myself ;)

  14. I am away from home frequently and have long car journeys to visit family so I would definitely use the kit as travel kit lots. My favourite hook size at the moment is 3.5 as it’s perfect for the different yarn weights I’m using for Christmas gifts.

  15. Oh these look amazing! The H hook seems to be my go-to hook, but I want to branch out more in the coming year. I’ve been wanting a whole new set of comfier hooks, and these look to be just the thing. Would love to win these!

  16. Me, me! :) My favourite hook is the 5mm, but I just noticed it is yellow in his kit, so I will happily change my preference to 5,5mm, which is pink. I looove pink!
    And I think I will keep it in my purse, to crochet on the go or when with colleagues who are learning to crochet. My crochet passion of course has nothing to do with that, it’s not like I am making my colleagues want to learn to crochet too… ;)

    • I admit I have never used these but they sure look good. I would think that they would be great for someone that has arthritis in the hands such as I do.

  17. My favo size is 2,5mm and YES I will use it as a travel kit. And if I’ll win, maybe I’ll forget about my knitting… For a while….

  18. My favorite hook is the 5mm and I will definitely travel with this kit. I love all the colors!

  19. i like it very nice
    duim voor mezelf zou van pas komen tegen de feestdagen een mooi kadoootje voor mezelf

    liefs fleur

  20. Right now, my favorite is 3.25 mm as it is the size required for the three different Christmas ornaments I’m working on! I would love a travel kit as I will be traveling soon for work and I need to work on my crocheting in the evenings to restore my balance for the next day. The kit would be more beautiful than a ziplock baggie! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely gift!

  21. I have a backpack with UFO’s, yarn and needles wherever I go. This kit would save me from having to dig up the right needle from my huge bag. So…. YES I would use it as a travel kit!
    My favourite hooksize is 4,5 for blankets and bedspreads, 3 or 3,5 for amigurimi’s and alike.

    Groovy kit… come to mama! ;-)

  22. My favorite hook is a 4mm because this suits my favorite 8 ply wool. I take my crochet everywhere so this would be the perfect travel kit. You never know when you will have a spare moment to work on your crochet.

  23. My favorite hook is a 5.00. I would definitely use this as a travel case as I am constantly misplacing my hooks!!!! I have a beautiful tote I carry around that has various hooks floating around in it, but never the one I am looking for at the time I need it!! Thank you SO much for the chance to win! These are lovely (and make my heart skip a beat!)

  24. My favourite hook at the moment is Clover 4mm. But I am using a Clover 3mm with some sock yarn for a little blanket and its hooking beautifully. Would love to win a set of these colourful ones.

  25. Wow what an amazing give-away!! My crochet hooks are the bog-standard ones which are completely boring to look at. But the hook size that I really like working with is the 4mm. This would make a handy travel kit, or ideal to pop into my bag for my knit n natter group. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a fabulous product.

  26. What a great giveaway! My favorite hook size is J – I think that’s the 6.00mm one. I will most likely carry this in my project travel bag. (I like that it’s in the shape of a ‘D’) :)

  27. Hi wink!

    I would like to join very much, zit al een tijdje te azen op deze set!
    Ermee reizen gaat voorlopig niet lukken, helaas, ivm langdurige ziekte.

    Lieve groet, , jehanne/goldenstardustx op instagram

  28. Mijn favoriete haaknaald is een 4 behalve voor Amigurumi, dan een 2,5.

    Deze set gaat niet alleen mee op reis maar zal ook dagelijks gebruikt worden! Ik zal hem nog net niet mee naar bed nemen ;)



  29. my favourite is the 5mm hook as this is the first one i taught myself to crochet with. unfotunately i only have one other hook…the 4mm one, so this colourful little set would have me going crochet crazy! :-)

  30. I adore my 2,5 mm hook from Addi ergonimical. But this set could make my life so much easier as my travels trough hospitals and such are always long and boring without anything to crochet.
    So when I win this fabulous set this will be the first packed in my bags for any travel, long or short.

  31. That would be gorgeous gift to receive! Great review; would you say the throat is deeper on the clover hooks? It looks like it could be.

    • My favorite size hook is 5. I really use it a lot. I would love to give these beautiful hooks a try. I’m going to think positive and say thanks for choosing me in advance.!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Normally my favourite size is normally a 4mm but right now my 11 week old isn’t giving me much time to crochet so I am loving my 6mm cause it works stuff up so quick.
    What a lovely give away, I would love to have it to keep in my bag.

  33. My favourite hook size is a 4mm. I would love to win these!!

  34. I guess my preferred hook size is 2 sizes smaller than the yarn and/or pattern calls for! My crochet gauge is much larger than it should be :-(

    This would be my go-to set for projects requiring perseverance and stamina (think king size crochet blanket!)

  35. I use a 5 mm the most. I don’t travel much — but anything to help keep my tools organized is most welcome!

  36. My favourite hook is also 5mm. And off course I will use this kit for travelling. It is super cute and all those colours makes me happy!

  37. My favorite is H..I seem to always reach for this one.

  38. I am currently in love with my 5 mm hook (H)…and yes, I would love to be organized and have all my hooks in one place!

  39. For the moment, my favourite one is the size 8 as I am crocheting a shawl with large yarn. But these hooks semm perfect to me because they have a large handle. That would be better than the ones I have , given by my mother-in-law and really thin…

  40. I love the bigger hook, maybe 5mm. But I would love to make something with the tiny hooks, push myself!! Sarah

  41. My favourite hook size is 5mm. I would love to win this set as it would be great to take with me as I travel around the country for work. I currently have a nasty habit of loosing my hooks, having them in such a lovely case would be awesome.

  42. La taille que je préfère est le 3.5 mm. ce kit voyage à l’air super pratique !! ne serait-ce que pour savoir ou je peux les trouver sans avec à chercher ….
    Merci pour ce magnifique blog, que de jolis travaux
    Surtout bonne continuation

  43. Jaaa, ik wil ´em.. hoe gaaf zijn deze kleurtjes! Ik word er helemaal vrolijk van, op deze grijze dag.. Mijn favoriet is de 2 mm haaknaald. Ik haak het liefst met dunne garens, dus deze maat gebruik ik het vaakst..

  44. i am currently trying to teach myself how to crochet so i am not a pro. i use the “H” the most right now to learn and haven’t really had a chance to travel with my projects yet – but i will!

  45. My favorite Hook is a 5.50. I would list more! This would be easily tucked away, slipping down the sides of my crochet container. Yes, I would use this for travel! More things like yarn needles, small sizzors, tweezers would fit in quite nicely. Thank YOU Sheri *¿*

  46. I am a 3 mm girl love it. I carry my hooks in a makeup bag now this case would be cool.
    Thank you

  47. My favo hook is a 3mm and mine needs a replacement. I will use the kit mostly as a travel kit, but that mostly due to the fact that I always have a project in my bag which I am working on!
    Love your blog by the way, very inspiring!

  48. I use the 5.5 more than any other! This would make the perfect travel case. :)

  49. Ik hou ontzettend van de clover amours, dus ben heel benieuwd naar deze! T opbergmappen os een coole accessoire in mijn tas,.. Dus ik doe graag mee! Mijn meest gebruikte naald is 3,5 met 4 op 2de plaats en dan de rest. Ben benieuwd!

  50. Wow, what a generous giveaway! I have the same favourite hook as you – 4mm, because I use it so so much. I’d definitely use this as a travel case – maybe not for long haul journeys but just taking my hooks with me on a daily basis so they don’t end up all at the bottom of my bag :)

  51. I’ve only crocheted a little as of yet, but so far my favourite size is a 3mm hook. I’ve never tried any hooks with grips before, these look quite comfortable.

  52. 4 is my most often used hook. The KnitPro Wave hooks look like they’d be a dream to create with.

  53. Hi Wink! I would say that my favorite hook size would be an “H” 5.00, oh wait…or is it a “G” 4.00 size hook??? You know…I love them all really!!! *Hehehe* It’s really hard to pick which would be my favorite because I believe it’s all in the handle. My hooks have polymer clay on them and they fit comfortably in my hand, however they are round and not flat like the hooks you are offering…something I wouldn’t mind trying. I am blessed that I am allowed to crochet at work, so my hooks are always on the go with me, but would like a set just for work. This is a great giveaway Wink and I thank you for allowing myself and others at a chance to win them. Good luck everybody!!! ~Blessings to all~

  54. Ooo they look great! They look a similar shape to the clover soft touch? I have a couple of the Amour hooks, but find the thunb part a little too shaped for how I hold the hook. These look just right :) I do love my clover soft touch, but wish they were nicer colours, like these! My favourite hook size is 4mm :)

  55. I use either a H or a I hook most of the time. I would take these traveling or with me when going to crochet/knitting groups during the week. And it is in the shape of a D which is even better as my first name is Denise!

  56. Thank you for the giveaway! My favorite is the 5.00mm H and yes I would use this as a travel case. I really like how it is “see-through.”

  57. HiWink! I carry a full set of hooks in the little “makeup” pocket of my purse, and it is constantly falling out to drop to the bottom and get mixed up with everything else. So I
    would love to win this! Oh yeah, my favorite hook is 5.5 cuz all I can crochet is straight lines so its all BLANKETS!

  58. My favorite hook size is 3,5 because i made my most lovely projects with it. I’am an addict now and i want to make more and more. @idelettes

  59. My favourite hook size is 4.00mm. I would use this kit for travel….. I would love to try the comfy grip hooks in general as I’m currently using an all metal hook that I got free on my ‘learn to crochet’ course I attended in the summer :)

  60. oh wow, they are really lovely!!! My favourite is 3 and 4 and.. oh no, just one.. eh, than I choose 3. I always crochet in the car so I don’t have to notice my husband’s drivers style (sorry my English is not that good ;) He always says, ‘go crocheting’! So this would be great for take away! Nancy

  61. I had my eyes on these babies since they came out, but havn’t bought them yet. They are pretty and inexpensive compared to the clover hooks. My favorite hook size is 5 mm and i would use it as a travel kit.

  62. They look lovely. I tend to use my 4.0 mm the most for things like granny squares but I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to my 3.5 mm hook and having a slightly denser fabric. I started off happily using a 5.0 mm hook so I seem to be getting small the more experience I have lol

  63. My favorite hook is a J hook. I use them for everything, it seems like. Since I take a train trip every month, I usually whip out a crochet project and spend my travel time working/enjoying myself. It makes for some interesting and entertaining conversations as well.

  64. I only have a 4mm and a 5.50mm hook. I wish I could win this giveaway so that I could earn these hooks :)
    And of course, I would use this kit as travel kit :)
    The colors are just gorgeous and I can’t wait to know if I win these or not :D
    Thanks for the giveaway, Marinke :)


  65. I think my fav is a 4.00 or a 5.00. The kit is so cute. I would use them anywhere I go. I don’t have a set of any type so it would be great to give them a go.

  66. I would love a set of these hooks, so much more comfortable than the grey metal hooks that were the only ones available when I was young. I would definitely travel with them to my crochet and chatter group each Friday.

  67. My favorite is 3.0 mm hook. And of course I will be using this beautifull set of hooks when I travel. And not only when I travel, I will use them all the time :)

  68. Wow! I usually use my clover amour hook (6.0 mm is my favorite!) but these look great as well. The case would be a great to-go kit as I usually find that I lost my hook somewhere in my bag… And find it back 2 days later in an obscure pocket.

  69. I was just looking on the internet the other day for a kit like this. They look great with those colors. I don’t have a favourite hook, as long as it suits the yarn. Altough I never challanged myself to use a hook smaller then 2.0. And with this kit I don’t have to ;-) Alice B.

  70. My favourite hook size is 3mm.
    Yes, i’ll use this kit as a travel kit!\o/
    It’s beautiful and perfect… to me!^^
    Thanks for this amazing oportunity!
    Kisses from Brazil!=D

  71. What an amazing and gorgeous rainbow hooks!! My favourite is a 4 or 3.5, those are the ones I use most. I’d loved to have such a travel kit! Thanks Wink for the review and for the opportunity. Love, Peace and Crochet!!Gabriela

  72. Hello Wink,
    What a great give away. My favorite hook is a 3,5 hook, but I use very different sizes. It would be great to have something I can easily carry away with me and not having to look for them in my bag.

  73. My current favourite size is 3mm – perfect for crocheting with finer yarns when I make teeny-tiny garments for “babies born asleep”. The carry case would be an absolute boon too, when taking advantage of those inevitable times waiting for public transport or medical appointments, etc!

  74. I love a 4 to work with! I would love to have a travel kit–never have to worry about losing the hook or having the wrong size!!! Thank you. Cindy

  75. I don’t have a favourite hook size, but it would be between 3 and 5…but I’m open to any other size :)
    Yessss, I’ll use it as a travel kit for sure.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  76. my favourite hook is the 3.5mm, and it’s great for picking up accidentally dropped stitches in my knitting projects too! since i’m housebound i won’t be using it as a travel kit, but i love that it’s so pretty — no need to hide it in a project basket, gray november days could use a bit of extra colour :)

  77. I’d definitely use it as a travel kit – and my “go to” kit. They look great!
    My favourite hook size is 3.5mm – to me its perfect with DK cotton – my favourite yarn to use.

  78. I love my 2, 5 mm hook for ami’s. Great travel kit!

  79. Depending on the yarn and the project, I use size 6 to size 10. I would love this set since I travel often and always take a crochet project with me. This would keep all my hooks organized and at the ready. I’m also very excited that the handle is long. I recently purchased a soft touch and had to return it because of the short handle.

  80. My favorite hook size is in between a G and H, a 4.25mm, but my second favorite is a G. :) I would definitely use this as a travel case. I crochet almost everywhere I go.

  81. I especially love size 5.0, it works well for afghans and scarves for me! Not too large a stitch and not too small. I love these in a travel case. Much better than hooks rolling around in the bottom of my bag. I would definitely use the case to travel with!!! Thanks so much for all you do, I have learned a lot from you!!

  82. That is a fantastic looking set of hooks. I use a size 4mm hook the most. I think that the handle would be very helpful for my fingers, they become quite sore from using the smaller round hooks.
    I can see myself using these hooks a lot, and having them in a travel kit would make taking projects with me very easy.

  83. Superleuk! Ik waag mijn kans. Ik haak het meest met naald nummer 3. Andere naalddiktes als 2, 5 en 4 gebruik ik ook, als het maar vlot haken is dan maakt het niet uit.
    Groetjes, Viviane

  84. These are very nice. I LOVE the hook size 5.00mm. It’s my favorite.

  85. I would love to use the 4mm hook to crochet my slouchy hat! And I will definitely use it when I’m away, the case will fit perfectly in the bag I use for my WIPs :-)

  86. I generally use a G or H hook. I have been eyeing a nice set of hooks for a while now but have been holding off. I just graduated from nursing schol as a nontraditional student and have 4 kiddos to feed so my hooking passion has had to take a back seat. Lol.

  87. i think myfav is 5mm, i tend to use that a lot lately. I would use these everywhere, travelling, at home maybe while sleeping.

  88. My all time fav size is 4.0mm… And oohhhh I love the pastel colour.. I’ve been a faithful user of clover hooks.. So this is going to be new to me.. And I definitely love the travel set.. Thank you for a chance to win.. :D

  89. whohoooo this giveaway really did make my heart beat a bit faster! :-) I keep loosing my hooks all the time, which is very annoying, and so I tend to buy cheap ones that really hurt my hand after a while. These look so luxurious! Would love to make a chance! I’d use the hook in the car, on the way to work. My favorite hook at the moment is 4 mm, but it really depends on the project, right? Thanks for the giveaway!!

  90. Oh my, these lovely hooks would be a blessing for this crocheters aging hands.
    I mostly use a 5mm hook, and maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to be able to make the ruffle on the ruffled scarf with these beauties. Thank you for the opportunity.

  91. Wauuw wat gaaf! Zou ze heel graag willen winnen.. Ik gebruik de 3,5mm het meest, voor granny dekens, kussentjes en amigurumi’s. Zou perfect in mn haaktas passen voor in de trein.. :)

  92. I would love these hooks. I love color. I mostly use the 2,5mm hook. This folder would keep me from having to search my crochetingbag every time I start a new project and can’t fine my hook because it has fallen in the last place you look.

  93. I Just bought a 3.50 mm hook from Knit Pro and I have tot agree they’re my New favorites too!! So I would be glad tot win all of them And i would bring them in my bag everywhere I go! My favorite is size 4.00. Crochet greetings from Holland!

  94. I use very old hooks, they were from my grandmothers! I mostly use the 4 mm hook, but also other hooks.So, Yes I will have these. I like to hook everywere, par excemple when I visit my mother so, this folder will perfectly fit in my crochetingbag! I like them very much.

  95. My favorite is size 2.5! I’m in love with my KnitPro circular knitting needles, so I think that falling in love with these KnitPro crochet hooks wouldn’t be hard to do

  96. My favorite hook is the 4 mm hook, It was the one I first used to learn crochet and it has been my favorite ever since. I have a crochet bag to put in my bag and this kit would fit perfectly there! have a great week!

  97. I prefer a 5mm hook, and raimbow hooks inside a cute green case? Count me in!

  98. I’m a 3.5mm kinda girl!

  99. OOOO awesome giveaway!! I actually use all sizes, but I think I would have to say I use 3mm the most. Thanks again for blog and the giveaways!! :)

  100. My favourite hook size is probably a 4 or 4.5. I would love to win this set to give to my sister who has only within the last year fallen in love with crochet. Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. Hey Fellow Hookers…I love size F hooks. I don’t work much with bulky yarns and it seems that an F hook just brings out the best in the yarns I use. I started with plain metal hooks, but have gradually transitioned to more ergonomic hooks.

    Good luck.

  102. These are wonderful! They look very comfortable to use, and I love that they come in a handy case! My favorite and most-used size is 4.0 mm (G).

  103. You know I LOVE KnitPro hooks! I have two similar hooks already in a 4mm (my absolute go-to hook) and a five but these rainbow hooks are just awesome! If I don’t win these I’m going to have to investigate at my LYS.
    I don’t travel too much but I love the fact that they are in a zipped case! It’ll be Eliana proof, well, at least for a little while longer ;)

  104. Not only would I love to win these! I would love to know how to buy them, just in case I don’t….
    xo Kris

  105. Oops, forgot to say my favorite size to use is the J hook

  106. Oww what a nice kit! And in my favorite color.. I would carry them everywhere. :D
    I use the 2,5 and 4mm the most often. The 4mm is my favorite because it handles the easiest for me. I’m making a big blanket so I could really make use of these lovely hooks!

  107. I think the set is beautiful and yes I would use it for travel and at home as well. I love to work with pretty hooks that are made for comfort. love Carol

  108. I love the J hook, and I would use it as a traveling kit

  109. These look lovely! My favourite size is 4m but recently I’ve been making lots of cowls for Christmas presents so it’s been more like a 6. I’d definitely use this kit travelling, I spend a lot of time on trains for work, so this would come in handy!

  110. I goofed and didn’t mention my favorite sie is an H. love Carol

  111. I think I use my 5mm hook most of all – I like a nice soft drape to most of what I make. I certainly would use this as a travelling kit. It’s such a nice design and I’ve been lusting after one but can’t find a supplier in Japan (where I live) yet.

  112. I crochet on the go a lot so this would be an amazing travel set! I use a 4mm hook the most but I work with finer yarns too so it’s a toss up between a 4 or a 3. This set looks perfect!

  113. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m a crochet newbie and the first size hook I used was the 5mm. I was following to the letter what was advised in the ball band. But I’ve since read that one can use a smaller hook for a tighter finish. So I’m still exploring. I mostly crochet at home or at stitching bees with friends so a crochet hook ‘caddy’ will surely make a statement! :)

  114. 6mm, Just the right for the afghans I like to make.

  115. My favorite is a G hook. I am pretty new to crochet, and I’m always excited for a new project! This kit would be perfect for that. I would love to use this kit as a travel kit!

  116. I use 2 or 3 most often.

  117. My favourite is 4mm but I love using any, I have Aero hooks but I would love a set of these, so colourful and would be better for me as I have arthritis in my hands and would be softer to hold. Thank you for such a generous giveaway Wink!.

  118. I use 5 most often AND that adorable case just happens to be my favorite color, lime green! Love it!

  119. What a great looking set of hooks, so pretty.
    My go to size is 4mm as I use a lot of DK yarn. The set would be used a lot at home or on my travels. At the moment it’s all about snowflakes :-)

  120. What a gorgeous set! My favourite hook is a size 4mm (because I love cotton DK). However, I have recently bought lots 4 Ply yarn because of its wonderful array of colours so have been using a 3.5mm a lot in the last few weeks. I only started to crochet last summer and have only used simple all-metal hooks so far. Would love to win this set to experience a spot of luxurious hooking! :)

  121. Yummy! Such yummy colours! I am an old fashioned girl, I use Bates and it seems like size 4 works for everything I do but I hope I win these the handles look comfy.

  122. I don’t really have a favourite size of hook, as I use so many different sizes for the varied items I crochet – I guess I like to have a wide choice in sizes, as I never get bored, and feel that, if I have got a lot of different sizes, then it’s only fair they should be used regularly – there’s nothing sadder than an unused hook! :)

    I do love that rainbow kit, and it would make finding the right size something quick and easy to do :)

    I’m not sure whether I would use it for travelling – though, if I do have to go somewhere, then a crochet project to bring along with me is a must, so having that handy case full of different sizes would be marvellous :)

  123. I’ve just started crocheting, so I’m not sure which hook is my favorite yet, but I’m definitely gravitating towards things that use a 2.00 (or smaller!) crochet hook. These crochet hooks are so beautiful… Thank you for the giveaway!

  124. Oef, wat veel reacties al! Toch waag ik een kansje, ik haak graag met 2.5/3.0 mm. Dit setje maakt me echt vrolijk, zeker met de donkere dagen in het vooruitzicht! Mee op reis kan hij zeker, vanaf januari ben ik meer mantelzorger en dan kan ie mooi mee voor een momentje tijd over! Super give away!

  125. I love the 5mm hook the best, funny you mention traveling with the set, I always fly with my projects, this will come in handy. I can’t wait to double cross my fingers!! and use these on my next flight ;)

  126. Oh my goodness, those hooks look like candy. My favorite size is an H,5.0mm.

  127. A goodly while ago, I decided to do a tension check and found that I should be working with a 3.5mm hook if I’m on D.K. (known as 8ply here at home). What a difference it made. All of a sudden things I made seemed to be the right size!
    This set is just gorgeous. The different coloured, rainbow grips will make selecting the right hook for the job so much easier. I need good lighting these days to see the impressions on the side of hooks and needles!
    Always hopeful! :)

  128. These are gorgeous! I think the H hook or J hook are my faves! These would be perfect for throwing in my yarn bag and carrying everywhere!

  129. I seem to use the F hook the most, and yes, this set would be ideal for travel…perfect to take on my trips to San Francisco and New Orleans!

  130. Oh My Word those are awesomely delicious and would look great in my crochet bag! I mainly use a 4mm hook as I usually crochet with DK yarn but I use a 5mm every now and again. How convenient to have them all together in one place. Never loose another hook again. I tend to have a few works in progress stashed all over the house so I always need more than one hook of the same size…and one for travelling with me. Just brilliant!!

  131. I Usually use 5.5mmm, but with those I’d want to find a way to use the whole rainbow of them :)

  132. I always love how insane people go when they see a giveaway, although this is an extremely good giveaway. I have a few plain black knitpro hooks and I prefer them to the clover as they are nicer to hold and have a nice rubbery grip (I only have normal clover hooks).

    My favourite hook size is 4mm, and I never seem to have enough of that size he he. I take my crochet wherever I go…to work, to my friends, to my family’s house….so this would be a lovely thing to carry colorful hooks around :)

    Thank you for the opportunity!x

  133. Wow! I love the colors! I would say the 3.00 mm is my favorite cause I love purple. But my favorite is 2.50 mm. :-)

  134. My favorite size is 3.5 mm. They remind me of a colorful dish of candy. Good enough to eat.

  135. I use the 3,00 a lot, someway or somehow it is always the size i need for my yarn on a project! I only have metal crochethooks and would love to try these. Now i have here and there hooks in bags and places, so yes would definetly use it as a travelset. No problem with searching for the right hook, have it all in one then!

  136. H is my favorite. I like to work large and quick. :O) What a wonderful giveaway and would make a nice Birthday gift to me. LOL (12/7)

  137. I love my 3,5, since that is what I use with Catania. And I would put it in my bag to take where ever I go, since it’s green it fits perfectly with my bag. I always carry around a project and most of the times when I go shopping I buy some yarn. So whenever I find a nice wool I can start immediately with this nice kit in my bag! :-D

  138. Hi, my favourite sizeis 4.50, but I love to try anything new. What a lovely giveaway. Blessings

  139. What beautiful colours these hooks have!
    My favourite hook size is 3.5. I use this for shawls and amigurumi. And on top of that, my first hook ever had this size, too.
    I would use this as a travel kit when attending crochet meetings.

  140. The hooks sound terrific. I would love to try and own them. Please enter me in the drawing.
    My favorite hook size is J or 6.

  141. I’m pretty new to crochet still, but so far I get most use out of my 4mm and 5mm hooks I think. The set looks great – definitely a good travelling companion! Thanks for the giveaway!

  142. The crochet hooks I have found myself using the most lately are 4.0 and 5.0 (I have been making a lot of baby stuff lately). I would love to win this set! It looks absolutely gorgeous and I need some GOOD crochet hooks.

  143. I absolutely love these hooks and would be over the moon to have a complete set. I have the ordinary black handled ones and they are just amazing. Now my hands don’t get sore anymore when I crochet and I can work for hours at a time. I just love these in the colours and in a handy case is even better, perfect for travelling. My favourite hook size is 4mm. Holding thumbs :)

  144. i love size 6 hooks just because i can crochet items faster! but the smaller sizes are a must if i’m making any amigurumi

  145. As of lately I’ve mostly been using 4mm hooks working with cotton yarn but always carry several other sizes for various projects so a nice and colorful assortment of hooks would be very useful.

  146. My favorite size hook is the size I am currently using;-) Every time I decide on a favorite size, I start a new project with a different size (or the same size), and, Bingo: new favorite! Yes, yes, yes, I would use this set to travel! From room to room. Lol

  147. I have to say just looking at the hooks makes me smile. What happy colors! My favorite size is 5mm. At least for now.

  148. What a lovely set of hooks! I guess my favorite size hook is an “H”, but I use an “M” quite frequently too.

  149. My favorite hook size is a 4 for afghans/blankets and a 3.5 for amigurumi projects.

  150. Wow wat een give away :-) I like that!
    Ik gebruik veel verschillende maten. Nu nig clover. .. maar hoop deze set te winnen♥♥
    En uiteraard super handig voor zowel thuis als onderweg!
    Groetjes Marjan Bastiaan

  151. I always seem to grab my “G” hook for everything. I think this kit is spectacular and beautiful and would encourage me to try other sizes.

  152. Beautiful, comfy-looking hooks! My favorite size is 5mm.

  153. These are wonderful…and in the very sizes that I use the most of…I would love to win these beauties…I only have one hook with this type of handle and I love it, and of course its a clover as well…thank you and Knitpro for such an awesome giveaway!

  154. Hi my favorite hook size is a H…would love to use this for travel or when I go to the Crochet convention!

  155. My favourite hook is a 4.00mm, I use that on most all the items I crochet

  156. my favorite hook is H but have been using an I hook more than others lately hese hooks are very pretty and would be lovely to travel with .

  157. Oohhhhhh wat een super gave set:-) kan hier wel heul erg blij van worden, dat hoesje, de naalden en die kleurtjes. Ideaal voor thuis en op vakantie in mijn sleurhutje.
    Mijn favohaak is de 4mm voor mijn voorraadje Stylecraft om allemaal leuke dekens en kussens van te maken.

  158. My favourite size is 5mm. I use this type of yarn the most :-)

  159. My favourite size is a 4mm. Living in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, I don’t have the luxury of choice of such a quality product. Will do a “happy dance” should I be the lucky one …yay!!! The kit would definitely travel with me everywhere … so convenient :-)

  160. My favourite hook is the 4mm but I also like a 3.75mm for amigurumi and a 3.25mm for socks. I saw these beautiful hooks in my local store but the price for the set is way out of my budget. Oh how nice it would be to win a set.

  161. My favourite hook size is 4mm and is the one I use most often. These look fabulous hooks and are so attractive in their brightly coloured case. How wonderful it would be to have these to take with me when I go away so I can try out the wool I buy as soon as possible instead of having to wait until I get home for the right sized hook!

  162. My fAvOurite hook is the 4mm too ;-) I would love to win these as I have the clover ones and they are fantastic so I would love to try these too! I’m crossing my fingers and toes :-) Thx for this great giveaway!

  163. hi, my favourite size hook is 3.00mm. and ofcourse i carry hooks and yarn in my handbag whereever i go. I would like to win these beauties, bcos, in dream also, i had never seen such beautiful hooks with pouch in India.

  164. wat een super leuke winactie!
    Ik denk dat ik met deze set de kerststalfiguren voor de kerst af kan krijgen. Ben net begonnen maar haaknaald is niet zo prettig.

  165. My fav size is 4,5 mm and I would definitely use these wherever I go. I travel by train quite a lot and these would be handy to bring and to have them all in a case would be great as well, At the moment I can hardly ever find the hooks when I need them cause they are all in different bags.

  166. I use the 4.5mm the most, but sometimes you just have to have a smaller or larger hook depending on the project. All sizes are good to have “just in case”! And such a pretty case it is! I would definitely drop it in my bag when I take projects with me.

  167. My favourite hook size is 4mm and I do have this in various materials. I use bamboo, rainbow coloured wood and acrylic. The travel crochet case and hooks would be both practical and luxurious. I usually have crochet with me in my bag, there is always an opportunity and a reason for a stitch or two on the move.

  168. I use the 4mm the most but like you, I really do use all of these sizes. I don’t have a case for my hooks at the moment (they are sitting in a platis zip bag)so I would love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  169. Ohhh dit zou perfect zijn voor als ik onderweg ben in de trein enzo en ze lijken mij ook erg fijn voor als je pijnlijke handen hebt

  170. My favourite hook size is 4.5. I love these colorful hooks and the case is fab! I often tag along with hubby on road trips for his work, and love to take my crochet so a set like this in a case would be perfect for that!

  171. 4.0mm is my favourite size – i would use this kit to keep in my bag -I crochet on the bus on my way to work, and whenever travelling.

  172. Ooooh, these are lovely! My favourite size is 5mm – I tend to use that with DK as I tend to crochet quite tightly. I would love to use these as a travel kit – or for every bit of crocheting I do!!
    Thanks for the chance to win – keeping my fingers crossed!
    Maria x

  173. What a fabulous giveaway! Who wouldn’t love to see those in the mailbox??! Please count me in.

    • I forgot to say what my favorite hook size is and such. I supposed I like a G hook (American size) for most things, but it really depends on what I’m making and what size yarn and all. I do love my 1.75 mm for thread doilies. Would I use the kit for travel? You betcha! Thanks.

  174. 3.5mm is my favourite hook. I use it for most of the dolls and stuffed toys I crochet. Probably will use it as a travel kit since I tend to carry my crochet with me everywhere I go.

  175. sorry, cannot even begin to choose which size hook is my fav…that would be just like asking me my favorite color! i love them all!

  176. I usualy use a size three for making my lovely grannys. I think the set will be very handy for traveling. I keep my hooks in a tube of vitaminpills :-). This would be very handy!
    Hope I an make a chance!

  177. Size G or I are my favorites

  178. They look amazing!! I have a couple of the clover hooks and love them and would love to have an entire set of these per your recommendation!! I use my G hook the most and carry a project with me wherever I go!! Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  179. My favorite is ook2.5 and 3.5 and I love the beautiful colord case with the hooks. Super nice

  180. I would love a full set of hooks that I can easily find the size I need. Right now I have all of my hooks thrown in a nice bag altogether but I have to dump them all out to find the one I need. And I usually cannot find the one I need. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome set!

  181. hello, i’m french and sorry for my bad English!!! i love the 3.5 crochet , i use it to do the South bay shawlett and amigurumi ;-)
    And always i have a bag with a crochet and a whool ;-))))

  182. My favorite is 5mm. I am always crocheting in the car while my husband drives, so I would LOVE to have a travel kit!

  183. Wow, I love everything about them. I crochet almost daily and have never used a thicker handled hook. I know I would just love these!

  184. Id have to say my favorites are the H and I !!!

  185. My favorite hook size currently is 6, i do many hats right now. I also like size 4 for amigurumi

  186. My favourite is a 4mm, I would Definitely love a groovy travel case like this!! How extremely useful! X

  187. I always seems to grab my “H” hook for everything….I would love a travel kit to take along that has all soft handles. thanks for the chance!

  188. Love the colors ,would also love to win these ,my favorite hook size is G,H I recently been using the F also and these would be so much easier to carry around in my crochet bag

  189. Darling kit!!! It woulds make me smile every time I saw it. My favorite size is a 3mm, as I use a lot of fingering weight cotton.

  190. my favorite hook to use is a small old one that belonged to my grandmother. you can barely make out the writing on it, it has created so many loved items, but it is susan bates size 6. The rainbow ones are exciting…and I Have never used a padded handle one, but I imagine that makes things a lot more comfortable

  191. My favourite crochet hook is 4mm. I love making granny stripe blankets and always have on the go. I never go on holiday without one so I would love a travel kit and it would get loads of use. Believe me!!!

  192. My 24 year old daughter is finally showing an interest in learning how to crochet.
    This set of hooks in their bright folder would be an awesome surprise to get her on her path of crochet creativity!!!!

  193. My favorite size hook tends to be 8 (H).Thanks for giving us a chance to win…these hooks look comfortable to use,and I crochet mostly at home!

  194. I love 3mm. always, it depends on the project. And of course i would use this as a travelling set :-)

  195. My favourite hook size is a 4mm although I do love a 5.5mm too. I think I’d always have this in my bag for sneaky crocheting on the go!

  196. 5mm for sure & i would travel everywhere with this kit!

  197. 2, 5mm for sure. And of course I will use it as a travelling set. I like it a lot!!

  198. would love, love, love to win this prize–
    the cute case will allow me to take the hooks on my travels–
    my favorite size is G–
    thanks for giving us the opportunity to own a set–

  199. Oooh, what a great giveaway! Lately, my most used hook is 4.5 :)

  200. I’m currently a 4mm and plus person, but I’m hoping the chunky handles on the smallest hooks will help me explore laceweight yarns. And yes, have hooks will travel!

  201. i think my favorite hook size to use is probably a 3mm or 4mm tho i do use anything up to 12mm depending on what im making and i think this set would become my handbag set as it looks wonderful and perfect to have on the go :-) xx

  202. I use a 4mm hook normally. I’d love to win a set to travel with, and the case is my favourite colour :)

  203. I work on various things, hats, slippers, scarves, so I use a variety of hooks. I find I use my gold 4.25 mm the most as I make a LOT of hats lol, It would be awesome to have a new set with a grip because I just have a set of regular old joe types that my auntie gave to me when I first started, which I love, but it would be nice to work with something different for a change.

  204. I’m always looking for a great crochet hook that will be comfortable to my hand–I have issues with pain/cramping in the base of my thumb when I crochet–so these look great! The size of hook I use most often is probably a 4.5mm

  205. you’re right, my little heart is beating faster! a 4mm for me, but i do like 6 every now and then. and that lime colored case….delightful!!

  206. At the moment my favourite hook is a 3mm as it works best with my hand spun wool. I would take that beautiful set to my craft group with me.

  207. This is the nicest set I have seen and I absolutely love it. If I’m not lucky enough to win a set, I would love to buy one. My favorite size to crochet with is 4.0 and I would definitely use it as a travel set. I love to crochet while we are taking long trips (and short ones, too, lol). Thanks for the contest. It is great!!!!

  208. What a great giveaway! My favourite hook is a 4.5mm and I would definitely take this everywhere I go! Thanks for the chance of winning x

  209. My favourite is the very versatile 4mm. It makes fine yarn open and lacy, sock yarn flexible and soft, and DK perfectly balanced. I can’t use these wonderful hooks away from home, because I’m housebound, but they will get thoroughly aired in my bungalow!

  210. My favourite is 4.5mm, I would love a travel kit to take on my holidays to Cornwall, so I can sit and crochet whilst the kids play.

  211. I use a 4mm, most often. But sometimes I love a 5mm for a more chunky look. I know if use these all the time because I still have just the basic ones I bought when I was learning. It’s time to upgrade!

  212. Thanks for showing us why you like these. I’ve just been looking for more comfortable hooks since my hand has been getting numb. Right now I’m doing a rug project with an 8.00mm hook to take a break from tiny work. Nice case for travel use, of course! and I’d have to use them at home too.

  213. Right now I am using 4.0 hook from clover but notice my hand cramps a lot because I crochet really tightly so maybe a chunky handle would work well for me to help me loosen up my grip. would love to win a set to give it a try. Lovely colors I must say. :)

  214. I forgot to mention I crochet for charity so I would definitely use the hooks for travel….and at home too :)

  215. Ooooo wat zal het fijn zijn om zo’n complete set te hebben!
    Mijn favorieten haaknaald is denk ik wel no 3.
    Ik hou niet zo van heel grof haakwerk, maar zo af en toe
    komt het zo uit en soms grijp ik dan wel eens mis.
    De haaknaalden zitten in zo’n handig etuitje dat het zeker uitnodigt
    om mee te nemen.

  216. Lovely! Wouldn’t it be fun to crochet with these colorful hooks! My fave is the 6mm because I love to play with colour and texture by doubling or tripling strands of yarn. Love that these are portable in their very own case as well…perfect to travel in my crocheted hobo bag!

  217. My Favourute and most used is my 4mm hook….just right for making blankets with DK ..
    I also like my 3mm for working with cotton……The kit looks lovely……

  218. Wow, wat een onwijs gave set! Ik ben er helemaal weg van! Van m’n moeder had ik ooit een reisset met rondbreinaalden gekregen met alle maten in allerlei kleurtjes maar vorig jaar ben ik verslaafd geraakt aan haken. (en dus wordt die mooie set nu niet meer zoveel gebruikt) Voor het haken ben ik altijd op zoek naar mooie, ergonomische haaknaalden, maar die zijn dan zo saai zwart. Mijn favoriet is 3,5 mm omdat ik vrij strak haak en projecten van katoen dan tenminste nog een beetje een ‘formaat’ hebben. Voor ander materiaal moet ik dan weer naar m’n rubber-greep-loze haaknaalden grijpen, waar ik dan weer geen zin in heb en dus blijf ik nog bij het katoen hangen. Deze set met al die vrolijke kleurtjes zou zeker mee gaan, zoals naar het breicafe elke maand of als ik ga haken bij vriendin en op vakantie! En ik zou eindelijk mijn andere garens eens gaan gebruiken… Dusse… ” duimt nu heel hard”

  219. I don’t think I have been crocheting quite long enough to have chosen a favorite… but in my limited experience, I am finding that I do enjoy smaller sizes. I don’t yet have a set as complete as this, so this would probably become my primary set and I would use what I have already for travel. :-) Thanks very much for the opportunity to win one!

  220. my favourite size is 4. this ist a good size to see the crocheting grow, but it is not to big – i love it. i made 2 big plaids and a lot of pillow cases with that size and i will make more.
    i have my stuff always with me in a basket – and last winter when i broke my leg on the way to work i was very happy to spend my waiting time in hospital with crocheting while waiting for the surgery :) so i really NEED them – its getting cold again,and if l break another leg – i need the hooks for crocheting in hospital ;)
    yes, i would use them for travel. i would also use them at home. they are GREAT !!!
    and the pink cover makes sure, my 5 years old son will not steal them to play with them – its pink, its for girls :)

  221. I also use the 5mm hook the most. What I love about this set is that they are all together in one kit! I am forever looking all over for a hook. This is awesome!

  222. Uhauuu!!! que lindo conjunto, nunca tinha visto todas juntas, ficam lindas nessa bolsa.
    Eu gostava de ganhar esse kit, pois faço meu crochet no transporte para o emprego. Costumo usar mais o nº 3, mas todas fazem sempre falta.
    Beijinhos e obrigada pelo sorteio

  223. My favourite size is 4.00mm as this is ideal for most double knit yarn and most of my work is done in this yarn

  224. I think my favorite hook size is the 5.00 mm. My hook set disappeared (**sad face**) so I’m temporarily using the set I bought for my 9yo daughter for now. Would love a beautiful set like this, especially with the handles. I’ve never tried one like that, but would love to have the hand fatigue stay away longer if these will help with that. :)

  225. My favourite size is 4.5 mm as I find it’s good for most of the dk yarn I use and I always have something I’m working on that I can take with me where ever I go with extra balls of yarns for new projects as I like to have a change

  226. Ooh, I would very much like to be in for a chance to win this set! Thank you for organising this giveaway Twink! My favourite hook sizes are 3 and 4 and I would definitely travel with such a handy case.

  227. I have only one new crochet hook in over 40 years and I love the new hook. I would love a full set because there is no one size that I use in my crocheting since this is how I fill my time sice I retired three years ago.

  228. Hi, my fav crochet hook size is 4.00 cos I’m an 8ply kind of girl !!!!! LOL

  229. I use 3.5, 4 and 4.5 the most and have only ever used standard metal hooks. I would love to try these as they look more comfortable to use and my fingers (especially thumbs) become fatigued. I do take my crochet with me pretty much wherever I go so a nice travel kit would be great!

  230. My favorite size is “H”. I think it’s because my grandmother taught me to crochet using that size…and I still have the exact one from when I was 8 years old (that was 42 years ago!) I would use it as a travel kit because I take crochet with me wherever I go and this would be oh so convenient!

  231. Yum candy hook goodness! I use a 4mm most of the time and a 10 for chunky stuff. I’m always loosing/leaving hooks so it would be great to have them all in one place.

  232. My favorite size is a the 5 mm because I recently lost it and now realize it’s the size I use the most. I’ve never had a travel kit before but I’m sure I could change that with this set. These are beautiful!!

  233. I seem to use a size H (5 mm) hook most often. I like the Clover hooks and don’t see a huge difference between them and the Knitpro hooks — except I WANT THAT CASE!!! Seriously, it is the cutest crochet hook case I’ve seen (outside of some of the handmade ones, of course)!

  234. My current favourite is a 3.5mm hook, I’m using a nice wee bright orange one with some wool from Iceland for a cost hat.

  235. My favourite hook is 5mm,i would love to win this wonderful set as i would always carry this with me the pattern i am working on at the moment is very hard to put down

  236. I love all my hooks, but g or 4.00, is my all time favorite hook. I crocheted my very first project, an infinity scarf, with a g hook. It came out so beautiful, my college aged daughter snagged it from me. I love these knit pro hooks and travel case. I carry my crochet essentials everywhere and I work on several projects at a time with different size hooks, so this set is something I could really use and advertise as a product just by carrying it with me as I crochet on my travels.

  237. My favorite is 5. This would be great to travel or to use when I am unable to do much moving.

  238. I would love to win these. Always looking for a better hook that will help my hands and wrists not to cramp.

  239. woooooow, what a nice thing!

    I just started crocheting 3 month ago (I was knitting a lot before) and I don’t want to miss it. I finished a few cuddly stuffed animals and want to make some other christmas presents for my family.

    So I don’t have all the hook sizes yet, would be great to just try every size. I usually take my handicrafts with me while travelling (or in school lessons :-)), so that would be the right hook set for me.
    Thanks a lot for the review!
    Greetings from Germany ;-)

  240. Ooooooh, meeeee pleeeaaaase! I LOVE the overall look, the colours (especially the lime green case), the size & shape. My favourite hook size is also a 4 mm, and I am just planning to do a larger colourful blanket, so this would be perfect. Since I tend to take my crochet EVERYWHERE I go, this set would certainly do a lot of travelling.
    Hooky love from New Zealand :-)

  241. Wow they look like a dream to crochet with. Its so hard to find a really nice crochet hook that is comfortable to use. My favourite hook size is 5.5mm. I take my crochet hooks with me everywhere. I crochet on my way to work, I crochet at work, I crochet on my way home from work and I crochet at home. My husband says I’m addicted.

    All my hooks are in a crappy little bag which I have to search through to find the one I want so this pack would be wonderful.

    Happy crocheting.

  242. Ah, for me my favourite would have to be… 4mm (or 6.5mm if I’m feeling extravagant!). And yes, how beautifully would this set of hooks fit in my holdall? Very beautifully indeed! Sarah x

  243. Gorgeous! My favourite size is probably 2,5 which works for afghans as well as amigurumi with my standard cotton. I doubt I will use the entire folder for traveling, as I do most of my commuting by bike….. And I usually take a single hook with me- i like to travel light :)

  244. My favorite size is a J hook for making Prayer Shawls and Throws, I take my crochet everywhere I go. Family are always telling me that when I pass on they are gonna bury me with my yarn

  245. My favourite hook would be a 4 as I make a lite of baby blankets. Having all of these in 1 handy pouch is great as I’m always forgetting where I have puty other size hooks. As I do a lot of driving around after my 3 girls it would get well used, as I could bring my crotchet with me while I wait.

  246. i would LOVE this! my favorite hook size is G. and i’d most likely use this at home but would come with me on trips too :)

  247. My favourite hook size is 4mm and I would most definitely use this case at home and on my travels. Xxx

  248. I use I or K most of the time. However, I would like to experiment with different gauges. Thanks for the great chance to win.

  249. I use N ! :)

  250. I usually use a 4.50 or 5.00 depending on what I am doing. I would love to win this travel set as I could keep a variety of sizes together on my travels (I love to cruise.)

  251. SQUEEEAL! These look divine! A 3.5 mm is my favourite hook for ami.. and I NEED a travel set….I’m sick of losing my hooks on the go, or one of my 5 *ahem* ‘Angels” misplacing them :)

  252. my favourite hook size is 5.5mm and I would looove to win these hooks to use everyday :)

  253. I use a 6.0mm hook the most, at least this week. I would use them at home and while on vacation.

  254. I love the look of this kit – I mainly use a 5mm hook but often use a 4.5mm or 5.5mm. Love that they are in a kit, so easy to take with you anywhere

  255. I use most sizes for different projects, but my fav would be 3.5mm…

  256. I’ve never used these but would LOVE a chance to try them out!!

  257. I have never even seen these hooks looks like a wonderful set

  258. My fav most used hook is an I hook. Oh these hooks look so comfy to use and oh must be heavenly to work with. I love the look of them and would love to use them. Most deffinatly they would be used as a travel kit and at home for everyday crocheting. Thanks for offering the giveaway. :)

  259. My favorite is the 4.00. Such a cute set!

  260. My favorite hook is the I but the H is a close second. I would totally carry this set in my bag for hooking on the go!

  261. My favourite size is 2.0mm at the moment as I have discovered the world of doileys. Guess what the ladies in my life are getting for Christmas this year. Would love the travel kit as I am a full time carer and seem to spend my life waiting at appointments, I dont have the pleasure of having a full set at the moment.

  262. My favorite hook is the H. I love all the colors that these new hooks come in. Would love to add them to my collection.

  263. They are beautiful, they would make crocheting with arthritis much easier

  264. Favorite hook size is H! I love the colors and would love to use the soft handles. If I traveled I would definitely use them for that!

  265. I have been looking for a new hook to comfort my aching hands. Oh how I wish to win this set! (Not to mention that yesterday was my big 3-0th birthday! lol)

    I would use all these sizes, but the size I’m currently using is the F hook for my teddy bears. Would love to add these to my collection, and take them with me to Arizona when I visit my in-laws.

  266. I don’t really have a favorite size but if I had to pick, maybe an G or H. I would most definitely use this for traveling!

  267. hi.. My fav size hook is 4.5, I make most of my kids toys they love stuffies.
    I go with my hubby in his work truck a lot so I take my hooking with me, I would def use this travel pack. :)|
    Janice Howe

  268. My favorite size is a 4. I love the color of the case and yes this would be my travel set.

  269. I seem to use H and I alot…..I could see using this set all the time, not just travel. but they would be great to be my car set. :)

  270. I absolutely love my G bamboo hook !! This is a nice set and love the case defiantly would use it for on the go and work.

  271. I’m a big fan of 4.5mm. It’s a nice size for a lovely drapey fabric, at least in my tension! I also love super chunky crochet on 7mm -10mm and above!! This would DEFINITELY be my travel set – it would be so nice to have a set rather than the hodge-podge I currently have!!

  272. My favorite size hook is I. It seems to fit better in my hand and seems to be my go-to size for anything in sport to worsted weight. I would definitely use this as a travel kit. It looks better than my pencil box lol

  273. Thank you for your kindness, I use the 5..5 the most and love the colours of this set. :)

  274. Hi!my favorites hook sizes are 2.00 for tiny amigurumis and for blankets and other stuff I use 3.75 or 4.00 depending on the yarn!I fell in love with The travelling since I tend to go everywhere with a ball of yarn and a hook(sometimes my bag is full of crochet things, mainly yarn)

  275. My favourites are the 4.5 and the 5. I would use it as a travel case for sure

  276. My favorite hook size is a 5 mm and I would use it for traveling, sitting on my couch, pretty much anywhere I can crochet :)

  277. Hard to choose just one favorite hook size since I work with all sizes of fiber! LOL Probably an H most often though. And…who wouldn’t LOVE to win this as their travel to go set??? ;0) Heck, I’d use it for a regular set!!!

  278. my go to is a G.. but so creative I use all sizes .. like a 1 right now for earrings and a K I just used on a hat :0)…….. so a case would be real nice .. thank you for the give away

  279. Love my 5mm hooks! Would love to have a nice set in a case to take with me instead of my ziplock Baggie!!!

  280. My favorite size hook is a 5mm and I would definitely use these as a travel set, I don’t have any matching hooks. This would be wonderful!!

  281. My favourite hook is normally the 2.5, but in this set I would love them all because of the colours. And yes, they would travel with me, or at least live in my bag to be on the go with me most of the time.

  282. My favourite hook is 4mm, but I do use various ones, and yes I would definitely use these when travelling but also at home. I only have a mismatch of hooks so it would be lovely to have this little set in it’s own lovely little carry bag!! Thank you

  283. My favorite hook size is probably G-4.25. I would most definitely use this as a travel case I have been wanting a case to take my hooks on the go and these hooks are so awesome.

  284. My favorite is my I hook. This would be great for travel!

  285. My favourite hook is an I hook, but I probably use my G a lot more because I’ve been doing more ami’s lately, though none of mine are covered, so these would be perfect for helping out tired hands and fingers afterwards! I love travel kits because I crochet pretty much anywhere and everywhere! Thank you so much for the review :-)

  286. My favorite hook size is 4.50,I have been looking at this set of hooks for a while now,lovely colours and love the case to keep them all safe.

  287. I would love to try theses hooks I keep on looking for a confortable and beautiful hook. I hope I win.

  288. His my favorite. Right now a case like this with the wonderful hooks would be nice to have I often have to use sandwich buggies not so attractive. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Sorry didn’t mean to put it on twice didn’t think it had posted the first time it kept trying and so I apologize.

  289. My favourite hooks are 5 mm which I am using at the moment to make one of your square bags which I absolutely love, and a 3.5 mm which I use for amigurumi. I would definitely use this set as a travel kit all those gorgeous coloured hooks in one beautiful case, they are awesome.

  290. If I had to choose my favorite size hook (which would be difficult), I’d say G. It’s pretty versatile. I would use the hooks, if I won, when I travel but also when my hands hurt and were tired.

  291. I love the 5 mm also and I like that the hooks come in a travel bag so there always together and it beats looking for them , when you on the go and I love the colors, it helps when you ve dropped them ,I d Love to win a set .thank you.

  292. If I had to choose just one, I’d probably say I use my H hook the most.

  293. I use a wide variety of hook sizes, my fave would be 4mm and I would definately take these colourful beauties on my travels

  294. My Favorite size is 4mm but I use all different sizes….I do a lot of baby items! Would love to win a set of these awesome hooks….love the colors to! Thanks for the giveaway!

  295. My favorite size of hook is 4.0 (G). it just feels right. I would definitely travel with this set. No more digging around in the bottom of my bag for a hook!!!!

  296. H hook. I would use these everywhere, home, travel, etc.. Great giveaway!

  297. I would definitely use this pretty much everyday, and my favorite hook is the H hook … which is 5? Is that right? I never know… :)

  298. I use my h hook the most. I love making baby clothes and hats/booties using worsted weight yarn. I would absolutely use it as a travel kit. My youngest son broke my last one I was very handy to throw it in one of my bags and go. I have several bags to bring along a project if I’m gonna be sitting somewhere for a while. Love the bright colors of these hooks, and they have the handles on them. Thank you for the opportunity at the chance to win a set. :)

  299. i think my favorite hook depends on what i’m working on… granny squares, hats, blankets i prefer my I hook, i have a susan bates one with a bamboo handle that is quite nice to use. on items that require a tighter stitch i love the G hook, not too big, not too small.

  300. Lovely travel set. Would never leave home without it if I had one. Imagine always being prepared for crochet project that might be coming your way. My favorite hook right now is actually a 3.25 as I am crocheting away on Christmas stockings after a pattern from Lutter Idyl.

  301. My favorites are the E and H hooks. I love the E hook for the dolls I make and the H for the hats I crochet. I’d use these hooks all the time, not just when traveling :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  302. 4.5mm to 5mm hooks are my favorite(usually). And they travel everywhere with me! Crochet and knit in the truck, van, hotel, lawn chair at the lake… LOL

  303. My favorite and go to hook is the 4mm and I would use this as my main set. It would be right by my side by my favorite chair, especially with winter on the way. Thanks!

  304. My favorite size is the 2.00. I like to make dainty items, and yes, I would love to have the travel kit. I crochet alot on long trips.

  305. My favourite hook at the moment is 2.5mm. I’ve really gotten into amigurumi crochet lately and this size gives me the best result.

    • I forgot to say that a lot of my crocheting is done while waiting for my daughter at her appointments so a small travel case with an assortment like this would be so handy, and I could make various things without having to worry that I don’t have the right size hook with me.

  306. My favourite is a H Hook, and if I won these hooks they would go in my travel bag for sure, they all would be in one little place…in that nice case…….

  307. My favorite hook size in I. This case would be great for carrying everywhere. I never go out without a bag with at least one crochet project and sometimes carry around multiple projects!

  308. H is by far my favored hook. I will use this kit in my backpack that I keep a project or 2 in for when I’m out and about..

  309. My favourite hook size is 5 mm. I like it for summer cotton crocheting and winter worsted crocheting. This kit would be perfect for taking along when taking my mother to appointments.

  310. My favourite hook size tends to be a 2 or 2.5 mm – big enough to still crochet easily, but small enough to make beautiful doilies etc. Looks like a great travel set! Love the colours!

  311. I’m between a G & J. I’m new to the world of crochet and am literally ‘hooked’ on it! I’d love a set like this, would make taking my projects on the road so much easier.

  312. Most definitely will use this as a travel set!!! My fav hook is the H or I.

  313. I love the I hook when making hats. Winning this set would be amazing since I have a birthday coming up in the next few days.

  314. My favorite hook size to use is H. I would love this set in the handy holder so I can carry it with me everywhere I go. When I’m with family, the actually go out and buy yarn so I can crochet them something. Now I will have all my hooks with me.

  315. My favorite hook is one you crochet with! Lol! If I can crochet with it then it’s perfect. I love the rainbow colors and so does my four year old! That was the first thing she noticed, then said wow mom those are crochet hooks too! They will definitely go everywhere with me!

  316. my favourite hook size is 2mm, I make lots of amigurumis and some are quite small and detailed so using the 2mm helps with the detailing. I will definitely make use of all hook sizes and i love the fact that its so colourful!

  317. I use the h hook and the j hook the most and would love to have the travel case to take with me where ever I go!!

  318. My favorite size is a 6.0 mm (J). I can use it on many hat patterns and primarily on blanket patterns!

  319. I have a very hard time choosing between my H & I hooks. Depends on the project. I just bought a new bag to carry my projects around with me a bit more. My kids are far more independent when we go new places to play, so I can watch from a distance a lot more. So I would love to be able to take this with me.

  320. My favorite size is the 4.0mm I take my hook with me everywhere, so these would be no different. You can never have too many hooks :)

  321. I love using 5.5mm hook the most. I love how cute these crochet hooks are not only would I use them on the go but every time I crochet! :)

  322. My favorite hook size is a 4.00 mm to a 4.25 mm, Quite frankly I take my crochet everywhere with me, so it would be handy to have such a kit. :3

  323. I 5.5 is my favorite hook and using it as a travel set is a great idea!

  324. I use H and I the most. This would make a great travel case.

  325. I’m new to crochet, but so far I’ve been working with the K size hook. I would definitely use this to travel! It looks so handy and lovely!

  326. I use the 4.5 A LOT! I love the 4 and the 5 ..the 4.5 is just a nice in between..though i have to admit I might use it more because the bamboo handles of my 4s and 5s [yes S as in plurals of each] are all chewed 0:)

  327. My hook of choice is 5mm. This set would be an extension of my arm. I carry a couple balls of yarn in my purse wherever I go already and this kit would be so awesome because I just usually have 1 hook with me since I don’t have anything that cool to organize my hooks.

  328. My go to size is J 6mm. I have them all over the house, in the car and in my purse lol. Really like the colors in this kit!

  329. G is my favorite size!

  330. May favorite is a 5mm and yes I would use it as a travel kit :)

  331. My favorite is H, as that’s the general size for most projects. Yes I would use this as a travel case, I already have a crochet and knit project with me at all time as it is. LOL

  332. 5.5mm is the one I use most of the time. But lately I like my 3.5mm one.

  333. I would bring this set everywhere I go ; ) I love it and LOVE the colors. My favorite hook is a G but I use all of the sizes : ) Thanks so much for the chance!

  334. I am new to crocheting and so far my favorite hook size is the 6mm. I would use this as a travel case during the holidays!

  335. My favorite is my H hook. I would definitely use the travel kit. I crochet in the car every time I’m not the driver. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  336. LOVE the look of those hooks! If they’re almost as good as you say, I’ve gotta try them! I use a size “G” hook.

  337. I love to use 5.5mm. I also love the Clover hooks so these look intriguing to me. I would have these in my travel bag. One can never have too many granny squares :)

  338. I love to use the G. And H Hook would love to win this I can take all of them with me and don’t have to worry about loading any of them.. thanks for the chance to win…….

  339. I find I use my H hook a lot. These would be great to have as a travel set!!! :)

  340. My favorite hook is H / 5.00mm I use it the most for all my items. This kit looks like it would fit perfectly in my bag, I never leave home without my crochet project :)

  341. My favorite hook size is 3.50. If I had that case it would have its place in my bag everyday because I always take my crochet with me…

  342. My favorite hook size is the I hook. I am a tight crocheter and so many patterns are written for H that I go up one size to meet gauge.

  343. I don’t have a favorite – I make so many different things, with so many different kinds of yarn, from massive big-hook afghans to little crochet thread stars for the Christmas tree, that I use all sizes! I would love to have a travel kit like this. And they look more ergonomic than most metal hooks, which would be great for my arthritic hands.

  344. I use my 5.00mm hook the most. This would be a great travel kit, but i also think it’d become my every day kit.

  345. Just what I need. My hand has been going numb when crocheting. Lately my favorite hook has been the 4.0.

  346. The hook I use most is the G & H. Thank you so much for a chance at receiving these hooks!!

  347. These are so cute and perfect as a travel case. I’ve been making alot of snowflake ornaments lately and giving my 4.00 hook a good workout!

  348. My favorite hook size is a 5.00mm!!! I will definitely use this as a travel kit!! I love the colors and the carrying case- so cute!!!!

  349. Lately I seems to be my favorite. I just seem to reach for it first.

  350. My most used and favorite hook size in an H 5.00mm. I would most definitely use these hooks in the handy travel case while traveling. My husband drives, while I crochet :)

  351. El tamaño de ganchillo preferido es el de 4mm pero me gustaria tener el set de viaje

  352. My favorite hook size is probably G. I use it in a lot whenever I make amigurumi commissions of Pokemon, Megaman, and other various nostalgia video games. These would really be helpful to have because I’ve had my current bunch of random hooks for about 7 years now. I’m running a business now while I’m in college and I could really use a new set.

  353. I think that my favorite hook is a 5.5mm or US I hook. I always carry my hooks with me in my craft bag.

  354. I usually use a J hook. It fits most yarn I’m using.

  355. The one I use most is the 4mm, but all of those sizes i do tend to use a lot! I am always carting a project along when i go places and this set would be wonderful to stash in my project bag!!!

  356. I use a J most of the time. I’d love to get the hooks!

  357. Size H is my fav. And I would love to have this set for my travel crochet bag when I’m on lunch break at work or while waiting for my son’s baseball practice to be over. :)

  358. My favorite a hook I have I would tell you what size but I don’t even know it has no markings…lol. And yes they would be in my bag all the time with me. Just as my no size hook does…lol

  359. I use the H and the J most often. I have the most of them and always seem to be missing…well, stuck in a WIP. I would love to have this set to carry with me to work. I crochet at lunch most days. At home or otherwise, they would be wonderful since I have nerve damage in my right hand and refuse to give up my crochet!

  360. my favorite hook is h. I could use the set with the carrying case so I don’t have to carry my hooks in a ziploc bag.

  361. My favorite is H great for just about any project

  362. I’ve been using 5.5 a lot lately. Thanks!

  363. My favorite hook is whichever one I am using at any given moment. Which most often seems to be 5.0 mm

  364. My favorite would have to be the H hook. The majority of the hats I make come from this size. I absolutely love the colors of this set so I would definitely take this along on my travels!

  365. I think my favorite hook size is H I seem to use it the most, compared to all the others. This set is so neat!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  366. My favorite and probably most used hook is a I hook or 5.5mm! I plan to use this not just as a travel kit, but as an upgrade to my current hooks!! Good luck to all!

  367. I’m comfortable with any size hook, I use my H hook the most. Been crocheting for 40 years.

  368. My favorite is the 4.5mm… I tend to crochet a little tight so it keeps my gauge right. Lovely set of hooks… would definitely use them for travel as well as at home.

  369. My favorite is either 4.5mm or 5mm. And I’ve even gone and lost both of them so this would be awesome!

  370. G6 , I don’t leave my house without a knitting bag full of needles ,hooks ,and yarn – HECK yeah I would use these hooks!!!!!!!!!

  371. I mostly use the H hook. Love the green case. May have to save up and buy a set.

  372. I use a 5-5.5 the most, but have been getting much more daring in trying new patterns with different sizes. I would use this kit as an all the time use because right now I am storing my very mismatched hooks in an empty baby wipes container. I love the colors and the case. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to win this.m

  373. My favorite hook size is 4mm. I would definitely travel with these hooks. Take them everywhere I go. Never know when you will start crocheting.

  374. i have stashes of f, g, and h hooks everywhere – home, car, work, purse, luggage bags, random friends homes, etc. tend to use a f – 3.75mm the most though! would love to have 1 pack holder with all types to travel with instead of stashing hooks everywhere though that would be awesome! (and a great present to add to my stocking from Santa!)

  375. My favorite is an “I” hook; as a matter of fact, I have been using that hook to crochet afghans for 20 years. The finish is now worn off and my hand gets metallic gray every time I use it. I could use some new hooks!

  376. my favorite hook is the 5mm hook. I prefer the larger hooks as they are more comfortable for me. Smaller hooks gives me a cramp just thinking about working with them. Would love to be able to take the set on the road with me <3

  377. I love these colored hooks, I use 5mm the most. then the 4mm. Love the fact that they will help my hand with the cramping.

  378. I use a 4.5 or 5 hook most often. This would be good for travel or to keep a tidy set of hooks in my yarn crafting bag!!

  379. I don’t have a favorite size, but I probably use the H, J, I most. I would love a travel set of hooks! What a neat set, please cosmic dust make them mine! :D

  380. My favorite size is a 4.00. I will surly use the kit for traveling. How wonderful that would be.

  381. My favorite hook is H/ 5.oo mm. Love to do bulky projects :) Love that all the hooks fit neatly in a case too!

  382. The 5.00 is the size I use most but I use all sizes. Between arthritis and bad eyesight,the handles would come in handy – easy on the hands , easy to identify by the colors.The kit would make it easy to carry, I take my works with me everywhere.

  383. I use the H hook the most. I think that’s a 5mm?? I would most definitely carry it everywhere! :)

  384. Oh I love my G size hook the best! I love making Amigurumi and baby projects. It is just the best size for these projects. This would be my everyday set that I will use in my living room or when traveling!

  385. My favorite hook is F. I would love the case to make it easier to know where I put my crochet hooks.

  386. My fav hook size is I, my very 1st hook as a child was an I when I was first learning. Thanx for the chance!

  387. Oh my gosh these cuties would definitely travel with me. My go to hook size is 5.00

  388. My favorite hook is the 3.5mm lately and this set is lovely! I always carry my projects with me and it would be a perfect fit for my bag :) Cheers from Argentina!

  389. My Favorite hook side is 3 mm is the one that i use the most.!!.. the kit is awesome and so helpfull when you have to go in a trip and you need to take your knit with you. i will use it everytime!

  390. Definitely use a 5mm most a nd could certainly use tgis handy kut as I had to sell most of my supplies for diaper money

  391. My favourite hook size is the 6.00mm b/c you can make so many different things. I would definitely use this set for travelling but probably on a daily basis. Who can resist using such cute colourful hooks?

  392. My favorite hook is a G hook and i would so use these when traveling.. As a matter of fact I just flew from my hometown Pekin Illinois to Georgia. Pekin was hit by a horrible tornado (sunday Nov 17th).and as if that weren traumatizing enough I flew to Atlanta on Tuesday and will be here until the end of December because my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer… It seems when it rains it poors…anyway on the plane ride I only brought one hook with me and of course it is my G hook.. I worked on crocheting chemo caps for my sister with it.. When I got off the plane I had one finished in a tan color for her.. She was happy to recieve it as they start her chemo this Friday the 22nd of November..This will be a long process and although i cant stay past December I will be flying back and forth when needed so I could really really use these hooks and they would be cherished and dearly used in my traveling to and from my home in Illinois and I would use them to make hats for the tornado victims back home and hats for the chemo patients when I am in Atlanta….my thoughts and prayers go out to my friends in Pekin who lost their homes and my sister and other breast cancer patients in Georgia

  393. My favorite hook is the 3.50mm. I would use this as a travel kit. I adore all the bright colors.

  394. As I am only new to crocheting, for the moment my favourite is the 5mm hook as it is what I have been learning with. I would take this set everywhere so I could experiment with different sizes and how they affect patterns, I think it would have to stay in my bag!

  395. I would love a set of these hooks. My fav hook is an H but I use G most often for what I do and design. I am always afraid of losing my favorite hooks if I have to take work on the road, so yes these would definitely travel with me.

  396. This is absolutely a must have!!!! I’m putting it on my Santa list. I use a variety of hooks all the time. If I had to pick my most favorite size, it would probably be a 4.5mm.

  397. My favorite hook is 5.0 mm, or H! I definitely would travel with this set!

  398. estoy aprendiendo a tejer y me encanta !!! me gusta usar el G . me encantaria tener ese juego de ganchillos.. se miran lindos y tiene bastante variedad.

    me encanta tejer !!!!

    saludos desde Nicaragua, Centro America.

  399. Hmm. I use a lot of different sizes for different projects, but I would definitely find some way to use that pretty green hook! I’m a sucker for anything green, although the rainbow certainly is appealing too! These hooks would definitely travel with me – They might even find a permanent place in my car. Thanks for the chance to win!

  400. my favorite hook size is 5.5mm. I would not use this kit as a travel kit, because I only hook at home ;)

  401. I use 5mm the most, but have found new project that have me using the smaller hooks more often. My last hook case was mangled by a hulked-out baby in destructo mode an I have yet to replace it.

  402. I love to use a size L for chunky yarns for hats, and usually an H or G for baby hats, etc. . Thanks for the opportunity to win these hooks!! :D

  403. They’re so pretty! 3.5mm is my go to hook.

  404. H hands down is my absolute favorite, its what i taught myself on and will always be my go to hook.
    I def use this as a traveling case since i like to work on projects while waiting for people and such. heck i started crocheting in line at the fair a couple weeks ago!! hehe

  405. My favorite hook is a G but frankly I love them all. I also love cases that hold things perfectly so this giveaway suits me to a T. Thanks so much for the chance..

  406. Hook size sometimes depends on the yarn I am using. When working with cotton, I usually like an H or I. Love to use an M or N when using bulky. Plus I do a lot of bookmarks and small items using crochet thread or craft thread, then I am usually using a B, C or D. Wish I could crochet with the really tiny hooks, but my eyesight limits me there.

  407. My favorite is 6 mm(G)… But lately i’ve been using H in some Chrismas gifts I’m working with, loving the results! And yes this would be my travel kit, and because I’m always on the go and taking my crochet with me,I’ll be using it a lot on a daily basis. I wish i can win it, perfect birthday present for me ( nov 24th) hint hint!! ;)

  408. My favorite size is 5.5. Ill use this kit for Tavel and home!! :)

  409. My H 5.00 hook is my go to. I never leave the house without one.
    I started making dolls a couple of months ago. These hooks look easy on the grip, which is good. I tend to have a tight grip, and my hand cramp after a few hours. These beauties would be for making my dollies. =D

  410. I use a G for most of my works. Sometimes a larger hook. I tend to crochet a bit tight, so even if a pattern calls for a smaller hook, I’ll still go a size or 2 larger.

  411. My favorite is the 3.5! These hooks look so nice!

  412. I love this set of hooks and the case is awesome. Right now my hooks are in a pencil holder that goes on a desk and I have a variety of hooks by different makers so a matched set would be so great. My favorite hook size is H, by the way. Since I carry my WIP’s tp doctor appts. and various other places this case would ensure that I didn’t lose any hooks. Keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed hoping for a win. Thanks for offering this set.

  413. I tend to use the 3.5mm hook most often, but at the moment, i have 6 projects on the go, each using a different hook!

  414. my neice has shown a recent interest in croheting-these would make nice begginning for her, but then again maybe I could just give her my old ones-bwahahaha!

  415. I love them all! My favorite is whichever works at the time, but it seems I use 5 mm most, so I’ll say that;s my favorite. I would use it as storage and a travel case. I love the colors and the sizes!

  416. I love to crochet, and always have a project with me. This set of hooks would be a terrific addition to my project on-the-go bag. I love the colors, and the handles look to be very comfortable. I would be thrilled to win them!

  417. my favorite hook is a 4.00,, becuase i can make different things with it and get great results. We are a military family so this will definately get used as a travel set

  418. My fav is an h hook. I love these hooks!! The case is awesome too!

  419. Also forgot to say that this is perfect for travel! Or even to travel from room to room in my duplex–LOL. BTW Wink I love your name!! My puppy’s name is Wynk!

  420. I tend to use from 4.5mm to 5.5mm the most but I’ve had projects with pretty much all the sizes in the kit. It would definitely be something I would keep in my current projects bag, the one I take with me everywhere.

  421. Love the pretty colors of the hooks, I use the 5 a lot, it’s great for hats and scarfs,which I do a lot of. Thank you for the chanch to win.

  422. Oh I LOOOOOVVVVE that yummy green case! It would go everywhere with me :-) I don’t have a favorite hook size as I am still a newbie hooker :-) This would be so nice to have so many sizes, I only have an H and an I. And how amazing do those cushy handles look? Super!

  423. My favourite is 4.5mm. Not sure why but always have that size in my hands :) . I would love to use this kit while travelling or sitting in the car waiting on the ferry or kids etc. I would love to win it :)

  424. My favorite hook seems to be the 5.0 mm hook. I use various hooks for the various projects I am working on. I would definitely use this travel pack as most of the time I am on the go with my projects, it is when I work on my projects the most.

  425. I use the *G* (4.0 mm) hook all of the time. Great for my granny squares!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  426. 5.5mm, but as I learn, I’m enjoying more delicate work!

  427. I love this kit would fill so blessed to win it. I would put this in my crochet bag Im always crocheting on the go. I take care of my mom and I am disabled so between the two of us Im always sitting in a Dr’s waiting room crocheting to pass the time. I find that I use I and H the most. Thanks for the chance to win.

  428. My favourite is a 4.5 mm. Definitely I would used this as a travel case.

  429. My favorite hooks is an I hook. I dont have one of these kits but they are lovely and i definitely would use it as a travel kit.

  430. My favorite hook size is a 5.5 mm, I would definitely travel with this set!

  431. Oh my what an exciting giveaway!!! My favourite size hook would definitely be the 5.0 hook which I use A LOT, I think more than any other size hook.

    If I won this cute little set it would most definitely be coming out and about with me day to day for crochet on the go, what an easy and convenient little case!

    Thanks so much for sharing these with us Wink, glad you found a new favourite!

    – J

  432. I crochet a lot of different goodies, 5 / 6 are the most used lately. Would do love to have this traveling set. :)

  433. My favorite hook size is 5mm for standard crochet, 3.5mm for arigurumi. I would use it as a travel kit, and to take with me when I’m at school all day. :)

  434. I still use the old style steel hook and would love to have some new hooks that don’t make my hand ache. My favourite hook size is 4mm as I make a lot of baby blankets and throws and find I get a neater look when I use a 4mm hook. The pouch makes them so portable so would definitely use when we are travelling by road, air or sea.

  435. At the moment I’m doing a lot of projects with the I (5.5mm) hook. Would put this in my purse for on the go projects. Thank you for the chance.

  436. My favorite is a 5.5. I make a lot of hats and it is my go to :) I would definitely use it for travel!

  437. My favorite size hook it the 6.5 mm. It is a pretty green color from the first and only set of hooks I ever bought, and taught myself to crochet with!

  438. I like a G hook (4.25mm). It’s great for such a wide range of projects. I especially like using it to make amigurumi with worsted weight yarn. Right now I just carry my hooks around in a pouch, so this would definitely become my travel kit if I won. :)

  439. My favorite is 5 mm. And I think I would use this kit all the time!!!!

  440. My favorite go to is my 5.0. I try to use it for everything! Would love to add this kit to my stash:(

  441. I love my H hook for doing amigurumi and def my I hook for chunky caps!!! Would looooooooove to win this set of hooks!!!!

  442. My favourite is 4.5 mm, I use it for absolutely everything. I have several of them scattered around the house. I will definitely use a travel case!

  443. My favorite is 3.0mm, I would love to try thhes hooks, they would be great for traveling.

  444. I LOVE these hooks! yes I would for sure use them for travel and everything else. I have been wanting to get a set for a LONG time, just always broke lately LOL…

  445. I usually use an E hook (3.5 mm Clover Amour) since I like making amigurumi, but lately I’ve been using bigger hooks. I would use that case as an all-the-time case!

  446. 5.5 is my favorite hook and i would use these for everything.

  447. My favorite hook is 4mm, I take my hooks everywhere with me(Dr. appts., to my son’s house when I babysit, etc.) a set like this would be absolutely awesome for me.

  448. Hi, my favorite hook size is 3mm and I would love to have the kit to bring along with all my wip. Love the colorful handles. Thank you for having this giveaway and a chance for me to enter. It’s so difficult to get nice hooks and yarn in Singapore.

  449. My favorite size is 5mm. And I would use as a travel case. I try to take something with me everywhere I go.

  450. I love the look of these hooks! They look absolutely wonderful to use! I mostly use hook size J. It’s the easiest to gauge for me.

  451. My favorite size hook is an “I”. It is the size learnt on over 40 years ago. As a matter of fact I still use that hook. It is well worn and it has that little groove in the hook end. It is well formed to my hand. I have a number of different sizes even have a few more size “I” hooks but when I am making something for my grandkids it seems I am using my favorite “I” hook. Guess it also brings back memories of my sister because she is the one who gave it to me. With my hands aging it is a little harder for me to hold that hook and the hooks you are giving away look like they might help ease that discomfort a little bit. Please let me try them. Thanks

  452. My favorite hook size has to be H… I use it for almost everything. This set looks awesome, I would definitely use this for car trips, it would replace my upcycled make-up/crochet hook bag.

  453. The 3mm… because it has purple handle, d’awww. I can definitely see myself stashing this in my purse for long trips though, such a perfect size!

  454. I use many different sizes over various projects for patients, friends, and family ranging from amigurumi, afghans, house hold projects, and clothing but I find myself using a G hook most.

    I am a home health nurse and carry my crochet bag everywhere I go so this travel set would be an amazing addition to my portable craft station. :) The ergonomic design would also be useful because my hands will surely be a gnarled mess by the time I get Holiday gifts completed.

  455. My favorite size is probably G or H, although I use them all. My hands are becoming a bit arthritic now, and these handles look like they might help. I would definitely use the kit for travel, but also at home. Love it!

  456. Hands down it has to be the 4.5 mm size for me!!!

  457. my favorite hook size is the G hook – mostly because I use it the most – we travel a lot so I would definitely use the set as a travel kit (my luggage has more yarn than clothes so I definitely need different size hooks along)!

  458. My favorite hook to use right now is my bamboo handled H hook.

  459. My favorite is the 4.5 mm. Yes, I would definitely use this set on the go. Thanks for the giveaway!

  460. My favourite is – actually I have 2 for using 5 ply yarn I use size 3.5mm and for 8ply yarn I use 4.00mm. I have noticed that a lot of the American patterns use size 5.00mm hook for Worsted or 8 ply yarn. I prefer my tension to be firmer hence 4.00mm hook

    • I take my yarn and hooks everywhere we go in the car which frustrates my Husband – because when we stop it is always just let me finish this stitch. So your gift would be well travelled.

  461. Not for sure if I have a favorite, but if I have to say one I’ll say 5mm…I would absolutely love to have this beautiful set!!!

  462. Wow! These are awesome and such pretty colors. I use G the most.

  463. My favorite is a Susan Bates H. I know I’ve had it for over 20 years. The pink color is slightly faded but it still works great! I never leave home without it, a skein of yarn, and a page of instructions I’ve printed from the computer of some wonderful new thing that I just have to try. Waiting to pick up my children, during their basketball practice, or if I’m a passenger….the entire ride, goes by like a dream if my hook is in my hand.

  464. I don’t have one favorite…I have 2! My favs are 5.00mm and 6.00mm. Those two seem to suit almost all of my needs. :) A kit like this will make traveling easy, as I don’t yet have something that will enable me to travel. It’s a beautiful kit!

  465. My fave is a G for almost everything!! I learned on it and it is the first one I go to when I have a serous project.(this is most things I do!)

  466. I would love to win these, I would take them ever where with me, I have a lot of pain in my hands and have had to give up on a lot of my crocheting, and would love to try these and get back at it :) I would love and use the 4.00 mm, Thanks for the chance to win such a great item!

  467. The sizes I use most are 5.0 and 2.5. I never leave the house without hooks and yarn. They really come in handy waiting in long check-out lines!

  468. My favorite hook size is the I hook. It seems to work for so many things and I love that it is a bigger size and makes it easier when crocheting.

  469. My favorite is the Size H hook and I travel with all my hooks all the time!!

  470. I like to use an I…I will use this set to travel! We take a yearly car trip to North Carolina to visit family and I always take along a couple of yarn projects. The bright colors are awesome!

  471. Sorry typo the surname is Turner not Yurner

  472. My favorite size hook is the 4.5, thought I love them all. Will definitely use the travel kit on my Cruise to Alaska and anywhere else I go! So compact and easy to use! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  473. My favorite is the 5 mm & I would definately use this for travel! Very nice!!!

  474. I use a 5mm hook most of the time and I would use this anywhere and everywhere!

  475. I seem to switch around quite a bit between sizes. I guess I haven’t come across a favorite yet. This does look like the perfect travel case for experimenting.

  476. I was just looking at a set of these today, I hope I win as I just couldn’t afford this at the moment!
    My favourite size is 5 mm, I love to make granny square blankets and I find that this size makes it hook up quick, but doesn’t make the stitches too loose.

  477. My favorite hook thus far is an H or 8.5, though I am learning the joys of smaller hooks for flowers and appliques.

  478. My favorite hook is a 4.0 and I would definitely use the kit for traveling! I love to take projects with me when I am out and about. I sell real estate and there is a lot of waiting around with inspections and appraisals…so having something to work on when I have down time is great!

  479. I use a 4.0 or a 4.5 almost always, and I sure would use it for traveling!

  480. My favorite is the H hook I use it for just about every project. I would use the case for traveling and for trips to babysitter the grandkids

  481. My favorite hook size is an H size hook. I would most definitely use this set as a travel kit. I would most likely use it all the time!! It is too pretty to hide away until I travel somewhere. :)

  482. My favorite hook size is I. I would love to use them as travel hooks!

  483. My favorite is a 4

  484. So pretty!! My favorite size is N because I like bulky yarn but in most cases I end up with an F or G. :)

  485. I use an H hook for nearly everything, and would travel with these.

  486. wow I love ur blog. my favourite one is 5.5

  487. I use the G Hook almost daily in my crochet. This set looks totally inviting! Thanks for offering it.

  488. My favorite hook size is the 5.5 mm and this little package would be great for traveling, plus those rubber grips would be great for my tendonitis.

  489. I love all sizes of hooks!! And yes, I would definitely use the travel case!!!

  490. I don’t know if I can pick one favorite hook size! I guess it would be a 5mm, since that’s the one that I seem to have acquired multiples of! This kit would never leave my purse! I crochet everywhere so I make sure my purse is big enough for the essentials, as well as a project!

  491. My favorite hook is 4.0 or 4.5..i love to crochet and would love to win the hooks. will be doing a lot of blanket crocheting this coming year!

  492. My favorites are 5mm & 6mm. I would definitely use these on the go! :)

  493. Thank you for your review of the Knit Pro Waves crochet hoots. Great review! Love the colors and a chance to win a set. My favorite hook size is 5.50 or an I.

  494. My fav size is 5.0. I travel A LOT (about a 2 hour drive every other weekend), and usually crochet while my hubby drives. This kit would be PERFECT!

  495. My favourite hook is 3.25. I use that size to make amigurumis. I would use the kit for travel for sure!! Thanks for this giveaway

  496. I find that I use my 4.5 hook most often. I make a lot of stuffed animals. I’ve never had anything but plain Boyle hooks, but I have a set on my Christmas wish list.

  497. My favorite hook is the 5.5. I make a lot of character hats and it just makes it so much easier. I would love to use this as a travel kit to and from the classes that I teach.

  498. I’m still a newbie so i just use whatever the pattern calls for. Have sucha limited selection of hooks, would love to win this set!

  499. I would have to say “I”…but I also like the “J”…hard to choose just one! I would use this for traveling, as well.

  500. Probably 4mm and yes it would be nice for travel.

  501. My fav is the G! I will definitely use this while making amigurumis at my moms!

  502. My favorite size is 4.0mm, though it really depends on what gives me the best look for the project that I’m working on. I have a similar case for my Clover Soft Touch, and I absolutely adore it – having the hooks in an easy case is awesome for not having a lot of room to work in.

  503. Mi gancho favorito es el 3.5 soy de mexico y tambien cargo mi cajita de ganchos a donde quiera que voy y ese estuche esta lindisimo claro que de ahora en adelante los usaria como kit de viaje ;)

  504. I use 4 or 5 most of the time. Would use these as travel hooks so would have whatever size I need handy.

  505. My most used and favorite hook size is 5.5 mm. I most certainly would use these beautiful hooks when traveling. I mean…doesn’t everybody? Good luck to everyone who enters!

  506. I use my I hook the most :) I love that case, and the beautiful hooks, I would use it for travelling for sure!

  507. I love g to k cus I love the size difference

  508. My favorite would be the G but I enjoy experimenting with different sizes when trying new threads or yarns. Having a travel pack would be awesome! Quick projects and small squares could be worked up anywhere! Love it.

  509. My most used hook is a 4.00mm. I love the different colors so you don’t have to always look for the number you want. Yes I crochet on the go so this would be awesome.

  510. I would have to say I’m an “h” hook girl, but I use a wide variety. Would love to give these a try for travel and home. Love the colors!

  511. Oh Love this… I love I hooks… and yes… Travel kit! and Home too!

  512. My go-to or fave hook would be my 4.00! These look awesome and would travel well with me! I go to our trailer all summer and they would travel very nicely there! Thanks for doing the review, and letting us know what you think of them! Thank you also for the great giveaway.

  513. Goodness! I use such a variety of sizes! I’d probably say that “g” is my fave size though. I use it the most! :-) and I would so use the travel kit! but thisekd make a great Christmas gift for my Mumsie too! I know she’d love it as well!
    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway! It’s so nice if you!! :-)

  514. My favorite is probably a 4.5 or 5.0. It works well for my DK ply I use the most for my business. :3

  515. I’ve never owned hooks like this. I always got hand-me-down hooks from relatives. (The metal kind that slips right out of my hand.) I use all sizes, but lately my “go to” hook size has been “6”. When I take my work with me, I’ve just been throwing my yarn and hook, all into a plastic grocery bag and then have to hunt for my hook buried somewhere in the bag. If I had a travel case of these hooks, I wouldn’t have to search through the plastic bag, and whatever hook I use, wouldn’t slip out of my hands as I work.

  516. My favorite hook is I! I use it probably 75% of the time :) And oh those hooks look oh so comfy! Would love to hold them in my hands and put them to good use. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  517. I use my 5.5mm the most, Those hooks are sooo pretty, i love them!

  518. I like the size 4 hook.

  519. My favorite hook size is 4.00 mm. I love them for Amigurumis for my daughter and scarfs for my friends!

  520. I want to win this for my friend who knits to control her anxiety

  521. I have to say my favorite ‘go to’ hook is the 5mm (H). From afghans to scarves & hats. I would definitely use this as a travel kit! My current holder doesn’t have enough room, and my hooks fall through where the zipper ends. Plus I love the color, pink is my favorite!!

  522. My favorite size is 3mm because it is very suitable with the yarn that is easy i found in my region. I am very happy if i get your gift because it is difficult to find various sizes in my region (Aceh/ Indonesia) :)

  523. Love this set and would absolutely love to become better acquainted with my fav hook, G! I’m self-taught and still learning each and every project. Looks like it would be pretty easy to pop it into my purse and hit the road!! My project bag always goes everywhere I do!

  524. I love my G hook. but really it depends on what I am doing. I would use this kit as a everything kit. stay at home and on the go it would be this is mommy keep your hands off you use my real cheap hooks. and I will use these nice hooks :)

  525. I tend to use the 4mm hook the most too, so I would say it’s my favourite. I would definitely use the set as a travel kit, for when I babysit my grandchildren etc, I’m forever losing hooks in my bag.

  526. Wow awesome!!!! That would be a perfect travel set!! I’d have to say my fave size is probably the 4mm as well because it is the one I use most often :) thanks for the chance!

  527. i mostly use the 4mm hook but it really depends on what im making. I would love to win this nice set!

  528. My favorite hook size is 4 mm (US 6/G). I bring my crocheting everywhere and I am crocheting all the time. Even while with my husband even when we are just going for errands so this set will be very useful for the short trips and the longs ones for sure :D

  529. I like the 5, but i like the 4 for making animals with. I could use hooks that put less stress on my hands, and i take my crochet every where I go.

  530. I think I’ve probably used my H the most, although I just started a project with an N and it’s crazy big!I would carry this kit in my purse so I can crochet anywhere, I always have multiple porjects on the go so I can keep them at home and work.

    Love your blog, looking forward to taking some time to explore! Thanks for this giveaway!

  531. My favorite is the 5mm. It’s my go to hook when gauge doesn’t matter :)

  532. really nice looking set of hooks, seems that I always need to find a 4mm hook. Would love a set to put in my bag to take with me when on the go :-)

  533. I prefer the 4 working with DK, which I use most of the time.

  534. My favorite hook is my G (7) 4.50mm. I would definitely use this set of hooks and case for my projects that I travel with.

  535. I have been crocheting for a little over two years and use an H hook a lot. I would love this set!

  536. Hard to say which size since I like to use the 4.0 for amigurumis and 5.5 for afghans and scarves. I have to travel for work about 2 weeks out of the month. It would be super cool to have the kit so that I don’t have to dig through my pocketbook looking for my hooks.

  537. My favorite is a 4mm, I seem to use it all the time. What a wonderful travel case or just a way to keep organized!!!!

  538. Thanks for sharing! I think G would be my most used and I would use these for traveling.

  539. I like my 4mm hook, and seem to have several projects going. But it seems like I keep losing them to my chair!

  540. Would love to try these since I have some and and wrist issues with the obsessive crocheting I do at times. The handle soft and shaped would be a great benefit.

  541. I would love something like this. I am new to crocheting and am still figuring out my favorite combo. This is exactly what I need to expand what I’m already doing.

  542. Love them! I usually use no. 4, or 3.5. They seem very comfortable, it would be a change from my metal ones!! And of course i’d use them when travelling, its THA thing to do when waiting on airports!

  543. My favorite hook is the 5. Where can I buy these in Canada??

  544. I use my 4.00 mm most often. And I’d definitely use this is a travel kit. Love the case!

  545. I love my 4.5mm hooks – I mainly use DK weight yarn and my tension is a little bit tighter than “recommended” so I find it’s the one that I need to use to get gauge for most of my projects. Love that it’s all in a set that you can just throw into your WIP bag – much better than worrying that the loose hook will fall out!

  546. seems as I have been using my g hook the most lately. and yes a travel kit would be very useful. thanks alot

  547. I use a Clover G hook more than any other, I think. This is a lovely set!

  548. My favourite is my 3.5mm hook. I love travelling with hooks! :)

  549. If I’m Amiguring it up I like to use the F hook… but for my other projects, variety is the spice of life! Bring on the hook size change up. I travel a lot for work, so I love to have a set of hooks to take with me! These would definitely be a travelling essential. :)

  550. I love this kit so very convenient and great colors! My favorite hook this week is a 2.0 crocheting snowflakes for Christmas tags. Last week I was using a 4. 0 for angels. I love to crochet and the hook is dependent on my yarns or threads.

  551. My go-to hook is a 5.5 (I). My thing is hats and it’s always spot on. Hats are also easy to drop in a bag and work up anywhere. I love to grab a project and go. And Id look great with these hooks in hand. ;)

  552. I love my H hook! The 5mm is the perfect size for most of my projects! I need the cushion of these handles to help me deal with my cramping hands!

  553. My favorite hook size is 3.5 it is very versatile and can be used with various types of wool. And of course I would use when traveling.

  554. My favourite hook size is definitely a 4mm – but I have heaps of fun playing around with big 12mm and tiny 1.5mm as well! This would be SO handy for my trip to Australia over Christmas! Love it :D xx

  555. I Love them all- definitely be taking on the road!

  556. My favorite hook is the F (3.75). I think it really gives any project a clean, crisp look. I could use another F for traveling all over the US and Canada. I’m so glad I can work on my projects while flying. Airports all over would even approve this travel case. :)

  557. I love my 4.00mm hook but I am starting to work with cotton so I am liking the smaller sized hooks too. If I won this I will be taking it with me everywhere!! My extended family love seeing what I am creating. I would love to win this set because it’s so pretty and would be so much better than the cheap hook I’m using now.

  558. I would love this! My favorite hook size right now is 5mm hook or H as that is the one I use on all of my crochet ear flap hats. I’ve never tried any other hook than the Boye ones that I have. I would love to try ones with thicker rubber handles.

  559. My favorite hook is the H hook and the J hook. The H hook makes for quick work for projects that really don’t require gauge. The J hook helps with drape. I hope I win. I crochet a lot, especially to make clothes for my children (I don’t have much income) and this would be a great help for my joints.

  560. These hooks look amazing and green is my favorite color!

  561. I love the 6.00 hook, and always take all my hooks when I travel. The case is amazing.

  562. My favorite hook size is the F5. But because i have hand cramps so bad i was thinking of trying the hooks that are made especially to be more ergonomic. I will never stop crocheting until my fingers fall off! I crochet everywhere i go. I even took my hooks on an airplane last August and they let me!! I was surprised that they let my little metal hooks through security. Can you see it now? The little grey haired lady getting searched because of her crochet hooks??? Yes i will travel with these babies and I will love them forever!! And thank you for such a nice giveaway!

  563. My favorite is the H hook. I NEED a case like that. My hooks are everywhere!

  564. I like the 4, I am getting back to crocheting, my grandma taught me when I was young and I loved it, life took over and I became busy with no time for creating things I love, but now life has taken a different turn and I am disabled and not able to be my out and about self, I am looking forward to getting started again. I would use these everywhere, travel, home, doctors offices, yes I would love to win a set of these, but I’d also like to see someone else win a set so either way it’s a good thing! :)

  565. Definitely 4mm because its so versatile for so many patterns that I love. We travel ALL-THE-TIME to see family, allow me to participate in races and see friends so I’m always brining along my latest project! No doubt these hooks will be my best friend (not to mention my hubby’s when he doesn’t have to go searching the car for a long lost hook!) on many road trips to come!!

  566. My favorite is an “H” or 5.0 size hook

  567. I tend to have project ADD so using a 6.0 hook tends to be my go-to. Have yarn and hook, will travel :)

  568. 3.25 mm is my go to size, I have several sets of hooks when I’m crocheting a lot I change hooks brands, seems to cause less stress on my hands,

  569. My favorite hook size is 4mm. I would definitely use this kit for traveling and probably every day as well as I don’t have a kit or all the sizes yet.
    Thank you for the offer.

  570. I have been researching many different types of hooks. So many are cost prohibitive. I would love to own a lovely set of higher end hooks. I prefer to use a G most of the time. But I’m sure I will get use out of all of them at some point. Thank you for the chance.

  571. I love size H and size K! The set your giving away looks neat. I’ve never used hooks like that, but I would like the chance to try. I always take my crochet when I travel :)

  572. I don’t actually have a favorite–whichever hook goes with the yarn and project that I’m using. I love the looks of these, and think they would be helpful to use since I’m beginning to be bothered with arthritis in my hands. Yes, I would definitely take them when I travel–such a nice kit and so colorful!

  573. The number 4mm is my favourite as this is most suitable for Aussie 8ply ( the most readily available). I would definitely use these hooks in their lovely container as my travel buddies especially as I am traveling to The USA for a holiday early in the new year. Who knows what new yarns may become my favorites.

  574. My favourite hook is a 5mm hook, but I love all of them from 3.5mm to 6.5mm…just love crafting & creating something beautiful!

  575. I use the 5mm the most often, because that’s what I use to make my hats. My favourite hook is a red Boye size I hook. It’s the first one I bought when I learned to crochet, and I’ve used it so much the colour is wearing off. :) I would probably keep these in my crocheting bag to use all the time, I’ve been thinking about getting some more ergonomic hooks, and I love the bright colours!

  576. My go to hook size is G.

  577. My go-to hook is the I hook. I would love to use this as a travel kit! Love the colors!

  578. I like to crochet alot…If I were to pick out just one hook, I just couldn’t do it!!! So the ones that I use the most are an I hook and a L hook!!! The N hook is nice and quick on baby blankets!! But I have many projects each one with a specific size starting with a F hook on up!!! And have several of each since I am always misplacing them and go out to buy another!!! Your set would be ideal for me!!!

  579. What an awesome giveaway!!! This would make a wonderful birthday present for me!
    I have really relied on my 5mm hook as the go to size but recently have been doing projects using many different sizes!

    I definitely would use it for a travel kit! We like to take road trips and I enjoy getting my hook going every chance I get!

  580. I use different sizes depending on what my mind wants me to create, so I can’t really pick a favorite. XD 3.25 and 3.50 are for amigurumi/dolls, while 4.00 and 5.00 for scarves and gloves. ^__^ You could check out my crochet page if you like. Thanks for this. I’m actually researching on which set to get since I currently only have random hooks. Hehe…

  581. My favorite hook is a 5.5mm. That’s the size I learned on, and have always been most comfortable using. I would definitely keep this kit in my travel bag for my many doctor appointments, so I don’t have to keep stealing from my hime stash!

  582. I use several sizes to crochet everything from cotton doilies to large projects using rug yarn. But I must admit that, if I’m not very careful, my carpal tunnel syndrome can flare up something fierce (plus I’m getting older and I’m not as nimble as I used to be). I’ve wanted to try hooks with the larger handles to see if they solve some of my issues but I just can’t afford to invest in them. Thanks for giving someone a chance to win.Love your site!

  583. My favorite is the I hook, but I like to have all sizes!

  584. The H size is my favorite and most used, these would be great to have!

  585. My favorite hook is a 5. I would use the hooks all the time. Beautiful!

  586. I mostly use a 5mm hook. I would love to have a set for travelling! They are very pretty!

  587. It really depends on the type of yarn I’m using, but a 4.5 is probably the easiest to use.

  588. Good old 4 is what I use most. These are so neat, I’d love to give them a try!

  589. My favorite hooks that I use the most are “H” and #7. Would love to win these hooks as I prefer them to have larger handles to not cause pain to my hand. Thanks for the giveaway.

  590. I love my 3.5 hook! We re military so it would definitely be used for travel! This is a super sweet giveaway :)

  591. Probably a G but it really depends. I really like the larger handles that are easier to grip.

  592. Great looking hooks!!!! I use all sizes due to newborns to adults but I think my favorite is the I Hook. This kit would defiiniitely be in my travel kit forever and ever.

  593. 5.5 is my go to hook. With a case and set like that, who wouldn’t travel with them??

  594. As I reflect, I realize the size I use the most is H. As a beginner, most of the patterns I have called for this size.

  595. lovely giveaway. I use almost all of mine pretty evenly, as I always have several projects on the go. My favorite was an A hook from a very old set, (about 1.75) but I have lost it. I probably use B, and E the most as i love small projects. It would be great to get a set to take along.

  596. Mi aguja de tejer favorita es la 5mm, la uso para todos mis tejido con lana. Es un buen tamano porque se avanza al tejer. Me encantaria tener un set de agujas tan bellas, como el arcoiris.

  597. My favorite size hook is all of them, since different patterns call for different hooks! I would use these hooks as my everyday hooks if I won them.

  598. Since I want to learn to crochet, this would be the perfect “learning tool”. I would use all the hooks. This is the perfect travel kit.

  599. I’m a 2.5 kind a girl :) I would love the set! Especially for travel.

  600. I like and use all hook sizes, but my go-to size (because I do a lot of work in worsted weight yarn) is 4.0. And yes! I would travel everywhere with this set. I have carried large projects with me on long flights and even used one of my bag allowances to carry a project with me to Germany.

  601. My favorite size hook is a 5.5 and a 6.0 mm I use them both equally for the most part. And of course I would use them for traveling. Right now I have all my hooks in a pencil case and take them everywhere because you never know when you will have a minute to crochet! But, the pencil case makes it a little bit of a pain as I have to dig and search for the right hook.

  602. My favorite depends on the current project. I tend to use H (5.0) and I (5.5) a tad more than the others. I am planning a trip in a few weeks and these would sure come in handy. (Did I mention that my favorite color is green?) Thanks for the opportunity.

  603. My favorite used to be G…but lately I’ve been liking, and using, the I hook a lot. I would love this set to be my “on the go” set. It would be great to have an extra set to leave in my bag so I’ll never be without the size I need. I always have a smaller WIP to take with me so I don’t have to lug the larger projects around and risk them getting ruined. And the soft rubber grips will help with my arthritis.

  604. My favorite hook size is the G/4.5 I would love to this set of crochet hooks. They look as though they would be very comfortable for a person, like me, with arthritis.

  605. My favourite hook is a 4 mm

  606. My favorite size is the 6.00..I will love to us it as a travel bag…im only 24 crochet is a way to keep me relax…to have it to travel with me will help me alot.

  607. What a stunning collection! I don’t have a favourite hook anymore than I have a favourite child… I love ALL my hooks and try and make sure they all get to spend quality time with me. When I get annoyed with a project, the project (never the hook) sits in the naughty cupboard. But my hooks like my yarn and books, travel with me. You never know right? :)

    • My hooks have always travelled with me. In August we went to Iraq (yes really) and we’re going back there again in December!

  608. Since I carry my projects with me this set would definitely travel! My favorite size hook is 4.0 mm ( aka G) but I use them all from 1.0 to 6.5mm.

  609. Holaa from Argentina!!
    What amazing rainbow kit!! Love it!! My favorite hook is a 4.5! I started to learn crochet few months ago, when my sister told me that she was waiting twins!!!! I will have a lot of crochet’s stuff to do for them!!! :)
    I would love to have one of this beautiful hook kit, to carry with me wherever i go! :)

    Good luck to everybody!

  610. My favorite size hooks are H & I. I would most definitely use this as my travel kit.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this great giveaway.

  611. Tend to use I most often. And will prob use everyday! :)

  612. My favorite is the 5mm. It is great for thick yarn to make great amigurumis. I would use the hooks not only when traveling but always!! :D

  613. I love the 3.5mm. Don’t ask me why, I just do. Not only will I travel with this scrumptious candy colored set, I may even munch on it.

  614. I’m using I and G a lot right and believe me, I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting. If I won, i might actually give them to a friend as I have a set of clovers waiting for me for Christmas, or at least I hope someone picks them up from work for me for Christmas. Yep, so much easier to order your own CHristmas gifts when you work retail.

  615. I mainly use the 5.0 size. Although I use several different sizes on a regular basis. This is such a nice looking set….probably would have to take it everywhere. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  616. My favorite hook size is the 5mm (H). I use it for everything, but mostly blankets and scarves lately. I like to use chunky yarns, and the H one does well with them for me. I’d probably use this set for travel since I enjoy crocheting while on the go.

  617. I usually use “G”.

  618. I really like the 4 (G) it is great for amigurimi and smaller I like to use 3 also. I have done a lot of amigurimi over the summer and found 4 to be the favorite for the Lion Brand Bon Bons. My daughter is using a 6 now and making her first Afghan. I couldn’t be more proud. I think she would like these for Christmas :) Her first set of hooks.

  619. My favorite hook size is 5.5, and yes, I would definitely use this set for travel and at home.

  620. Lately I’ve been working on small amigurumi Minions, so I’ve been using a 2.25mm. I would loove to have a 2.00mm to make even smaller ones :)

  621. I love my H or K depending on the weight of yarn. Now that I’m a bit older the larger ones make stitches I can keep up with! Nice give away! Thanks.

  622. My favorite size is a I but I also use a H alot….Love them all!!!!:)

  623. I enjoy using an I hook. It seems to make crocheting afghans so much quicker. I love to always carry my tools and a project with me. Thanks for the thorough review, much appreciated.

  624. My favorite is the 5 mm. I would absolutely travel with this set! They are beautiful!

  625. My favorite is either 5.00mm or 5.50mm! I use them so much that the color is fading from where my thumb rests. I would LOVE this set. I’ve always wanted a set of hooks with grips (I’ve never actually experienced the comfort of a gripped hook!) and I LOVE that green case! I would carry these everywhere!

  626. My favorite size hook(s) are H and G, I’ve been looking to buy new hooks and this would be great with the case

  627. This is awesome, you are one of the best. My favorite is H hook

  628. I seem to waver between a G and an H depending on the type of worsted weight. I take my crochet projects everywhere. People always want to know what I’m “knitting.” I then take the opportunity to help them understand the difference between knitting and crocheting.

  629. I’m doing a lot of crocheting with my 3.5mm hook lately but it’s an awful hook. It snags all the time. So fave size, least fave hook!

  630. I use 5.5 the most

  631. The I hook is my go to size! This kit would be perfect for the days I take the bus to work! No more poking holes in my bag!

  632. l just love these hooks to pieces, the green case is so beautiful. l use mainly 3.5 and 4..they would fit into my crochet bag and l would see them at a glance when l travel to my daughters. l go to see 3 of my granddaughters and they always like to see what l have made and who it is for.

  633. What a great and cute set! I use mostly a 4mm as I crochet loosely. I would definitely travel with this set…who goes anywhere without yarn and hooks?!

  634. My fave is a 5mm hook.

  635. Its all about the H for me!

  636. Mine is a 5.0. I love this set.

  637. I’ve just started crocheting again after a break for other things….my hands are very tired…so these hooks look intriguing.

  638. *G* hook and I never leave home without my hooks! Would love to travel with these!!!

  639. My favourite size hook is 5.5. I love the kit and would take it everywhere with me.

  640. I mostly use the J hook

  641. My hook of choice is a 4mm. I had several at one point but now I’m down to one. Guess I should start digging down the side of the couch. I always travel with hooks and needles so yes I would travel with a set like this!

  642. My favourite hook is 3.50mm (I make a lot of amigurumi). Having a travel kit would be super handy for when I go visit my parents on the weekend.

  643. I love the F hook and crochet has saved my life..thank u for the contest those hooks are wonderful love the colors and traveling with them sounds fun

  644. I’ve been using the ‘I’ (5.5) hook the most.

  645. I use H and G the most. I keep a project with me at all times so a travel set of hooks would be amazing.

  646. My fav would be the J. It would so be for travel, especially when I head to north Carolina to see my oldest daughter. Thank you for the giveaway!!!!!

  647. I use the 4mm and would love to have with me when sitting taking care of my sister. would BE EASY TO LOCATED WITHOUT HAVING TO DIG IN MY BAG LOOKING FOR NEEDLES.

  648. Hi Wink,
    My favourite hook is size 4mm and I also use the Clover soft grip 4mm for most projects. I love using 8ply 100% cotton by Bendigo Woollen Mills in Australia and the 4mm hook works for most projects.
    Thanks for sharing the review, I would so use a travel case of different hook sizes and would keep it in my (giant) handbag ALL the time. xx Laura from Australia

  649. I would be honored to win a set. I do a lot of my crocheting by touch as I am legally blind and it is just easier for me. Espically if it is a repeat type pattern. I use the G and H the most.

  650. I most commonly use a 5.00mm hook, but that’s just because this entire year has been taken over by making blankets!
    I would LOVE to have a kit like this to stuff in my purse when I’m on the go! The colours are so exciting!

  651. Cool giveaway! I need the comfort soft grip handles for all my hooks. I have one on my current and favorite hook, size J!

  652. I use the 6mm J hook the most. having a set like this would be convenient in my travels. I always carry a project in purse to work on well just about anywhere.

  653. My favorite hook is 5mm because that is the size I learned to crochet with. This kit would be great for travel.

  654. My favorite hook is size 4mm and I keep a project with me at all times so a travel, and yes sure if i win this it would be my favorite kit forever.

  655. My favorite hook size is an F hook. I use it to make amigurumi. I would definitely use the kit for travel. It is so convenient!

  656. 5mm/H is my go to hook, but sometimes I use a 4mm/G when I have a specific design size in mind. I especially like to ride public transportation while I crochet with music playing in one ear. That gorgeous case would be just the thing when I’m riding or when I’m around my great grandchildren.

  657. My favorite size is 3mm. I would use it when I am on the go.

  658. G hook for dish cloths but smaller ones for crochet cotton on socks for my GD. Travel…yes I am a bag lady and I take a yarn project every where I go:) pick me…..pick me! Lol

  659. I use a 5mm the most. I love to crochet while I travel because anywhere I go it takes an hour. Lots of useful time to get stuff done.

  660. As I have been learning, I have been using the 4mm hook. That seems okay for me right now, but who knows what the others might be like. I want to learn to be able to craft for the homeless and nursing homes. And I would love this set, to be able to go in new directions. Tamie

  661. This would definitely go with me everywhere!! My favorite size hook right now is a 5.0 (H). Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  662. my hook is the 5mm if I could I would use these for everything, but tit would be handy to have a wonderful assortments of hooks with a case no less!!

  663. My favorite size is 5mm. I will carry all the hooks away everywhere!!

  664. I can’t say I have a favorite size crochet hook but I lean toward the smaller sizes because I like the look of finer more delicate crochet (sport weight and baby yarn) over bulky yarn projects. I do like color and beauty and these hooks fit the bill there.

  665. oh that’s hard , either the 5.5 or 4.0, I would definitely take it on the go !!

  666. I would love to win and carry these crochet hooks with me. my favorite hook size is 5.00

  667. I seem to end up using a 6 mm for just about everything, even when I probably shouldn’t. Absolutely love this set!

  668. My favorite size is 5.5!

  669. My favourite hook is 4mm and yes I would use them everywhere

  670. I make a lot of scarves so my J hook is my favorite. I love a larger handle and visit my grand kids a lot do the travel case is perfect.

  671. Wauw what a great give away. I was actually drooling over this in my LYS yesterday.
    My favourite Hook(s) are 4 and 5 mm. This kit would be great to have and I would definitely take it with me everywhere.

  672. My favorite one is probably 5mm.. so far it has been one of my most used ones. Perfect size.

  673. My favourite size is 6mm at the moment for all my winter chunky yarn projects and yes, this make a great travel set! (Or just a handy case to keep them together and away from small hands!)

  674. I like to use size 4mm and 5mm depending on the wool i am using.
    I would be interested in using your hooks because of the handles I have parkinsons’ disease and have problems holding a crochet hook for a great length of time. Also having the hooks in a case, How wonderful is that

  675. I’ve never tried this type of hook. My favorite size is 5.0, as I make a lot of hats and baby things using smaller yarns. I’d use this as a travel kit, as I make a lot of smaller items and I wouldn’t have to worry about losing my hook all the time, it would have it’s own place. Thank you for being so generous and sharing.

  676. My favorite hook size is G or 4mm……and I would love to enjoy all of the hooks included in this set!

  677. I think my favorite size hook has got to be an H/8 (5.00mm). That’s the one I certainly use the most anyway! :) Seems to be the perfect size for anything and everything! :)

  678. My favorite is 4.5mm. I use it the most. Have been using these hooks exclusively for a while, but mine are black. Would love to have this gorgeous kit and with the travel case as I belong to various crochet groups and they would accompany me everywhere.

  679. My Favorite is the J hook because I crochet so tightly.. Yes I would LOVE to have this set for traveling and just around the house!!

  680. I would say my favorite size is an I hook (5.5mm). I would love to try some beautiful new hooks. I have yet to get one with a nice handle!

  681. I most often crochet with a 3.5 mm hook, This set of knitpro seems perfect to take with me on the train. <3

  682. A favourite size? For blankets that would be a 4.00mm hook. For my lace weight scarves, I have to confess, it’s a 2mm hook! And for my filet crochet in my fingering weight yarn I find the 3mm is beautiful…. Do I really have to choose just one size? They’re all my favourite. And in such a cute case and those lollie colours, there’s no way I would be able to choose. Love them all!

  683. I like a 5 for most of what do. I usually stay home or in my rv to crochet so they would go back and forth.

  684. My favorite hook size is H. I would definitely add a case like this to my travel bag. It is also perfect for that small pair of scissors needed for your projects

  685. My favorite hook size??? I don’t think I have a favorite really, I’m quite happy to use the size the pattern says. I first taught myself to crochet 48 years ago with my grandma’s crochet hook, it was so fine and I used thread not yarn then. I’ve come a long way since then. I certainly would be nice to have a set in a case like this for travelling.

  686. I love the looks of this set as regular hooks make my carpal tunnel act up! Love the case with them too! I usually like to use a 5.00 hook , but would enjoy trying all of those colorful hooks out! The handles look like they’re really comfortable!

  687. my favorite hook size is H and I, but I love all the hooks. I take my crochet projects everywhere!

  688. My favorite hook is a 5 mm hook. This would be the solution to my sore hands!!!! I had to stop my crochet project this weekend because of sore hands. :(. Fortunately I was back at it in Monday. :)

  689. My favorite hook is 6.5 but I also like the smaller hooks to crochet with crochet thread.

  690. What a fabulous set!! Love the package! I use the 6mm the most so I guess that would be my favorite. I’d love to take this set travelling. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  691. I think my favorite hook is 3,5 because I love those numbers and the thicknes of the hook/needle is just right for the yarn I use. I would be making a colorful bag for summer with different flower atachments. And as I never go on a trip without good book and my yarn and hooks and needles I think I am the one to win this <3

  692. My favorite hook at the moment is the 4.5. It’s a great size for working on my wrist warmers!!! Love the look of these babies!!! Come to mama!!!

  693. My favorite hook is size H, I have tote bags everywhere with projects that I am working on, I always take a tote bag with me whenever I go. Love the look of the hooks.Would love to win.

  694. My favorite hooksize is definitively a 4mm! I love to work with Dk yarn and it suits for many more i think! I would really love to have a Travel-kit! I always have to search for my hooks in my bag and i don’t like small bags, so i loose hooking Time while searching for my hooks in my really huge handbags

  695. My fav hook size will be 3mm, since I love doing crochet laces, but if I win the kit, who knows what I can make of them, bigger laces perhaps? I am sure the kit will be handy for traveling purpose too and nothing forgotten or lost with such a pretty case.

  696. I use 4 or 4.5 for almost everything. I love taking my crochet with me to my daughters’ practices and appointments! Love those colors!

  697. My favorite hook is the H hook! And I’ll definitely use this for travelling! Esp when I go to visit my bf up in Baltimore!

  698. I seem to be using a ‘G’ hook a lot lately. Must be all the wristlets and such I am making.

    • These hooks are great for traveling. Right now I have my hooks stored in veterinary syringe cases but the lids keep coming off. My brother-in-law is a retired vet tech who gave them to me. They are nice but the kit would be great.

  699. What an awesome set – G is my go-to hook and I have yet to try one with a comfort handle. Very nice set – I don’t travel but having them at home would help keep my supplies organized.

  700. I use an H hook most often. If I win these hooks, I will be using them when I travel. I almost always have a portable project with me.

  701. My favororite hook size is 4, and of course I will use this pretty colorful kit as a travel kit.

  702. wow so beautiful hook, I wish I will get it. I can finish my project faster and I can do more new project. I can’t wait next week and hope my dream come true…my favorite size is 3mm and 5mm

  703. My Favorite is a 5.0 and I would take this set everywhere! I keep a bag at the ready every time I leave the house – you never know when you’ll have some extra time… :)

  704. My favorite hook size would be (I 5.5) I can use it with any yarn size, and yes this set is great for traveling, never seen such great set of hooks with a nice travel case……..hope I’m the winner.

  705. Favorite hook is a steel #6 given to me by my great aunt. She taught me to crochet when I was very young. I’m using it to make snowflake Christmas cards. I would love to win these beautiful hooks.

  706. My favorite hook is 5mm, but I like to experiment with different sizes. I would definitely use this as a travel kit, as we’ll as an everyday kit!

  707. My favorite hook size is a 5.0. If I had this kit I would use it while traveling. Looks like an awesome kit :-). Michelle Payne.

  708. The hook I use the most is no 2 (European). I crochet a lot with beads. And I crochet in any and every opportunity – when waiting in medical institutions, for instance. And sometimes the fact I am crocheting ignites a talk, at first with me, then among people who wait alongside, and that’s something I didn’t expect. So, crocheting is not activity only for solitude, it opens up people for social interaction :-)
    Of course, I would love to use those hooks. The handle on two of my favorite hooks broke recently.
    I wish you a happy hooking!
    Best regards and a :-)

  709. I would say my favorite hook would be the H(5mm), but I do like the large hooks for the chunky yarns like the N. I made a king size bed afghan with the N last December. Over the last 40+ years I’ve collected a variety of hooks, but I’ve never bought a whole set. This beautiful set would be great to have and it would travel to FL in the winter. My crocheting goes everywhere with me. I’d be honored if you chose me.

  710. I use 4.25 the most. I NEED this!

  711. I am a little odd. While my most used size would be a 3.5 hook, I usually have half a dozen projects running concurrently so I would not be using them as a travel kit. Instead one would travel with me in the car , one would be in the office , one as a kitchen project,one at the bedside! Can’t bear to have idle hands! So all the hooks would be “traveling” independently.

  712. Me favorit hook is 4,5 mm :)

  713. I love these hooks and I travel a lot with all of my hooks and bags of yarn. My favorite size if probably G6 4.25. It seems to be the one I use the most.

  714. I use 4.25 the most. I would love to have these, and yes I would definitely use it as a travel kit!

  715. 4 AND 5 i use mostly, all would be handy as i have sssssssssssssooooooooooooo many different sized yarn in my stash, i always take crochet and hook just in case!!!!!!!!!

  716. I am constantly on the road, and a travel kit like that would be great for those long international flights. I like G size hooks, but all are great.

  717. OMG ! This set is wonderful, and I would take it everywhere with me ! I often use 3 and 3.5 mm hooks, and smaller (I’m a small amigurumi’s addict), but anyway all of them would be useful.

  718. Ooo lovely! My favourite hook is 4m asbit is so versatile and if I had this set it would live in the little zip bag with wool which I keep in my overgrown handbag for all those random moments of crochet which need to be seized.

  719. I love my I hook :) I would use these on the go and at gome!

  720. I would probably say I use the 5mm the most. I would use them in my bag to carry around!

  721. My favorite hook is my 5.5mm. I’d definately use this set as my ‘bag buddies’. Toss them in my travel tote that has a couple different balls of yarn and some hooks (loose in the bottom..ACK!). I travel out of town a lot so I usually toss the tote bag with the rest of my luggage and just grab it so I know I have something to work on while away from home.

  722. My favorite hook size is a 5.5mm. I would most definitely use this kit while traveling as well as at home.

  723. Not sure on my fav hook – just starting tocrochet, and using 5mm…. And would love these needles for their grip! Great colors too!

  724. I use a 4.00 most often (mostly because of the weight of yarn i end up crocheting) but i use the size i need above all :) My husband prefers to make hats with a 4.25

  725. I’m only new to the addictive world of crochet – but so far my fav hook is my 4mm hook – I only brought the plain hooks to ‘have a go’ with – but they are doing the job :) I’ve completed a baby blanket and a few other bits & pieces

  726. My favorite size is a G hook. These look like they would be good for old hands and make crocheting more enjoyable. I would use these hooks in my travel bag for crocheting on the road.

  727. My favourite hook size at the moment is 3.5mm because I have been using it to create lovely amigurumi animals for my nieces and nephews for christmas. Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful set. Thanks Helen.

  728. I use I or J the most but would love the ability to toss this set in my bag and know I would have the perfect size hook for most projects!!!

  729. My Favourite hook size is 4.5 mm. I have the black handled knitpro hooks and I love using them. The green colour of the case is such a funky colour. I would definitely use this set for travelling so compact and stylish and easy to find.

  730. My favorite hook is 6.00 only 24 I love to crochet .it really relax me…to have travel bag will help me crochet on a go.

  731. My current favorite is the 4.5. Having a travel size kit would be great!,

  732. 5.5 and loving the fun colors!!! Yes I’d travel with these bad boys!!!

  733. hi, my favourite size is a 3.5mm since I use a lot of DK yarn and I crochet quite loose. I travel every weekend by car (as a passenger) and most of my creations happen while travelling. I would definitely keep this set in my crochet bag.
    vriendelike groete vanuit ‘n sonnige Suid-Afrika! oxo

  734. My most frequently used hook is the 3mm. I often take my crochet bag with me while travelling. So it would be great to take these lovely hooks with me!
    Thanks for offering this!

  735. I use hook size 4mm most, i am always crocheting things no matter where i am so the travel case would be fantastic. x

  736. this would be like an early Christmas present, to help me finsh off everyone elses presents

  737. Yeeah, that is exactly what I need! Love the colours. I am looking for my hooks all the time, they are usually grey colour so I don´t see them. Especially when my 1 year old decides to play with them.. My favourite hook is 4,5 or my giant hook from wooden brush. (Made by myself)
    Thank you, Lezu

  738. My favourite size hook is 3.5mm – the one I use the most often. I would definitely use this kit to travel as I always take some crocheting or knitting with me when we go away.

  739. I use a 3mm mostly and take it everywhere. Love the rainbow colours.

  740. My favourite hook at the moment is 2.50, as I am using Goldfingering thread making snowflakes & baubles, which means Christmas is on its way!!! the hooks will fit nicely into my vanity case when I go travelling

  741. My favourite hook is the 4.5mm it works lovely with the wool I like and is perfect for getting the sizing just right on one I my projects. I’m loveing these hooks so much I think I would use them everywhere I don’t think I’d be able to put them down :D x

  742. I seem to be on a J hook trend right now. Love the colors and ergonomic look of these.

  743. My size is the 4 mm and i’ll use the kit traveling, working,etc.Love the colors.

  744. My fave hook is 5 mm, I use it on almost every project. That is a great set and would be wonderful to take on trips.

  745. My fave hook would be F or G. They are my go to hooks. They are the two I use the most. And this kit would be a sweet pack n go case for vacay. They look comfy to hold and lovely colored.

  746. If I had to choose it would be 5mm it just seems perfect for every project, many time I try to follow patterns that call for a certain hook. Have taken projects apart and end up going with the 5mm hook!!!!! Travel case of Hooks would be a bonus!!!!!!!! :)

  747. I love using the 2mm for everything….I carry a small pouch filled with both threads/yarns, a small scissors, some patterns and my needles everywhere…I crochet in the bus on my way to work and back, in the car when I am with my family, during my lunch break at the office.

  748. My favourite hooks are 4 & 5. With a 4, you can still get a nice lacy effect for shawls for instance, and with a sturdier 5, I love making hats and mitts. :-) I travel to my parents in the Massif Central in France quite often, and having a travel kit would just be wonderful! :-) Thanks for the review and giveaway. :-)

  749. My favourite hook is a 4mm or a 6mm, but I also really like using the tiny hooks 0,5 and 0,75….to make delicate earrings and pendants. But in the end I guess I love all the sizes and use a wide variety of hooks all the time. A pack like this would just be wonderful and perhaps inspire to make one of your lovely Mandalas with it’s pretty colours. Have wonderful week,

  750. My favorite hook is the H. I love making toddler and childrens character hats for my grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. I saw those hooks on Moogly and they look so comfortable to hold and would be a joy to use when my tendonitis acts up. That kit would be just what I need when I travel.

  751. Oh wow! They are so colorful. They look fun to work with. My favorite hook size is 3.5mm. And I would definitely use it in my travels. I’m almost always working on some small I like keeping a hook or two in my purse!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  752. Wow what a beautiful set this is, indeed. I cannot say what my favourite size is (am I now out of chance????), because I like yarns in different thickness, and especially to combine with. BUT it would definitely travel with me, from Holland, as I go every summer to Greece and spend a couple of months on a beautiful island called Kefalonia (no not only for long holidays but for work as well!). I like your blog, ideas and creativity very much, so keep it up!!

  753. I definitely want to win these nice set of needles. My favorite is 3mm and i’m gonna use it as a travel kit for sure. In train or on holiday. Dank voor deze leuke actie

  754. Hello from Greece! Great gift, thank you so much! I love chunkier yarn so I would say 6 and 7!

  755. Hello! Love the look of these hooks!!! My fave one is the 5mm as I use a lot of 8ply . For some reason I tend to pick up my No 5 first up every time when I leave it tucked into a project and can’t find it …. not happy Jan!!

  756. Wauw wat een mooie give away! Mijn favoriete haaknaald is nr3,5 daar haak ik het meest mee!

  757. My favorite hook is a 5.5mm, it was the first hook I ever used and I think it’s perfect for worsted weight yarn, which I use a lot! I would DEFINITELY use this travel kit, it will be amazing to have another set of hooks that are comfortable to use and travel great with me!

  758. What a fab competition!!! For me though, when it comes to my hooks there is no competition. I like big hooks and I cannot lie – the bigger the better!! My current fave is 15mm as that’s the biggest I can get in English shops!! I will use for my everyday hooking a 4.5mm though as it is a really versatile hook. I would really love to win these as I suffer with carpal tunnel which is probably why I prefer a larger hook!

  759. My most used hook is my 3mm but it depends on the project of course!

  760. Love the set. I use so many different sizes hard to say if there is a favorite. I love very fine work (doilies, angels, etc.) to worsted for some very fun projects. Right now I am using 5.5 mm to make 13 toques with ear flaps with owl faces for my son and his work team for a Christmas party.

  761. My recent favorite is a 3.5 mm, but it changes with different projects and yarn weights. I would use this as a travel set and maybe at home too.

  762. What a wonderful hook evaluation and comparison! I would love a beautifully colored set like those!
    A rainbow of beauty as I have never seen!
    While carrying that set about town, just think of the possibility of new crocheters that set could inspire!

    My favorite size would be for fingering/size 3 cotton yarn – size 2.5mm.
    Love your blog,

  763. Μy favourite size is 4,5 and I love these hooks!!!hope I’m the lucky one

  764. OOoohh!! That’s lovely, my favourite is the 4mm, but I would take the kit everywhere with me and flash it to everyone!!!

  765. At the moment my favourite size is 4mm but I think the 2mm is moving up the list after doing some bauble covers! Definitely would use as a travel set!!!

  766. I usually use anywhere between a 4 to a 5.5 mm depending on what I’m working on. These hooks appear to be what I could definitely use!!!
    Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  767. Hello from Finland! My favorite hook is the 3,5 and I will definitely travel with this kit.

  768. That would be an awesome kit to give to my mom. She likes to use the 3.00mm to crochet intricate doilies, but because the steel needles are so thin they cramp up her hand and she struggles to finish her projects. She also uses the larger number needles to make granny square pot holders for decoration. I’ve been trying to convince her to buy a kit like that for a couple of months now, but she’s reluctant to splurge a couple of bucks for herself – even if it’s going to help her finish off projects more quickly. :-/

  769. My favorite hook ;;is 4.5mm!! I woould l;ike to take them everywhere with me!!! I think kit is really veeeery useful!!

  770. Μy favourite is 4.5 but i use also 5.5 :) Theese look just perfect, i loved them :)
    I also prefer the ones whith thiw handle ;)
    Definitely would use as travel set :)

  771. My favorite hook is a G 4.0 mm I would use those pretty hooks all day long.

  772. My fav is 4mm closely followed by 3mm :) x

  773. Honestly, they are all my favorites. I love making rugs with the Q hook, and making little tiny things with the small hooks. So, it is too hard for me to choose a favorite.

  774. my favourite is the nr 3.00 i will defnitly use this travel kit especially now with the holiday season thats comming. can do all my crochet will hubby driving.

  775. My fave hook size is 5, perfect for most common projects :)

  776. wow, what a lovely giveaway!! Thank you for sharing it :)
    My favourite hook is 3 mm which i use for amigurumi a lot. And i would definitely keep this set in my purse (now there is 1,5 mm and some thread for snowflakes for the time i need to wait for whatever).

  777. Here in Brazil this kind of hook doesn’t exist!!! We just have the metal ones, without this gooorgeous colored part! I’m in love with thus one!! If I win those, I’ll use everywhere I go to show everyone how beautiful and better they are! My favorite hook is 2,5 and 3 that I’m using this days for making hats and purses for kids.

  778. Ho ho ho will this fantastic hook be in my Christmas pack? My favourite hook to use is 3- 3,5- 4 and 4,5 mm. I love this colourful kit of hooks and I hope I win. ( do you send too Iceland?) If not I would like too thank all you people som is crocheting to let my bee able to see all your unique things you do, and that motivate my to do new things. This is awesome giveaway and I would love to win these.


  779. My favorite sizes are G and H…. I keep forgetting what that translates to in mm. Those are beautiful hooks!

  780. Great gift!!!My favoyrate is 4 and i would like to win this kit!!!

  781. My favourite sized hook is a 4mm as I seem to use it for everything! I don’t have a case for my hooks at the moment so travelling with them is such effort!

  782. I’m loving these colored hooks. My favorite hook to use is 5.5. These would go well with my cute bag for my traveling .

  783. 4mm is the size I seem to use the most for projects, but I think 5mm is my favourite because it seems to work up nicer and makes things bigger quicker! I would definitely use this set as my travel set, although I’d be tempted to use it all the time and other hooks might feel a little sad ;-)

  784. What a fab travel kit, im left handed and a newbe at crochet my right handed sister is trying to teach me. (Challenge isn’t the word)!!! So honestly I dont have a fav just yet but if I was lucky enough to win this kit id let you know as it would go everywhere with me!!!!!

  785. My favourite hook has to be 3.5mm. They’re just so perfect for all my amigurumi. I would definitely want to use it as a travel kit! But I’m so scared they’ll get dirty – it’s great that they come with a case. They look so colourful! Thanks for the giveaway! :D

  786. My favourite hook size 3.50 mm and I keep losing them

  787. Thank you for this giveaway!! I use 5mm and it’s so beautiful like a travel set!!

  788. Mijn favoriete nr is 4 daar haak ik het meest mee

  789. My favo size are nr3 and nr 4. I travel a lot by bus/train and I always bring something to crochet with me! This travel kit would be ideal

  790. My favorite hook is my G hook! I would love to win this set!

  791. What a lovely set. My favourite hook is a 4mm, mainly because its purple :)

  792. Hi Wink
    I only began crocheting 5 months ago and at this stage only own an Clover size 4 and 4.5 hook so this set would be just wonderful and so compact. I would have it by my side as I have started to take my crochet everywhere I can! It would enable me to experiment a little further too I think.
    Thank you Wink

  793. Thank you for the review and a lovely giveaway. I own one hook, a 4mm, but a set of different size hooks would certainly get me trying new things.
    Thanks Wink :)

  794. my favorite hook is 3,5mm..i would like to win this kit!! Thank you!!

  795. My favourite hook size used to be the 3.00 mm, but after a while I fell in love with my 4.00 mm red hook. I’ve never tried hooks with a handle, but I heard they are very convenient especially with the smaller hook sizes. I would travel with this kit for sure- more organized from what I travel with ;)

  796. My favorite size is a 5mm, mostly because that’s my favorite bamboo hook that I have.

    I’ve never used hooks with a handle before so I’d love to give it a try. And I’d definitely use it on the go. We take a lot of raod trips and these would be perfect to keep things secure in the car!

  797. They’re lovely !!! My favourite is 3,5 mm hook, I think because I learned with this hook.
    If I win, I’ll use this like a travel set or not jiji :)
    Thank you for the review and the giveaway

  798. Almost 800 replies, makes my chances reaaaaaaaalllly small. But yes, i want it I want it I want it! Living in the middle east makes me fly at least three times a year back to the Netherlands. Yes, i could really use a travellingcase with hooks. My favorite size, depending on my mood 3,5, but sometimes smaller to 2,5.

  799. This “small” yet huge colorful package of hapiness would make my everyday meditation even more adventurous. crocheting is meditation for me, jumping over and below rainbow! :)

  800. Hello from Italy!
    I’m just a beginner, so I prefere the big ones like 4 for example, but having them all would mean experimenting more and Also the seem so easy to carry on holiday!
    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  801. Working with everything from fine cotton to Aran what a joyous rainbow of loveliness!

  802. I seem to use a 5mm for just about everything i do these days . This would definitely make my hooking habit a little more travel friendly.

  803. My fav hook is 5.5mm i would take this case everywhere with me as i have always got a hook in my hand and green is my fav colour

  804. I always use the 2.0mm hook for all my amigurumi projects and the 5.0mm hook for other crochet projects for the home! This pouch will definitely help in greatly this december as i’m traveling for three weeks and yet have tons of crochet projects to make and give them away for the new year!! :D

  805. Well i was just looking for reviews on these hooks (in my search for some hooks to help stop my wrist aching) and came across yours! And a give away too, could I ask for more! Any way my favourite hook is defiantly 4mm! And I would use then for traveling with. Would mean not loosing my hooks by sticking them in the middle of a ball of yarn and them disappearing inside haha!!

  806. hello hello from France !!
    My favourite hook is 4mm as well, I use it for all the confortable things I crochet ( throws, shawls…) and it is the most convenient hook for the yarns I use usually.
    And of course, I travel with my hooks, and So will I if I win this wonderful givaway !!
    thanks a lot for the opportunity !!

  807. My favorite hook right now is the 5.5, as since I hurt my shoulder, using smaller hooks hurts worse. I would adore a travel kit like this and use it all the time!!!

  808. My prefered hook size is 6 right know, it’s getting cold and I crochet thinks that keep people warm, yes, I would use it as a travel kit, this would be perfect for our knitting/crochet meetings! And I love the colors and I mostly use knitpro anyways.

  809. Hi from Portugal!
    This is the best kit I have ever seen. Practical, colorful and with 9 different sizes. My favorite is 4 mm and would looooooooooooooove to have it.
    Thanks for this give away to who ever gets it. Enjoy!

  810. Probably the G or H. These look GREAT! I can not crochet much any more –my hands start to hurt. These would probably let me crochet again!

  811. Hi Marinke, what a nice person you are, and so generous. I don’t have a favourite hook, they are all nice, when I start a project and the hook is the right one, that a joy, no matter the size. Thanks for this splendid giveaway. Should I win, I’ll take it to the hospital, to cheer me up!!. You are so warm hearted!

  812. Ever since your post about all the items you carry around in your bag, I have been thinking it would be a good idea for me to carry little projects around with me too (I don’t know why I don’t at the moment. I’m with you on the number of notebooks though!). This kit of hooks would be ideal for that. My favourite size is 3.5, I think it gives a tighter / neater finish :)

  813. I mostly use the G or H hook. I would carry these with me for sure. They are beautiful! So much easier to keep them all together.

  814. My favourite is the 4mm hook. I have to travel by ship for 13-14 hours to visit my parents and crocheting keeps me company.So… a traveling kit it is!
    Good luck to everyone, cause this is an amazing giveaway!

  815. Sizes 3.5 and 5.5mm are my favourites :) I never leave home without my yarn and hook(s), whether on short or long trips, in a bus, train or plane. These hooks will definitely be eye-catchers and I guess, fellow travellers will be asking ‘Where did you get these yummy M&Ms hooks?”, instead of “What are you crocheting?” lol!

  816. 4mm and 4.5mm are my faves, I just got myself a 4mm clover hook, regretting not just getting the whole pack right away!! I have my own travel case though with owls on!!

  817. my favorite all time is 5 mm next comes 5.5mm…if have at least 4 or 5 of them…i have broke a few too…don’t ask me how..but there has to be a stronger hook out there for ME…

  818. My favorit hook size is 4.5mm this set would be exactly what I need :) I am new in crochet but I am always learning something new and have lot of ideas in my mind…just need to create some of them…this set would help me to start.

    love from Iceland <3

  819. What beautiful hooks in lovely colours!
    I would love a set like that to take travelling! Recently travelled internationally with my crochet hook in tow on the plane.
    The only hooks stocked anywhere near where I live are metal or plastic – I have just acquired my first clover amour hook and it beautiful to use and is much easier on my wrist!

  820. I read about these Knit Pro hooks in Simply Crochet magazine. I even went so far as to cut out a picutre of the green case and put it on the refrigerator as a gentle nudge to my husband to buy it for me for Christmas. Imagine my delight when I saw that you did a review and is giving away the green set!!! My favourite hook size is 4 mm but a very close second is 3.5 mm. I will use the case to keep my hooks all in one, tidy place (at the moment they’re in a small wooden box that looks a bit worn so it’s hidden in the cupboard.) I’ll keep my case on my bedside table – it’s way too pretty to hide away.

  821. yes nice ik werk veel met 4 en 5 zou het leuk vinden om te winnen

  822. My fav hook is 4.00 mm such a universal size. I travel with my hooks all the time so this would be great. Currently I have one travel set and any that aren’t in the set go in a pencil box.

  823. My favourite size is 2,5 because I like to make tiny things:) I have tried also many hooks but still not find the right one for me, so I take a chance

  824. I generally use a G or H hook for my projects, but it would be so handy to have a complete set like this. I don’t travel much, but this would certainly be a great take along set.

  825. I love to work with my 5 mm hook. I would put this in my bag everyday.

  826. My favourite is 4.5mm clover soft touch close second is the 5.5mm, they were the only two hooks I owned for ages, I dream of owning a complete set :)

  827. I use size 4 mainly as it’s perfect for teaching my Monday class. Having a complete set would be wonderful and I would take it to my class because I’d be able to keep my eye on the hooks as they have a habit of ‘wandering off’ sometimes! I only looked at these knitpro ones online yesterday as I have one Clover Amour one and was trying to compare them – so thank you for the info :)

  828. what a great addition of hooks to have

  829. I purchased one of these hooks recently and am ‘hooked’. No more finger cramps or ‘sleepy’ fingers. I am constantly crocheting, and even get teased a little because no matter where i go, my project bag is with me, so this set would be a great addition to my bag. My favorite hook is 5mm.

  830. ik gebruik meestal haak 2,5 en ik zou het heel tof vinden al die hippe kleuren van de haakpennen te zien liggen telkens je de la opentrekt om iets nieuws te haken

  831. i have very good remarks about this hooks and would love a set. i am an avid crocheter of afghans and my hand gets pretty sore.

  832. my favorite hook right now is an H (5.00mm).

  833. my favourite is M or N – (9-10mm) I use super bulky yarn in a lot of my projects!

  834. These are beautiful- I would so use them while traveling !

  835. It would be great to have a set like that. But do you send to the UK.

  836. I mostly use 3,5 or 5. That´s my 2 to-go-to-sizes. I have not tried theese and I would love to see if they are better for my hands. Fibromyalgia and MS is taking a bad hold on my body and hands this fall and they say to expect it to get worse during the winter, I who looked forward to sitting inside and crocheting while looking out at the snow!

  837. I’m only a recent crocheter and 4.5 is my fav so far

  838. I love 8mm!! These would come everywhere with me. The colors make me happy! :)


  840. These hooks are beautiful! They just look fun to use! I love the clear front so you can see all the colors! I would definitely use this as a travel kit! I take crochet to the doctor’s office! :) Thanks!

  841. My favorite hook size is 4mm, I use it for a good portion of my projects! And I would for sure use this kit!

  842. My favorite hook is size 4mm!! And as a mom of 2 teenagers i spend a lot of time in the car waiting between ballet and tennis lessons, school ets. My crochet projects go with me , so it would be nice ti have a neat case to carry my hooks in :-)

  843. 5.5 all the way! Love the Look of these Hooks, but I have never tried anything other than the standard aluminum ones.

  844. hello, My favorite hook is a 3mm i use it to make dolls . I take my crochet everywhere and this would be the perfect travel kit for me.

  845. I love my 2,5mm (small stitches are sooo lovely)
    I’d love to take this case everywhere with me, I crochet quite a lot in the train :D

  846. My favorite size hook for yarn is 5.0 mm. I seem to be using it a lot lately. For thread projects I favor a size 7 steel hook. I would love to have this set as my current crochet hook carrying case is nowhere as stylish as this one. I carry my hooks even with other fiber projects because you never know when a crochet urge will spring up.

  847. wow these are just perfect, luckily I use a variety of different sizes for lots of different projects from chunky blankets to delicate lacework, not forgetting the good old basic granny square. I LOVE THEM ALL :)

  848. It depends on my project! For amigurumi I prefer 2,5 to 3.5 mm. But for larger projects such as blankets, 4 or more!
    I definitely would use the case as a travelkit! I now use a plastic toothbrush case. (I’m not sure if this is the English word, but it’s the plastic thing you keep your toothbrush in when you travel.) An upgrade would be wonderful!

  849. Good morning Wink –
    I usually work with either a size 6, 7 or an 8 hook. As I’ve become older & the fingers sometimes stiffen up, I had to buy some rubber slip on grips for holding my hook while working. I’m presently working on a baby blanket in diamonds & using sherbet colors for my newest granddaughter born last July using a “G” or “7” hook & baby yarn but it’s 4 ply.

  850. My favorite is 4mm. I have never used the hooks with padded handles…they look really comfy.

  851. My favorite size is the 5mm. I would use these traveling back and forth from Florida to NC each year as I crochet all the way. I have one of the hooks which I bought to try out and love it. Thanks

  852. My goodness, I can’t decide which is my favorite, I use lots of hooks, to make chunky blankets or lacework. :) I suppose I would say a 5mm

  853. I nearly always use a 4mm hook but I’m always open to trying new things :) I most definitely would use this when I travel. I just got back from a trip and it sure would have been helpful.

  854. Mainly i use the 4 and the 3 mm.. but it depends on the yarn i use :D… I would like to use these cause if i crochet to long i get cramps… grrrr… and i hope that this will help me :D

  855. I love all my hooks! It just depends on the project. But I find I use the G hook most often. Love this colorful set!

  856. My favorite is the H hook. I carry my work upstairs in the evening and down in the morning, so you could say it would travel with me! Love to have this set!

  857. My favorite size is the 5mm. As far as using it for travel? Absolutely! I never leave the house without my crochet! I now use an old cigar holder that my mom used to hold her hooks and I inherited them!

  858. My favorite size hook is a 5 mm. And yes, I will definitely use this kit as a travel kit if I win it!

  859. I use a lot of different sizes but I guess the one I use the most is the 5.50mm. I’d definitely use this as a travel kit. But it might also help me keep track of my hooks at home. I misplace them all the time! :)

  860. It’s a toss up between the G and H (4.5/5.00) hooks! My crocheting is usually so tight that I usually have to go a size up! :)

  861. My favorite hook size is 4 mm. I make a lot of small animals and find it works the best. Would love a travel kit as a lot of my crocheting is done on the go.

  862. I’m new to all of this so I haven’t found a favorite.

  863. So…my favorite as of late is my F hook.

  864. This month it is a 5.0 Making hats for everyone for Christmas next would definitely be a 4.5! Give me a hook and I WILL crochet!!!

  865. My favorite hook size is 5mm and i would love to get my hands on those hooks!!!!

  866. I love the “I” hook, it’s my go to hook. =D i’ve never used a hook with ergonomic handles and would love to give them a try and that kit is adorable and i would love to show it off and take it everywhere!

  867. Wow these look really special. I mainly use a 3.5mm or a 4.00mm and would love to use ones with padded handles (none of mine have the rubber handle on them) and to have a special case to keep them in – what a gift!

  868. Ohh…. i want these so badly! My favourite size is 4 mm, and I’m dying for a little traveling case. So can these things be bought in Germany too?

  869. Hi, my favorite hook is 3.50mm, not too big not too small. I will not use it as a travel set. I would send it to my mother in Trinidad.

  870. Im still new to crochet, so I think all my hooks are my favourite.. trying out different sizes with different yarns to see what happens. Most used is my 5mm though.. Ive been making a lot of hats for my little girl. :)

  871. My favorite hook size is 3mm. This is so beautifull

  872. Oh they look lovely! I probably use a 5mm the most. The kit would certainly be a fixture in my bag. Thanks to Moogly for the mention on facebook – love this blog! Greetings from Belgium.

  873. My favourite is 4mm I use this most of all as I use mainly DK yarns, But a whole set in lovely colours would broaden my horizons

  874. my favorite hook size is 4mm. this set would fit perfectly in my bag as a travel kit, but i know i would use it at home too. thanks for the chance to win one.

  875. I think the 5mm hook is my favourite. It definitely gets used the most! These hooks look great!

  876. My favorite is 5.5mm. It seems that I crochet much faster with this hook.

  877. Favorite hook size is US H.

  878. My favorite is a 5.00. I don’t travel with my work but having them all in one case would be handy.

  879. 4mm for me!

    Love the colors and case!

  880. Wow, what a gorgeous kit. My favourite hook size is 4.00mm. I use it for hats and amigurumi. I would probably use this kit in my office at my workplace. I find crocheting during my lunch hour, eases the stress.

  881. 6mm I tend to have a tight stitch and I love that the big hook gives me a nice a soft texture.

  882. Damn, I would love to have these!!!! But wow …. So many competitors …. Let’s give it a try! Why? Because of my hands it’s better to use ergonomic hooks (well, better is not to crochet

  883. My favourite sizes are 3 and 3.5mm and I would take them everywhere, even to Iceland for a family visit.

  884. My favorite hook is a J/6.00 I would use this everywhere, on the road, in my house, at appointments…..this would be wonderful. Right now I use a toothbrush holder.

  885. My favourite hook right now is 3mm – I making a lot of christmas ornaments. And since I do most of my crochet while commuting a little travel set would indeed be handy.

  886. H hook is my favorite size hook and I love my Clover hooks too. I love trying new products though and I’d use these ones for everyday use.

  887. 4mm but I end up using all sizes eventually.

  888. I don’t have a particular favourite, I like working with all yarns and therefore all different size hooks, I do like using the smaller hooks though with cottons, making coloured flowers/doilies, and I use the larger hooks to make my granddaughter’s teddy bear clothes, so I’m sure she would say my favourite is a 4mm. I take my crochet on holiday with me, so these would be ideal. Earlier this year when I went to Cyprus, I spoke to another lady that I wouldn’t normally have dreamed of speaking to except that she was crocheting as well. So we had a lovely chat and compared our projects.

    Thank you for offering this gift.

  889. My favorite hook is 6.5 (K). I make the easiest beanie hat using it that I donate to our local shelter and to my favorite charity that ships care packages to active military around the world. I have to say I would travel with it, my project bag goes everywhere I do.

  890. This kit looks amazing, My favorite hook changes with every project or yarn, currently I am using I /5.5mm for legwarmers. When I am working on a project everything goes with me everywhere so ABSOLUTELY this would be my go to travel kit. My daughter likes to play with my hooks so they get scattered and lost constantly, this kit would be perfect around the house as well.

  891. My fav hook is 5.5mm, mostly because I’m working 3 projects with it right now! I would definitely travel with this kit. I like that you can see inside it to see which hooks you forgot to put away! I wonder…does everyone put their hooks back in the case or keep it with the project. I often forget what size I was using, so I tend to keep it w/the project

  892. My favorite hook is a size g/6 4.0 mm. I use it the most but also use any hook that the yarn calls for. I travel *A LOT* and all my friends and my husband always ask me not what clothes am I packing but what project :)

  893. My favorite size hook is a 3.0 mm. I seem to be using this crochet hook for so many of my projects that the size has worn off of my needle. :) I’d love to have this travel kit as I am away from home four days a week and cannot go a day without yarn in my hands.

  894. Wow!!!! these look wonderful. I love a 4mm for baby items. It looks like these might be easier on my hands then holding a thin metal hook.

  895. 5mm and traveling with this would be nice

  896. I use the 2 most. Love the little work and take it with me everywhere so yes! I definitely will take the whole case. So pretty to look at and lots of people look at my work as I go. These will be a great conversational topic!

  897. Size H / 5.00mm is my favorite. I like making the Corner to Corner Throw with DK yarn. I would definitely use this set. I love the case & the organization.

  898. Falling in love with my 5.0 hook! Did sit on the beach this summer making a fabulous shawl with my 4.0 clover! Could seriously use these for years to come! Making my first sweater at present!

  899. My favorite hook is by far the J – 6.0mm. With two small kids in the house and a third on the way, all my crochet work is in “travel” mode as I never know how long I can really crochet nor if my little ones will decide the they want to play with my yarn – so I would say this would be a great travel & home case for me :)


  900. My favourite size of the moment is 3 mm – perfect for ornaments. I do most of my crochet while commuting so a cute little travel pouch is very tempting!

  901. My favorite is a 3.5mm for my ami and a 6mm for pretty much everything else. I would definitely use it as a travel kit!

  902. I’m a 5mm girl :)

  903. My favorite is a 6mm. I would most certainly use it as a travel kit, as I frequently go to my daughter’s home to babysit, and always take my crocheting with me.

  904. As a grandmother I crochet mainly for my grandchildren. My favourite hook size is currently 3.75mm as it’s very versatile. I also travel a lot as I look after my grand-daughter while my youngest and her husband work, so these hooks would be a real blessing – especially as they are obviously so comfortable to use. My hands aren’t getting any younger! :-)

  905. I’m a big size H user. I make a lot of amigurumi :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  906. Oh wow, how wonderful to have a full kit! My trusty H might get jealous but I can live with that! And organization to boot…….for travel or home

  907. My favourite hook size is 5mm. I crochet a lot of amigurumi with bulky yarn and I find it’s the best size to use! :)

  908. My favorite size is the 4.5. I use it more often bc I like tighter look. I would probably use these all the time bc of shortness of them. I have small hands. I truly love the colors. Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  909. Seems like most often I use an H hook–especially since I’ve been on a major baby blanket kick and I stitch so tightly. Need the larger hook! :)

  910. My favorite hook size is 3.75mm, and I would DEFINITELY use this case as a travel set.

  911. I’m a “try every size at least once” kinda girl :) My favorite size is H, I have to say. This set is amazing!! I would use it for home and away. Such a lovely offer.

  912. What beautiful hooks!!! I already have one or two, and always reach for these every time! They allow me to crochet for alot longer than the metal ones My favourite size is
    4-50 as I work alot with aran yarn. By the way, did you crochet all the mandalas you use as wallpaper on your blog? They are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  913. my fave hook size is 4mm and my fave hook is the 4mm one I learnt to crochet with. Liking the rainbow shades : )

  914. Definitely a J for most projects. H for baby items, of which I make a lot. These will be great to carry around, since I do a lot while in waiting rooms!

  915. Thanks for offering this giveaway! My fave hook is 4mm. I carry around my projects everywhere – on the subway, at work on lunch break, in the car, standing in line….

  916. I like the 4mm also. It seems quite a few of us do. It works for so many of my projects.

  917. I think my favorite would have to be a 5.0 or 5.5. I have been using Crochet Lite hooks mostly for the comfy grip, these look like they might be even nicer to hold. They would find a home in my ‘take everywhere’ crochet bag!

  918. I believe hook “I” has become one of my favorites. With baseball, band and swim traveling has become a very common thing so of course I take my hooks everwhere. Now I didn’t say they were organized. This would be awesome!!!!!

  919. These are so adorable – I would definitely find a place in my bag for travel! I think my current favorite size is J, but that can change on a whim…and depending on what I’m working on…

  920. My favorite hook is the H. On lighter weight yarn I have use the F. A set in a case would be a great addition to my yarn bag. I take this bag to all appointments, meetings and when traveling. It always gives me something to do while waiting and I can then take it home to finish.

  921. Oh wow, I love to crochet and had not seen these , they look fantastic and so comfortable ~ I think I use a 5mm hook the most . How I would love to be able to be able to get this , love the case too .

  922. im disabled so i will use the hooks at home! But I love the case and also my favorite hook is definitely a n! I love big hooks

  923. Hi. I have to say those hooks made my heart and hooky hand quiver! So pretty and so conveniently the right size for me to carry around. My favourite hook size is 4mm. I find this the perfect all rounder and my go to size. This size hook has pretty much made most of my Xmas/bday/baby gifts!

  924. Hi! Love the hooks and the container. I really enjoy reading your posts all the time! Happy Thanksgiving! Got to go – working on several projects for Christmas!

  925. These look awesome! Love the colors and the size. My favorite sized hooked is between a 3.5mm and a 6mm. These are the ones I seem to use the most.

  926. They are beautiful! My favorite hook size is a 6.0 I use it to make my adorable little boys adorable hats. Thank you!

  927. Oh, I’d love to win this set! I don’t have comfy hooks like this and I think it would really help my arthritic hands! My favorite hook size is US/I and I would definitely keep this in my travel case (which I actually take to work every day!) :)

  928. My favorite hook size is either a G or J. I would DEFINITELY give these babies a workout! I’ve taken up knitting recently, but I’m dying to get back to my simpler (FASTER) craft!

  929. I spend a lot of time using the 4.0mm. It has by far served me best in most of my projects.

  930. I use 4.0 and 5.0 most often (recently to make his and hers scarves for some couples I love to pieces!) The idea of having a convenient pouch for these “go to” sizes is genius! Helpful review. Thanks!!

  931. My favorite size hook is my g hook. I don’t do a lot of traveling anymore so would mostly use these hooks at home. I crochet most every day and would love a set of these!

  932. My favorite. Hook sizes are 4.25 mm and 5mm and that’s also because they are the only two that I own with handles like these