it’s wristies season!

Yes! Autumn is my favourite season, not in the least because it’s wristies galore season! :)

Sandra from Cherry Heart recently released this groovy pattern, called Cherry Basket, and as soon as I saw it I purchased it and made two pairs! :)
This pattern is so awesome because it’s highly customizable. I’ll show you.



This is the first pair I made. I didn’t have enough yarn for full wristies, so I made the basket-weave part shorter, and left out half of the top part, omitting the thumb openings.



I love the way this pattern describes to join the rounds of the top half; it creates a very nice and neat seam!


This pair came out a little too small for me (I used Rooster Almerino DK with a 4mm hook), so I made another pair.

I started with 4 extra stitches this time, and some acrylic from my stash with a 4mm hook. These came out fitting perfectly! :)



I wasn’t really feeling the flower embroidery for these wristies, so I embroidered a heart instead.


I made these wristies a lot longer on both the bottom and top parts, and included thumb holes (with 2 extra chains instead of what it says in the pattern). I think my hands are a little bigger than Sandra’s ;)



If you’d like to make a pair too, head on over to Sandra’s Cherry Heart blog, where you can find the link to purchase it. It only costs 2,50 pounds, which is a great value. The pattern is clearly written and has lots of pictures! If you’ve never used the basket weave stitch, this pattern will explain it to you :) You’ll be making cute wristies in no time! I bought the pattern myself (I wasn’t gifted it or anything) and this is my honest opinion.

I gave the white pair away in the swap last weekend, during the Crochet Meet! :) More on that day on this blog, soon!


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  1. I must buy this pattern and have a go at making these, I never thought to embroider onto crochet (fairly new to it) – what a lovely way to individualize your creations. Thankyou :-)

  2. These are adorable, what a beautiful pattern :) I love the hearts you have embroidered onto your green wristies :)

  3. Cool! I love the cherry ones.

  4. Adorable. The green ones fitts perfect with your nails. Gorgeous.

    Love, Margaret

  5. I love the green ones, I would love the pattern.

    Lluisa xx

  6. OMG- both pairs are so cute, but I love the green ones, with the heart even more! I’ve only crocheted one pair of fingerless mittens before, I’m not sure I could do them.

  7. Beautiful work, love the heart embroidery!