craft studio envy: froekus

I’m happy to welcome Froekus to the blog today, to show you her craft space!


“Two and a half years ago me and my family were on vacation. My husband and I talked about my job, how I wasn’t happy with it anymore, and what I could do to remedy it. He reminded me of my love for making things. When my kids were little I used to craft all the time and make clothes for them. This time around, I wanted to make something new from something old. There’s enough new stuff in the world already; I saw it as a challenge to turn used things into new things!”




“And now I have my own craft space. My son gave up the attic so me and my husband could use it as our bedroom, and we turned our master bedroom into a studio. I go thrifting a lot, looking for fabric I can re-use. People even bring it to me now! I hope to officially open my studio in January, so I can give workshops. Everyone who likes it can come over and craft, and I have since given my first crochet lesson!”








Thank you Froukje for showing us your amazing space!

If you’d like to show off your work space or craft studio, send me an email at winkieflash[at]gmail[dot]com. I’m planning on making this a recurring series! :)


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  1. Geweldig! dank je wel!
    tot gauw,

  2. This is great!! Looks wonderful. I love it! You made it look so nice yet very functional. Great job!

  3. Wow, I’d move in there in a heartbeat. I’ve being trying to make my small room into a craft room, but I’ve got too much (non crafty) stuff. Trying to sell and give away some, but not quick enough ;-) On the other hand, I do not see myself crocheting sitting at a des instead of hanging on the couch.
    We will see. But this surely works motivating! Really cool, inspiring an calm space.

  4. Wow! What a fantastic space. What I would give for that, but I am happy for her that SHE has it. How wonderful! And it looks as though she has been doing some great crafting! xxoo JO

  5. bloos/blush and thank you,
    FroeKus (Froukje)

  6. What a wonderfully inspiring space – I wish Froekus the very best in her future endeavours – and I do love those hearts! Joy x

  7. That is great craft room. Boy would i love to have one.

  8. I thought ‘I’ had A LOT of Buttons!! Love it!

  9. Oh so jealous of that craft space. I have a tiny corner of my basement.

  10. Ohh my god!!That is so beautiful…Envy Envy !! :):P