vintage fan ripple blanket wip



I just realized that this is my first ripple blanket! :)

I’m still working on this lovely blanket, which is growing ever so slightly, and making me very happy! I’m working it with a 4mm hook with Scheepjes Softfun yarn, and each colour repeat yields about 1″/2,5cms of blanket :) If I work one colour every day, it should be finished relatively fast (if…).

I think I’m going to repeat this colour pattern throughout the blanket. I’m currently on the yellow row, after this there’s a blue colour, and then the whole thing repeats.


I will be happy hooking this over the Christmas vacation! :) Currently this WIP resides next to our sofa, in it’s own basket…


Oh, the pattern I’m using is the Vintage Fan Ripple, and when I finish the blanket I’ll make a proper photo tutorial of it! :)


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  1. I have had this blanket pinned for a while… I think it’s so beautiful! Yours looks gorgeous. =)

  2. It looks so pretty! You’ve really made me want to find that yarn here in UK, I love their colours.

  3. This is quite lovely! Would you mind sharing your measurements and chain count? I always get so tangled up trying to figure out how to make it the right size. Thanks

  4. Lovely. Can’t wait for the tutorial to come out. Happy holidays y’all.

  5. Your crochet looks very neat! I’m curious to see the end result :)

  6. It’s looking very pretty so far. :)

  7. I just love it. It WILL be my next afghan. I love it with the different colours ,it shows the pattern off so much better than all one color. I even have the yarn all ready. I wish I was finished with the Christmas gifts. Soon!!

  8. Beautiful! I have the pattern in my Ravelry library. Love your colors and can’t wait to see the finished product.

  9. It looks beautiful, I love the colors!

  10. I love, love, love your blanket!!!!!

  11. Love the waves of color here! Great vintage/modern look.

  12. Hermoso punto!!! gracias

  13. what a beautiful pattern. Hope it won’t be too hard for me to figure out.

  14. Good afternoon…
    What a beautiful first blanket….
    Maria Rosalia

  15. It’s so gorgeous, I love the colours and the yarn seems to have a soft and lovely texture, really nice all together,

    Have a nice weekend!!

    Lluisa xx

  16. this is so very lovely…I love, love, love the colors you have chosen to work with.

  17. It is stunning Wink, and a great pattern for your first ripple too!!!

  18. This is the one pattern that I MUST set aside my designing to make! I have been oogling it for some time now,but the pictures and colors you have chosen have pushed me over the edge! Gaaah!

  19. That is so so so pretty !!!
    No words ..simply beautiful !!
    we are waiting for the tutorials !

  20. Dat ziet er uit als een zeer fijn project voor de donkere avonden. Mooie kleuren ook. Ik begin nu toch wel echt nieuwsgierig te worden naar scheepjes softfun. In de kerstvakantie maar even naar kijken.

  21. Your blanket is beautiful already! I can’t wait to see the finished product. =) I really love the colors you are using. xoxo

  22. Gorgeous colors! I’m starting mine now and I’m wondering what you think about the amount of yarn it takes. Is it a yarn eater? :-)

  23. doing this kinda things are soooo relaxing, hope ou have some tutorials, cause I enjoy doing ’em. To begin y loke/loved the bonnet ya did

  24. can I print out your pattern? That would be so wonderful. I do most of my work at appointments and cannot use my computer then. It would be awesome
    if you do have. Shirley


  25. I would love to do this pattern!!! I have tried but cannot figure it out on my own…..will be glad when you make a tutorial for it……what you have posted is beautiful!!!

  26. Your ripple blanket is lovely – I really like your choice of colours.

  27. Beautiful colours. I’ve added this pattern to my long list of things to do!

  28. Would this stitch look right with a variegated yarn? Would that do the stitches justice? I’m thinking neutral with a contrasting color in the varigated. Or a pink peppermint twist – I love baby bee yarn. What guage Would you suggest? I’ve been Crocheting for years, and I love to do new stitches.

    • Hi Darlene! You could always try a variegated yarn. Personally, I don’t think it would suit this pattern, but who knows, it might look spectacular! :) Be sure to show me some pictures!