the 2013 wish list – the results

Hi everyone!


(Cool picture huh? This is my dad’s Christmas wreath, shot with a long exposure and a zoom lens, zooming in while taking the shot. It’s easy and great to experiment with, and it almost always yields awesome results!)

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas this year! I was ill the entire week before Christmas, and I’m still not 100% well. I took a much needed break from everything, hence the lack of posting here. My autistic brain always has a hard time around the holidays, so I decided to take it easy for a while. My energy levels are almost back to normal now, and I’m ready to start 2014 with a bang! :)

Back to business! Do you remember this post from January this year? In it I listed all the things I wanted to do this year. Some I made, some beyond expectation, and some never happened! ;)

1. Continue the weekly mandalas
I continued making weekly mandalas until April. The mandalas really put me on the radar so to speak, so after April I hardly had time to make my own mandalas, since I was super busy designing them for Simply Crochet magazine! :) The mandalas are still what I’m known for best, and I intend to keep releasing new mandala patterns next year (more on that soon!).

2. Create more (free) patterns
Check, check and check! I started writing for Tuts+ on a regular basis, and I’ve released 24 patterns for them this year! That’s two a month, and pretty darn impressive if you ask me :) I also released my own free patterns on the blog, around 6 I believe. I also created two paid patterns: one mandala pattern and the shrug I designed for Design Wars! Pattern-design-wise, I think this has been a great year for me!

3. Make printables
Did that too! I made these cute project bag printables, which I still use every time I start a new project or design.

4. Finish ALL the WIPS!
Well, I did complete this one, sort of. I finished the things that I had been working on for aaages, and frogged the ones that I was never going to finish anyway. My WIP baskets are already filled up again though, mostly with assignments for magazines and Tuts+! The good thing about working for them is the deadlines; they force me to actually finish a project ;)

5. Learn continental knitting
Not only did I not complete this goal, I hardly knit at all this year. I struggled a lot trying to finish my Colour Affection Shawl, which took way longer than I had intended. I still love to knit, I love the fabric it creates, and I love oogling all the great knitting patterns on Ravelry. But right now I knit with the speed of a slug, hence my goal of learning continental knitting! I guess I got too busy to complete this goal.

6. Make a quilt
Yeah, this one didn’t happen either. I’m still pinning away on my Quilt Quilt Quilt Pinterest board, so I’ve got lots of inspiration! The real problem here is time. I think I’ll put this goal on the back burner, for a rainy day!

All in all, I think I did really well this year! I set out some goals, and met most of them. I got to write for Simply Crochet magazine! My work was featured in Chrochet! Magazine, Homespun Australia, Mollie Makes, and Dutch magazine Simply Haken. I wrote tutorials for Tuts+ for an entire year, with more cool tutorials to come! My blog stats broke all previous records, and my Facebook page hit 12,000 likes. When I look back, 2013 has definitely been an awesome year for me. I feel very grateful that so many of you have found my little blog this year, and have been so supportive of my work. Thank you!!!

I’ll be back later this week with an update on the vintage fan ripple blanket, and with my new goals for 2014! :)

Have a great New Year’s eve everybody!


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  1. Yay! Well done Wink! :)

  2. Doesn’t it feel great to note your accomplishments? Job well done, Wink! I’m working on my goal list now. Hope I can do as well as you accomplishing the goals. Love your work. Happy New Year! xxoo JO

  3. Well done wink !!
    hope you feel 100% soon.
    ..I use your handy labels too and wonder how i coped without them
    ,……..bestest to you and wishing you the best year ever for 2014
    Daisy j xx

  4. Get well soon and what a productive year it has been. Any wonder your body is a bit overwhelmed.
    Happy New Year.

  5. What an inspiration! I love your work you post. I want to make the bag for both my daughters and have already picked out the lining. I also have 5 projects that will be carried over to the new year! Wow! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your fun and work!

  6. You’ve done very well Wink. Happy New Year to you and your family. :)

  7. That is indeed impressive! All the best in the new year :)

  8. Well done! Happy New Year!

  9. I found you through Simply Crochet and have been following you every since! You did have a productive 2013…Wishing you only good things in 2014!

  10. I love the whole Mandela process, and they are beautiful, but what do you do with them?

  11. It’s been great to be there with you when you went through all that, seeing you progress so well!! Can’t wait to see what you have for us all this year :D

    Happy New Year Wink xx

  12. Good evening…
    The 1st january is just there…
    I wish your wishes come true…
    A very happy and healthy year 2014…
    Maria Rosalia

  13. Yay! Awesome effort, and thankyou so much for sharing your patterns ~ I’ve made many of them. Wishing you a wonderful 2014, filled with many more crafting adventures. x

  14. Well what an amazing year you have had Wink… Congratulations on so many many accomplishments this year… it sure has been ‘the awaken of Wink – the Creative Being’…
    Rest up & get your strength up I can see 2014 is going to be a very wild creative & magical year for you… Thank You for being your authentic self… I’m sure everyone will agree that this is what we love about you most… <3

  15. you certainly have done well – I first saw your work in ‘Simply Crochet’ and wanted to see the person behind the hook :) Thanks for a great blog and I wish you all the very best for 2014. So keep on making and designing. Gail :)

  16. Well done and congrats on meeting so many of your goals! You have obviously been working very hard this year and it has paid off! Hats off to you!

    – J