my 2013 faves – part I

It was SO MUCH FUN browsing through all my old posts from 2013 to pick my favourites! :D It’s amazing to see all the things I have accomplished in one year.

I’ll share 6 fave posts with you today, and the other 6 next week (one for each month of the year)!

Fave post in January: The Baby Groovy-ghan Tadah!
I made this baby blanket for a customer and it was absolutely an amazing colourful way to start the new year! I loved making this, and I still love all the bright colours together. One of my favourite projects from last year.

Fave post in February: My Weird Way Of Crochet!
I made a video, showing you all my way of crochet. Turns out it wasn’t really that weird, just really really fast! I had a blast doing this video for you, even if I was very nervous while shooting it ;)

Fave post in March: (Very) Early Birthday Present!
Even though my birthday wasn’t till May, I ordered something from South Korea a little early, just in case ;) So at the end of March, the most amazing crochet hook case made it’s way to my doorstep, and it’s still my most used crochet tool to this day!

Fave post in April: I Love Holland!
I released my first paid pattern last year: the I Love Holland mandala! :) It did really well, and it was pretty awesome seeing all your mandalas on the interwebs!

Fave post in May: Free Printables!
I still use these projects cards whenever I start a new project, they are super helpful! I write down the yarn, hook size, and any other notes, and keep it with my crochet work. So when it ends up in the WIP pile, I can still see what hook I used ;)

Fave post in June: Made: Noro Boho Bag!
I made the most beautiful bag last year (and then a couple more for other customers). The Noro Bag is the best bag! I used 5 different colour ways of Noro to get the squares I wanted, and embellished the bag with raw gemstones, hemp rope, feathers, and beads. Even though I already have a Noro bag, I kind of wish I made another one just for me ;)

Alright, stay tuned next week for the final 6 fave posts of 2013!


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  1. The crochet case keeps being awesome!

  2. Wow you do crochet really fast! Wish I could do that. I especially love your hook case and your project cards :)

  3. This is a great idea for a post – I might borrow it, if you don’t mind :D

  4. Great idea! Started following the blog from June, so really nice intro to previous posts. Looking forward to the next 6. Best wishes for 2014. Claire.

  5. U are so sweetly crafty and pinkalicious. I gave a lovely friend from holland, Inge. And marcel can tun. Dutch man are tall and beautiful and the women so pretty and healthy looking. I absolutely adore ur blog and creations keep on sockin it to us.

  6. Marcel van tuyn and Inge. Damn spell check. I meant the Dutch men are so nice looking.

  7. I’m loving your extraordinary video which links to more and more videos. Aussie is fascinating. Ooh ooh do do more videos. Esp. Mandalas. I love holland tutorial.

  8. I love the Noro bag – such a travel, free spirit energy about it. Gorgeous…. think I will make one for myself if that’s ok. :)