my 2013 faves – part II

Here’s part two of my favourite posts from 2013 :) (part I is here!)

Fave post from July: Bloggy Friends!
One of the best times I had last year was when I met Stephanie from A Bag Full Of Crochet in Germany!

Fave post from August: The Dancing Hearts Wrap Is Here!
I got to participate in Design Wars last year, and this was the shawl I designed. I’m still so proud of it :)

Fave post from September: Project Seal: The Big Reveal!
I got to yarn bomb a seal statue and it was AWESOME.

Fave post from October: Free Pattern: Squares Bag!
My most popular pattern yet was released last year, and it has been so fun to see all your wonderful bags popping up everywhere! :)

Fave post from November: Kreadoe Loot!
I visited a big craft fair last year, and this was the loot I brought home with me :) Can you believe I still haven’t found the perfect project for this gorgeous yarn?

Fave post from December: New Christmas Tutorials!
I hardly blogged in December due to illness and an overall lack of energy, but I did manage to create a couple of fun Christmas crochet tutorials :)

And those were my 12 favourite posts from 2013; here’s to continuing the grooviness in 2014! :)


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  1. ha! continuing the grooviness in 2014. Thanks for taking us along. PS…loved the seal! So cool

  2. looking forward to another great year of crocheted goodness with you! Love the way your seal turned out…and the shawl is so very lovely, it really is hard to pick just one great post that you did…have a great day!