yarn review: vinnis colours

Remember when I visited Germany last year, and Stephanie gifted me a lovely yellow ball of Vinnis Colour yarn from South Africa?

I fell in love with it immediately, so when Natasja approached me and asked me if I wanted to do a yarn review on the cotton version of the Vinnis, I didn’t hesitate for one second! :)



Natasja sent me four balls of scrumptiously soft Vinnis Colours in mahogany brown, desert sand, antique brown and ballet pink (best colour way names ever by the way!), for me to play around with.

It comes in 50g balls which have 119 meters of yarn on them. It’s a DK (double knit) weight, and works up best with a 4mm hook (depending on your tension of course), or 3.5mm knitting needles.




This yarn feels very soft to the touch. It’s not rough at all, like some other cotton yarns out there. It’s also hand dyed, how cool is that? The yarn label tells you a bit more about where it came from:
“This yarn is hand dyed and balled by women from an economically depressed rural area of South Africa. The sale of this product has empowered them and brought economic benefits to their community. Hand dyed yarn gives your garment a unique marbled effect.”


The good news is that you don’t have to travel all the way to South Africa to get this yarn, because Natasja is selling it in her Etsy shop, CrocheTime!

And now for more awesome news: Natasja is offering 10% off your yarn order! :) Use code ‘WINKIEFLASH’ upon checkout from her Etsy shop CrocheTime, but hurry: only the first 10 people there get to snag that discount away!

I will be creating a groovy (and free!) pattern with this yarn, so watch this space! I’m planning on releasing it somewhere in February.


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  2. Great looking cotton yarns! I love that pale pink with the darkest brown! I shall be looking forward to discovering your groovy free pattern! I’m still making those fun coasters! I can’t seem to stop! I’ve got little pointy edges everywhere and have started making them for great gifts!

  3. I just order some lavender yarn! I hope it’s as beautiful as it looks! When will you have the pattern ready?

  4. I hook almost exclusively all my projects in Vinnis! All my blankets and scarves still look new even after handling it a lot and washing it a couple of times! Enjoy, I am curious to see what you will be making.

  5. How much yarn will we need for your pattern Wink?

  6. You won’t be sorry to crochet with Vinnis. The colours are to die for stunning!!!!!!!!! Proudly South African…

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  8. I love the colors. Wow.

  9. Vinnis yarns are amazing!! Does a cotton/bamboo blend (DK) and a pure bamboo (4ply) as well. Have met Vinni – what a fabulous person!!! I am also proudly South African..

  10. May I ask, would you consider this a “dry” cotton yarn? Meaning it’s not mercerized or “slippery”. I’m dying to knit this lovely lace cardigan from a magazine, and it suggests using a “dry”, “sticky” cotton yarn in order for the lace to hold it’s shape more. I’d love nothing more than to use the Vinnis yarn and bring prosperity to those in need! Nothing is better than fair trade! Thank you for the yarn review and your lovely blog, as usual. :)

    • Hi Fuego,
      It’s not mercerized, but it is a little bit slippy. It’s much smoother than other cotton yarns out there, so if you’re looking for something more ‘dry’ and stiff, I would probably go for a different brand.

      • Hmmm….ok, I’ll keep searching. :) I’ll still need to grab me some of this yarn for other projects though! Thank you for your help!

        • Fuego, would you like to inbox me your postal address, I live in South Africa and currently have a ball of their bamboo range, will gladly take some off the ball and mail it to you, so that you can ‘feel’ it, carey-elance at hotmail dot com I have made some beautiful crochet leaves with it and am amazed that it’s bamboo. Their cotton range as Wink says is awesome too.

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  12. Have access to this gorgeous product right here in SA, so can’t wait to see what you design and what the pattern is. Hopefully easy enough for a beginner and not too advanced ;). Was wondering what I can make with it……. waiting with abated breath.. ;)

  13. Such pretty yarn! Can’t wait to see what you make with it!
    Kate :}

  14. Hi! I sent you an email yesterday with a little propksition! I’m leaving this email in case it went in your spam folder. It will be from Claire at hearthandmade dot co dot uk

  15. Those colours as just fabulous! Very natural and perfectly suited to each other. Might sound mad but there’s something about the way the yarn’s been wound as well – they just look so lovely and ask to be picked up and crocheted.

  16. Hey wink! Have not stopped by in a while. Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I remembered to stop by here. I truly enjoyed my visit. Awesome yarn in awesome colors on this post. Loved the weird fast crochet video from the past post as well.
    Have a sunny day!