made: vintage fan ripple blanket

It’s finished it’s finished it’s finished! :D

I am SO happy with this blanket, seriously, I can’t stop touching it and feeling it and snuggling up under it and spreading it out to gawk at all the gorgeous stripes… I’m in love.



I used Scheepjes Softfun yarn, my favorite yarn because it’s just so soft, and comes in wonderful colours! I hooked this up in a 4mm hook. The blanket has 21 stripes, where I repeat 7 colours 3 times. I used 14 skeins of Softfun; this blanket is a yarn gobbler! I had little bits left at the end of some skeins, but others I completely ran out of (thank goodness I had just enough to finish the rows!).

I finished the last row with an extra 3 rows of single crochet stitches, to give it a finished look, and to make the ripple more prominent. The finished blanket measures about 1.40 by 1.40. I intended it to be a little longer (and not square) but I had grossly underestimated the amount of yarn I would need to make this blanket bigger! But this size is perfect for snuggling under when I’m on the sofa watching Netflix, so I’m a happy Wink :)



Oh! And the best news: next week there will be a full photo tutorial of this stitch! Hurray! :) (if you can’t wait till then, this free pattern is also available on Ravelry)



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  1. Amazing! The texture in this blanket looks really nice. Have you counted the *I don’t know what’s bigger than trebbles* :P ?

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful…I’m envious really want that pattern – it’s soooo scrummy. Gorgeous. x

  3. That couldn’t be prettier , , ,

  4. it looks fab. Your stitching is so incredibly neat and uniform. I tried doing this stitch myself a few weeks ago after reading your last post and it didn’t look anywhere near as perfect. I can’t wait to see your tutorial on this one, because I think I need help:)

    My main problem is tension – so hopefully, you can show how to make those double (triple?)trebles nice and tight….

    lovely blog by the way!

  5. Well done! It’s beautiful….you’ve inspired me to start one of my own. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

  6. I love it – it’s beautiful. The stitch pattern reminds me of little tiny houses. :)

  7. Oh wow! So pretty! I would love to make one myself! Will wait for your photo tutorial. Thank you so much!

  8. Love this and yours is soooo much prettier than the Ravelry one. I would never have even looked at the pattern in the R. colors. I wish I could get the hang of reading a chart but I’m going to try this. I’m a new crocheter and it’s not easy for this 78 yr. old brain to wrap around some crochet directions but I’m willing.

  9. All I can say ..WOW!!!

  10. Looks gorgeuos!! Perfect colors, perfect size Great Job!!

  11. Beautiful! Love the colors!!
    Kate :}

  12. It’s great. Can’t wait for the tutorial. Just starting crocheting.

  13. So beautiful. I would be so pleased with this make!

  14. Such a gorgeous pattern and so well made! Well done.

  15. You are an artiste

  16. Wow, this looks beautiful! The colours are perfect, good choices :)

  17. I tried this from the Ravelry page……but to no avail. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Can’t wait for your tutorial!!!! I messed up something in the starting row……ugh!!!!

  18. Truly beautiful. Your sense of color is what enhances this pattern.

  19. I am really enjoying your blog, This is a beautiful afghan.
    Some time ago one of the blogs I follow described an afternoon stroll in Antwerp. Since I found out we are going to be in The Netherlands and Belgium this summer, I am trying to get back to that post, but I cannot find it. If you were the author, would you please give me a link to that blog post?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Anita,
      Unfortunately that wasn’t me! :( But if you ever want to visit Amsterdam or other lovely Dutch places, let me know! I can take you on a tour in the summer :)

  20. Het is werkelijk heel mooi geworden. Je zal wel trots zijn

    Patricia x (

  21. Love the finished blanket! You used such beautiful colors!

  22. It’s gorgeous, no wonder you’re happy with it!


  24. I can’t wait for the photo tutorial!

  25. Too much beauty & vintage in one blanket… I can hardly stand it! Great job, Wink! It’s lovely!

  26. This is a wonderful achievement Wink – absolutely stunning blanket with colours just perfect! Joy x

  27. Gorgeous – can’t wait for the tut and to try it! Your work is awesome!

  28. Beautiful job! And so unique!

  29. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Your work is beautiful! xxoo. JO

  30. What a BEAUTY!!!

  31. I’m buying yarn today and starting right away! It’s beautiful and interesting too. :-) Have a nice weekend. Regula

  32. wooow zooo mooi geworden!! Ik ben al heel erg benieuwd op het patroon!!
    Groetjes, Cato (

  33. This sooo gorgeous. I’m off to Ravelry to check out your pattern link now. Thanks.
    Ali x

  34. It’s gorgeous the colours are divine and beautifully made.
    Clare x

  35. I absolutely love your blanket and the colours work so well together! thanks for sharing

  36. that is very pretty Wink. Compared to knitting, I have found crochet to gobble yarn, but you get your results so much faster. :)

  37. Your blanket is delicious! I love this pattern too and made a scarf in a soft cotton. I also realised that this pattern as well as a bobble one I used in another one was gobbling up yarn with the speed of light! in fact I am thinking of concentrating more on lacy patterns now as it uses less yarn and is lighter, especially when using expensive cotton and bamboo yarns,

  38. very pretty! A job well done.

  39. It is absolutely stunning Wink, I love your colour choices they are so bright and fresh….no wonder you can’t stop gawking at it!!

  40. Hello and a nice sunday!

    It´s a really lovely and beautiful blanket, be proud, great work.


  41. How can I get softfun in the US??? I love the stitch definition and it looks so soft!!!

  42. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  43. Your work is so beautiful! I too tried this pattern but gave up because it looked horrible. I can’t wait to see your tutorial!

  44. It’s beautiful Wink & I really haven’t seen anything quite like it before either! Maybe a yarn guzzler but it definitely looks worth it

  45. Hi I just made this beauty as a baby blanket… SOOOOOOO hapy with the results. TY!

  46. Trying to make this blanket right now but can’t figure out how to end the treble row and get back to the single row…any help would be appreciated:)

  47. Cannot wait for pattern/tutorial! Do you think this pattern would work for a scarf?

  48. This is GORGEOUS!! Love the color choices!

  49. Wonderful work perfect tension……………I love this pattern and thank you for sharing this……… grandson just got married and I want him and his wife to enjoy one

  50. I need to find a good substitue for the yarn you used. This is such a gorgeous pattern and the pictures of your finished blanket is just beautiful.