unravel part II

Time to get serious, and talk yarn haul!

At Unravel two weekends ago, I scored a fairly moderate amount of yarn (I would’ve gotten more if I had my way, but I ran out of pounds. Also, I only brought carry-on with me, and I was worried they wouldn’t let me back on the plane with all those extra bags of yarn!).

This is what I came home with:


Not too shabby right? :) Alright, let’s take a closer look (you know you want to!). The greeting cards and temporary tattoo (be on the lookout for a giveaway soon!) are from the ever so lovely TillyFlop Designs.


I was only on UK soil for about an hour when I got this lovely gift from Sarah (where I spent the first night). IT’S HANDSPUN! :D You can wake me up for handspun any day of the week, trust me! The skein on the left is a little coarse, so I’m not sure what I’ll make with it yet. The one on the right is very soft and snuggly, and I’m thinking of turning it into a knitted headband (perhaps using Tanya’s lovely pattern!). Suggestions welcome :)



And then there’s this lovely cake, with pretty sparkly bits! Can you believe that this is the first sparkly yarn I’ve ever had? Shocker! It’s from The Natural Dye Studio, and it’s Stardust 2-ply lace yarn, in the Wester Wood colour way. I’ve found the perfect pattern for it already; the Maia Shawl!



Sarah and I both got this amazing gradient cake from Namolio. I can’t wait to turn this gorgeous pink and grey hued lovely into something even more amazing! It will be a special project on both this blog and Sarah’s blog, Crafts From The Cwtch; so be on the lookout for this awesome collaboration!



And last but certainly not least; the most gorgeous green yarn I have EVER seen in my life, and immediately fell in love with when I spotted it hanging in the booth of EasyKnits! It’s Deeply Wicked 4-ply superwash merino yarn, in the Evergreen colour way. I fell for it hard when, upon closer inspection, I noticed all those lovely specks of dark green. I kept running around with it, showing it to everyone, yelling ‘it’s a forest in a skein!’. And as you can see, I’ve already started something with it: the aptly called Gathering Leaves shawl!

But Unravel wouldn’t be Unravel if it wasn’t for the people. Not such a big social animal myself, I was pleasantly surprised by all the lovely people that attended, and they are my biggest reason for returning to Unravel next year!


From left to right, top to bottom: Tanya from A Yarn Loving Mama and Lynda, Sarah’s mum who’s on the Great British Sewing Bee; Sarah, Gilly, Jacqui and myself having breakfast at Unravel; Me and Tanya being silly and totally girl-crushing on each other; Sarah and Gilly; Tink, me, Sarah, Ruth, Tanya and Kate.

See you again next year Unravel!


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  1. As usual Wink you have some gorgeous finds…I have not heard of this festival, where on earth have I been!! You have chosen such scrummy colours and the green is to die for…:) You are going to have such fun with these finds. Happy knitting/crocheting. x

  2. Lovely! Can’t wait to see your makes!!
    Kate :}

  3. Great write up of Unravel Wink. Wish we lived closer together. I could so imagine meeting up for regular knit/crochet/tea/cake get togethers. xx

  4. Beautiful yarn! And you are so right: the green does look like a forest in a skein!

  5. So nice to see you together! :-)

  6. Your photos captured the mood of Unravel so well. Just wish you lived closer. xx

  7. Sarah’s wearing the scarf Lynda wore on the GBSB this week! Lynda said her daughter made it. :-)