shawl wars

Hello lovely people :)

Yes, shawl wars is upon us. Or rather, me. Because I can’t stick to having just a couple of WIPs going on at one time, no, I need to have at least a bazillion WIPs! And coincidentally, three of them are shawls. Currently they are all fighting for my attention, and so far there hasn’t been a winner (yet)!

Introducing you to contestant number one: the sea foam green lace weight Maia shawl!



The pattern is on Ravelry, and I’m working it up with a 5mm hook. It’s gorgeous and the pictures really don’t do this yarn from The Natural Dye Studio any justice; it’s much more stunning in real life! I’m loving all the sparkly bits, and I can’t wait to see this shawl grow and grow… It’s seemingly slow-going, but I’m sure that once I have finished & blocked this beauty, it will all be worth it! I try to work on it every day, just a few rows here and there.

On to contestant number two: the lovely leafy green sock yarn Gathering Leaves shawl!





Also on Ravelry, I’m working this up with a 3mm hook. I’m still deeply in love with this green specked yarn from Easy Knits, and so far this shawl has been growing at a steady rate. The rows require a lot of attention, so it’s not really quick to work up, but it is so much fun to see all the leaves form after another row done! This is the kind of pattern that makes you utter these words to your partner, who wants you to quit and do something else: ‘Just one more row…’ ;)

And then there is contestant number three. This is a newcomer to the pool, since there is only yarn, and I haven’t even chosen a pattern yet!




Here’s the deal. In a couple of weeks I have a wedding to attend to; a lovely wedding for which a nice crochet poncho would be perfect. This skein has been in my stash for a couple of months after I brought it home with me from a craft fair, and because it has such nice yardage (900ms/985yrds) it’s perfect for a lovely big poncho. The problem: I can’t decide on a pattern! I’m torn between this one, a pretty straight forward poncho but perfect for my gradient yarn to really shine; this one, which isn’t technically a poncho but can quickly become one; and this one, which is of course my own pattern, but would look lovely in gradient flowers and as a poncho!

If any of you can help me decide which poncho to make, I’d be more than grateful :)

And now to see which shawl finishes first… Let the shawl wars begin!


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  1. Heerlijk Marinke! I am absolutely in love with the green shades, reminds me of spring. I really love your blog.

  2. I think the flower shawl is gorgeous and would vote for you to do that one!

  3. I agree – that shade of green is one of my favourites too. In fact our living room rug is that colour! I have also been working on a grey shawl and have just about given up. it is fiddly and slow. I think what has been done will be stretched on a frame and used as a wall hanging…
    I was surprised you were using a 5mm hook for laceweight. Doesn’t that make it quite loose and loopy? The example doesn’t look that way to me, but my tension would probably make it look really messy :)

    • Hey Megan! The pattern actually calls for a 5mm hook; this makes sure that the final shawl is nice and open after blocking :) I wanted it to be as airy as possible, but this is of course a personal preference.

  4. Allemaal prachtig! Voor de laatste zou ik met dat mooie verlopende garen voor het 2e patroon gaan. Komt het kleurverloop het mooiste uit, volgens mij. Succes!

  5. I love that Wol Cafe yarn! I saw it at Breidag and couldn’t decide which colour, so walked away with nothing :(

    I think either poncho no.1 or your dancing heart wrap. I think your dancing hearts will really shine for a wedding.

  6. Good Morning Marinke:
    In my humble opinion, I love the delicate pattern and open work of the Maia Shawl. Seafoam is also a favorite color of mine. Your work is exquisite. I have enjoyed your website … and continue to learn from you. Let “us” know what you decide – and we would love to see a picture of the shawl converted into a poncho.
    Happy Spring!

  7. I have poncho no.1 in my infinite to-do list, I think it’s flattering and very elegant. It would turn out gorgeous with your Wol cafe yarn.

  8. I would go for pattern number 3. It would sure look stunning in this gorgous Wolcafé yarn (I live near the shop so lucky me!).
    But it has to be your decision, after all, you’re the one crocheting the piece.

  9. I am way off in Florida US. I love your blog and your projects are beautiful. Your yarn choices are great. I could go yarn petting with you.

  10. Dancing hearts! I want to make it now! That is my next project :)

  11. I was looking at your three choices of shawls for your new yarn. I think your shawl, Dancing Hearts Wrap, would be perfect for the wedding you will be attending. The Dancing Hearts Wrap is very pretty and would look lovely for a wedding. :)

  12. I like the Customizable Crochet Poncho for I think it would show the variegation of the yarn the best.

  13. Just MHO, but your dancing hearts pattern with the gradient, especially since you want to wear it to a wedding :-)

  14. I agree with Dorothy Hunter-Talbot, the dancing hearts pattern is perfect!

  15. I think number 2 or 3 would be beautiful. Yarn petting love it and so much fun.

  16. I love the ‘all shawl by doris chan’ i bet you could work it up a treat, its could be lacey in a different yarn, I know flowers are perfect for weddings but if its a little chilly in the evening this one would be superb…
    bestest luck with your choices
    Daisy j x
    PS very partial to the green shawl that is a WIP, cannot wait to try that pattern?

  17. Your own pattern is by far the loveliest choice for a wedding. There would be none better.

  18. Dancing hearts – definitely, to wear to a wedding

  19. I think the dancing heart, we are in the spring season, and it would be the right one.

  20. I can’t wait to see that falling leaves shawl done. The yarn is lovely. My choice for a poncho would be pattern number one. I think you are right, that pattern would really let that particular yarn shine in all its glory!

  21. The All Shall is my vote. I love making that one. I think I’ve made four of them!

  22. I think it depends on the dress. If you have a fancier dress, then the second or third choice would work great, but if your dress has a lot of detail, then I would definitely do the first. Personally, I really like the first and have had my eye on the pattern for some time now. I think it would look good with a lot of different outfits.

  23. I have recently converted and become a fully fledged Shawl Person, and now I want to add your beautiful WIPs to my pile, too! The first two shawls are truly stunning, the sea foam is soooo beautiful, and the second green is just the perfect shade of fresh spring! The patterns are beautiful. As for that third ball of yarn, all the patterns are gorgeous, so I’m going out on a limb and say buy two more balls and make all three shawls! ;-} Chrissie x

  24. I vote for pattern 3, your pattern, it’s lovely!

  25. Dancing hearts and that was a very easy choice for a wedding.mor any occasion.

  26. I want so much to revisit holland. U should lead a tour or two or do a workshop for ur intl followers. U r amazing.

  27. In my humble opinion, the Doris Chan shawl made into a poncho would be the best fit for your yarn and soon to occur wedding! Simple stitches to show off the yarn gradient, and with the pineapple trim to produce the ‘wow’ factor! I love your dancing hearts pattern, but – to me – flowers shouldn’t be brown! LOL that is just me. Love your design work!

  28. Oh I think shawl no 2 would look ever so pretty in your lovely chosen yarn xx

  29. I totally get the picture – having at least a bazillion WIPs – is also my (un)fortunate situation …
    First of all I have to say I love your color & yarn choice for Maia – looks beautiful!
    Then: I would definitively go for the Dancing Hearts Wrap, but maybe in a more scarf/necklace version …

    Anyways, wish you the best of luck!

  30. Beuatiful Yarn from Wolcafé. Have you ever seen the patterns from Wieke van Keulen at Ravelry. She has designed special scarves and she is using special yarns. Look here and here to see some of her designs.

    Good luck with choosing and crocheting, Margaret

  31. all so so gorgeous Wink, truly beautiful. I think the first of the 3 would probably work best with that spectacular yarn, although your flowers shawl is by far the prettiest I am not sure it would display that yarn to its best advantage. Whatever you decide though I am sure it will be beyond gorgeous! Good luck hun xx

  32. I have just recently become a shawl/poncho convert. How I went my first 44 years without them is beyond me. I am going to vote for the Maia pattern. So pretty and open. But, as others have said before, you create such beautiful things, whatever you decide will be perfect. Have a great week!

  33. What are you going to wear with it? Let that determine your choice. All of them look lovely.

  34. I like Maia Shawl best, with All Shawl by Doris Chan second.

  35. My preference on poncho is the first very plain one I love it and know I would wear and wear would be great with jeans. That said it is not very dressy and a wedding is an occasion where flamboyance works – the flowery one very tempting! Depends a lot on what you are wearing with.

  36. A bazilion? I only counted two. I have managed to work on 9 items this week and two of those are finished! :)
    Your shawls are looking good anyway.

    • Ooh, you didn’t think I would show you ALL my WIPs now, would you? ;) Next to these 3 shawls there are over 10 projects going on around here!

  37. Dear Wink, i am wandering on your wonderfull blog for a while and like it a lot. Actually, it goes perfectly (colours, enrgy) with the heart-warming yogi tea i am having at the same time. You’re asking for som advice, so i hope i’m not too late… The second shawl is, i think, the best for a wedding. It has a delicate design which will be even nicer in your yarn. If the date was strictly two weeks, you might already be wearing your shawl since a while… Have a nice day and week end !