Because Spring is here (well, almost). Because I wake up happy every day, and because I want to share that happiness with you all. Because I value you all so much, for leaving nice comments on my blog. Because there is always something that can make you happy. And just because! Who needs a reason for a giveaway anyway ;)

Today you get a chance to win all of these goodies! :)

First up, a lovely knitting pattern from Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch! It’s not hard to make, even for inexperienced knitters (she promised) and honestly, it’s pretty much the best poncho I’ve ever seen.


Second is a crochet pattern from Annette from My Rose Valley, the well-known Nordic Shawl! I’m still a little embarrassed that I haven’t made it myself yet. One of the best shawl patterns out there!


Third up, this lovely package of buttons from The Button Shack! It has 8 large clown buttons, 8 humungous flower buttons, a rainbow pack with 100 buttons and a 120g bag mixture of shape buttons. Try reading that sentence out loud. Saying ‘buttons’ that many times in a row makes you happy for sure!


And last but certainly not least, the grooviest thing I encountered whilst at Unravel: knit and crochet temporary tattoos from TillyFlop Designs!


All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this blog post, saying what makes you happy these days.

Giveaway is open worldwide, and runs till next week (April 4th).

Good luck everyone, have a great weekend! :)


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  1. Rainbows! Especially rainbow yarn

  2. The thought of spring.

  3. Fantastic giveaway – my new little grandson makes me happy!! Crocheting blankets for him also makes me happy.

  4. What makes me happy? A lot of things do, but most importantly, knowing that I’ve been forgiven through the blood of Jesus Christ and that one day very soon I will spend eternity with Him!

  5. What a wonderful giveaway! The sound of my children’s laughter always makes me happy. :)

  6. Hugs from Bulgaria, Wink!
    I love your positiveness and optimism, colors and your crafts.
    Wish you well and so much smiles!

  7. bright fun colorful yarn, spending time with my family, knowing spring is coming all things that make me happy these days!

  8. What’s making me happy? I’m sitting on the train to London, the sun is shining and I have a beautiful crochet project to while away the hours. Very happy indeed!

  9. The first thing that makes me happy is that this great giveaway is worldwide! Spring is making me happy after almost 60″ of snow this winter. I’m ready for new patterns and fresh colors.

  10. My family makes me HaPpY ! I never would of “thunk” I would be this Blessed… ;)) Also got to say Yarn…. lots & lots of yarn ! Especially found @ a yard sale with a DEAL PRICE !!!! hehehe

  11. The joy on a child’s face when I have crocheted something they really wanted

  12. Entering giveaways makes me happy. Well they would if I won :)

  13. The sun makes me happy always!! and lots of yarn too, of course ;)
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  14. I am happy these days because the sun is shining and temperatures are warming up. It feels so nice to have the sun warming my face as I crochet or stitch on the patio. Another thing making me happy is a new group I’m a part of that will be crocheting or knitting for charity. I have long wanted to be part of a hooking group. <3

  15. The smile I receive when I give unconditionally; wether I give a hug, my time helping someone out, a crocheted hat or a jar of homemade jam.

  16. Crocheting clothes for my little ones! (Ages 6, 3, and 1)

  17. The prospect of soon only working 3 days a week.

  18. Watching my three year old granddaughter “crochet” with me.. She grabs her yarn and one of my wooden hooks– It ends up a big knot, but it’s precious! And I daydream about all the beautiful things we will make together.

  19. I have been making shawls for spring and baby things for my new great-grandbaby, due any time now!! love Carol

  20. What makes me happy? Being with my granddaughter or having time to crochet!!

  21. Wat me blij maakt is als de zon schijnt, wanneer mijn auto het doet en ik niet met openbaar vervoer naar mijn werk hoef, wanneer ik ‘s morgens mijn ogen open doe en mijn man naast me zie liggen of wanneer mijn twee pubers iets liefs doen of zeggen (en dat in willekeurige volgorde ;-))

  22. I build and maintain websites for rescue organizations as my volunteer work. I get to pick up new tech skills while I’m at it. Win-win!

  23. A good book, a hot cup of coffee and snuggling in an awesome afghan (my own creation, of course!) – So happy!!

  24. Just the thought that Spring is round the corner is enough to make me happy

  25. My children and crocheting for my children make me very happy.

  26. April fools day makes me very happy, born on the 3th of april, 2 days too late my dad always told me, a special day since he is not on this earth anymore :D

  27. Starting a new knitting project, a new crochet one and being hugged and kissed by my two little boys (5 yo twins).

  28. Seeing my loved ones being happy and doing well, makes me very happy! And being able to express my creativity through crochet.

  29. The lighter evenings are definitely making me happy at the moment.

  30. What a lovely giveaway! I would love to win any of them! What makes me happy? Small things! I have spent so much of the last 6 years having operations and immobile that, being able to hang the clothes outside on the clothes line, for the first time in…??? Months, on a warm sunny spring day last week brought me such joy and happiness I can hardly explain it! Joan

  31. What makes me happy is that I’m getting married the day after April Fools Day and the Nordic Shawl would be an awesome pattern for me to make to remember my wedding day :)

  32. Smiles on the faces of my grandchildren; green grass; fresh air; a hug from my husband – a few things that make me happy.

  33. Sitting in the sunshine, crocheting, coffee, flowers, spring breezes, new yarn.

  34. The first daffodils of spring and my ripple blanket which is coming along nicely. Sometimes I just lay it out and look at it…

  35. I’m happy our snow has melted – and for my crochet!

  36. I am glad spring is on its way to you, but in my part of the world it is autumn!! And autumn makes me truly happy, I LOVE the colours of autumn and i look forward to African winter when the sky is clear and blue blue blue!! Happiness all around :-)) and and and i also get to ware jerseys :-) in Africa there isn’t enough time for that

  37. What makes me happy? Crochet and coffee – what could be simpler!

  38. Waking up every day and being able to enjoy my beautiful family of 3 boys, 2 daughter-in-laws, 10 grand children and 4 great grands!!!!

  39. Just that spring is finally getting here. And I have been working on a lot of freeform lately and that always makes me happy.

  40. Uhh, give away is poster 28 march and will run till next week 4 march? I hope you mean 4 april, haha! This give away makes me happy, and so does the weather: hurry up spring! (Or summer, or whatever nice weather) :) I hope i can win and make that beautiful Nordic shawl! I saw someone wearing it last week and i thought: thats te most beautiful i have seen -untill now-. Groetjes!

  41. Crocheting beautiful pieces with colourful yarns in sunny spring weather is making me so happy :-)

  42. Crocheting gifts for the 8 babies that my friends are having this summer is making me happy, as well as making me feel old!!

  43. Ok…do you really wanna know why I’m happy? Because I’m alive, there’s the sun out there…because I’m crocheting, because I love my family..especially my seven years old son, because I’m learning the hula dance and ori tahiti and because I’m living in my beautiful Florence, Italy. Many happy things to all of you and….spread aloha!!!

  44. Spring sunshine, warmer days ahead and time to play outside. My wonderful little family and the recently discovered news that I’m expecting! These are the things that are currently making me happy!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!

  45. Reading a nice book and crocheting a small and sweet owl for my bf! ;)

  46. Sunshine and making pretty little things, along with my daughters smiling face, are what makes me smiles. Thank you for the chance!!

  47. Ehehehe I actually would reeeeeaaally like the buttons, I dont have to get first price hihi :P

  48. Good conversation with my hubs and grownup daughter and son. Happiness is knowing we are all happy!

  49. The weather these days is just the boost I need to get to spring break. Only one more week to go. Such a lovely give-away. :-) Regula

  50. What makes me happy? Waking up to cheers from my two year old grandson…..spending my days with him. And of course knitting and crocheting sane. ;)

  51. I’m learning how to crochet with beads and it is actually really easy and it looks so beautiful. That makes me really happy. Oh, and seeing the little ones all dressed up for book day at school. My oldest happily went off as the cow who jumped over the moon.

  52. Celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year …. I’m so happy I married the best guy!

  53. Hearing my sons laughing together about anything going on between them makes me feel happy. The happiness of the loved ones. Thanks for the chance, you are so generous. Love peace and crochet Gabriela

  54. Fantastic giveaway! Lately I’ve been really happy that I know how to crochet and knit. I like creating things.

  55. I love getting your emails! I read them first all the time. You truly inspire me to make beautiful things both for myself and others. Keep up the inspirations! And, thank you!

  56. I’m happy because life makes me happy, thank you for this lovely giveaway♥

  57. The warmth of the sun and the cherry blossoms blooming.

  58. Spring in the air,longer days,flowers,new shoes,my daughter’s smile,my hubby’s bday tomorrow,plans,craft blogs…Lovely giveaway,thank you for the chance to win it.If I could choose I would love Nordic Shawl pattern,seen it in the blog land,and those buttons and lovely too.Have a great weekend.

  59. At the moment, there is very little that makes me happy, unfortunally… The things that used to make me happy (and I hope they soon will again) are brightly coloured flowers, birds in my garden that eat the seeds I left for them, my yarnstash (although it is stil small), sitting in the garden in the sun, holding my boyfriends hand.

  60. Waiting for my 1st grandchild to be born and all the things I get to make for her/him. :)

  61. What a great give away! The fact that I lost over 7 kilo’s makes me very happy. The fact that my two daughters of ages 2 and 9 are absolutely loving each other to bits makes me happy. The way my husband looks at me makes me happy. The fact that we live in a free country makes me happy. The feeling of Sunshine on my face and the smell of freshly mowed grass makes me happy. There are a lot of things that make me happy, but I guess this is the top five!

  62. The coming of spring and the Resurrection of Jesus makes me happy!

  63. What makes me happy is being home wih all my boys, hooking away and a nice cuppa :) easy pleased me!

  64. Playing with my grand daughters!

  65. Seeing my kids smile and giggle makes me so happy.

  66. Ik heb net gisteren een niet-zo-leuk nieuws gekregen. Wat me blij maakt is dan juist iets leuks te doen voor iemand anders. Ik ben direct aan de slag gegaan en net terug van fietsen in de stralende zon om de verrassing op de post te doen. Dat maakt me blij!

  67. My kids make me happy.

  68. Life with my wonderful husband and living in our little cabin with the beautiful view fills me with such happiness every day!

  69. Finishing a wip, especailly one that has taken a while to complete.

  70. OOOHHH BUTTONS !! I do different crafts and could buttons on all WHAT FUN THEY WOULD BE :)

  71. My happiness lies in new projects to crochet with beautiful colors

  72. Seeing the snow melt is making me happy!

  73. Crocheting and knitting makes me happy!! :)

  74. My kids! And to know that every cloud has a silver line…!! Have a nice weekend Wink :-)

  75. Making beautiful things that bring joy to others makes me happy

  76. I’m sooo happy these days because we are going to travel to Tenerife, Spain in 2 weeks!! and aaaall my family and friends will meet finally my six month old baby! :D
    we are living in Germany and it’s a little colder here..

  77. What makes me happy these days? Hearing the birds as they return from a looooong winter! Seeing the moose and her babies! Feeling my puppy’s wet cold nose on my leg when I least expect it! Spending time with my granddaughter and enjoying teaching her to spin and crochet! So much to be grateful for – including your sweet offer of patterns and buttons!

  78. Listening to my daughter and husband singing Don’t Stop Believing in the car makes me happy!
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  79. My children make me happy everyday. Thankfully my younger son who is 8 still loves to give me hugs, my older son who is 11 thinks he is too old for hugging mommy :(
    My younger one is also so worried about hurting my feelings, yesterday when he saw me looking at some clothes my friend gave me, says, “mommy I don’t think that is for you – you are not very skinny much to wear that” bless his heart he didn’t want to say mommy you are too big for that! He didn’t know that the clothes were meant for my sister-in-law who has recently lost a lot of weight and needs some back-to-work clothes.

  80. Kids’ joy … and dd and I practising “Awesome God” in ASL … and crocheting too!

  81. My kids, sunshine & yarn! Thanks for the great giveaway, I love those buttons :D

  82. Im just loving the yellow daffodils on my kitchen windowsill, they match my spring crochet bunting that hangs across the window!

  83. i am new to crafting and am currently trying to teach myself how to sew, quilt, crochet and tunisian crochet – so i am happy learning new things. i have been making bunny wreaths and other easter projects which has been fun. but there are SO many things i still want to try: quilling, embroidery, knitting, polymer clay, chainmaille, etc, etc

  84. My son’s beautiful smile after his heart transplant, it makes everyday magical no matter what life throws my way!

  85. Listening to my English Bulldog snore makes me happy because never in my life have I heard a dog snore that loud and it makes me giggle!!

  86. Time with my family and time with my yarn!

  87. The children in my class (3 and 4 years old) smiling and telling me how much they love me. And how much they love playing outside :)

  88. I am happiest when my husband, during his illness, is having a good day. My puppy and Ragdoll kitten make me happy, as well. When my yarn arrives for my latest project, that will be another happy day:)

  89. At this moment what makes me happy is this giveaway!!!!

  90. Running yarn through my fingers has been having a very therapeutic affect on me lately!

  91. I am happy because spring is arriving and the trees are starting to bloom. Greenhouses are springing up and flowers are so colorful and therapeutic! My family is healthy and life is good!!!

  92. watching things grow in my garden and my sons excitement at seeing seeds grow into plants.

  93. Things that make me happy at the moment: sunshine, daffodils, finishing work early on a Friday! Thanks for the giveaway – they’re all great prizes!

  94. What makes me happy, making things for others, my grand kids, walking the beach and taking photos, and teaching myself to knit.. ok some days the knit part gets tough lol.

  95. My 2 year old son and my b&g twins who will be born in 4 weeks bring me more joy than anything!

  96. Happiness is waking to another beautiful day!

  97. Seeing my Grandchildrens happy faces when they come to Grandma and PaPa, and crocheting, and just being alive, that is what makes me happy

  98. my boys, crocheting, squishing yarn and a good book all make me happy :) ooh also the sun being out and warm :) x

  99. I would love to scare the …. out of my husband with these tattoos! What makes me happy these days? My two little girls (1,5 and 7 weeks old) and being able to crochet and knit for them!

  100. What makes me happy is warmer weather and the birds singing. Also watching my squirrels come for peanuts on our front porch.

  101. It is warming up! Slowly. We are still getting snow, but I love that we are getting more birds at our feeder. So does the local Merlin. I’m a little conflicted about that. :)

  102. A good book and crocheting makes me happy always!

  103. My relationship with the Lord makes me the most happy then come my crocheting.

  104. Knitting outside with the smell of Spring.

  105. Exciting give away! I crave the Nordic Shawl pattern! What makes me happy these days is my family. I am having a hard time professionally and so more than just a trite response of ‘family’, I am SERIOUS that they are making me happy.

  106. Thanks for a fab giveaway, what makes me happy when I make something with crochet and my kids want one straight away ! So I always make a few more so I can keep one for myself, my last creation was a bumble bee my daughter named BUMP as they always bump into things, currently now have 4 in the house, I see a hive being crochet soon ! LOL. : )

  107. Colour flying off my crochet hook :) Thank you for your lovely blog, Wink! xxx

  108. Blue skies, bird song and my beautiful soon to be 3 granddaughter.

  109. Blue skies and warmer weather!

  110. I feel content, happy and blessed when I manage to complete a WIP and share It with my craft buddies.

  111. this is my first visit to your lovely blog!
    what a gorgeous giveaway ♥ thank you
    so many things make me happy … like finding your beauty filled blog :-)
    spending this weekend with my grandson puts a huge smile on my face.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  112. Happy Giveaways, thank you so much!!! Yarn and crocheting and the time to do it, make me happy!!!

  113. Crocheting and knitting prayer shawls for loved ones who have cancer.

  114. Yoga and meditation makes me happy…it gives sense to my life and power to go on…

  115. Making crochet gifts for my friends and family makes me happy. I just LOVE all of these products, except that I don’t knit. :(

  116. What makes me happy? Crocheting Easter goodies for my 6 month old daughter.

  117. I collect buttons. I love to sort them and use them in various crafts.

  118. Ooh how lovely! My crochet and other crafting makes me most happiest at the moment :)

  119. What makes me happy these days is the thought that dreams may really do (eventually) come true :) xx

  120. Sunshine!

  121. there are a few things of late, i’ve been going through a tough time but my furbaby Ava makes me happy (a chihuahua), crocheting definitely makes me happy… being able to create something beautiful really helps keep my spirits up. reading, i’ve been binge reading… all of these really help to keep my mind focused and active and happy! :) ooo and the fact that spring is coming, i can’t wait to see more sunshine!

  122. What makes me happy is just waking up in the morning and see the sun shining through the window and I say a little prayer and thank God for another awesome day.
    I spent 2 1/2 years in the hospital and 7 months of that was in a coma Drs gave me no hope to live and my husband fought for me and with a lot of prayer I made it. I have learned how to talk and walk again and I just started to drive again. So I am so thankful for each and every day God gives me. So the sun shining through the window makes me happy!

  123. Just found out today, I am going to be a foster parent again!! This makes me so happy!!!

  124. Hi Wink! Fridays make me happy because I have two full days free from work in front of me! And today I am even happier because my new hooks landed im my mailbox!
    Greetings from Italy,

  125. What a wonderful idea to ask for things that make happy! Mine are:

    – Today hubby and me celebrated 14 years of relationship. A teenage love turning into an adult relationship certainly makes you happy!

    – Our honeymoon baby is turning 3 years old in 3 months and I’m stunned everyday with his achievments and am so happy to have this little guy. Especially when he hugs me and tells me “Mama, ich hab dich lieb!” (“Mama I love you” in German)

  126. amazing giveaway! what makes me happy is that winter is nearly OVER! i’m so over it at least haha

  127. Clouds make me happy. These big dark stormy fluffy clouds :) and my little girl learning to sign her words to me more and more….

  128. Hi wink, my two children have such amazing joy and spontaneity, I am blessed to have them and their love, oh and quite a few WIPs on the hook!!!!!

  129. Sharing knock knock jokes with my little grandchildren x

  130. Creating gifts for the new great nieces and nephews that are due to be born in the next couple of months! xxx

  131. What makes me happy these days is waking up every morning and hearing my husband breathing beside me. He has a lung disease and his lungs are failing. I treasure every day I have with him. Each day brings new happy memories that will need to sustain me when he is no longer breathing beside me.

  132. What makes me happy these days is having something new to use my yarn stash on!

  133. Happiness to me is making gifts for my family and friends and knowing I make them happy for thinking of them and getting orders for crochet wearables and making a little extra money too!

  134. Tulips and daffodils are making me really happy right now! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  135. I am happy to be back home with my family. I’m happy I have yarn that recently arrived.

  136. More than anything my kids and my Mr make me happy but also the lovely, generous, encouraging and sharing nature or the Twitter/Instagram/Blogging community that I’ve become part of since beginning my crochet adventure!

  137. A new grandbaby makes me very happy these days…and knitting, of course.

  138. What is making me happy is seeing glimpses of the adults my two teenagers are becoming!

  139. What makes me happy… competitions opened to international entrants!!! My husband, my kids, my family, running, crochet, sunshine, rainbows, foggy mornings, red wine, chocolate…..

  140. What makes me happy this week is learning new knitting or crocheting techniques and getting a box of finger weight yarn in the mail in several luscious colors. Squee!

  141. GIVEAWAYS make me happy, of course.
    Anita T.

  142. Great giveaway, what makes me happy is im seeing the results of my diet and im niw 2 sizes smaller, cant wait for the summer sun and feeling thinner and amazing : )

  143. What makes me happy is seeing all your bright cheerful creations. Another fabulous giveaway as always! Happy Spring!

  144. Crocheting anything for my kids and having them hug me right and say “awww thank you Mami, I love you”…that makes me the happiest

  145. crocheting as the spring weather approaches! :)

  146. Anything 70’s! Whether it is clothes, furniture styles, colors or the going – ons of the 70’s…they make me absolutely giddy!
    Thanks for your give aways.

  147. Helping and encouraging others!!

  148. Yarn in spring colors and light weights–feels spring-like to me!

  149. I’m happy because I’m alive! I’m beating stage IV breast cancer, and I don’t have to work outside the home any more, so I get to spend my days crocheting and knitting. I LOVE the feel of yarn and thread in my fingers, and the pleasure what I make gives others.

  150. I am still in awe of all the lovely prizes in this giveaway! These can only be outshone by the wonderful patterns and creations you design. All these things make me happy!

  151. Lovely autumn makes me very happy.

  152. Oh how pretty. I am dying to try my hand at the Nordic Shawl pattern too! Please enter me in the drawing!
    Making me happy these days, is the fact that my mother’s surgery last week, revealed the cancer she had was contained, and completely removed! We are on top of the world with that news!!!
    Happy day!!
    xo Kris

  153. What makes me happy is the awakening of Spring with its greenery and the colors of the flowers.

  154. My beautiful, healthy children and my family!

  155. My happy little family and crocheting things for them!

  156. Spring makes me happy! My first tulips in bloom, apple blossoms on the tree, the greens in the garden — so many fresh colors!

  157. What a great giveaway!!

    Happiness to me is my lovely little famil, and wwhen my 2 year old and 3 year old come running into my room in the morning for cuddles!!

  158. Well there are a lot of things that make me happy these days! Finishing a couple of blankets that have been WIP for way too long, progress in my graduation internship, family issues that finally seem to be resolved, yes, there are lots of things I’m happy about these days :)

  159. Happiness is…just me first thing in the morning, coffee in hand, looking at my patterns and books, dreaming, then picking up my crochet hook and making the first satisfying stitch…

  160. That my most precious gift ever, my little boy, will be 5 on Monday, and that we’ll be celebrating 7 years of marriage a few days later. Big blessings.

  161. A lot of things makes me happy. Walking early in the morning and see a deer in the forest. Working with downsyndrome people and see their beautiful smile. Im feeling happy about all the little good things. Im feeling happy when I win this give away;)

  162. Knitting and crochet are making me happy at the moment :) Sleep and a not ill son would also make me very happy!

  163. Today,this morning,this week,my happiness is we are finally getting some warmer temperatures and we have even seen and felt the SUNSHINE !It has been the longest ,coldest winter(and it may not be over…snow is predicted for tonight!)

  164. There are a lot of things which make me happy… springtime, sunshine, yarn, letters from friends, smiling people, fresh bread, family… life is good!

  165. Adding to my yarn stash. I previously only kept yarn on hand that I was going to use within a months time. I now have enough to get me through a few months! I still have a long ways to go and so therapeutic!

  166. Ooh, squeezing in a few moments of my day to crochet when the baby is sleeping makes me happy! :-)

  167. Sitting in the sun in my garden, surrounded by my two beloved cats, a cup of coffee on the table and my actual crochet project (granny squares curtain for the inside of my front door) in the hands…

  168. Finding a new crochet blog ( as I have just done here!). I will be working my way through all your lovely posts!

  169. Haken in het zonnetje.
    Fijne dag gewenst.
    Dank voor de giveaway.

  170. What makes me happy is being able to sit and knit/crochet without interuptions with my favourite music playing xx

  171. Completing a project I’ve worked hard on. Getting a good deal on crochet/knitting supplies and having a little ‘me’ time in the evenings after my sons have gone to bed – just to restore the ‘sanity’ supply.

  172. Finishing a crochet project for a baby that can be born any day now :)

  173. well,I am happy since the weather is very nice :)

  174. The spring and the sunshine make me happy!

  175. My dreams, my imaginative creativity, and the ability to share it all with my friends.

  176. I have MS,so I am happy on days when my hands are pain-free and I can knit and crochet as much as I want. Thank you for the lovely giveaway. Blessings
    Lesley UK

  177. I have MS, too, so i’m happy that i’m feeling ok now to crochet for my loved ones, to make some macrame jewerly and to go for walks with my husband!!!!!!
    Martha, Greece

  178. My children make me so happy! The weather – it is a glorious sunny autumn day and of course making beautiful things.

  179. Seeing spring arrive–in our case it’s just a few patches of yard without snow…but it’s on it’s way!

  180. Such lovely goodies! Lately, changing from my winter wardrobe to summery clothes makes me happy :)

  181. My family and friends make me happy, and obviously getting to crochet xx

  182. Sitting outside and enjoying the sun like my dog does!

  183. What makes me happy these days is the prospect of spring….I know it’s coming, sooner or later, and that gives me great joy!!

  184. My daughter makes me happy these days and every day!!!! I adore her

  185. Recovery from hand surgery is well under way and I am allowed to crochet again :-)

  186. Creativity makes me happy, and sharing creative moments with my loved ones makes it even better :)

  187. Sitting in my garden with my latest yarn project and a cup of tea is perfect bliss.

  188. My children playing in the sun without a jacket, for the first time this spring!!!

  189. Winter is finally over.

  190. Days are becoming lighter and longer… Spring is coming!

  191. Mummy time to be able to knit, sew and crochet! X

  192. A rainy Saturday morning with the family and nowhere we have to be:)

  193. At the moment the sunshine brings a smile on my face. The purring of my two cats, The joy of springtime and seeing everything come to bloom.

  194. I am so happy to see the Camellias and azaleas blooming.

  195. Stressed over quite a few things lately but my husband always keeps me level so…..he’s what makes me VERY happy right now! :-)

  196. Spring flowers are making me super happy right now :)

  197. Art makes me happy. It’s my go to outlet when everything else is poo.

  198. My family and time to knit and spin make me happy

  199. My beautiful family makes me happy. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  200. I’d say that knitting makes me happiest lately :) It alters from knitting to crocheting, but I am definitely on a knit kick!

  201. My sweet dog, Honey! My family. My Boyfriend. My health. Being able to work with my Mom & for my Brother, who are two of my best friends! :) Oh and, Crochet!!!!!!!!!! Of course :)

  202. Definitely sunshine followed closely by colour :-)

  203. What I love nowadays…. sun, crochet, run, laughing with friends, sun, my new home, sun, my kid, sun, my hubbie, sun, riding my oldtimer scooter, sun, and all of that not particularly in that order!

  204. Watching my little girl learn to play on the swings without my help this afternoon. And see the look of accomplishment on her face when she succeeded. :)

  205. Waking up to my two amazing sons and seeing what they will come up with for the day.

  206. Gazing upon and touching beautiful crocheted lace, made with such fine thread, that one would think elves made it. I can feel all of the love, determination, skill glowing through the crocheter, as she created beauty with her hands. It melts my heart, gives me peace, and makes me smile all day long!

  207. Hello from Singapore and what gorgeous giveaway.. Would love to try my luck in winning any of it.. thank you for hosting a giveaway and wishing you happy spring ahead.. :D

  208. My kids’ laughter makes me happy!

  209. Learning to crochet after retiring from a life as a corporate lawyer……I should have done it decades ago!

  210. Crocheting cushions and blankets for friends and blankets, using the wonderful cottons and soft wools around today.

  211. Planting makes me happy these days. I love flowers.

  212. What a wonderful giveaway, so generous! What makes me happy..well my husband makes me happy and we sit and crochet together. It’s so satisfying finishing a WIP and handing it over to it’s new owner! Thanks for this opportunity!

  213. Crochet makes me happy. Knowing I get to crochet on the couch with my husband at the end of the day gets me through any and every kind of day.

  214. What makes me happy is snuggling up with my husband watching Game of Thrones (we’ve been binge watching the DVDs…lol). And, of course, crocheting!

  215. Bright Colors. Always make me happy. Trying new patterns. Love all things Springy!!

  216. Yarn, crochet, knitting, and vintage hunting always makes me happy!! x

  217. What makes me happy these days is the sun, the spring and the inspiration and colour this brings! Thank you for a great blog :)

  218. What makes me happy these days is family, sunshine, flowers, our baby bunnies, and silly puppy.

  219. Definitely SPRING! Dancing daffodils, sunshine, baby birds at our feeders and the feel and fragrance of warm earth as I garden! Love your creative projects and your eye for colour!

  220. Great giveaways! My dogs make me happy!

  221. These days, sunlight coming through my studio’s windows and filling the room with energy! Sunlight and colours (lots of them!) make me happy :)

  222. What makes me happy these days is seeing my 4 month old smile and hearing him laugh after a hard day at work or when I’m tired and stressed.

  223. Watching my kids in the pool (though it is still too cold for normal people,) while my husband and I swing in the hammock makes me happy! Have a wonderful day!

  224. Everything makes me happy these days but the reason that occurs the most is when it is sunny and warm outside compared to the blistery cold weathers fronts we’ve been having lately.

  225. Greetings from Ireland :-) what makes me happy right now? Daffodils everywhere, a friends reaction when i made her crochet cupcakes cos she is on a diet, a hugely successful yarn dye job for a friends shawl request and all the signs of spring :-)

  226. What makes me happy this week is that my good friend and neighbour has a good week thisweek after her third chemosession last week, she still has to have chemo for another year but she wants to learn how to crochet, what better pattern to start with than the Nordic Shawl?
    Love your Blog,
    Elsbeth van Gerven

  227. Things that make me happy these days: spring sunshine, teaching yoga, meeting new people, making new things. :)

  228. Hallo! I found your blog some days ago, and I finished to read it this very morning :-)
    You are a beautiful creative person! Thank you for the blog :-*

  229. Wonderful giveaway! Winning would certainly make me happy, indeedy. The thought of whiling away spring mornings in a pool of sunshine with the smell of blossoms while crocheting away is delightful.

  230. yarn makes me happy – especially now I can sit in the garden to hook away whilst my children play!

  231. Yarnie projects always make me happy :)

  232. Crocheting ripple blankets for my soon-to-be long awaited niece or nephew.

  233. When I can take my knitting on the airplane……

  234. spring sunshine!

  235. o que me faz feliz, é minha familia que adoro

  236. looks like spring is already here, a lot of sun, evertything is blooming, birds are singing… that makes me happy

  237. the smell of spring flowers <3

  238. To return to the Netherlands in spring and enjoy the flowers and birds and everything else that comes with spring. Meeting with friends without my kids. Having my little vacation till i return to the desert country we live in now. Soooooo happy. Blackbird singing, trees with new green leaves. Hugging my parents for real, not skype. Enjoying fresh air, without dust and sand. So much, so happy.

  239. Normally i would say: flowers. But i am having a very bad cold, feel very poorly, so at this time being healthy again would make me happy! And winning the nordic shawl pattern would help…

  240. What makes me happy? Baby giggles. Butterflies. My mother’s laugh. The rebirth that comes with Spring. Creating with my hands. Finding the perfect writing groove. Knowing I’ll stand in the presence of Father, Son and Holy Spirit one day.

  241. My grandsons make me happy!

  242. Sunshine on the flowers in my yard makes me happy.

  243. Flowers and crocheting outside!

  244. Love those beautiful shawls. What fun

  245. Bright, springy colors currently make me happy

  246. A chance to win so many things that I could share with my Knitters’ Group !

  247. Having coffee in bed while reading a book, knowing that everything is alright.

  248. 2 granddaughters and a handsome little grandson make me happy! Also, the little green tops of daffodils that I see in my yard!

  249. what makes me happy, is the fact that in less than 2 weeks i get to go to South Dakota to see my daughter and her family!!! And we can crochet and bead together!!

  250. Being able to sit out on my patio, crochet and listen to music

  251. Crocheting always makes me happy rain or shine! It keeps me sane and I can do it anywhere!!!

  252. Some sunshine, my hooks and yarn and a healthy happy family :) xx

  253. My girls, rainbows, and butterflies make me happy. Oh, and fresh fruit.

  254. Working on my king size afghan!

  255. lots of cotton yarn to make new spring placemats makes me very happy today and the sun is shining after a long and dreary winter

  256. Happiness is just being alive.

  257. This is adorable! I love the shawl patterns, especially.

  258. Seeing my 23-month old son loving his 1.5-month old little brother and trying to help take care of him makes my heart smile =)

  259. My family and crocheting makes me happy:) and spring, and gardening!

  260. Definitely warm weather!!!!

  261. Spring is here, the birds are chirping, the motorcycle is coming out and all the lovely crochet patterns I can’t wait to make :)

  262. My little girl and her wonderful smile. Even though her development is not going the way its supposed to be, having her around and taking care for her is something that makes me happy every day :-)

  263. Oops, I forgot to say what makes me happy. Sorry about that. What makes me happy is when my 2-year-old kisses my belly and says “baby!” and gives the baby a hug, even though he isn’t born yet. It’s such a sweet bonding moment for them.

  264. There are many things that make me happy. Jesus Christ brings joy to my heart, my husband, my boys, family/friends, warmer weather, spring flowers, and of course the love I have for my God given talents, include crocheting, sewing, crafting. ect.

  265. An awesome yarn sale makes me happy!

  266. Being retired makes me happy. Now I get to crochet whenever I like. :)

  267. The spring sunshine makes me happy. And putting on my flip-flops for the first time today! :-)

  268. What makes me happy is my 7 week old son! He’s really starting to interact which is loads of fun!

  269. Finally getting the guy :-) loved him for six years and we are finally an item. I am ridiculously happy <3

  270. The birds singing on this beautiful Florida day!

  271. Last night’s thunderstorm made me happy after our long winter… Even if it snowed this morning.

  272. What makes me happy is my hubby, kids, nice weather, new yarn and the fact that I’m finally gonna own a king size bed once it’s delivered April. 11th :)

  273. Bluebirds! When I see one outside my window it always makes me happy! They have such a lovely shade of blue on them, I never tire of it!

  274. Thanks for the giveaway.

  275. My miracle grand daughter. Nothing better

  276. YARN, YARN AND MORE YARN. THEN HOOKS LOL, WITH PATTERNS. Other than that just the health of my family.

  277. Sunshine and the promise of fabulous things.

  278. New yarn, new crochet magazines, making things for my grand-children!

  279. My grandchildren make me super happy. Because I am bedridden and can’t do too much, crochet and knitting make me happy. Being able to find free patterns and using YouTube for instructions when I can’t figure out a certain technique. Making projects for family and friends. Beating uterine cancer. I just have too much to be happy for. I am truly blessed.

  280. Really soft yarn makes me very very happy! As would that nordic shawl made with a really soft yarn!!

  281. Watching my puppy play with a new toy! She’s so much fun!

  282. Sunshine, spring flowers, baby animals and my four doggies

  283. I love that I now have a creative outlet with crocheting while curled up with my dogs!

  284. Thank you for such a positive post! What makes me happy is spending time with my grand children, especially the two youngest ones! It is amazing how much they change in such a short amount of time! I love spending time with my two older grandchildren, too. They are practically grown so have less time to spend with their old grandmother, not to mention they live 2 hours away.

  285. My amazing brand new baby son who is six weeks old! His crocheted blankets and booties are being much admired and he has just started to smile!! X

  286. How do I get the Nordic shawl pattern? I have been looking for a shawl for weeks now! I think this is the one!! Thank you

  287. Playing with my 3 grandsons, 7.5.2 make me really happy! Oh, and crocheting something new!

  288. Spring makes me happy!

  289. Time! Time to do awesome projects with crochet. :-)

  290. warm sunshine on a brisk day, hand drawn love (pictures) from my kids, snuggles with my kitten and puppy…

  291. Happy is having the window open even on a sick day and finally feeling good enough to crochet!

  292. When my children can go outside to play, have fun and be happy. When they’re happy then I’m happy

  293. Playing with my kids outside in the sunshine makes me happy!!

  294. Having a beautiful grandaughter to play with.

  295. The daffodils make me happy! Sure sign that we are springing on!

  296. Being able to take my kids out for a walk…that and the fact that my 3 month old is now sleeping through the night!

  297. My daughter makes me happy these days. Having postpartum depression is a difficult thing to deal with, but just taking a step back and seeing her beautiful face. Its the happiest I’ve felt in a long time.

  298. My kids, my husband, and the ability to crochet & knit gifts for my friends & family!

  299. my kiddos wearing their crochet beanies!

  300. Knitting in happy colors makes me happy.

  301. The posting of a pattern on my blog is providing me with joy beyond words these days. As we move into the warmer months and I see the colors that inspire lighter brighter things, I feel such a rush to have it be a new day and another opportunity to share a creative energy with those who appreciate hand made.

  302. Being able to crochet and knit again after a bout of shingles on my right arm and hand. The joy of yarn!

  303. Crocheting and knitting makes me happy !! I do it EVERYDAY!!! Yes, a little bit of both because I have to have at least 2-3 projects going, lol

  304. That maybe the chance of getting a home again is closer and getting my things out of storage so I can craft again is coming soon.

  305. After months of working on a blanket, I am very close to being finished – that makes me VERY happy.

  306. Finally finding a job after months of searching, and being able to buy more yarn!

  307. All such lovely giveaways……what makes me happy? Finding time to crochet just fills my heart up! Thank you for sharing your creative juices!!! Mary

  308. quiet time with my granddaughter and my cats makes me very happy. Life has thrown me a few curve balls lately and it’s the little snuggles that make me smile and remember that it’s all worth it. Just waiting for the rainbow, the rain has to stop one day. :)

  309. What makes me happt these days is crocheting baby blakents for my grandsons that r coming soon

  310. Taking on a challenging pattern, learning something new, and now seeing it take shape! Makes me very happy, especially that it is a baby blanket for my new granddaughter who is on the way!

  311. What makes me happy these days is feeling blessed that I can live a little more and not be bed ridden from pain now that the warm days are finally here. <3 Spring

  312. what makes me happy everyday, is waking up to sunshine, seeing the sunrise/sunset love the colors. seeing my husband of 22 years, adult kids that live with us and son’s fiance and grandson 15 months. life is truly a blessing

  313. Knitting and crocheting makes me extremely happy!

  314. My two little ones, crochet, chocolate and coffee make me happy :)

  315. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m happy because I’m on spring break (I’m a teacher) and I can actually see spring coming with 80 degree weather forecasted for later this week! I think the cold and snow are finally gone!!

  316. Watching Agatha Christie on TV on a Sunday afternoon, with a nice cup of tea and crocheting.Bliss!

  317. my grandchildren make me happy. and my new one will be here on the 24

  318. Simple things make me happy. Waking up in the morning, being able to manoeuvre myself around, the delight of enjoying my cats, re-learning to crochet, giving something I have made to someone, joy of laughter, connecting with friends across the world. Discovering YouTube & the crochet clips. The fabulous crochet yarn I see & dream of obtaining. So greeting from Oz.

  319. Getting ready to start a new baby b l Jamey g or my sister’s new baby …due late this summer.

  320. Right now Spring is making me happy!

  321. Thinking os spring and warmer temperatures as we still have six foot snowbanks and cold temp in the negative numbers.

  322. My kids and MY YARN!!

  323. What me happy is my grandkids, my children, my husband, sitting with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a good book or a few crochet knitting books or magazines writing down my next projects and planning the colors and type of yarn to use in my project notebook.

  324. My newborn daughter makes me verry happy!!!! I feel like being in love all over again!!!! Greetings from the Netherlands :-D

  325. April Fool’s Day makes me happy! I have some fun ones planned for my kids!

  326. My husband of 21 years. And old movies. And yarn. So, to be happy, all I got to do is sitting next to my husband, with a huge pile of yarn at my feet, a crochet in my hand and an old movie playing on the TV. When this happens, I’m at peace and smiling inside…. Oh, gosh, I almost forgot: wonderful giveaways also make me happy!

  327. Knitting or crocheting something (especially baby blankets) and enjoying the reactions. People really do love handmade.

  328. Seeing people smile when I give them a handmade item!

  329. What makes me happiest? When a migraine is finally gone so I can get back to my favorite past time…crocheting!

  330. I have just recently started crocheting and love getting new patterns and try to make new things!!! Sometimes i wish i had someone who could walk me through things from time to time!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  331. What makes me happy is Jesus, My Grandchildren, God allowing me to wake up every morning to a brand new day, having facebook where I find sites like yours, Crocheting and giving what I make away.

  332. My creative time each day makes me ever so happy…even if that time is limited. I am so happy to have found your blog and have liked you on Fb. Off to explore all of your inspiration! ~Kelly

  333. Spring flowers and sunshine, which I can reflect in my crochet :-)

  334. I love crocheting gifts for people, especially for people who are sick or children. My heart is happy to see the smile on their face when they receive the gift.

  335. a purring cat on my lap while I hook with the “good wool” and sip on piping hot tea

  336. Yarn makes me happy!!!!

  337. What makes me happy is knowing that soon winter will be over…it was a very long cold winter in WI and I am happy summer is closer:)

  338. finding ways to use up some of my stash is making me happy. And since my Finnish grandmother taught me to crochet, that Nordic shawl would also make me very happyt!

  339. I’ve been on a “shrinking campaign”, otherwise known as a diet, and what makes me happy these days is finding crochet projects that actually look good on me, then finding a great giveaway to help me on my new quest!

  340. My family, crochet and photography makes me happy

  341. Feeling creative and getting to express it! By the way, It’s really nice of you to do the giveaway! Everyone in love with yarn would like these…

  342. What makes me happy these days…my beautiful little boy, who is going to be two very soon, my lovely husband, and the teenie tiny precious moments I get to myself when I can get all giddy about adding to my yarn ‘stash’, planning new projects and crocheting away! :-) x

  343. Seeing the accomplished look on my granddaughters face when she mastered the chain stich.

  344. Thinking about summer

  345. what makes me happy these days? My new start! I had spine surgery in Dec after 4 yrs of fighting it, here I am 13 wks later and I’m in the gym every night running 3 miles and working my BUTT off to get my BUTT worked off! LOL Sorry I had to, lol. All I know is I come home feeling GREAT and PROUD of myself! My back is not totally better, but at some point I got sick of whining about it and thought, I’m just going to do what makes me happy, the rest will fall in place, and it already feels as tho it has begun!

  346. My daughter makes me happy these days and bluebonnets!!

  347. Happy to be alive and crocheting !!!

  348. What makes me happy is starting a new crochet craft. I have only been crocheting for 3 months or so and I have endless ideas of what I want to make. Not enough time in the day!

  349. Spring.. Plus crocheting for my first great grandchild due in October :-).

  350. The warmer weather!

  351. Spring flowers!

  352. What makes me happy is having a crafting ability to be able to keep myself from drifting back into the depression I suffed from after losing my husband at an early age from a bloodclot and from having mobility issues that had made me a cripple until my surgery last summer. Being able to craft gave me something to look forward to every day especially after having to give up my job. And now I am passing the love of crafting to my 3 year old grand-daughter which really makes me happy these days!

  353. Sunshine! Spring is so close…

  354. Happiness comes in so many forms… warm sun shiney days with a project in hand …and my sweetheart nearby!!

  355. Here lately yarn and coffee have been making me happy (after my family of course!).

  356. Warmer days, sunshine and bright colors.

  357. I’m happy just to hang out my nephew, he’s the happiest kid alive!

  358. Sunshine on a 70 degree day, giggling babies, people laughing, creating my art, making other people happy, my 5 little dogs, good health, loving family and friends.

  359. Warm weather is making me happy. That and crocheting.

  360. What makes me happy? My three little grandsons, crocheting, knitting, and Bible study!

  361. Hearing from my husband, who is deployed in Afghanistan.

  362. What makes me happy? crafting and living a healthy and happy life! :D

  363. I’m ‘Happiest’ these days when I have time to crochet :)

  364. I am Happy because you are giving away items! :-)

  365. My two grandsons make me happy, happy, happy!! :)

  366. Awesome giveaway. What makes me happy is crafting and spring, plus the thought of winning all those buttons! I need some buttons lol

  367. Getting up everymorning with the kids and hubby.

  368. Knitting and crocheting baby things for friends new arrivals!

  369. Yay! Spring! April! Crochet patterns! Temporary tattoos! :)

  370. Crocheting makes me happy and relaxed especially when my partner in crime my little shitzu/chihuahua cuddles up on the blanket I’m crocheting

  371. What makes me happy? God, family and crocheting!

  372. What makes me happy? Awesome people like you. c:
    Lol. Coffee, yarn, spring, and more coffee.

  373. Today, April 1st, is my 48th birthday and your blog makes me smile!

  374. What a fabulous way to celebrate spring – since it’s taking so much time and effort to arrive this year, it deserves this special attention!

  375. Making things fir my friends and family, so many are having babies right now and I just LOVE to make things for them all! (I sometimes even get to make things for me too!!) :-)

  376. After such a long, cold winter….feeling the sun shine on my face as I enjoy the beautiful weather we are having today makes me smile!

  377. My newly adopted shelter kitty sleeping in the sun fills me with joy.

  378. Definitely my grandchildren, knitting and crochet (trying very hard). It will not beat me!!

  379. My grandchildren make me smile and snow, rainbows, sand, yarn, and anything sparkly!! There are just soooooo many things that make me smile and be happy inside, like the opportunity to win this great giveaway!

  380. I’m so blessed to be retired now, and able to spend lots more time with my crochet. Happy, happy, happy!!!

  381. What makes me happy is to have my husband waiting on me! Knowing he loves me so much puts a song in my heart.

  382. Smiling, and seeing smiling faces makes me happy!!!

  383. What makes me happy… Weather warm enough to have the house windows open, the smell of rain and Thunderstorms! I am so ready for thunderstorms and lightening!

  384. what makes me happy is being retired now and able to spend more time doing crocheting

  385. I love to crochet stuff for my special needs girls…..they look soon adorable and.that puts a smile on their beautiful face

  386. Seeing my 11-year old, who suffers from severe chronic anxiety, smile. Making something colourful, especially with those happy buttons, would put another precious smile on her face. RavID: AKnitterInNZ

  387. My new house and extra lazy days to sit and crochet is what makes me happy lately. That and my two besties :)

  388. My little niece and nephew :) two little angels ♥♥

  389. Sign being done with my dissertation so I don’t feel guilty when I crochet or knit instead!

  390. What a fantastic giveaway and such a wonderful prize to win. What makes me happy is my two special kiddies and my special husband who is my full time carer, They have to cope with seeing me suffering with pain and not able to move but even though theyre finding it hard they never let it come between their school work my daughter has been two years ahead and is taking her 11 plus this year to get into grammar and my son who is 6 is also ahead too. My husband will do anything for anyone and makes sure im coping he makes me laugh everyday and they all tell me im still a great mammy and they love me…I couldnt have wished for better kiddies who have been through so much but still work as hard as they do and a loving husband. Knowing how lucky I am even though I cant walk and will get worse and worse I still have two beautiful kiddies and wonderful husband in my life so loving understanding and caring xx I also have my love of crochet and knitting to keep me sain and it makes me happy to teach my children knitting and crochet and to see the huge smiles on their faces learning new techniques and having that chance to be able to spend those precious moments all together is something ill treasure so each and everydsy they make me happy. Sorry for such a long comment I struggle to get my words to come out how I mean good luck everyone

  391. The fact that Spring is going to start really showing the beautiful flowers and the weather will be warmer, really makes me happy.
    My two little smiley kids make me happy.
    Crochet and knitting, too! <3

  392. All the little things in life make me happy. Time with my family and friends, or on my patio watching spring work its magic, knitting, crocheting, doing my art or journaling all with my loveable companion my doggie:) life is good.

  393. What makes me happy, life. I am one of the lucky people I have 3 happy beautiful children who are achieving so much more than their mother ever will, I have a beautiful granddaughter who is the light of our lives, and another on the way. I get up everyday and go to work, to a career that I never though I would have. I come home to an amazing husband who would walk over hot coals for me and I for him. What is not to be happy about. :)

  394. Make me happy the sun and my dog! :)
    fingers crossed, thanks!

  395. Makes me happy to knit and crochet. Be able spend time with my granddaughters!

  396. Spending time with my granddaughter, I’m always the most happiest when she is in my company.

  397. Crocheting outside in the warm spring sunshine, my family, and my Lord. That’s some of the things that make me happy.

  398. Watching my youngest son grow to be the man that God wants him to be.

  399. Being able to spend so much time with my kids whilst they are still little and hook the days away with them by my side.

  400. The Three C’s—Coffee, crochet and color! They make me happy!!!

  401. What makes me happy? Every minute I get to spend with yarn and hooks/needles in hand. :)

  402. My kids make me happy.

  403. my wonderful children make me happy! I could be more proud of them. Love them so much.

  404. Music makes me happy♬♬ツ

  405. Yarn!

  406. The sunshine!

  407. My fifteen grandchildren and just being alive makes me happy!

  408. Love the patterns!

  409. oh ,what make me happy… 5 pm when my husband walks through the door and yarn for when he isn’t home!

  410. Sunshine, beautiful blooms & our sweet little 1 yr old pup, Mia!! Crocheting of course;)!

  411. My family, pets, and the way the Earth smells after a nice spring rain.

  412. A first Grandchild, spring, and just looking at yarn make me happy!

  413. The idea that spring, might, be on its way

  414. Watching my grandsons while knitting or crocheting.

  415. No messages on my answering machine!

  416. My grandbaby’s laughter makes me happy.

  417. What makes me happy…my 9 nieces and nephews. I don’t have children, so whenever I need love or someone to spoil someone, I call them and it brightens up my day, right away! And Also, YARN, my addiction, my passion is crochet!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!
    Good Luck Everyone!

  418. My son makes me happy. Good Luck Everyone!

  419. My family makes me happy! Crocheting and reading are extra bonuses!

  420. Crocheting for my daughter’s engagement party is making me happy!

  421. Crafting makes me happy

  422. Crocheting with thread and crocheting with yarn. :)

  423. Warm weather, sitting on my deck with a cup of coffee and reading after work, heaven..

  424. Great day for a give away! Would love to win something!

  425. Sunshine

  426. Having a day off without a drs appt, maybe in 2015

  427. I’m happy when I’m crocheting presents for my family or friends!

  428. My 3 sons make me happy…♡♡♡ and a good deal find on yarn or pattern book ;)

  429. Crocheting for babies!

  430. My happiness comes from being eternally grateful to be present and a part of everyday life. From the cat’s meow to feed her, all the way to the sweet kisses and embraces of my Grandchildren, and everything inbetween. It truly is a blessing to be alive and in love with life.

  431. I have been trying to create easter items for my grandbabies. I love doing this…but am not an expert at any of it yet! Would be excited to win! :)

  432. Very pretty!! Knitting and crocheting with my mom makes me happy! My dad enjoying going to the yarn shops with us makes me very happy!

  433. Watching and listening to Spring rain while drinking a hot cup of coffee AND crocheting. Doesn’t get much better than that!

  434. All of the new little babies that have recently joined our family recently!

  435. These days I’m all about the garden. Planning the garden is always a great pleasure to me. I get to make grids and graphs and buy seed…. :)

  436. Helping my adult students conquer the math that has kept them feeling lost and inadequate all their lives makes me happy!

  437. My newborn daughter, Della. I have so much love for this tiny package.

  438. crochet, fanfiction, and talking to my family. i’m living away from home right now, and not having them around makes you realize how much you take family for granted. so grateful for the internet.

  439. Sunshine and birds singing! So glad that spring is slowly making it’s way here to Michigan. My kitty is happy – got to get outside chasing the dead leaves blowing in the wind today!

  440. Seeing the sunrise every morning this week and hearing the beautiful sound of my local magpies singing their sun-up song, and taking the time to enjoy both, makes me feel very, very happy

  441. My family makes me happy. Also, teaching my Sunday school class brings great joy tyi my life.

  442. Drawing makes me happy. And my schoolwork. And my job. Actually most things in my life make me happy.

  443. The sun coming out makes me happy :)

  444. I love crochet, cause it gives me the opportunity to try new fibers, new stitches and new patterns.

  445. that this giveaway is worldwide …that I have a roof over my head, enough money to buy food and a nice husband

  446. so many great giveaways on the web! :D imagination, dreams, adventures also!

  447. Happiness ? Watching TV with my hubby. Doing my crocheting and collecting mandala patterns to work on . “Summer Hearts pattern is beautiful.

  448. Spending time with my family! And Praising the One who wakes me up each morning!! :)

  449. What makes me happy? My wonderful husband beating cancer!!!

  450. Being alive! I died in January of 2013 and the wonderful doctors brought me back. I had to teach myself how to crochet, knit, read and am still working on math. Crocheting things for my family and charity gave me a purpose and reason to get up to work hard on recovering.

  451. Thank you for this great giveawy!
    Spring is a season which make me feel happy!
    FB:Jens Ken Lunstrom
    Shared the giveaway:
    Fingers crossed!

  452. The little tune every time I open a moogly video, its so nice and relaxing! :)))

  453. I am especially happy this morning because yesterday after work I stopped at a yarn shop to purchase a pattern for some yarn I had been given for a gift. I had started a shaw but didn’t have enough yarn. The woman who worked there looked at what I’d done, showed me how to wear it as is and I don’t have to pull it all out and start over. Finished the last row last night and will wear it this morning!

  454. Hi i embroidery in this time it’s for me very important, thanks you for your giveway, love it

  455. this is like Spring Cleaning for the Creative Soul! LOVE the Tattoos!!!

  456. crafting and buying yarn!

  457. Homeschooling my kids, I love having them home & watching them learn & explore new things.

  458. crocheting makes me happy!

  459. Crochet of course! My chickens, my dogs, my son, my daughter, my health, my job, my husband, cake…..cake Mmmmm! And free gifts ;)

  460. what an awesome giveawayyyyy!!!!!!!!

  461. Hmm… What make me happy these days? Probably chocolate, crochet, and playing board games with my coworkers.

  462. what makes me happy these days is it is finally looking like Spring – Snow is gone & I have a few flowers blooming – & I am starting to crochet summer things with all the wonderful bright summer colors!!!!

  463. Crocheting! Waking up everyday to just breathe and enjoy homeschooling my son!

  464. My husband, kids and family make me happy… Knitting and crochet as well!!!!!

  465. Hot cup of coffee, a call from my children, a kiss from my husband and a package of yarn in the mail.

  466. talking to my best friend, and having a chance to sit down and crochet something fun

  467. Winning new crochet patterns and buttons makes me reeeeealy happy! :)

  468. the sunshine and lots of yarn and decorations to make stuff with

  469. Seeing crocuses finally blooming in my grass makes me very happy! And my birthday tomorrow :)

  470. I’m most looking forward to the changing moods that spring bring. :) I’m so motivated to crochet again after a bit of a blah winter. :)

  471. love crochet, love crochet. love crochet…..

  472. The fact there are finally flowers blooming makes me happy!

  473. I love crocheting and knitting… love your blog… I love that winter is over… makes me excited to work with more color again…

  474. Spring yarn!!!

  475. My daughter always makes me happy! And, crochet, of course!

  476. I am happy that spring has finally arrive (hopefully to stay) here in Coastal Virginia. Sunny and beautiful today! :)

  477. The scent of spring in the air, birds chirping, outdoor sounds, having windows open to let the fresh air in….and seeing my grandchildren running around, exploring and being happy. Always puts a smile on my face.

  478. My family – my husband, my children and my grandchildren – make me the happiest. But making things for them is pretty close!

  479. my family, my church, and crochet!

  480. What makes me happy is knitting and crocheting gifts for my family and friends

  481. Loving the poncho! Must make one asap!

  482. Spending time outdoors with my family in the day and crocheting at night. :)

  483. my sisters son and my cats!!

  484. Making things for my children… Clothes, toys, blankets. And for others. I love the looks on people’s faces when they see a handmade item. That is what makes me happy!

  485. Traveling with my husband (and knitting).

  486. Spring weather, spending time with children, spending time with God, Crocheting, creating things and growing things make me feel joyful.

  487. Snuggling with my kids in the mornings before we have to get ready for school/work/daycare. Love those snuggles and loves from my kids!!

  488. Yarn, coffee, my babies. In no particular order!

  489. Sharon Valadez. My granddaughters, crocheting, and life itself.

  490. Sitting in my family’s old rocking chair (soo comfy, I was in my nursery when I was a baby), with a fresh cup of tea, good music playing, while knitting or crocheting something for someone I love. It’s even better when my cats are napping near by, or just laying there purring, instead of trying to attack my yarn. ;)

  491. The sun is shining and I have a trip planned for the end of the month to have a vacation with some girlfriends.

  492. My three girls. :)

  493. can’t decide what I would like best, everything is nice!!!

  494. The smell of spring these days makes me happy!! :)

  495. My daughter makes me happies mom in the world every day.

  496. My cat and the thought of the summer!! :)

  497. Learning new patterns and stitches for kitting and crochet! Having friends to learn from and help with all our yarny ways :)

  498. Daffodils and tulips and all the other spring flowers.

  499. I love getting happy mail! Things like crochet and knitting books, yarn, etc.

  500. My family, my puppy, my friends and a project in my hands.

  501. the warmer weather and the sunshine! Also having a project to work on!

  502. Just by listening to the song ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams is enough to bring me up again on a lousy day. I really love that song. Makes me forget my problems and just be happy.

  503. Watching all the flowers starting to bloom!

  504. Anything creative makes me happy: playing piano, writing, knitting, sewing, crocheting, cooking, …

  505. Sunshine and spring make me happy!

  506. Sunshine , a little rain, watching my baby goat ( kids) playing outside the window,crocheting , knitting and you will find me humming a happy tune in my little corner of the world. :)

  507. My baby grand-daughter makes me over the moon happy. :o)

  508. What makes me happy, waking up to the sun shining thru window. The smile on my grandson’s face. Looking at my yarn and deciding what to make next.

  509. pharrell’s ‘happy’,,,,its contagious :-)

  510. What makes me happy is crocheting for the 9 yr old I watch. She loves it when I make her pretty things!

  511. What makes me happy: crocheting with bright & happy colours of yarn & giving away my finished items.

  512. I will be happy when I finish the quilt I am making for my nieces 21st birthday and can get back to my crochet, I miss it!

  513. Spring makes me happy! Warm weather! Those pretty buttons and the Nordic Shawl,,the white one with the fabulous trim! Happy Happy Happy thoughts! :}

  514. The sun and the longer days make me happy :)

  515. Thinking of all the newborns wearing the hats I just finished for the local hospital.

  516. What makes me happy??? well giveaways, of course (especially winning them, hint hint!)… also colorful yarn and buttons make me happy…. my daughter makes me very happy, also my awesome boyfriend, and of course crochet, my kitty cats and my dogs!! I have much to be happy about! I am very blessed! :D

  517. I am new to crochet so it is my new obsession. It is what makes me happy while my husband is at work and my little one at school.

  518. Spring in holland this year! Outdoors crochet in the sun, kids playing in the garden!

  519. Warmer weather makes me happy these days.

  520. Summer!

  521. “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” Seriously, though, what sets off my endorphins is 1) playing with grandkids; 2) crocheting various cute flowers; 3) the gorgeous tulips and narcissus blooming in planters and beds; 4) being a sidewalker at a therapeutic riding center and 5) seeing all of the wonderful birds and nature in our beautiful area.

  522. Im pretty easy to please. The idea of a relaxing evening at home where I can craft on the couch while my other half watches tv is what I look forward to.

  523. The wonderful warm sunshine. This winter has been so cold and snowy. I am looking forward to a sunshiny Saturday on the porch with a cup of coffee and my cowl I’m crocheting What bliss

  524. Crocheting for my kids and grand kids!