lets go outside








Last Sunday me and D went to a nearby swimming lake. It was a beautiful day; sunny, warm, and lovely.

I can’t wait to get outside more this month! I’m doing another Rewild your Life challenge, which means that I have to try to be outside at least 30 minutes a day. You’re not supposed to take any electronics with you, with one big exception: your camera! I did this challenge last year in September and I loved exploring the outside world a little every day.



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  1. I love this idea. I also try to spend as much time outside as possible. Having a home office, one tends to “forget” to allocate some free time. Considering how much time I used to spend outdoors as a kid playing in the fields, going on “imaginary” adventures on my bike, I’d love to be a child again :-).

  2. These photos are beautiful wink! I love the idea of that challenge!
    Kate :}

  3. You captured some great scenes. I love the side by side view of the lake/trees. I am trying to get out and walk everyday now that the weather has warmed up. Only my camera is allowed. It is great to get away for just a few minutes everyday. Enjoy your week.

  4. What a great idea, if I was a little more mobile I would join in. Getting outside at this time of year is just such a lovely change after the long winter months. Some great images xoxo

  5. My camera is with every walk I take! Lovely photos!

  6. These photographs are so lovely. I signed up for the Rewild Your Life challenge after you mentioned it last year, and I’m excited to be participating this month! Thanks for sharing the info….

  7. Coming over to Delft on Monday 7 April, staying on a caravan site should be lots of outside time there

  8. Yes. Lets go outside. It is so beautiful out there this time of the year. Birds, the wind, the buds on the trees… I think this is a great “challenge”. I can do 30 minutes a day outside. No problem. Kind of sad it has to be a “challenge” isn’t it? But that is how it is in todays society I guess. I have just spent 3 hours answering emails… and doing so called “blog customer service”. Now I am going outside to hang my laundry and check my flower beds. That counts as going outside too, doesn’t it?
    My rose Valley

  9. thank you how beautiful is Gods creation, thank you for beautiful glimpses

  10. Wonderful, uplifting photos, and what a beautiful challenge! Breathe deeply the Springtime air and enjoy! Chrissie x

  11. love the moss covered tree image!