happy yarn day

Oh, happy yarn day! I just love it when big piles of yarn land on my doorstep. And this time it was indeed a big, big pile!

Check it out…





This is gorgeous Cotton 8 yarn from Dutch yarn brand Scheepjeswol. It’s a 100% cotton, and what I love about it is that it isn’t mercerized! Shiny cotton may be great for some, but it’s just not my cup of tea. This yarn is ridiculously soft, and has a great twist so it doesn’t split. And that’s always a plus :) It works up with a 3mm hook, but I’m taking the lazy way out and using it double stranded with a 6mm hook.


I have 8 colours to work with: brown (659), peach (715), grey (700), mint (664), light blue (622), light pink (654), pink (719) and dark pink (720).

And what might one make with such a ridiculously large stash, one might ask? Well, I’ve already caked some of the skeins, sketched some ideas, and done some work…



Anyone want to take an educated guess as to what I’m making? Hint: it’s a super long-term project since it will take a long time to finish! ;)

Have a great weekend y’all!


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  1. Hi! Wat een boel heerlijke bolletjes! Dat moet haast wel een flinke deken gaan worden, of niet? De square die je hebt liggen leent zich daar in ieder geval supergoed voor, heel mooi! Hou je ons op de hoogte? Groetjes

  2. Ohhh, I’ve know idea what you’re creating but it will be awesome and gorgeous! :)

  3. Beautiful squares! My guess would be a blanket :) You can’t make enough blankets!

  4. gorgeous colors so i can’t wait to see!!!

    how did you “cake” your yarn – what brand of machine? i am new to crochet – still teaching myself – and i am already frustrated with trying to pull yarn from the center of the skein and the problem that come along with it

  5. it is going to be beautiful whatever it will be.. sure would like the pattern to that square you are making it with .. that is just gorgeous .. i am not a big fan of granny squares, but that looks more like a squared mandala .. LOL ..having
    the pattern would be awesome …

  6. this yarn looks so lovely! i wish i knew how to get my hands on some in the US!

    • Hi Britta – I think I have seen Scheepjeswol being sold in a knitting shop in Charlottesville, Virginia. It also appears to be available from RoyalYArns.com

      • Thank you for sharing that .com site! I love these colors available to crafters in other countries!

  7. How does it com pare with 100% cotton here in USA !

  8. Oh my goodness. That’s going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  9. Those are lovely colours! I’ll have to see where is best to order this from for the UK.

  10. Beautiful!! I look forward to seeing what you’re going to create Sarah xo

  11. those colors are amazing! i’m going to guess a granny square chair cover.

  12. oh my gosh, I have serious yarn envy now, those colours are amazing :) I just want to dive right in ….
    I’ve just started my own blog at emeraldcottage.blogspot.co.uk, it would be great to see you over there :)

  13. Great design! I am loving surface stitch crochet right now, and the stripes you are making look fab! I think they would look awesome in rows and rows, lots of different colours…a blanket, it must be! Chrissie x

  14. Gorgeous!! Yarn always makes me happy. :)

  15. I love the little yarn cake and the square looks gorgeous I’m thinking balnket

  16. How do you get the yarn into the cake? Is there some type of gadget that does this? Love the colors…anxious to see your plan. Thanks

  17. That’s a yummy pile of yarn indeed…gorgeous colors too! I love cotton yarn! I’ve just recently taught myself via video tutorials to crochet and I’m hooked! ;) I’m in the paper craft industry…scrapbooking and cards and have a website at http://www.card-blanc.blogspot.com if you want to check it out. I’ve been sharing a couple very basic crochet projects there too as I’ve gotten into it and I love your blog/projects! Kathy

  18. I suppose it will be a blanket …..

  19. Ik heb het vermoeden dat het een deken wordt. Ik vroeg mij af waarom je van de bolletjes cakes maakt?

  20. Beautiful square! Beautiful colours too! Can’t wait for more pics.

  21. I’m going to guess that you’re making a gorgeous blanket? Love love love the colours, what an enormous pile of lovely wool! I never think much of brown but it seems to go so well with the pink and green shades. Looking forward to seeing some more squares :-)

  22. Beautiful colors! Looking at your block I guess this will eventually turn into a blanket… Looks divine. Enjoy!

  23. I bought this yarn some time ago! and yes I love that they were not mecerised as I was to be honest, sick of mercerised yarns! I’m working on a blanket using this for my mum at the moment! :)

  24. What does “caked the yarn” mean? May I ask how it’s done and why it’s done? Yep, I’m a beginner! I still adore your projects! The square you worked up in the pic is gorgeous!

    • Caking your yarn means winding it up with a yarn winder. It turns a ball or skein of yarn into a little ‘cake’ :) Usually it’s done to turn a non-workable hank of yarn into something workable, but I’m doing it here because it’s easier to work with two strands when drawing from a cake. Hope that explains it a bit :)