new beginnings

Most of you guessed it right when I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago: I’m making a blanket! :)

Not what you’d expect when you see my progress though…





A whole bunch of tiny yarn babies! This is how those big projects start. You begin with a couple of tiny circles, and soon they’ll grow into a full-sized picnic blanket. And by soon I mean probably not fast enough, and by not fast enough I mean that I’ll probably be hooking it till Christmas ;) My goal however is to have this puppy (and by puppy I mean largest dog EVER) finished this summer, so I can actually use it as a picnic blanket!

This is how I tackle large projects though. I like to do the math beforehand, so I know how many squares I have to make (in this case: 100). Then I sketched out some colour schemes, so I could calculate how many starting circles of each colour I need. What you see in these pictures is about half of all the circles I have to make. I like to finish everything row after row, so I’m making row 1 now for all the squares, then row 2 for all of them, then row 3 and so on. I sew in my ends after each row, because I really don’t want to be doing that at the end, when there’s a gazillion ends! Of course this is only necessary if you’re changing colours every row. If you’re only working in 1 colour, it’s much easier to just keep going.



In a few months I’ll be able to look back on these photos and say: “Look how cute they were back then!” ;)

I’m making this with Scheepjes Cotton 8 yarn. I’m using it double stranded with a 6mm hook, which is why I caked my skeins, so I’ll have two ends to work with (for those of you who asked). And the reason I’m using it double stranded is so it will take less time to hook up. Yep, I’m a lazy hooker! ;)


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  1. yay!!! i can’t wait to see your progress!!

  2. Gorgeous colours! It’s really going to look stunning when you’ve finished it. I can’t wait to see the finished rug. Joan

  3. Wow you are organized! Gorgeous spring colors. Perfect for a picnic.

  4. Wat een lieve rondjes! En wat een werk! Ik ben heel benieuwd naar het eindresultaat.

  5. Can’t wait to see it emerge and come to life! Fun to see it at the baby stage and everything in between.

  6. Love your blog. And love the way you work, I don’t see it as lazy, wonderfully organized. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. this is gonna be a magnificent blanket, and the colours oooh! love them, thanks for sharing

  8. Hele leuke kleurtjes! En die rondjes zijn echt schattig! :) ben al heel benieuwd naar de afgemaakte deken!
    Groetjes xoxo

  9. Absolutely love those colours together!! Maria x

  10. Those colours look fab together. I can’t wait to see how these tiny buttons end up as a picnic blanket.

  11. Gosh, all those wee babies look so sweet lined up in rows, I can’t imagine how gorgeous they’ll look worked into a blanket! Can’t wait to see! Chrissie x

  12. I can’t wait to see what colourful and different blanket you will present us with. Give us a better clue or hurry up (said nicely) and get it going so we can see. Hope you enjoy every moment of your creation as thats one of the best parts.

  13. Just wanted to tell you HodgePodge suggested I write. I printed off the pattern for Vintage Fan Afghan today. I crochet baby blankets for Project Linus and wanted to try this unique pattern. Thanks.

  14. I admire anyone who has the patience to take on such a long and involved project. Your blanket it going to be gorgeous! And all those little circle sure are cute! :)

  15. Beautiful. They look like they would be great facial scrubbies too :)

  16. I would like to see the blanket. How will these circles be put into a large blanket?

    • Hi how is the new blanket going and when can we expect to see your progress even if not finished

  17. I’m new to the world of crocheting and am trying to get as much knowledge about it as possible.
    Would you mind sharing the pattern for making these please