go shawty, it’s yer birfday


Yep, that’s right: I hit the big 3-0 today! It’s my birthday! :D

And to celebrate with you all, I’m offering 30% off ALL patterns in both my Ravelry and Etsy shops! Use code ‘BIRTHDAYLOVE’ upon checkout to receive the discount. The coupon will expire at midnight, Amsterdam time.

Thank you for celebrating with me!


ps I celebrated my birthday with my family over the weekend and made a pavlova from scratch. I’m really pleased with how it turned out!


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  1. Hello…
    Happy Birthday….and lots of cakes…
    Maria Rosalia

  2. Hiya, Happy Birthday! Your pavlova looks great. Have a great day and thank you for your continued inspiration xx

  3. Happy 30th. I hope you have a great day and many many more ! Enjoy!!!
    Can you hear me cheering!
    Hugs and best wishes.

  4. Happy birthday to you, happy, happy, happy birthday! Your pavlova looks great. Hopefully it tasted the same. Thanks for your gift to us.

    Best wishes, Margaret

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day. Your cake looks amazing!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your birthday is wonderful and bright!

  7. Yummy Cake! Do you share recipes?

    • I used a basic pavlova recipe, you can find tons on Pinterest :) All you need really are egg whites and a big bowl of sugar!

  8. Hey, we’re Birthday Twins! Happy Birthday to you too. You’re 30…(I’m 53, shhhh). Just celebrated mine by walking around an English village Festival and buying a yummy, home made, lemon cake! Off to see the relatives shortly to finish the day off nicely. I hope you have a fabulous day too. I love the crochet patterns by the way X <3

    • Happy birthday to you too then Sue! :) It’s also my dad’s birthday today, and my nana’s birthday, and my friend’s girlfriend’s father’s birthday – it is pretty obvious that May 5th is the perfect day for a birthday ;)

  9. Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you have a great day. :)

  10. Happy happy birthday to you!

  11. If that lovely pavlova is anything to go by, your birthday is a great success!! Many happy returns xx

  12. A very happy Birthday to you! The cakes looks so delicious!

  13. Happy Birthday to you… and happy stitching to me (I love dutch tulips too! ;) )

  14. Beautifull Mandala, and oh yes
    what catches my eyes is the Pavlova one of my preferd dessert!

    Bon anniversaire, Happy birthday to you very talented lady!

  15. Ja tssss, nou heb ik ze allemaal al! ;-)

    Hier ook nog maar even Van Harte! Dat maar lekker veel mensen je shoppie mogen bezoeken.

  16. Happy birthday! I just ordered the other 2 mandalas I don’t have yet. Thanks!

  17. Happy birthday Wink, looks like you had some yummy pavlova….it looks scrumptious, do you have a recipe??

    It’s really sweet of you to give a discount!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINK!!! and thank you for all the lovely Mandalas, what a lovely way to use up stash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Happy belated 30th!! Hope your day was great!

  20. Happy belated birthday wink! Hope you had the best day!!
    Kate :}

  21. Hope you had a lovely birthday. The Pavlova look scrummy. Not something I would be brave enough to try from scratch.

  22. Happy belated birthday (I don’t think they say that in the Netherlands when you are late with your birthday wishes). Thanks for your blog posts. I am crocheting away (on our small sailboat) and enjoying the inspiration.

  23. Happy birthday! Mine was May 9th. There is something special about May babies-no kidding!

  24. happy birthday i have tried putting the code in happybirhday but keeps coming up invalid