shawl wars – part II: gathering leaves

Welcome to part II of the Shawl Wars saga: Gathering Leaves!

That’s right, shawl number two that I finished was this lovely and lush green shawl, using the EasyKnits yarn I got at Unravel. I used the Gathering Leaves pattern on Ravelry to make it, and it was by far the most perfect pattern for the most perfect yarn!



I’m so in love with this gorgeous pattern! It looks really complicated but really, it’s not that hard. It uses mainly dc stitches (UK trebles) and combinations like dc3tog and dc4tog. I followed the pattern’s instructions for 1 skein of sock yarn (which is what I had) but unfortunately I ran out of yarn 1 or 2 rows before the actual border part of the pattern.



It still totally looks like I put on a border though, doesn’t it? If I don’t tell people no one will notice the last three rows are actually missing ;)

And for size, here’s the shawl on the same model (my friend’s daughter) that showed you the Wedding Shawl last week!




I’ve worn this out on multiple occasions already, as it’s so nice and petite, it’s the perfect accessory! Not too warm, not too cold, and compliments are a solid guarantee.

The third shawl is still a WIP, but I’m very close to finishing it, so expect part III of Shawl Wars soon! :)


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  1. Wouw!!!
    Deze is ook prachtig geworden!

  2. That is a beautiful shawl. So talented Wink! And a fab colour. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is just SO pretty, Wink! Thanks for showing it to us. Chris x

  4. WOW absolutely lovely. Just found you on a link from Lucy at Attic 24 and I have been reading all your older posts.

    You have really inspired me with the “leaves” shawl.
    I am off to buy some of that yarn in something like orange/yellow/red. I normally only buy cheap balls of yarn at my local shop and it’s ALWAYS double knit. First time for me with lightweight yarn and crocheting a shawl and buying a pattern of ravelry.
    Keep your fingers crossed ( I might have to ask you questions!).


  5. Although green is not my color, I really love this shawl!!

  6. Beautiful! I think it would be good in variegated Fall colors, too!

  7. Oh yes lovely! I think so too.

  8. I do love this, colors and pattern also. Great work, It is springy!