they grow up so fast!

My yarn babies have grown! They are now a 100 strong, and growing daily. It’s a lot of fun to watch their progress :)




They’re usually moving around my house in one large group, but sometimes they like to be with their own kinds. That’s when they travel in stacks ;)



All these tiny yarn babies have now grown into yoddlers; I can’t wait till they’ve become proper yarnagers, or yadults even!

Until they mature, all I can do is marvel at all their delicious colours and soft skins…



If only they would raise themselves, that would be a major time saver for me! ;) But I’m afraid I’ll have to help them grow bigger and bigger, by feeding them yarn according to a strict colour diet. They’re being fed Scheepjes yarn, Cotton 8 to be precise. They are very hungry though, so I’m feeding them double strands. Surely that’s why they grow up so fast! ;)


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  1. Wow – you’ve been busy. Cute story. :)

  2. Yummy colours and a lovely little pattern. Is it one you made up? Have a great weekend. x

  3. The colour choice is lovely.

  4. Aren’t these delicious! Thank you for sharing :).

  5. very lovely .. and they are delicious .. i can’t wait to see if the pattern / designs of the squares you are using (saw the pics in another blog) shows ups as available on your Ravelry for download / use .. even if for sale… i will be getting / buying it immediately if it comes available .. so very lovely and not at all like a normal granny square .. much more awesome than that … can’t wait to see the finished work !!

  6. I love your imagery! What a super idea, the kind of thing that’s handy to have on-the-go when you have a few minutes to spare. Is the pattern available?

  7. Love them

  8. Love the colours!

  9. They look like little sweets x yum!

  10. Love the tale of yoddlers and loving how all the colours are mixed but also have a pattern to them

  11. i love your babies – i’m sure you’ll be a very good mother and they will all grow up to be perfect yaradults

  12. Oh this post has given me a big smile! What sweet little bundles of joy – I swear I would frame the photo of them all lined up in pretty rows, it would make an artistic image for the wall! The colours are just wonderful, it would be nice if they stayed babies forever, but you will enjoy watching them grow, and I can’t wait to see what they look like all grown up! Chrissie x

  13. Very nice! I was wondering: how do you predict how many wool you need for a big project like this? I’m making a cushion cover and in a few days to come I have to go back to the shop for the third (!) time because I’m running out of wool.

  14. These are so cute – what gorgeous colors!

  15. Lovely colors, looks like a coin rug pattern I saw years back in a craft magazine.

  16. These pictures are so cute, I bet you could play with those yarn babies all day :-)

  17. I just love these colours together, so fresh!

  18. They are so beautiful. What are you going to make ?

  19. I love the colors and the pattern! Greetings from Marijke