made: textured slouch beanie

It’s been a while since I made something just for me, for the sake of making something!

(and this has everything to do with the super secret project I’m currently working on – more on that soon!)

My friend Stephanie from A Bag Full Of Crochet (whom I’ve met last year) designed this awesome slouch hat a while ago, and since I got dreads and am insanely worried about burning my scalp in this heat, a slouch beanie was just the thing I needed! :)

Officially this is a reversible design, meaning you can wear it the right way and inside out, but since I was in a hurry I didn’t really sew in my ends that well, so my slouch beanie isn’t reversible ;)



I used six colours (out of necessity really; I somehow have run out of cotton yarn! I guess it had to happen some day ;)) for my slouch beanie. I just love all the different textures and stitches; it keeps this design interesting and really fun to work on! I finished this in one evening, and I used Drops Paris cotton yarn and a 5mm hook.

I went to my mom’s place the other day to have her take pictures of me wearing the hat, but then my baby sister showed up, and she’s a MUCH better model than me! So I took pictures of her wearing my hat instead ;)






It looks pretty good on her too huh? Seriously, that girl could wear a garbage bag on her head and she would still look awesome! Some people can get away with anything ;)

If you’d like to make this pattern yourself, head on over to Stephanie’s Ravelry store to grab it.

OR, if you leave a comment on this blog post, you might just win the pattern! :) (open till next week, to all readers!)


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  1. Love this gorgeous design and a great way to use up leftover skeins of yarn.

  2. Looks great !

  3. I love that look!!! such a cool one!!!

  4. Fabulous. Love all the colours and textures.

  5. Very cool beanie love how the background helps bring out the color of the yarn. Last picture is my fav. Frame it for your Mom.

  6. You are so right! Your sister wears the hat beautifully – but I am sure you do too!
    Such a lovely use of color on a beautiful pattern!

  7. Love the colours and texture! Great that you can wear it from both sides. Beautiful!!

  8. Bravo pour cette jolie texture et les tons doux qui vont très bien à votre soeur !

  9. Soooo cute…I love it!

  10. I love it! Love stitches and colours♥

  11. Your colour choices and the pattern are so beautiful together!!

  12. OMG I am in love. That has to be the cutest hat ever! I hope it is easy cuz I have to have one. Love the colors you put together too.

  13. I love this! I really like that you used cotton yarn. Colors you used are beautiful.

  14. Gorgeous beanie in beautiful colours. Now you don’t have to worry anymore about burning your scalp.

    Love, Margaret

  15. Lovely colors and looks awesome.

  16. It is beautiful!! Love the color choices!

  17. Absolutely beautiful! Love it!

  18. That has got to be the cutest slouch hat I have ever seen! Love, love the colors and textures. I wasn’t a fan of slouch hats……..but I am now. Thank you!

  19. Definitely a fun design! I have a teen in my house that I’m sure would love it!!

  20. Very cute! Love all the textures and colors!

  21. Très joli! J’aime beaucoup!
    Very nice! I like it!

  22. I love patterns with lots of different stitches like this one. They are never boring to make.

  23. Whaouuu ! What a gorgeous “hat”, just like I love…enough crazy to wear, enough “crochet” style to please me, and great colors !! In other words, I love it and it really suits your little sister who is really nice with it ! Bravo ;-)

  24. What a great-looking hat! I love the textures obtained using different stitches and it makes the different-colored yarns really pop! It looks wonderful on your sister, but I bet it looks just as great on you!!

  25. What a great way to use up left over yarn and a great looking hat!!

  26. I think you would have looked equally as good in the hat as your sister. However I always choose to use my sisters or friends as my models too.

  27. Gorgeous beanie, I’d love to make one ready for winter. The pace my crochet is going at the moment if I start now I might be ready by November!!!

  28. That hst is just so beautiful!

  29. I’d love this pattern – looks great

  30. I would lo rep to make this girl a friend that just finished up chemo. Thanks

  31. Love love love this! So cute and fun!

  32. The pattern is awesome! I really love the texture in it. I find that with a lot of slouch beanies, the patterns are very simply. They turn out great, but there isn’t a ton of visual interest with them, and my interest doesn’t get piqued and I don’t have the urge to make more than one. This beanie has all of it, the perfect slouch, the color play, and the wide array of texture! Beautiful piece <3

  33. So cute! Love it!

  34. This is so beautiful!!!! And yes, your model is beautiful :)

  35. Gorgeous hat! Great way to use your leftover yarn.

  36. It’s amazing! I love it!

  37. It would be perfect for my mom’s birthday. She has been asking me for a beanie but she doesn’t like anything I have shown her!

  38. I love this hat!!!

  39. I love this slouch beanie. I want to make 2, one for me and one for my daughter

  40. I love, love, love this hat n the colors. Now that’s a hat my kids will ware. They are 19 n 26 n they are picky about the hats they ware.

  41. You are very talented, love the looks of this beanie!

  42. Bonita combinación de colores

  43. Looks great! Love the different textures!!

  44. I love your choice of colors. Too Cute!

  45. Oh my this is so fantastic and right up my alley for what I love to crochet. I like to use different colours and texture when I make things.

  46. Clearly beauty runs in your family. The hat is wonderful and would like to win the pattern. I also more. than happy to buy it. My daughter has very fair skin and sunburns on her scalp too. This hat is just perfect for her.

  47. I already know who I’d make this for!!!

  48. Love the textures and your color choices further accent the stitch patterns!

  49. I love making slouch hats and I absolutely adore this pattern! I would love a chance to win the pattern

  50. I love this! Would love to have the pattern.

  51. This is awesome!!! I’m always looking for ways to use up scrap yarn!!! :-D

  52. J’adore, le choix des couleurs est vraiment beau

  53. Holy cow!!! I love this slouch! I’m a texture-aholic! Just ask anyone who’s ever been shopping anywhere with me… I TOUCH EVERYTHING I pass in stores. I would probably sleep with this in my hands just to feel all the different textures…whew…I’m having stitch envy!!!

  54. Beautiful! I love your color combination & would love to try this one for myself

  55. Gorgeous design

  56. What a GREAT hat!! I have a step-daughter who would just LOVE it. Thanks for sharing it!!

  57. I love it, colours an all. She has similar hair to mine. I’m planning on making this for next Autumn/Fall, as soon as I can get the pattern.

  58. very cute and a great way to use up cotton yarns!

  59. I would make this for my daughter. She looks great in hats. I love the color combination.

  60. I love the colors you chose for this pattern. they’re perfect. it’s a beautiful pattern too.

  61. Beautiful! Plus the colors go well together.

  62. A friend just requested a slouchy hat for a friend going through chemo, this hat fits her needs exactly!

  63. One of the best beanies I’ve seen yet! Great job :)

  64. Darling

  65. love it!

  66. Super cute.

  67. The textures of the hat look amazing and love the colors you chose.

  68. Gorgeous, interesting beanie with so much texture. Love your colour choice….would love to make this!

  69. Beautiful hat’

  70. Love the patterns and colors. Your sister was the perfect model!

  71. beautiful. I’d like to make one!

  72. nice slouch! Not too much, not too little – just right! Your colors are awesome, too, along with the various stitches/textures. A winner! (Hope I am, too :) )

  73. My youngest daughter would love it if I made this had for her!!

  74. Love the textures! And your sister is gorgeous!

  75. This is a great hat! I love the textures!

  76. Love this pattern, I know just the young lady it would look great on too.

  77. oh wow… i love the texture. this is beautiful.

  78. Love the texture and colors. Thanks.

  79. Love the colours!

  80. Love the texture and the fact that it uses up the leftover bits to make it !!

  81. Love this hat, great colors!

  82. I have to win this pattern!!! It is beautiful and I love it! I want to make one or two or a whole bunch. So, pick me, pick me. Thank you.

  83. I’d love to win a copy of this pattern. I can see all of my family members in one!

  84. Love!

  85. I love that hat.

  86. Sweet! Love the colors and texture!

  87. Beautiful slouch hat!

  88. Ohhhhh I just love all the differnt textures…yipeeeeee!

  89. I love your hat!

  90. Love it! And beautiful model!

  91. love the color combo :)

  92. Oh yes, it looks good. :-) Happy summer time. Regula

  93. Love this hat! I bet it looks just as good on you. Would love to make one. I’ll have to try it eventually.

  94. I enjoy your creativity in stitch and colors. The hat looks great for us ladies who support long lockets. Lovely.

  95. I love that you used the leftovers. The colors you’ve chosen are beautiful!

  96. I love this!! Colors, patterns– the whole thing!! Thanks for sharing!!

  97. Love the shape, the stitches you used and the colours of your yarn.

  98. Love this slouchy!

  99. This beanie is just so reggaelicious! Fantastic idea for gifts for friends. Well done, you!

  100. Beautiful hat, really. It reminds me of the autumn colours but still with a hint of summer flowers. You are so talented. thank you for sharing it with us!

  101. I love the pattern, have been meaning to try something like this. Thanks for sharing :)

  102. Wow! Every time I visit your blog I have yet another project to add to the list… ;)

    Thank you so much for continuing to inspire.

  103. I love the use of different color cotton yarn !!!! Looks super!!!

  104. I love this pattern…dying to try :)

  105. Awesome beanie slouch; I love your colors! :)
    Lee Ann

    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Blog:
    YouTube Channel:
    #crochetgottaloveit #crochet


  107. Hi from Australia, I just love this and would love to win a copy of the pattern. Some patterns I can look and and do straight away, but there are stitches in this I have never done. Already have people asking me to make it for them. Have a great day.

  108. Love it; love it; love it! Nice colorways, too! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  109. Beautiful hat, beautiful colours & beautiful model.
    Just beautiful xxx

  110. I’d like to make these for my 5 granddaughters.

  111. My daughter would look fabulous in this hat! Very pretty design. I like the varied stitches too.

  112. Gorgeous! The color possibilities are endless!!

  113. Just found your blog from FB, and I love this pattern! Thanks for the pattern giveaway!

  114. This is such a neat hat! I love funky textured crochet, so this is right up my alley!

  115. Great design, would love the pattern to make one for my son!!

  116. Love it. My niece would like it very much

  117. That is a great hat..I love the texture of the different stitches. It will be fun to see all the different colorways.

  118. Love the design. Will have to make one.

  119. love the new slouch/beanie pattern

  120. that is a really nice hat. I like all the different stitches. :)

  121. Oh my I have so many girls that would absolutely love mom/grandma if I made it for them!!!!

  122. I love all the different textures in the hat. Also love your mandalas and the way you use colors

  123. Love that pattern. Would love to make one.

  124. I LOVE this hat!! So so cute!

  125. I was going to make this exact comment “Love this gorgeous design and a great way to use up leftover skeins of yarn”. There are always little bits left over and this is a fabulous way to make an “original” . You are brilliant.

  126. I love this beanie! Your choice of colors is perfect for that beautiful blonde model.

  127. This beanie is so cute. I just want to know if its hard to make. I just above beginner not intermediate

  128. Very cute

  129. I absolutely love love love this one!!

  130. I love this design!! Great use of colours

  131. I like the ideea that it is a reversible hat! great colors, nice pictures! it would be nice to crochet some of theese to my rockclimbers frinds :)! Hugs and kisses from Romania :)

  132. Would love this pattern … My hubby likes slouchy hats

  133. woow wat een gaafe beanie is dat dan??!! :D echt heel erg leuk! vooral met al die verschillende patroontjes, dat geeft het een erg interessante touch ;)
    groetjes xx

  134. wow now that hat is cool!

  135. What a great away to use up small amounts of leftover yarn. Awesome hat!

  136. I would love the pattern

  137. Love it! The textures, the colors…. very cool!

  138. Olá
    Gosto de muita coisa q vc tem postado. Gostaria de receber a receita do gorro e tb. das mandalas, se possível.
    Maria Luiza

  139. My kids would love this. Grandkids probably would too

  140. I crochet a lot of hats and I would love to win the pattern and make alot of them!! It’s gorgeous!

  141. Great pattern! I’m imagining color combos!

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  143. I’m in loveeee….such a great hat with the lovely colours…would love to make one for my self to…so I hope I win! Xoxo

  144. Shades of blue-ish purple to go with my winter coat. Would love this pattern. Would use russian join so it would be reversible.

  145. Like the hat being made out of cotton .Like the design lots.Will be buying it shortly !