Beach Bag CAL

Hi everyone!


Alright, let’s talk CAL; a lot of you have some questions, and I want to answer them all today :)

Question: What is this CAL business anyway?
Answer: A CAL means a crochet-a-long, and it’s when a group of people make the same pattern at the same time, so they can help each other out. Bonus of this CAL is that whoever makes the most awesome bag, wins a prize! :)

Question: The bag in the photo is knitted; that’s not crochet!
Answer: Ha! Fooled you :) It is 100% crochet, I promise you. The knitted-effect comes from the stitch I’m using, which is a simple half double crochet stitch (hdc) worked into the ‘3rd’ loop. For more info on using the 3rd loop, take a look at this video here or this blog post here.

Question: Do I have to use the yarn you use to be able to enter this competition?
Answer: No! You can use whatever yarn you like, as long as it’s a DK/4ply weight and it works up with a suitable hook. I used a 4mm hook even though the label recommends a 3.5mm hook; I moved up a size because of the ‘fluffyness’ of the yarn.


Question: Do I have to line my bag to be able to enter this competition?
Answer: No! If you have time to do it, then by all means go for it, but it is not a requirement.

Question: I’m afraid I won’t meet the deadline!
Answer: No pressure! Just see how far you can get, it might be enough to win! :)

Question: When is the deadline anyway?
Answer: July 8th. You have until July 13th to upload your photos; I’ll announce a winner on July 15th!

Question: But how will I show you my finished bag? Is there a Ravelry group I can join?
Answer: Yes! :) The Ravelry group is right here, and you can use it to upload your pictures to. It’s also a great place to ask more questions, or help if you’re stuck on the pattern. If you’re unable to join the Ravelry group, feel free to email your photos: acreativebeing [at] gmail [dot] com.


Update: new questions and answers! :)
Question: What yarn are you using and where can I get some?
Answer: I’m using Scheepjeswol Stone Washed yarn, and it’s available from for international shoppers. Dutch shoppers can get it from most online Dutch yarn shops.

Question: Is the pattern available in any other language than English?
Answer: Yes! The pattern is available in Dutch as well as English.

Question: Where can I get the pattern?
Answer: Right here! :)

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the Ravelry group, or post them here in the comments.

Let the CAL begin! :)


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  2. May I ask what yarn was used in the bag pictured above?

    • I used Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn. I added your question to this blog post, with a link to where you can get some :)

  3. Een Nederlandse beschrijving zou fijn zijn, ik haak af. Veel succes met de CAL.

  4. Looks fab, not sure I can do it tha fast tho.

  5. Hi, am struggling to find where I introduce myself on Ravelry on the CAL….have a ravelry account (justwoolgirl) but rss feed??? keeps coming up…sorry, not so tecchy.
    Wanted to ask where I can buy the 2cm “rings” for the bag. Many thanks, Jennifer

    • I picked up my rings at Lowes. I had to go up to 1″ from the recommended .8″, but I’m also using cotton yarn and it’s a little thicker than the recommended yarn, so I figure they’ll be fine.

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  7. I won’t be taking part it’s just not something I’d use but good luck to everyone else!

  8. Please, I would like to know how many rounds of each colour I have to crochet and in the end how much stitches I have to have. Thank you.