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Hey everyone! :)

How are you all getting along with your beach bags?

The Ravelry CAL group is buzzing with lovely people helping each other out; there are even some people who have already finished their bags! Wowzers, I don’t even think I was that fast! ;)

Today I thought I’d show you how to do the rings in a little more detail. You can also choose to omit the rings; I merely added them for sturdiness and security, but you can leave them out! If you don’t want any holes in your bag just skip the whole ch4 part of the pattern; if you do want holes but no rings, crochet the pattern as is and just leave out the rings :) (which means you’ll be creating ch4 holes)



I added the rings to my bag because I wanted to braid this gorgeous rope through it :) A more close up look at the rings:


It might look a little complicated, but it’s really very easy: attach a ring with 4sc stitches using white; then on the next row, crochet over it, again with 4sc stitches, using the black (or any colour you prefer really). This attaches the ring to the fabric on two sides. The edge of the bag will even out to a mostly straight line after you finish the last rows of sc stitches. And voila! :)


Next week I’ll show you how I lined my bag and attached the handles. I’m using this cute fabric I got at the fabric store the other day, and these awesome groovy leather handles made of course by my leather-wizard friend, Nicollie! :) I love the lyrics she stamped on my bag handles; do you recognize the song?


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  1. Yay! I’m very excited to see the bag with the handles attached. :)