made: fuzzy hat

Hello lovely people!

Last weekend me and D went to Woodstock. Well, not the ‘actual’ Woodstock, but a Woodstock-like festival in The Netherlands, called Woodstock! :) (is that enough Woodstock’s in one sentence?)

Anyhoo, on the way there we made a quick stop at my mom’s, and she gifted me two big balls of yarn. She got them from my aunt because she didn’t like the colours that much, and the same was the case for my mom; not her colours! Lucky for me, they were totally MY colours :) I raided my mom’s crochet hook stash for a suitable hook, and off we went for Woodstock!


The yarn is called Choc, and it’s from Phildar. It works up with a 9mm hook; perfect yarn for a speedy car project!

I started working on something on the way to Woodstock, and finished it when we drove home. The drive took maybe 3 hours in total, during which I only crocheted for about one hour because I get car sick really easy and had to keep putting my work away to keep from getting sick.

Despite all that, I now have a new chunky hat :)




There’s no pattern, but I’ll tell you what I did: I started with a 8hdc circle, and kept increasing for about 5 rows. Then I stopped increasing and added 7 rows of hdc stitches through the 3rd loop. I finished it with a brim of 4 rows of sc stitches, the last row through the back loop only. I used 1 and a half skein of this yarn.


And that’s it! I love speedy projects like this, just as much as I love big chunky hats! It’s really very warm because the yarn is an acrylic/wool/polyester blend, so I doubt I’ll be wearing it much this summer ;)

But who cares! New hat! :D


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  1. I love those colors!! The hat turned out gorgeous!! You will be ready for cool weather, in style!!

  2. I love your hat and colors too!
    I just want to ask about the stitches – which stitch i should use to make the same hat – after the 5-th row?

  3. Love the colors. :)

  4. Beautiful

  5. Love the hat – yes, getting carsick while crocheting is on my list of the terrible things that can happen to a human (I get carsick easily). The colors are good for crocheting a hat – they feel “huggy”. :)

  6. This looks great! I don’t think I could crochet in the car for too long either.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  7. Nicely done! I bet your Mom and Aunt change their minds when they see your great hat! ;)

  8. gorgeous hat – i love those colours too

  9. I love the hat, but am confused as what you mean by “hdc stitches through the 3rd loop”? What is the 3rd loop? Thanks a bunch!

  10. hey wink, wat een zzzupermooie muts, de kleuren zijn echt gaaf! Ik weet al wat ik ga doen in de vakantie ;)
    Groetjes, Cato

  11. Very nice! The colors remind me of a lollipop!

  12. I love this hat! It is something I have been looking for!

  13. I love the hat, I was just wondering how you increased it for those first rows? I was thinking maybe 2hdc’s in every second stitch for the first increase row, then 2hdc’s in ever third stitch (and so on) but just wanted to be sure before beginning. Thanks!