beach bag CAL – announcing the winner!


Hi everyone!

Gosh, when I looked at the Ravelry group this weekend my jaw literally dropped to my desk in awe of all the amazing bags! You guys really did an amazing job! :)

Here’s a few of my favourites:

Beach bag by Cornishpixie78 on Ravelry

Beach bag by Bec Hancer via email

Beach bag by Lorali on Ravelry

Beach bag by Mikki522 on Ravelry

Beach bag by Prtshirhart on Ravelry

Beach bag by Spincushions on Ravelry

Beach bag by Versierseltjes on Ravelry

Beach bag by Wickedcrochetlady on Ravelry

I mean… Wow! Seriously awesome bags! :) But there was one that was my favourite. I just love this bag because it’s so creative! I love the coloured stripes that alternate in a playful way, the gorgeous moss stitch handles, and the icord draw string.

It’s this amazing bag by sianie555!

beach-bag-sianie555-1 beach-bag-sianie555-2 beach-bag-sianie555-3

Congratulations, you won an amazing pile of yarn from Scheepjeswol, sponsored by Deramores! To be exact, you’ve won 2 balls of Invicta Colour, 5 balls of Softfun, 5 balls of Softfun Batik and 5 balls of Cotton 8, all in an assortment of shades!


I had a lot of fun with this CAL; thank you to everyone who joined in! :)


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  1. Amazing! I would have chosen the same bag to win. There are so many talented artists out there.
    Congrats to the winner!
    My bag is still in its infancy…I crochet slower than a snail. ;)

  2. How do I get a pattern for this bag. I absurdly need to make one. I made one about 2 years ago and lost my pattern. I like all the ones that were posted.

  3. How did cornishpixie add the handles?

  4. Wow, those are some lovely bags! I can imagine them all being put to good use :)

  5. Congrats to the winner! We all learned from it!

  6. Congratulations sianie555! Wonderful prize to win. :) Thanks for a fun CAL Wink – I love my bag :)

  7. Always amazing to see how the same pattern can look so very different…lucky winner, congratulations!

  8. I finally finished my bag. I uploaded photos just today! It was a fun project. I always love how so many people can use the same pattern but come up with such awesome variations. It was great to do this as part of a group. Sher

  9. Wonderful bags congrats to the winner well derserved

  10. I so enjoyed seeing these finished bags! And, it’s still on my list of want to make. :) Great inspiration!!

  11. The winners is a truly amazing bag – so simple and yet so fun :) Big congrats to you too for organising the CAL :)

  12. Thank you for all your beautiful patterns, pics & amazing help. I’m a newbie and I thought I’d try your stonewashed beach bag.
    I’ve no idea where to ask for help.
    I’m stuck on row 10.
    Do you mean htr (UK) every 3rd stitch – what does every 3rd loop mean?
    Sorry for asking.
    I promise not to be a pest!
    I’ll send you a pic of final result one day but I’m v v slow!
    Tks again, Lynn

  13. Hi Wink,

    I came on your blog when I googled :scheepjeswol in USA”. Do you already know if it available? My friend makes the most beautiful things using scheepjeswol and now I come across your blog and I am totally excited.